Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Answers

Become Cindy’s personal trainer and help her establish a healthy lifestyle with fitness and diet. To do this, you need to force the girl to play sports and monitor the diet. I hope this is not the last test in the game Brain Test 2. With the new update we will add answers and walkthroughs for all levels.

Brain Test 2 Fitness with Cindy Answers

Level 1 She wants some chips but can’t reach up there.
Hit the shelf with the cart. Pull the cart back and hit it with a force.
Level 2 Use her love of chips to make her run.
Keep the chips away from her. She needs to run for 5 seconds.
Level 3 Don’t let her use the elevator
Find something to keep elevator door open. Take that walking stick, turn it down and put at the elevator door.
Level 4 Help her ascend the stairs
Push up the steps to help her. She must reach to the top right.
Level 5 Her feet are terrible after all that climbing help her
Put her feet into that plastic basin. Put some cold water from the fridge into the basin.

Level 6 She is looking for an easy way to burn calories
Find a lighter to burn the calories. Look at the question text to see the CALORIES.
Level 7 She wants to start doing exercises but doesn’t know how
Find her phone hidden under the mess. And give it to her make a call. Find the gym cart somewhere and give it to her.
Level 8 Let’s begin with the treadmill
Press the button to increase the speed. Tie her shoes and don’t increase the speed too quickly.
Level 9 She must stretch her body with pilates
Pull her hands and feet. Pull her hands and feet to the designated spots.
Level 10 She must get rid of unhealthy foods in the kitchen.
Find and throw the unhealthy food into the bin. One of them is in her hands. Don’t throw out healthy foods. There are 6 unhealthy foods.

Level 11 Some outdoor exercises will be great.
Give her the dumbbells. enlarge the moon to use its gravity.
Level 12 She is walking so slow make her run
Open that door by using a key hidden somewhere. After unlocking, use the rock to break the door open.
Level 13 They are so good that it breaks her spirit. Find a solution
Let the kettlebell roll freely. Give the lifter more weight.
Level 14 She must follow her trainer’s guidance
Pay attention to his thumb. Tap upper body when it’s thumbs-up, tap lower body when it’s thumbs-down.
Level 15 She needs some more encouragement
Open the social media app on the phone. Click the button to return homepage. Spam likes after posting.

Level 16 She must maintain her balance
don’t let either side to fall down. Swipe up the falling down side. She must stay in balance for 10 seconds.
Level 17 We must find a way to make her dislike ice cream
There might be something in the market bag. Push the bag down from the bench and put the brussel sprout into her ice cream.
Level 18 She mustn’t get to sleep before doing some exercises.
Turn on the light to wake her up. There is a spare bulb in the drawer.
Level 19 She has become quite fit. Now let’s build some muscles.
Pull up the horizontal bar and fill up the muscle bar. Don’t keep her hanging too long. Give her breaks.
Level 20 She has worked hard and established a healthy lifestyle. Time for a reward
Mix 5 healthy ingredients in the blender. Mix berries, strawberry, milk, banana and apple. Give the mix to her.