Frosty Crosswords Answers

Frosty Crosswords – A game in which you can spend calm winter evenings with a mug of hot tea. Each level consists of a picture and 10 words related to the picture. The Winter Crosswords game is available in different languages and does not require the Internet. If you are stuck on any of the levels, you can use the hints to help you find the correct answer to the crossword puzzle. And if you run out of tips, you can peep the answers on our website.

Frosty Crosswords Answers

Frosty Crosswords Level 1
Puppy, Water, Grass, Mud, Playing, Pet, Ears
Animal, Care, Horse, Kiss, Mane, Trees, Gloves
Sailboat, Crew, Sailing, Waves, Ocean, Water, Mountains
Wood, Book, Autumn, Leaves, Box, Coffee, Blanket, Mug, Drink
Warmth, Ring, Watch, Shop, Coffee, Window, Cup, Steam, Machine
Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Pepper, Banana, Garlic, Onion, Potato, Oranges, Zucchini, Cabbage
Ballerina, Dancers, Ballet, Leotard, Lesson, Grace, Girls
Climbers, Cold, Mountaineering, Snow, Winter, Rocks, Mountain, Wind, Altitude
Window, Breakfast, Utensils, Fork, Table, Blackberry, Waffles, Plate
Painting, Painter, Petals, Roses, Paint, Paintbrush, Leaves, Gloves

Frosty Crosswords Level 2:
Whiskers, Feline, Floor, Paws, Eyes, Fur, Domestic, Kitten
Paris, Chimney, Rooftop, Tower, Sun, Eiffel, Sky
Chairs, Rain, Canal, Tables, Pavement, Concrete, Flowers
Teenager, Pedestrain, Companion, Leash, Crosswalk, Dog, Sneakers, Girl
Bedroom, Curtains, Girl, Pencil, Hair, Writing, Book
Couple, Streaming, Video, Hands, Sitting, Smartphone, Watching, Movie, Earphones
Waiting, Signage, Transport, Train, Station, Tracks, Woman, Seats
Shuttle, Transport, Seats, Astronaut, Earth, Space, Sun
Sport, Ball, Socks, Shoes, Kick, Grass, Team, Players
Blanket, Flashlight, Boy, Kid, Reading, Plush, Book, Bed, Story

Frosty Crosswords Level 3:
Hands, Craft, Basket, Bowl, Easter, Eggs, Chicken, Rabbit, Sleeves, Nest, Twine
Utensils, Flame, Yellow, Crystal, Roses, Tablecloth, Flowers, Plates, Candles
Suitcase, Hands, Boy, Gloves, Friendship, Shoes, Girl, Sunflowers
Movie, Projector, Books, Bookshelves, Room, Video, Table, Chairs
Move, Mountains, Sunet, Equilibrium, Water, Strenght, Arms, Woman, Skirt, Man, Horizon, Jump, Sea
Bench, Twilight, Sky, Silhouette, Bicycle, Bag, Sunset
Village, Mountains, Trees, Dolomites, Church, Italy, Nature, Grass
Coat, Cold, Autumn, Scarf, Gloves, Leather, Cashmere
Blouse, Sofa, Window, Cushion, Relaxing, Books, Flowerpot, Woman
Yoga, Balance, Sea, Mat, Waves, Beach, Agility, Sand, Strenght

Frosty Crosswords Level 4:
Compass, Pages, Coins, Borders, South, Book, Countries, Map, Key
Mirror, Curls, Tattoos, Coffee, Suspenders, Glass, Car, Moustache, Beard
Eyelashes, Eyesight, Reflection, Eye, Pupil, Cornea, Eyeball, Iris
Supplies, Paperclips, Marker, Buttons, Blue, Paint, Paper, Tube, Craft
Bleachers, Water, Swimmers, Indoor, Flags, Lanes, Lighting, Wimming, Pool
Soup, Plate, Spoon, Bowl, Chives, Fox, Pumpkin, Cream, Utensil
Sport, Jumping, Equitation, Equestrianism, Horse, Rider, Uniform
Prosciutto, Cheese, Glass, Plates, Tomatoes, Wine, Herbs, Bottle
Hat, Water, Pool, Drink, Shoulder, Woman, Vacation, Chari
Lamp, Curtains, Floor, Bottle, Chairs, Light, Mirror, Window, Desk, Plants

Frosty Crosswords Level 5:
Pedestrians, Moscow, Tourism, Catherdral, Pavement, Lines, Colorful, Square
Birdwatching, Photography, Camera, Pier, Tripod, Photographer, Egret, Water, Fence
Knees, Applicances, Dryer, Shoes, Laundry, Legs, Socks, Washer
Makeup, Drink, Skin, Teeth, Woman, Beauty, Jewelry, Necklace, Tattoo, Smile
Hands, Words, Binding, Story, Jewelry, Hat, Rings, Nails, Book, Woman, Reading, Pages
Sky, Ocean, Hat, Sunbathing, Waves, Horizon, Beach, Sand, Bikini
Hamburger, Buns, Salad, Glasses, Laptop, Drinks, Ice, Plate
Paper, Painting, Art, Shoes, Mirror, Plants, Color, Kid, Girl
Sunglasses, Calligraphy, Tape, Key, Skull, Card, Pens, Seashell
Arm, Skin, Elbow, Gloves, Ink, Needle, Tattoo

Frosty Crosswords Level 6:
Dessert, Apples, Raisins, Napkin, Pastry, Sweet, Pie, Fruits
Bride, Makeup, Light, Satin, Woman, Brush, Tiara, Hand
Grass, Poppy, Bicycle, Bag, Flower, Cycling, Sky, Path, Saddle
Musician, Fence, Hat, Street, Performer, Man, Dolls, Guitar, Instrument
Pebbles, Leaves, Birds, Shore, Drinking, Flamingo, Water, Lake, Swimming, Ducks, Shrubs, Walking
Table, Phone, Conversation, Beverage, Plants, Book, Sweater, Woman
Lotus, Lips, Scent, Skin, Flower, Mouth, Lipstick, Petals
Marshmallows, White, Candy, Cane, Cookes, Snow, Red, Winter, Plate, Stripes
Cinnamon, Herbs, Eggs, Plate, Orange, Coffee, Sugar, Cake, Bowl, Anis, Slices
Teacups, Strawberry, Butterfly, Book, Hands, Tea, Candies, Fabric, Notebook, Toasts, Ages, Star

Frosty Crosswords Level 7:
Fruits, Bowl, Raspberries, Milk, Bottle, Utensil, Cereal, Berries, Spoon
Fruits, Juice, Drink, Glass, Phone, Lime, Bowl, Apple, Seeds, Orange
Windows, Plane, Crash, Accident, Pebbles, Aircraft, Wreck, Sky
Vegetation, Forest, Backpack, Woods, Man, Fog, Rocks, Trees, Hiking
Books, Woman, Mirror, Chairs, Plants, Backyard, Relfection, Bookshelf, Table, Walking, Furniture, Watering
Cake, Candies, Lollipop, Birthday, Cashews, Candles, Party
Accumulation, Red, Snow, Branches, Precipitation, Winter, Blizzard, Coat, Cold, Trees
Bowl, Strawberries, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Blueberries, Cherries, Kiwi
Rings, Cereal, Fingers, Kiwi, Bracelet, Strawberries, Underwear, Bowl, Jewelry, Hands
Fruits, Cup, Spoon, Grapes, Breakfast, Cereal, Figs, Coffee, Banana, Pills

Frosty Crosswords Level 8:
Bushes, Bottle, Woman, Sky, Outdoors, Wine, Blanket, Hat
Drawing, Charcoal, Portrait, Easel, Model, Man, Paper, Artist, Girl, Canvas, Street
Popcorn, Snack, Girl, Patterns, Book, Quilt, Grapes, Plates, Cookies
Wall, Cat, Plant, Feline, Books, Fur, Table, Chair, Pet, Cactus, Leather
Landscape, Trees, Bench, Buildings, View, Mountains, Joggers, Backpack, Lake, Water, Path, Pedestrians, Stroller
Sweet, Croissant, Sugar, Pastry, Chocolate, Spoon, Whisk, Eggs, Butter
Pancakes, Sandwich, Bracelet, Flowers, Heart, Book, Meal, Candle, Lettuce, Sunglasses
Fence, Woman, Vollage, Dress, Wood, Cows, Kiss, Man, Bandana, Couple
Bicycle, Pedestrians, City, Asphalt, Buildings, Crosswalk, Traffic, Taxi, Cars
Chocolate, Flowers, Berries, Breakfast, Porridge, Fruits, Honey, Milk, Waffles, Kettle

Frosty Crosswords Level 9:
Hands, Butterfly, Glitters, Makeup, Ear, Face, Girl
Dessert, Napkin, Sugar, Fork, Piece, Lemon, Plate, Knife, Cake
Musician, Lamp, Guitar, Newspaper, Microphone, Strings, Instrument, Singer
Hearts, Tomatoes, Salad, Peaches, Lettuce, Grapes, Avocado, Cabbage, Cashew, Mushrooms
Beach, Sand, Throw, Summer, Ball, Couple, Waves, Animal, Tricks, Catch, Jump, Dog, Play
Wristwatch, Phone, Belt, Boots, Stripes, Purse, Scarf, Camera, Sunglasses, Leather
Pens, Saucer, Picture, Frame, Workspace, Laptop, Cup, Chair, Desk, Smartphone
Hair, Woman, Sunglasses, Fashion, model, Ring, Lips, Nose, Face
Clouds, Elf, Amphora, Eyes, Sky, Nose, Woman, Face, Store, Lips, Rocks
Bread, Plate, Tomatoes, Meal, Knife, Eggs, Spinach, Fork, Utensils, Pancake, Sausages, Breakfast

Frosty Crosswords Level 10:
Mother, Girl, Parnet, Daughter, Field, Luggage, Path, Doll, Horizon, Dress
Gooseberries, Tray, Strawberries, Spoon, Cashews, Apricots, Blueberries, Cereals, Kiwi, Honey
Curtains, Decor, Sofa, Lamp, Cushions, Table, Window, Cat, Room
Bracelet, Girl, Skirt, Flowers, Spring, Bag, Feet, Toes, Legs, Tulips, Path
Table, Avocado, People, Gathering, Drinks, Pasta, Chairs, Bread, Food, Tomatoes, Plates, Baguette, Utensils, Sitting
Mirror, Vanity, Necklace, Woman, Lipstick, Red, Hair, Makeup
Plant, Books, Toy, Decor, Furniture, Painting, Lamp, Statue, Caar, Clock, Bookshelves
Acoustic, Hair, Street, Performer, Musician, Shoes, Chairs, Guitar, Man, Leather
Teacup, Tea, Flowers, Bread, Toast, Egg, Fork, Tomato, Plate, Utensil, Jam
Girl, Beak, Nocturnal, Talons, Feathers, Scarf, Owls, Wristwatch, Bird

Frosty Crosswords Level 11:
Paddleboard, Hat, Lake, Mountains, Man, Water, Fog, Floating, Companion, Dog
Trees, Shallow, Ocean, Beach, Sky, Paradise, Tropics, Water, Sand
Unhealthy, Smoking, Addiction, Smoke, Girl, Hoodie, Habit, Cigarette
Tomatoe, Vegetables, Green, Avocado, Garlic, Asparagus, Red, Fresh
Stairs, Cold, Winter, Fence, Cabins, Trees, Scarf, Couple, Snow, Coats, Boots, Jeans
Flowers, Milk, Raspberries, Cookies, Apples, Bowls, Fruits, Spoons
Eyeglasses, Smile, Easel, Paintbrush, Necktie, Beard, Canvas, Art, Teeth
Cup, Sugar, Spice, Animal, Coffee, Saucer, Neck, Beans, Giraffe, Phone, Anis, Mammal
Utensils, Stove, Drawers, Pans, Woman, Kettle, Kitchen, Shelves
Pumpkins, Dogs, Trees, Ladder, Garden, Apples, Orchard, Scarecrow, House

Frosty Crosswords Level 12:
Joggers, Trees, Park, Dog, Sweat, People, Health, Path, Bridge, Exercise, Leash, Vegetation
Box, Picnic, Macarons, Slices, Flowers, Orange, Roses, Cakes, Croissant
Pacifier, Computer, Water, Glass, Mother, Baby, Crawling, Floor, Family, Headphones, Working
Goggles, Peak, Skis, Cabin, Winter, Accumulation, Snow, Logs, Sport, Backpack, Mountain
Parasol, Swimmer, Trees, Above, Swimming, Chairs, Pool, Water, Summer, Swim
Chair, Sofa, Leather, Cushion, Lamp, Speaker, Stool, Frames, Table, Curtains, Guitar, Rug, Stand
Plants, Computer, Tape, Phone, Design, Architect, Paper, Pens, Sketch, House
Celebration, Wedding, Date, Box, Day, Rings, Evelope, Year, Invitation, Shoes
Music, Notes, Instrument, Bed, Composition, Keyboard, Song, Laptop, Guitar, Musician, Sitting
Hat, Cream, Reptile, Cup, Eyes, Floor, Carapace, Turtle, Pumpkins

Frosty Crosswords Level 13:
Sunbathing, Sheep, Woman, Chair, Bikini, Water, Smoking, Summer, Towel, Table, Pool, Flamingo
Palette, Colors, Fabric, Samples, Flowers, Pencils, Cinnamon, Thread, Picutres
Blackberries, Flowers, Hat, Wood, Table, Grapes, Bouquet, Fruits, Bag, Bottle, Roses, Wine
Earphones, Can, Sneakers, Instrument, Blanket, Drink, Apple, Grass, Orange, Ukulele, Camera
Race, Game, Controls, Video, Speed, Hands, Course, Remote, Car, Player
Bed, Plate, Utensils, Flowers, Drink, Waffles, Bouquest, Straw, Wink, Pillow, Tray, Leaves, Cushion
Grapefruit, Cherries, Bowl, Kiwi, Fruits, Watermelon, Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries
Vegetables, Preparation, Peppers, Bread, Eggplant, Plates, Knives, Hands
Chairs, Woman, Alley, Clothes, Plants, Houses, Broom, Lanterns
Cup, Breakfast, Plant, Jam, Cheese, Bread, Utensils, Cake, Plates, Tray, Container

Frosty Crosswords Level 14:
Grass, Animal, Figurine, Rodent, Fur, Eating, Spear, Chipmunk, Almonds
Ears, Elephant, Rug, Bones, Antlers, Fireplace, Candelabra, Mammal, Chest, Tusks, Fire
Grapes, Napkin, Stripes, Hat, Ribbon, Rosé, Fruits, Pears, Plate, Wood, Wine
Table, Window, Curtain, Plate, Pages, Book, Teacup, Leaves, Brioche, Teapot, Plants
Watch, Patio, Sunny, View, Pouring, Tea, Cards, Plates, Food, Teapot, Woman, Sitting, Hands, Water, Glass
Lemon, Glasses, Jar, Paper, Hand, Apron, Bowls, Recipe, Fingers
Napkin, Fruits, Cups, Forks, Meat, Eggs, Olives, Coffee, Figs, Plates, Grapes, Cheese, Prosciutto
Shelf, Cards, Trays, Frames, Countertop, Cartoons, Woman, Socks, Dinosaur, Flowers
Restaurant, Waitress, Sandwich, Meals, Bread, Salad, Tattoo, Shoulder, Woman, Plates
Door, Couch, Address, Plants, Numbers, Statue, Dog, Pots, Red, Table, Rug, Cushions

Frosty Crosswords Level 15:
Girl, Wall, Artist, Stepladder, Skirt, Graffiti, Hair, Boots, Street
Backpack, Trout, River, Hat, Sunglasses, Fish, Bottle, Outdoors, Smile
Pedestrians, Lights, City, Skyscrapers, Buildings, Signage, Traffic, Bicycle, Sky
Dog, Hats, Road, Bridles, Stirrups, Riders, Woman, Man, Saddles, Horses
Women, Conversation, Hair, Tattoo, Gestures, Laptop, Wind, Water, Phone, Path, Bridge, Sunglasses
Groom, Clouds, Water, Mill, Sky, Couple, Horizon, Bride, Mountains, Pier
Fireworks, Silhouette, Stars, Planet, Sky, Night, Clouds, Moon, Spacecraft
Cold, Woman, Snow, Boots, Tracks, Winter, Sleigh, Trees, Mountain, Smile, Forest, Laptop
Beach, Couple, Sun, Tree, Bridge, Sky, Rocks, Vacation, House, Roof, Ropes, Branches, Ladder, Thatched
Price, Tomatoes, Chicken, Squirrel, Eggs, Watermelon, Basket, Stand, Carrots, Produce, Fence, Pumpkins

Frosty Crosswords Level 16:
Music, Rose, Elderly, Instrument, Flower, Mandolin, Street, Scarf, Performance, Purse
Competition, Stage, Choregraphy, Dancers, Show, Moves, Dance, Lights
Flowers, Teacup, Tea, Story, Books, Lavender, Stamping, Table, Leather, Spoon, Saucer
Customers, Awning, People, Watermelon, Fruits, Bags, Citrus, Stand, Shopping, Vegetables
Advertisement, Shoes, Public, Arrival, Transportation, People, Bus, Headlights, Skirt, Legs, Bag, Street
Path, Butterflies, Hats, Woods, Bicycle, Dresses, Trees, Flowers, Women, Asian
Slices, Bowl, Carrots, Plate, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Dip, Healthy, Grapes, Blueberries
Vegetables, Apples, Carrots, Eggplant, Onion, Corn, Parsley, Beets, Potato, Harvest
Dress, Yoda, Surreal, Levitation, Woods, Girl, Fantasy, Forest, Branches, Sandals
Rainbow, Agriculture, Sky, Trees, Field, Tractor, Wires, Fence, Wheels

Frosty Crosswords Level 17:
Cantaloup, Carrots, Pepper, Lemon Kiwi, Vegetables, Apple, Tomatoes, Onion, Fruits, Peach
Carrots, Straws, Kiwi, Stripes, Raspberries, Bottles, Pears, Tray, Orange, Figs, Juices
Window, Sky, Grass, Bronze, Statue, Door, Sunset, Hills, Fence, House
Knife, Hazelnut, Bread, Breakfast, Chocolate, Plums, Fruit
Grass, Tree, Leaves, Bench, Lage, Fog, Trunk, Sunny, Refelction, Horizon, Transquility, Park, Sky
Moves, Choregraphy, Branches, Women, Costume, Trees, Park, Bench
Costumes, Woman, Dress, Man, Carnival, Feathers, Gondolas, Venice, Umbrella, Water
Braid, Grass, Helicopters, Sky, War, Tanks, Storm, Drought, Girl, Army
Working, Shirt, Clock, Beard, Kitchen, Man, Hands, Laptop
Giraffe, Water, Lemur, Dog, Garlic, People, Window, Bath, Cow, Girl, Frames, Fountain

Frosty Crosswords Level 18:
Slices, Lemon, Juice, Pasta, Grapefruit, Pitcher, Lime, Lemonade, Citrus, Ice, Bucket
Pages, Books, Decor, Story, Lamp, Pillow, Bedroom, Tissue, Cosy, Bedspread
Shaving, Apron, Blade, Protection, Barber, Hair, Adult, Gloves, M n
Channel, Boats, Canoes, Trees, Cars, Bicycles, Buildings, Clouds, Apartments, Water, Flowers
Newspapers, Cup, Placemat, Flowers, Books, Bite, Postcards, Coffee, Cookies, Paper, Words, Stamps
Pier, Cliff, Clouds, Castle, Sky, Man, Fog, Dragon, Rock, Beast, Fantasy
Saucer, Cup, Blueberries, Sugar, Tea, Flowers, Wool, Cake, Raspberries, Fruits, Plate, Yarn
Harvest, Produce, Animals, House, Ducks, Chef, Pumpkins, Gardener, Squash, Cook, Lettuce, Garden
Horse, Jump, Flags, Competition, Uniform, Obstacle, Saddle, Number, Equestrian
Candle, Books, Bones, Skeleton, Clown, Shoes, Pages, Heels, Ballerina

Frosty Crosswords Level 19:
Fog, Stirrups, Men, Boots, Instruments, Grass, Riders, Dogs, Horn, Horses
Bucket, Hat, Dwarf, Fence, Grass, Well, Pickaxe, Tree, Path, Stones, House
Toppings, Drinks, Bread, Pizza, Lettuce, Glass, Bottle, Wedges, Wine, Pasta, Tomatoes, Sandwich
Seagull, Ripples, Falcon, Water, Duck, Sky, Giraffe, Rocks, Sunset, Elephant, Birds
Burner, Ladle, Fire, Cooking, Sieve, Food, Bowl, Chef, Wok, Utensils, Skillet, Kitchen
Window, Bath, Mansonry, Relaxation, View, Woman, Beach, Water, Ocean, Ponutail, Hair
Parquetry, Model, Guitar, Floor, Woman, Heels, Sunlight, Fashion, Frame, Room, Flooring
Bed, Chair, Walls, Writing, Pages, Room, Sheets, Blanket, Drawing, Flowers, Cushion, Hat, Pillows, Rug
Pineapple, Table, Cantaloupe, Dishes, Plates, Bread, Basket, Cloth, Glass, Fruits, Bottle
Spoon, Cup, Paper, Saucer, Flowers, Breakfast, Scissors, Coffee, Plate, Rope, Waffles

Frosty Crosswords Level 20
Reflection, Books, Shelf, Mirror, Containers, Shutter, Box, Bookend, Jars, Cups, Horse
Strawberries, Towel, Jars, Plums, Milk, Spoon, Bowl, Hand, Daisy, Fruits, Cereal
Meat, Bread, Plates, Cheese, Utensils, Tablecloth, Pears, Meal, People, Carrots, Glasses
Tables, Window, Curtains, Health, Stretching, Exercises, Floor, pot, Mat, Plants, Weight
Trucks, Car, Heating, Headlights, Colorful, Festival, Path, Balloons, Driving, Sky
Sand, Island, Tropics, Grapes, Basket, Beach, Water, Oranges, Juice, Fruits, Pear, Glass, Pineapple
Utensils, Pasta, Fork, Truffles, Glass, Plate, Salad, Meal, Spoon, Napkin
Presents, Gifts, Decorations, Jesus, Cradle, Sack, Wreath, Nativity, Christmas
Blue, Oranges, Flowers, Bamboo, Cup, Roses, Bathtub, Petals, Soap, Water, Slices, Candles
Beans, Ingredients, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Oil, Bowls, Egg, Jars, Herbs, Bottle

Frosty Crosswords Level 21:
Table, Lamp, Chair, Cushions, Mirror, Rug, Couch, Decor, Guitars, Beams, Door, Plants
Duck, Table, Pet, Decor, Windows, Plant, Cat, Flowers- Chairs
Laptop, Plant, Nightstand, Bedroom, Headphones, Curtains, Lamp, Chair, Pillows, Wreath, Windows
Man, Papers, Pencils, Reproduction, Lamp, Desk, Moustache, Artis, Drawings
Beach, Legs, Relaxation, Cushions, Sand, People, Drinking, Beer, Chair, Path, Ocean, Feet
Ring, Pages, Writing, Book, Jewelry, Hands, Nails, Fingers, Cup, Pen, Keyboard
Masks, Manifestation, Buildings, Car, City, Street, Sitting, Protest, Police
Bamboo, Knife, Spices, Hamburger, Plate, Salt, Napkin, Lettuce, Fork, Meal, Fries, Pepper
Candles, Door, Wall, Chairs, Cushion, Statue, Frames, Curtains, Furniture, Table, Flooring
Utensils, Dishes, Blanket, Roof, Eating, Food, Bowl, Sandals, Trees, Bottle, View, Woman

Frosty Crosswords Level 22:
Bathroom, Couple, Tiles, Hiding, Candlestick, Bathtub, Candle, Bricks, Curtains, Feet, Book
Watercolors, Paper, Colors, Art, Autumn, Coffee, Paintbrush, Leaves, Cup, Palette
Customers, Shopping, Women, Mask, Market, Products, Hat, Kid, People, Men
Helmet, Tracks, Wires, Mask, Street, Buildings, motorcycle, Pedestrians, Autobus
Hands, Decoration, Wrapping, Ribbon, Present, Paper, Christmas, Stripes, Gift, Table, Twine
Clothes, Plants, Man, Beard, Glass, Greenhouse, Cap, Camera, Tattoo, Sunglasses
Players, Goal, Play, Goalkeeper, Stadium, Spectactators, Game, Kick, Net, Sport, Field
Coffee, Book, Chair, Roses, Table, Pages, Flowers, Vase, Croissants, Cup, Candles, Cyrillic
Fruits, Tray, Grapes, Notes, Apple, Glasses, Candle, Peach, Flame, Wine, Sand, Seashells, Music, Rosé
Glasses, Platter, Ice, Appetizers, Meat, Drink, Honey, Almonds, Salami, Apricots, Mint, Cheers, Olives

Frosty Crosswords Level 23:
Microphone, Girl, Sunset, Music, Notebook, Field, Instrument, Sitting, Pages, Ukulele, Sky
Blueberries, Honey, Plate, Jar, Waffles, Fruits, Paper, Breakfast, Leaves, Sun
Leash, Sidewalk, Crowd, People, Lamppost, City, Buildings, Pedestrians, Dog, Urban, Pet, Companion, Street
Shrimp, Food, Plate, Bread, Glass, Herb, Meal, Beer, Sauce, Dill, Mayonnaise
Iphone, New, Unboxing, Box, Consumerism, Hands, Technology, Phone, Mobile, Red
Writing, Eyeglasses, Author, Typewriter, Book, Desk, Sentences, Cactus, Page, Inspiration
Plush, Man, Turtle, Fire, Clock, Bird, Waterfall, Pipe, Trees, Rocks, Hat, Flame, Coins, Moon
Compostition, Posts, Water, Waves, Bucket, Sky, Clouds, Overalls, Pier, Dog, Seagulls, Fisherman
Carrots, Peeler, Towel, Strawberries, Lemon, Squash, Mint, Orange, Apple, Kiwi, Basket
Back, Hat, Trees, Park, Grass, Outdoors, Fishing, Nature, Shoes, Lake, Hair, Kids

Frosty Crosswords Level 24:
Street, Rain, Purse, Cone, Weather, Woman, Wet, Signage, City, Umbrella, Trees
Cups, Bouquet, Nuts, Lime, Vase, Honey, Flowers, Can, Chair, Slices, Coffee, Orange, Table
Pictures, Menu, Refreshment, Fruits, Cyrillic, Food, Canteen, Wheel, Letters, Truck
Mountains, Expedition, Clouds, Rocks, Tents, People, Adventure, Camp, Altitude, Sky, Snow
Dress, Mirror, Bags, Reflection, Table, Suit, Vase, Clothes, Women
Cross, Helmet, Boots, Army, Camp, Bags, Phone, Shrubs, Military, Tent
Bucket, Champagne, Table, Condensation, Venice, Channel, Ropes, Glass, Lights, Napkin
Onion, Tomato, Potatoes, Peppers, Salt, Plate, Coasters, Table, Fork, Egg, Pickles, Beer, Knife
Daisies, Straw, Roses, Lemon, Bouquet, Croissant, Pastry, Bottle, Picnic, Strawberries, Lemonade, Grass, Blanket
Glasses, Sky, Couple, Feet, Champagne, Water, Yacht, Hat, Luxury, Cap, Beard, Sunglasses

Frosty Crosswords Level 25:
Wings, Scary, Darkness, Balloon, Castle, Candle, Skull, Statue, Fog, Books
Calculation, Kitchen, Budget, Paper, Design, Calculator, Plan, Keyboard, Pen, Money
Music, Perfpormance, Troupe, Trumpet, Instrument, Carnival, Makeup
Saucer, Table, Cookie, Flowers, Vase, Daffodils, Sweet, Yellow, Cup, Bouquet, Macarons
Water, Boats, Woman, Sand, Vehicles, Fountain, Mat, Meditation, Sandals, Ducks
Cantaloupe, Lemon, Cabbage, Apples, Carrots, Celery, Banana, Pineapples, Fruits
Mannequin, Table, Windows, Chairs, Telephone, Tablecloth, Dishes, Napkins, Uniform, Vase, Chef
Slices, Plate, Sauce, Salmon, Vegetable, Pepper, Tomatoes, Eggs, Cucumber, Onion
Grapefruit, Stand, Pomegranate, Fruits, Orange, Men, Juicing, Juice
Reflection, Makeup, Flowers, Drawer, Book, Petals, Leaves, Mirror, Stem, Bouquet, Lipstick

Frosty Crosswords Level 26:
Park, Umbrella, Woods, Leaves, Forest, Walk, Bridge, Trees, Branches
Spray, Mask, Canvas, Aerosol, Painter, Cans, Paint, Street, Artist, Colors
Hummingbird, Flight, Colorful, Feathers, Bir d- Flowers, Finger, Feeder, Wings, Hand, Nature
Bananas, Producte, Crates, Vegetables, Boxes, Market, Shop, Fruits, Prices
Backpack, Grapes, Girl, Vines, Vineyard, Ponytail, Bracelet, Fruit, Tasting, Leaves
Vase, Woman, Flowers, Chair, Eggplants, Carrots, Window, Table, Vegetables, Shelves
Emotion, Hair, Expression, Bangs, Piercing, Lipstick, Tears, Face, Sadness
Parasol, Bikini, Woman, Hat, Hot, Beach, Phone, Sunbathing, Water, Summer, Sand
Landscape, Horizon, Coastline, Grass, Sea, Lighthouse, Sky, Flag
Chairs, Necktie, Sidewalk, Food, Meal, Street, Restaurant, Awning, Customers, Watier, Tables, Drinks

Frosty Crosswords Level 27:
Cupcakes, Dessert, Marshmallow, Roses, Petals, Plate, Sweet, Cream, Flowers
Flowers, Track, Surprise, Wristwatch, Bouquet, Railway, Girl, Dress, Pants, Shirt, Suspenders
Buildings, Rooftop, Lever, Workers, Strength, Construction, Gloves, Protection, Labour, Men, Concrete, Helmets
Lighter, Loafers, Leather, Tartan, Shirt, Wallet, Camera, Cigarettes, Shoes, Keys
Trailer, Emergency, Motorcycle, Police, Street, Driving, Wires, Truck
Napkin, Sieve, Colander, Flour, Butter, Bowl, Whisk, Cookbook, Peel, Recipe, Apples, Brush, Ingredients, Eggshell
Witch, Mummy, Ghost, Fluorescent, Broom, Windows, Night, Bats, Halloween, Cat, Smoke, House, Stars
Cantaloupe, Kiwi, Fruits, Tomato, Peach, Vegetables, Carrots, Apple, Onion, Peppers
Squash, Harvest, Lantern, Watercolor, Basket, Sunflowers, Art, Vase, Cloth, Corn
Cinnamon, Twine, Present, Pine, Hazelnut, Envelope, Candle, Pinecones, Walnut, Wood, Gift, Needles

Frosty Crosswords Level 28:
Wheelbarrow, Fence, Garden, Pumpkins, Trees, Autumn, Post, Bucket, Rake, Basket, Flowers
Paper, Book, Globe, Stamp, Crystal, World, Candles, Table, Drink, Pen
Flowers, Eggplants, Peppers, Plates, Food, Cheese, Olives, Utensils, Bottles, Leaves, Oil, Mushrooms
Card, Marble, Italian, Table, Figs, Sweet, Pastry, Christmas, Cannoli, Dessert, Meringue
Graffiti, Concrete, City, Man, Cars, Bag, Wheels, Bicycles, Riding
Olives, Rosé, Salami, Cheese, Trio, Meat, Toast, Apricot, Red, Glasses, Restaurant, White
Dolphins, Aquarium, Pool, Spectators, Bleachers, Jumps, Water, Performance, Seats, Balloons
Performance, Manege, Spotlights, Entertainment, Circus, Show, Tail, Trunk, Elephants
Apartments, Cars, Wires, Pedestrians, Clouds, People, Bridge, City, Buildings, Street, Sky
Sky, Out doors, Girls, Trees, View, Vegetation, Sitting, Bench, Forest, River, Horizon, Relaxation

Frosty Crosswords Level 29:
Butter, Bucket, Daisies, Plate, Basket, Milk, Table, Leaves, Petals, Eggs, Flowers
Tomato, Glasses, Blue, Sunny, Bottle, View, Grapes, Orange, Sky, Ocean, Tablecloth, Wine
Spotlights, Dancers, Festival, Performance, Spectators, Stage, Screen, Show
Sand, Beach, Church, Sail, People, Boats, Coastline, Path, Hotel, Water, Cliff
Hands, Gloves, Wine, Cleaning, Bottle, Bowl, Rag, Meal, Salad, Stove, Dirt, Washing
Police, Officers, Awnings, Horse, Shutters, Crosswalk, Buildings, Windows, Street, Carriage
Music, Drum, Concert, Speakers, Lights, Microphone, Singer, Sweater, Guitar
Cabbage, Tomatoes, Squash, Pumpkin, Harvest, Cucumbers, Carrots, Hay, Basket
Vegetables, Tomatoes, Onions, Strawberries, Carrots, Box, Beets, Delivery, Zucchinis
Blueberries, Daisies, Glasses, Flowers, Yogurt, Petals, Fruits, Spoons, Dessert

Frosty Crosswords Level 30:
Feathers, Men, Sharing, Children, Women, Smoke, Feast, Meal, Indians, Soldier, Painting
Confetti, Sweet, Celebration, Cakes, Sprinkles, Icing, Cup, Coffee, Sparks, Hats
Table, Chair, Lamp, Books, Plant, Cushions, Rug, Carpet, Bricks, Room, Sofa, Blanket, Painting
Beach, Walk, Kids, Summer, Jeans, Water, Lake, Sand, Dress, Boys, Family, Parents
Bathtub, Water, Relaxation, Soaking, Legs, Toes, Feet, Bathroom
Bucket, Star, Sand, Seashells, Shovel, Toys, Summer, Vacation, Beach, Castle, Play
Fruit, Decorations, Garland, Beverage, Deer, Orange, Cup, Star, Heart, Chocolate, Scarfs
Screen, Pollution, Trash, Earth, Beach, Garbage, Computer, Airplane, Planet
Boat, Lighthouse, Storm, Literature, Night, Story, Lightning, Book, Pages, Waves
Rocks, Net, Protector, Poseidon, Water, Rope, Fog, Clouds, Bridge, Trident, Turtle

Frosty Crosswords Level 31
Cinnamon, Plant, Spices, Milk, Fabric, Plate, Cookies, Bark, Newspapers, Cup, Ginger, Sieve, Drink
Doorway, Couple, Church, Stones, Steps, Trees, Roof, Grass, Bench, Mountains
Facade, Lamppost, Chairs, Table, Flowers, Plant, Coffee, Parasol, Door, Barrel, Pavement
Cantaloupe, Table, Plates, Bowl, Grapes, Cheese, Napkins, Basket, Apples, Food, Meat, Utensils
Mountains, Travel, People, Seats, Room, Waiting, Shadows, Airport, Windows, Tarmac, Silhouettes
Name, Army, Vegetation, Glove, Jungle, Nature, Feeding, Banana, Uniform, Monkey
Choreography, Stairs, Show, Stage, Opera, Singers, Curtains, Costumes, Theatre, Performers, Mask
Rural, House, Cow, Fence, Mountains, Mammal, Animal, Clouds, Farm, Roof, Stones, Field
Parasol, Summer, Stool, Sand, Beach, People, Waves, Smile, Bartender, Bar, Bottles, Alcohol
Backpack, Texting, Bags, Floor, Sitting, People, Hoodie, Phones, City, Waiting, Masks

Frosty Crosswords Level 32:
Raspberry, Fruits, Banana, Cereal, Peel, Slices, Strawberry, Bowl, Oatmeal, Breakfast
Leash, Woman, Dog, City, Hat, Friendship, Sweater, Animal, Pet, Blond, Paws, Hands
Acoustic, Tattoo, Beanie, Man, Sky, Lake, Mountains, View, Guitar, Strings, Clouds
Officer, Signage, Vespa, Police, Frog, Helmet, Handcuffs, Patrol, Figurines, Vehicle, Scarf, Barrage
Animal, Licking, Pages, Tongue, Tie, Laugh, Book, Smile, Dog, Couple, Sunglasses
Cantaloupe, Water, Apple, Flowers, Fish, Aquarium, Tablecoth, Fruits, Bowl, Peach, Walnut, Roses, Grapes
Accumulation, Snowflakes, Street, Car, Snowing, Branches, Snow, City, Winter, Person, Trees, Stairs, Buildings
Gathering, Sunny, Chairs, Table, Terrace, Vines, Parasol, Bicycle, Awnings, Restaurants, People
Workers, Car, Overalls, Men, Broom, Uniform, Vehicle, Wheelbarrow, Cones, Doors
Buildings, City, Police, Robot, Car, Headlights, Spider, Technology, Girl, Windshield

Frosty Crosswords Level 33:
Fork, Wine, Table, Knife, Rosé, Glasses, Seafood, Ice, Plate, Lemon, Oysters, Sauce, Water
Microphone, Rattan, Desk, Speakers, Window, Recording, Music, Filter, Keyboard, Computer, Headphones
Bread, Figs, Leaves, Hat, Fedora, Blanket, Croissants, Candle, Maple, Book, Pages
Candles, Pumpkins, Bottles, Ingredients, Cup, Mortar, Pestle, Apple, Witchcraft
Cake, Birthday, Plate, Wishes, Blow, Present, Chocolate, Clapping, Candle, Women
Computer, Rug, Floor, Window, Cushion, Desk, Curtains, Decor, Chairs, Room, Plant
Books, Flower, Chair, Feet, Notebook, Rug, Working, Fedora, Writing, Barefoot, Hat, Woman, Desk, Dry
Organization, Boxes, Chair, Computer, Desk, Board, Beams, White, Art, Office
Cup, Paint, Coffee, Stamp, Letters, Tubes, Color, Chocolate, Key, Pieces, Scrablle, Papers
Bride, Cake, Piece, Layers, Flowers, Icing, Knife, Jewelry, Plate, Roses, Dress

Frosty Crosswords Level 34:
Cat, Animal, Flight, Broom, Witch, Silhouettes, Scary, Stars, Moon, Halloween, Night
Tricycle, Shop, Asian, Stroller, Awnings, Delivery, Market, Scale, Corner, People
Magazine, Towel, Switch, Earrings, Bathtub, Hanger, Fan, Woman, Nudity, Bathroom
Planet, Earth, Woman, Glass, Legs, Bucket, View, Bathtub, Night, Faucet, Windows, Champagne
Cards, Books, Plant, Friends, Game, Coffee, Playing, Sitting, Bookshelf, Cups- Table
Juice, Bread, Cookies, Boxes, Cheese, Pastry, Basket, Candle, Sweets, Bottle, Croissants, Sandwich
Stairs, Vacation, Pier, Boats, Sky, Summer, Clouds, Sea, Tropics, People
Child, Bricks, Girl, Plush, Destruction, Alone, Ruins, Smoke, Desolation
Chandelier, Feathers, Carpet, Decor, Bird, Peacock, Flooring, Interior, Molding, Residence, Staircase
Cowboy, Performance, Horse, Dirt, Man, Chape, Rider, Rodeo, Show, Hat, Western

Frosty Crosswords Level 35:
Juice, Napkin, Milk, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Peel, Sugar, Orange, Bread, Breakfast
Cards, Trade, Money, Hotels, Game, Rules, Capitalism, Hat, Monopoly, Irons, Houses
Strings, Musician, Guitar, Buttons, Fingers, Man, Instrument, Tie, Braces, Stripes
Instrument, Dolphin, Schoonerbrigg, Hat, Ball, Sand, Sea, Parasol, Cave, Chair, Horizon, Guitar, Pitcher
Guitar, Lights, Music, Sitting, Bridge, Playing, Silhouette, Dusk
Cactus, Carpet, Cat, Basket, Room, Shoes, Wall, Plant, Man, Head, Doors, Mirror, Couch, Drawers
Tray, Salami, Cheese, Bread, Fruits, Grapes, Crackers, Celery, Nuts, Plates, Dip, Bowls, Olives
Corn Combs, Avocado, Meal, Flowers, Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Peel, Shrimp, Food, Petals
Utensils, Dishes, Pizza, Rice, Table, Drinks, Knife, Soup, Spoon, Fork, Mushrooms, Benches, Napkin, Drinking Straw
Tuba, Socks, Trumpet, Musician, Beer, Instruments, Table, Chairs, Accordion, Parasol, Drinks

Frosty Crosswords Level 36:
Roof Terrace, Breakfast, Flowers, Plates, Balcony, Table, Bread, Glasses, Cups, Croissant, Pastries, Geraniums
Seagull, Shore, Lake, Beak, Flight, Bird, Water, Hand, Feathers, Feeding, Arm
Beautiful, Nose, Lips, Skin, Hands, Neck, Woman, Lipstick, Sun, Shadows, Eyes
Travel, Summit, Mountains, Vehicle, Mirror, Jeans, Hat, Hair, Travel, Snow, Truck
Tropics, Couple, Beach, Hanging Mat, Water, Romantic, Vacation, Summer, Silhouettes, Balancing
Fur, Books, Pages, Pillows, Comfortable, Duvet, Bedroom, Companion, Laptop, Bed, Dog
Butter, Tablecloth, Meal, Eggs, Bottle, Water, Nuts, Bread, Muffin, Fruits, Plate, Cheese
Newspapers, Cappuccino, Pictures, Table, Reading, Plate, Cinnamon, Nachrihten, Fork, Toast, Bread
Pineapple, Water, Raspberry, Orange, Cantaloupe, Blackberry, Bottle, Watermelon, Strawberry
Jam, Sunny, Grapefruit, Plates, Eggs, Egg Yolks, Pancakes, Oranges, Fork, Juice, Newspapers, Knives, Dishes

Frosty Crosswords Level 37:
Plant, Card, Bottle, Credit Card, Wrist Watch, Telephone, Coffee, Magazines, Headphones, Computer
Board, Woman, Leaves, Crackers, Shirt, Nuts, Olives, Wood, Cheese, Candles, Fruits, Grapes, Dip
Lens, Countries, Map, Travel, Phone, Clock, Pen, Camera, Borders
Clothes, Stool, Mirror, Steps, Hangers, Hat, Decor, Room, Curtains, Drawer
Pet, Ears, Fur, Animal, Asleep, Stretching, Kitten, Whiskers, Paws, Claws
Index, Book, Water, Pages, Apricot, Glass, Grapes, Hair, Reading, Thumb, Papaya, Story, Woman, Stripes, Fruits
Guitarist, Apartment, Chairs, Friends, Guitar, Table, Couch, Curtains, Sunglasses, Instrument
Sugar, Syrup, Table, Bacon, Eggs, Coconut, Utensils, Breakfast, Cappuccino, Muesli, Fruits, Pancakes
Frames, Jugs, Dishes, Utensils, Flowers, Vases, Decor, Ceramics, Shelves, Plates, Bowls, Napkins, Bottles
Almonds, Cheese, Arugula, Sandwich, Meat, Lettuce, Nuts, Pasta, Utensils, Honey, Walnuts

Frosty Crosswords Level 38
Overalls, Bedroom, Floor, Cube, Elephant, Stack, Crocodile, Boy, Balance, Giraffe, Game, Toy
Women, Cups, Mirrors, Smiles, Friendship, Car, Mirroring, Laughter, Feathers, Dream Catchers
Tiles, Food, Stairs, Room, Chairs, House, Curtains, Table, Modern, Carpet, Windows, Lighting
Ski, Glove, Goggles, Coat, Helmet, Trees, Beard, Winter, Outdoors, Man, Snow, Sports, Cold, Mustache
Ingredients, Drops, Water, Cooking, Plate, Steam, Lid, Saucepan, Cook, Pasta
Water, Experience, Human, Reptile, Underwater, Cage, Animal, Bladder, Captivity, Crocodile
Tail, Path, Boots, Bushes, Trees, Backpack, Hiking, Summit, Excursion, Dog, Mountains, Sky, Leash, Clouds
Firewood, Play, Tree Branches, Forest, Path, Camping, Ball, Chair, Delivery Truck
Masks, Hats, Rescue, Dolphin, Mammals, Aquatic Animals, Men, Protection, Women, Gloves
Music, Singer, Stage, Saxophone, Children, Band, Show, Kezboard, Man, Wheelchair, Performance

Frosty Crosswords Level 39:
Backpack, Bushes, Temples, Clouds, Traveler, Hat, Travel, Ausfug
Bowls, Basket, Coffee, Bite, Jam, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Pastries, Bread, Spoons, Saucers
Fox, Hedgehog, Design, Clothing, Rabbit, Bird, Animals, Stencils, Raccoon
Dessert, Apple, Sweets, Bread, Sugar, Drink, Knife, Slice, Fork, Cake, Plate, Leaves
Lightning, Cloak, Window, Statue, Vase, Rain, Thunderstorm, Trees, Flowers, Fireplace, Flames
Eggshells, Knife, Board, Wood, Lemons, Flour, Zester, Sieve, Spoon, Ingredients, Dough
Story, Bottle, Book, Candle, Box, Flowers, Perfume, Stones, Pages, Watercolors, Matches
Carpet, Bottles, Parasol, Plants, Bench, Lantern, Lights, Ceiling, Ottoman, Candles, Tables, Backyard, Ladder
Candle, Dishes, Cookies, Chairs, Christmas, Glasses, Plates, Party, Napkin, Decorations
Baseball, Helmet, Player, Shorts, Pants, Ball, Basketball, Uniform, Short, Athlete, Men, Soccer