Girl Genius Answers

Brilliant Girl Genius game in which you have to think and find evidence. Here you will find all the answers to the Girl Genius game. Complete puzzles and challenging tasks, show your attention to detail and use your intelligence and wits. Girl Genius will cheer you up with its exciting scenario. Finding out what will happen next, you will laugh more than once and complete the mission. Passage of the game Girl Genius will provide you with a large number of options from which you need to choose the correct answer, be careful. Many levels to solve problems, if you make a mistake, you will fall into the clutches of villains. When you get stumped, you can ask your friends and family for help! Win and share your experience in the comments, we wish you a good time.

Girl Genius Walkthrough and Answers
Level 1 – Draw a horizontal line over the head of the newlyweds to save them from the falling chandelier.
Level 2 – Place your glasses under the window to catch people kissing.
Level 3 – Erase the wall using your finger.
Level 4 – Select the box with the text: Who is this ?; Pregnant? When did this happen ?; I have a surprise of my own. I got married today!
Level 5 – Take clothes from the ground and transfer to the girl.
Level 6 – You need to translate the yellow hand on the clock, to the number 12.
Level 7 – Hold the bird and transfer to the girl’s ice cream.
Level 8 – Erase the floor, under the photographer.
Level 9 – Draw lines between the hot and cold water supply pipes.
Level 10 – Lower the window frame down to let the girl climb inside.

Level 11 – Take the meat from the dog’s bowl and put it in the soldier’s hand.
Level 12 – The details of the drawing must be set correctly.
Level 13 – Point the flashlight to the lower left corner.
Level 14 – Dial 212-555-0198.
Level 15 – Select the yellow button on the wall.
Level 16 – Swipe the rug under the door to the right, under it is the key.
Level 17 – Look at the woman at the waist.
Level 18 – Move the bed to the left and find a man.
Level 19 – Erase the facade of the building and you will see a couple.
Level 20 – Wash the makeup off the woman’s face.

Level 21 – Draw a line from the dog’s collar to the owner’s hand to make a leash.
Level 22 – Draw a vertical line between the couple and the dog.
Level 23 – Wipe the dirt off the man’s face.
Level 24 – It is necessary to connect the wires according to the colors.
Level 25 – Put a diamond ring on your ring finger.
Level 26 – Move the blonde to the front of the girl to save her.
Level 27 – Click on the screen when the blue arrow is looking at the eyes of the bandit.
Level 28 – Expand the sign to get 777.
Level 29 – Move the cocktail to the girl’s hands.
Level 30 – Shade the picture so that a couple is not visible.

Level 31 – Take the dress from the girl who came and put it on the character.
Level 32 – Throw the plunger at the man’s back.
Level 33 – See what the guy is hiding under his underwear.
Level 34 – Throw the trash can at the bandit.
Level 35 – Erase the light from the lantern.
Level 36 – Drop the stairs down for a man to come.
Level 37 – Move the brick wall to the left.
Level 38 – Take the mobile phone from the shower.
Level 39 – Draw a line to unlock the screen.
Level 40 – Place the flame on the man’s robe.

Level 41 – Tap the screen when the arrow is in the green zone.
Level 42 – Move aside the hatch cover.
Level 43 – Draw a horizontal line on the floor to save the heroine.
Level 44 – Bring the bag to the pipe for the men to get there.
Level 45 – Place the red hose in the pond.
Level 46 – Swipe outfits to the side to get the phone.
Level 47 – Sweep the clothes into the laundry basket.
Level 48 – Move the yellow dress over the blue to get a green shade of the outfit. Dress up the character.
Level 49 – Aim the scanner at the car door handle.
Level 50 – Wipe off clothes from the character.

Level 51 – Throw the crab at the blonde.
Level 52 – Shade the glass completely.
Level 53 – Move the red toilet icon to the blue one.
Level 54 – Throw the paper when the arrow is in the green zone.
Level 55 – Draw an arc over the coconut.
Level 56 – Remove the black shorts from the guy.
Level 57 – Click on the red text, then on the blue and again on the red.
Level 58 – Grip the handle of the bump and pull down until it stops.
Level 59 – Place the cloud in the sun.
Level 60 – Click on the trident when it is in the green zone.

Level 61 – Draw a rectangle to fix the paddle.
Level 62 – Draw a flame on the log.
Level 63 – Hide the girl behind the green bush.
Level 64 – Place the spear in the character’s hand.
Level 65 – Dress the girl with an animal skin.
Level 66 – Draw a line (semicircle) above the woman’s head.
Level 67 – Dig a tunnel in the ground for the girl to crawl underground.
Level 68 – Look what is wrong with the person’s leg.
Level 69 – Draw a horizontal line.
Level 70 – Draw a line between: Fish and water; Bird and sky; Cow and grass.

Level 71 – Draw a semicircle above the basket.
Level 72 – Remove the cage to free the animal.
Level 73 – Throw the dagger, on the green zone.
Level 74 – Use the torch to light the palm tree.
Level 75 – Draw pants for the man.
Level 76 – Take the red traffic light and move it to the central traffic light.
Level 77 – Remove the repair sign from the red line of the path.
Level 78 – Scan the lettering on the car.
Level 79 – Hold the door and aim at the girl.
Level 80 – Take the pink rag and aim it at the rods of the camera.

Level 81 – Draw an obstacle for the knife to hit it.
Level 82 – Drop the ladder down the screen.
Level 83 – Draw steps to the adjacent roof.
Level 84 – Erase the signboard attachments so that it falls on the armed man.
Level 85 – Clamp the envelope and transfer it to the girl’s hands.
Level 86 – Dress the girl in a maid outfit.
Level 87 – Move the clock hand to 12:30.
Level 88 – Aim the scanner at the key in the purse.
Level 89 – Put a magazine from the floor in the man’s hands.
Level 90 – Pinch the red carpet and pull down the screen.

Level 91 – Clamp the river and place it between the woman and the attackers.
Level 92 – Scan the girl’s pants, she is hiding a gun.
Level 93 – Draw pants and a T-shirt for the character, she needs a new disguise.
Level 94 – The motorcycle is missing a wheel, draw it.
Level 95 – Using your finger, remove the car.
Level 96 – Place a springboard under the motorcycle wheel.
Level 97 – Point your glasses at the man’s face.
Level 98 – Remove the chain so that the weight falls.
Level 99 – Put a frying pan in her hand.
Level 100 – Throw the cat at the enemy.
Level 101 – Draw a horizontal line above the boxes.
Level 102 – Draw a swimsuit.
Level 103 – Draw a line from the pipe to the wall.

Level 104 – Take the flight of stairs up.
Level 105 – Draw a light bulb to turn on the light.
Level 106 – We need lines from people to doors: girl to dollar; men, to lightning and a dog.
Level 107 – Draw a crescent moon on a kettlebell.
Level 108 – Find the key under the girl’s clothes.
Level 109 – Insert the key into the keyhole.
Level 110 – Connect the colors together.

Level 111 – Dig a road under the girl, to the very bottom of the screen.
Level 112 – Depict fire on a torch.
Level 113 – Direct the flame at the insect.
Level 114 – Hold down the colored keys: blue; red; orange buttons.
Level 115 – Unroll the disc by color and the door will open.
Level 116 – Remove the statue and the scythe will fall.
Level 117 – Throw a flame, at the green mark.
Level 118 – Unlock the tablet starting from right to left.
Level 119 – Correspondence: blue text, then red.
Level 120 – Remove the sand so that the water runs into underground waters.

Level 121 – Answer: 4; and 2.
Level 122 – Remove the lid from the Pharaoh’s tomb.
Level 123 – Draw a protective shield so that the column does not harm.
Level 124 – Throw the rope on the green zone.
Level 125 – Erase the lid of the sarcophagus so that the mummy comes out and distracts the second.
Level 126 – We need a line along which the stone will roll and knock down the mummy.
Level 127 – Remove the floor.
Level 128 – Dig a path underground, avoiding traps.
Level 129 – Connect the wires with the buttons, by color.
Level 130 – Aim at the green area and jump into the helicopter.