Braindom Answers

Which belt has the highest level? Level 1
Tap on the yellow belt as it is the highest
Save the wilting plant. Level 2
Tale the plant under the tree and place it under the sun
Jigsaw Level 3
Check image

How many are there? Level 4
The answer is 5
Give us a rating out of 5 stars! Level 5
Rate 5

What’s he saying? Level 6
Answer is I Love You
Click the following in this order: Level 7
Order is Llama, Duck, flamingo, Zebra, Bear, Jaguar, Iguana
Find the hidden objects! Level 8
Check image

Find the total number of the green balls. Level 9
Answer is 4
Help hin to sleep. Level 10
Tap and hold on the moon with your finger
What is wrong in the picture? Level 11
Tap on black cat
One of the planes below should cross over Level 12
Tap the word plane from the instruction and make ir cross over
Jigsaw Level 13
Check image

Help me sieve it Level 14
Tap them with your finger to make them smaller
This old building should be taken down. Level 15
Drag the man from there and shake your device
Help me wake up my cat so that I can take it for a walk. Level 16
Tap on the cat strongly
Save the cat from the dogs. Level 17
Zoom in the cat to make it larger
Jigsaw Level 18

Find the hidden objects! Level 19

Level Level 20
Move the rock because there is some milk behind. Give it to the boy and he will bigger and strong

One car wheel is missing. Fix it Level 21
Grab the icon from top left corner and place it as a wheel
Please help me clean it. Make sure there’s no left. Level 22
Put all the poison inside the bin. Also put the word poison inside the bin
What’s he saying? Level 23
Answer is strawberries
Level Level 24
Tap on the cage to remove it and open up the window
Help catch the thieves. Level 25
Move the tends and the bin to find the thieves and drag them to the police
Find the hidden objects! Level 26

How many squares are there same color with “A” suqare? Level 27
Take the square with A and move it around. There are 4 of them
The vehicle is breaking the speed limit. Help. Level 28
Remove 0 from the sign and rotate the 8 to make infinity
Order the geometric shapes below from top to bottom according to their side numbers. Level 29
Combine two triangles together and place them like square, pentagon, hexagon, two triangles
Try to create the highest possible two-digit number. Level 30
95 is the biggest number you can form
Pick the mulberries. Level 31
Shake your device
Make sure the envelope can be written on. Level 32
Turn the enelope to the other side and then write on it
What is the sum of the numbers in this level? Level 33
It’s rederring tu number 33 of Level 33. 3+3 = 6
Clean the scribbled page Level 34
Shake your device
Deliver the order to the guy falling asleep. Level 35
Knock on the window and drag the order
One of the bottles is full of water. Which one do you think it is? Level 36
Place all of them inside the fridge. The one with water will freeze
How many four-leaf clovers are there? Level 37
There’s 0 of them.
Which one has 3 circles in it? Level 38
First tap on number 8. Then tap on number 4 and then on number 2
Here we go, spin the wheel. Level 39
Dont use anything. Spin the wheel using your finger
How many of the vehicles can get out of the black Level 40
Move the black to the trees and then to the cars. The answer is 2

Find the hidden objects! Level 41

Can you stop the drone? Level 42
Tap at the batteries of the drone
Tear off two pieces from the toilet paper. Level 43
Pull the 2 pieces of toilet paper down
How many tails are there on the screen? Level 44
There are 6 tails on the screen
How many gray pieces are there? Level 45
Place the black triangle between the two big gray shapes. The answer is 6
What’s the greatest star? Level 46
Zoom out to find the biggest star and tap on it
Come on! Carry on racing Level 47
Put the people close to the car and tap on the car to pit stop.
Sum Level 48
Answer is 0
Level Level 49
Answer is 2
My phone is about to shut down. Charge your phone immediately! Level 50
Move number 50 from level 50 to the battery icon on the screen