Quotescapes Answers

Calling all puzzle and word game pros! Would you like to challenge yourself, learn new quotes, and be inspired, all at the same time? With this brand-new motivational word puzzle game, you can! Quotescapes Puzzle brings the best of word search and crossword games together into a unique word puzzle game board as you’ve never seen before. But be warned: Quotescapes Puzzle is easy to pick up, but hard to put down!

Quotescapes Answers

Level 1 CLUE BEGINNING author PHRASE quote Baby steps Answers BABY STEPS
Level 2 CLUE RELAXING author PHRASE quote Sweet dreams Answers SWEET DREAMS
Level 3 CLUE LIFESTYLE author PHRASE quote Night owl Answers NIGHT OWL
Level 4 CLUE FRANKENSTEIN author Henry Frankenstein quote It’s alive! . IT’S ALIVE
Level 5 CLUE THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY author Douglas Adams quote Don’t panic Answers DON’T PANIC
Level 6 CLUE BEAUTY author Shakespeare quote Heart of gold Answers HEART OF GOLD
Level 7 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author PHRASE quote Now or never Answers NOW OR NEVER
Level 8 CLUE FORGIVENESS author The Beatles quote Let it be Answers LET IT BE
Level 9 CLUE HARRY POTTER author J.K. Rowling quote All was well Answers ALL WAS WELL
Level 10 CLUE STAR WARS author Admiral Ackbar quote It’s a trap! . IT’S A TRAP
Level 11 CLUE SUCCESS author PHRASE quote Piece of cake Answers PIECE OF CAKE
Level 12 CLUE THE LION KING author Rafiki quote Change is good Answers CHANGE IS GOOD
Level 13 CLUE THE TERMINATOR author Terminator quote I’ll be back Answers I’LL BE BACK
Level 14 CLUE MOTIVATION author Horace quote Seize the day! . SEIZE THE DAY
Level 15 CLUE OPTIMISM author Bobby McFerrin quote Don’t worry be happy Answers DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY
Level 16 CLUE LYRICS author Capital Cities quote Safe and sound Answers SAFE AND SOUND
Level 17 CLUE LEGACY author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote You are your choices Answers YOU ARE YOUR CHOICES
Level 18 CLUE MENTALITY author Sir Charles Lyell quote Mind over matter Answers MIND OVER MATTER
Level 19 CLUE INSPIRATION author Christa McAuliffe quote Reach for the stars Answers REACH FOR THE STARS
Level 20 CLUE LYRICS author The Beatles quote All you need is love Answers ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE
Level 21 CLUE EXPERIENCE author PHRASE quote A fish out of water Answers A FISH OUT OF WATER
Level 22 CLUE STAR WARS author Leia Organa quote You’re my only hope Answers YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE
Level 23 CLUE MENTALITY author Pablo Picasso quote Youth has no age Answers YOUTH HAS NO AGE
Level 24 CLUE LYRICS author Pearl Bailey quote It takes two to tango Answers IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO
Level 25 CLUE GROWTH author Maya Angelou quote And still I rise Answers AND STILL I RISE
Level 26 CLUE UNITY author Mother Teresa quote Peace begins with a smile . PEACE BEGINS WITH A SMILE
Level 27 CLUE LYRICS author Pink Floyd quote Another brick in the wall . ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL
Level 28 CLUE INSPIRATION author Oprah Winfrey quote Turn your wounds into wisdom Answers TURN YOUR WOUNDS INTO WISDOM
Level 29 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Buddha quote What we think we become Answers WHAT WE THINK WE BECOME
Level 30 CLUE ADVERSITY author Dudley Nichols quote Fear is the highest fence Answers FEAR IS THE HIGHEST FENCE
Level 31 CLUE EXPRESSION author Shakespeare quote When words fail music speaks Answers WHEN WORDS FAIL MUSIC SPEAKS
Level 32 CLUE MOTIVATION author Walt Disney quote Whatever you do do it well Answers WHATEVER YOU DO DO IT WELL
Level 33 CLUE TITANIC author Jack Dawson quote I’m the king of the world! . I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD
Level 34 CLUE LOVE author Saint Augustine quote Love is the beauty of the soul Answers LOVE IS THE BEAUTY OF THE SOUL
Level 35 CLUE THE LORD OF THE RINGS author J.R.R. Tolkien quote Not all those who wander are lost Answers NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST
Level 36 CLUE PETS author Sigmund Freud quote Time spent with cats is never wasted Answers TIME SPENT WITH CATS IS NEVER WASTED
Level 37 CLUE PURPOSE author Ken Hudgins quote The meaning of life is to give life meaning Answers THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO GIVE LIFE MEANING
Level 38 CLUE METAPHOR author Horace quote A picture is a poem without words Answers A PICTURE IS A POEM WITHOUT WORDS
Level 39 CLUE CREATION author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote All art is but imitation of nature Answers ALL ART IS BUT IMITATION OF NATURE
Level 40 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Voltaire quote The best is the enemy of the good Answers THE BEST IS THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD
Level 41 CLUE UNITY author Robert Louis Stevenson quote A friend is a gift you give yourself Answers A FRIEND IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF
Level 42 CLUE TRUTH author Robert Musil quote Layer by layer art strips life bare Answers LAYER BY LAYER ART STRIPS LIFE BARE
Level 43 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Alexander Pope quote So vast is art so narrow human wit Answers SO VAST IS ART SO NARROW HUMAN WIT
Level 44 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Aeschylus quote The wisest of the wise may err Answers THE WISEST OF THE WISE MAY ERR
Level 45 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Samuel Johnson quote Exercise is labor without weariness Answers EXERCISE IS LABOR WITHOUT WEARINESS
Level 46 CLUE EDUCATION author Robert Half quote When one teaches two learn Answers WHEN ONE TEACHES TWO LEARN
Level 47 CLUE WISDOM author William Camden quote The sea hath fish for every man Answers THE SEA HATH FISH FOR EVERY MAN
Level 48 CLUE SELF author Frida Kahlo quote I am my own muse the subject I know best Answers I AM MY OWN MUSE THE SUBJECT I KNOW BEST
Level 49 CLUE BLESSINGS author William Shakespeare quote If music be the food of love play on Answers IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE PLAY ON
Level 50 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote A feeble body weakens the mind Answers A FEEBLE BODY WEAKENS THE MIND

Level 51 CLUE WISDOM author Joseph Roux quote Solitude vivifies; isolation kills Answers SOLITUDE VIVIFIES ISOLATION KILLS
Level 52 CLUE WISDOM author Pope Paul VI quote Anger is as a stone cast into a wasp’s nest Answers ANGER IS AS A STONE CAST INTO A WASP’S NEST
Level 53 CLUE BALANCE author William Wordsworth quote The child is father of the man Answers THE CHILD IS FATHER OF THE MAN
Level 54 CLUE GUIDANCE author George Herbert quote Night is the mother of counsels Answers NIGHT IS THE MOTHER OF COUNSELS
Level 55 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Rose Kennedy quote I know not age nor weariness nor defeat Answers I KNOW NOT AGE NOR WEARINESS NOR DEFEAT
Level 56 CLUE EMOTIONS author Clint Eastwood quote We boil at different degrees Answers WE BOIL AT DIFFERENT DEGREES
Level 57 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Brooke Shields quote Have faith in your own thoughts Answers HAVE FAITH IN YOUR OWN THOUGHTS
Level 58 CLUE HUMANITY author Herodotus quote The destiny of man is in his own soul Answers THE DESTINY OF MAN IS IN HIS OWN SOUL
Level 59 CLUE MATURITY author Homer quote In youth and beauty wisdom is but rare! . IN YOUTH AND BEAUTY WISDOM IS BUT RARE
Level 60 CLUE IDEOLOGY author John Cheever quote Art is the triumph over chaos Answers ART IS THE TRIUMPH OVER CHAOS
Level 61 CLUE ADVERSITY author Plautus quote Courage in danger is half the battle Answers COURAGE IN DANGER IS HALF THE BATTLE
Level 62 CLUE TIME author MS Dhoni quote I live in the present with an eye on the future Answers I LIVE IN THE PRESENT WITH AN EYE ON THE FUTURE
Level 63 CLUE FOOD author Ludwig van Beethoven quote Only the pure in heart can make a good soup Answers ONLY THE PURE IN HEART CAN MAKE A GOOD SOUP
Level 64 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author John Shelby Spong quote Mother Nature is not sweet Answers MOTHER NATURE IS NOT SWEET
Level 65 CLUE YOUTH author Bernard Baruch quote To me – old age is always ten years older than I am Answers TO ME OLD AGE IS ALWAYS TEN YEARS OLDER THAN I AM
Level 66 CLUE SOLITUDE author Bae Suzy quote Inside the car is truly my own personal space Answers INSIDE THE CAR IS TRULY MY OWN PERSONAL SPACE
Level 67 CLUE HUMOR author P. J. O’Rourke quote Never fight an inanimate object Answers NEVER FIGHT AN INANIMATE OBJECT
Level 68 CLUE HUMOR author Yogi Berra quote A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore Answers A NICKEL AIN’T WORTH A DIME ANYMORE
Level 69 CLUE POLITICS author Aeschylus quote Death is softer by far than tyranny Answers DEATH IS SOFTER BY FAR THAN TYRANNY
Level 70 CLUE LIBERTY author William Morris quote No man is good enough to be another’s master Answers NO MAN IS GOOD ENOUGH TO BE ANOTHER’S MASTER
Level 71 CLUE FAITH author John Wesley quote The best thing of all is God is with us Answers THE BEST THING OF ALL IS GOD IS WITH US
Level 72 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Scott Adams quote The only risk of failure is promotion Answers THE ONLY RISK OF FAILURE IS PROMOTION
Level 73 CLUE BUSINESS author Alvin Dark quote A manager doesn’t hear the cheers Answers A MANAGER DOESN’T HEAR THE CHEERS
Level 74 CLUE WISDOM author Publilius Syrus quote He whom many fear has himself many to fear Answers HE WHOM MANY FEAR HAS HIMSELF MANY TO FEAR
Level 75 CLUE AMBITION author Henry David Thoreau quote Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake Answers OUR TRUEST LIFE IS WHEN WE ARE IN DREAMS AWAKE
Level 76 CLUE CHANGE author Britney Spears quote I used to be a cool chick but I’m not anymore Answers I USED TO BE A COOL CHICK BUT I’M NOT ANYMORE
Level 77 CLUE TIME author Alan Kay quote The best way to predict the future is to invent it Answers THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO INVENT IT
Level 78 CLUE TIME author Lord Byron quote The best prophet of the future is the past Answers THE BEST PROPHET OF THE FUTURE IS THE PAST
Level 79 CLUE GROWTH author Henry James quote Deep experience is never peaceful Answers DEEP EXPERIENCE IS NEVER PEACEFUL
Level 80 CLUE POLITICS author Frederick the Great quote An educated people can be easily governed Answers AN EDUCATED PEOPLE CAN BE EASILY GOVERNED
Level 81 CLUE WISDOM author Aristotle quote He who hath many friends hath none Answers HE WHO HATH MANY FRIENDS HATH NONE
Level 82 CLUE GUIDANCE author Poppy quote I know who famous people are so I listen to them Answers I KNOW WHO FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE SO I LISTEN TO THEM
Level 83 CLUE PERSONAL author Tom Brady quote I could talk food all day. I love good food Answers I COULD TALK FOOD ALL DAY I LOVE GOOD FOOD
Level 84 CLUE LEARNING author Naseeruddin Shah quote Don’t opt for acting as an escape from education Answers DON’T OPT FOR ACTING AS AN ESCAPE FROM EDUCATION
Level 85 CLUE GROWTH author Harry S Truman quote The reward of suffering is experience Answers THE REWARD OF SUFFERING IS EXPERIENCE
Level 86 CLUE COMPASSION author John Tiffany quote I want to understand the anger in the world Answers I WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE ANGER IN THE WORLD
Level 87 CLUE ART author Charles Horton Cooley quote An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one Answers AN ARTIST CANNOT FAIL IT IS A SUCCESS TO BE ONE
Level 88 CLUE HUMOR author W. C. Fields quote If I had to live my life over I’d live over a saloon Answers IF I HAD TO LIVE MY LIFE OVER I’D LIVE OVER A SALOON
Level 89 CLUE EXERCISE author Urvashi Rautela quote The desire for fitness comes naturally to me Answers THE DESIRE FOR FITNESS COMES NATURALLY TO ME
Level 90 CLUE ADVICE author Alfred A. Montapert quote Every time you get angry you poison your own system Answers EVERY TIME YOU GET ANGRY YOU POISON YOUR OWN SYSTEM
Level 91 CLUE MOTIVATION author Eddie Vedder quote The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself Answers THE BEST REVENGE IS TO LIVE ON AND PROVE YOURSELF
Level 92 CLUE AMBITION author Angelique Kerber quote Just follow your dreams and be patient Answers JUST FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND BE PATIENT
Level 93 CLUE MOTIVATION author George Halas quote Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it Answers NOBODY WHO EVER GAVE HIS BEST REGRETTED IT
Level 94 CLUE PARADOX author Alphonse Karr quote The more things change the more they are the same Answers THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY ARE THE SAME
Level 95 CLUE VICE author Robert Mapplethorpe quote Beauty and the devil are the same thing Answers BEAUTY AND THE DEVIL ARE THE SAME THING
Level 96 CLUE PERSONAL author Don Rickles quote You know what’s funny to me? Attitude Answers YOU KNOW WHAT’S FUNNY TO ME ATTITUDE
Level 97 CLUE TRAVEL author Stella Maxwell quote Dating is pretty hard since I’m always on the road Answers DATING IS PRETTY HARD SINCE I’M ALWAYS ON THE ROAD
Level 98 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Renee Elise Goldsberry quote You may leave a show but you never leave that family Answers YOU MAY LEAVE A SHOW BUT YOU NEVER LEAVE THAT FAMILY
Level 99 CLUE YOUTH author Kay Panabaker quote It’s rough being a teenager in this day and age Answers IT’S ROUGH BEING A TEENAGER IN THIS DAY AND AGE
Level 100 CLUE ADVERSITY author Arnold Schwarzenegger quote I had this child and it destroyed my family Answers I HAD THIS CHILD AND IT DESTROYED MY FAMILY

Level 101 CLUE AMBITION author Jourdan Dunn quote Happiness is making your dreams come true Answers HAPPINESS IS MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE
Level 102 CLUE HAPPINESS author C. S. Lewis quote Joy is the serious business of Heaven Answers JOY IS THE SERIOUS BUSINESS OF HEAVEN
Level 103 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Lindsey Vonn quote I take risks – that’s my life on the slopes and off Answers I TAKE RISKS THAT’S MY LIFE ON THE SLOPES AND OFF
Level 104 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Dylan Lauren quote I love Janet Jackson and her creative set design Answers I LOVE JANET JACKSON AND HER CREATIVE SET DESIGN
Level 105 CLUE EXPRESSION author Camille Pissarro quote Paint the essential character of things Answers PAINT THE ESSENTIAL CHARACTER OF THINGS
Level 106 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Chuck Noll quote Before you can win a game you have to not lose it Answers BEFORE YOU CAN WIN A GAME YOU HAVE TO NOT LOSE IT
Level 107 CLUE APPEARANCE author Dita Von Teese quote Physical beauty isn’t so impressive to me Answers PHYSICAL BEAUTY ISN’T SO IMPRESSIVE TO ME
Level 108 CLUE POLITICS author Miriam Defensor-Santiago quote Entering politics is a fate worse than death Answers ENTERING POLITICS IS A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH
Level 109 CLUE FAME author Princess Margaret quote I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl Answers I HAVE AS MUCH PRIVACY AS A GOLDFISH IN A BOWL
Level 110 CLUE AGING author Harriet Walter quote I’ve found a much better love life in older age Answers I’VE FOUND A MUCH BETTER LOVE LIFE IN OLDER AGE
Level 111 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Sandra Bullock quote Why is it that when we get older we get more fearful? . WHY IS IT THAT WHEN WE GET OLDER WE GET MORE FEARFUL
Level 112 CLUE COMPASSION author Janine Turner quote My desire is to be a forgiving non-judgmental person Answers MY DESIRE IS TO BE A FORGIVING NON JUDGMENTAL PERSON
Level 113 CLUE POLITICS author Edmund Burke quote Education is the cheap defense of nations Answers EDUCATION IS THE CHEAP DEFENSE OF NATIONS
Level 114 CLUE MONEY author Ruth Handler quote I wasn’t a financial pro and I paid the price Answers I WASN’T A FINANCIAL PRO AND I PAID THE PRICE
Level 115 CLUE LIFE author J. B. Priestley quote We pay when old for the excesses of youth Answers WE PAY WHEN OLD FOR THE EXCESSES OF YOUTH
Level 116 CLUE FOOD author Ellen DeGeneres quote Nothing says holidays like a cheese log Answers NOTHING SAYS HOLIDAYS LIKE A CHEESE LOG
Level 117 CLUE WISDOM author Albert Einstein quote Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools Answers ANGER DWELLS ONLY IN THE BOSOM OF FOOLS
Level 118 CLUE EXERCISE author Gene Tunney quote To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise Answers TO ENJOY THE GLOW OF GOOD HEALTH YOU MUST EXERCISE
Level 119 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Buffalo Bill quote But the love of adventure was in father’s blood Answers BUT THE LOVE OF ADVENTURE WAS IN FATHER’S BLOOD
Level 120 CLUE LANGUAGE author John Dryden quote Words are but pictures of our thoughts Answers WORDS ARE BUT PICTURES OF OUR THOUGHTS
Level 121 CLUE MOTIVATION author Joel Osteen quote Do all you can to make your dreams come true Answers DO ALL YOU CAN TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE
Level 122 CLUE TIME author Nick Carter quote Live life to the fullest for the future is scarce Answers LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST FOR THE FUTURE IS SCARCE
Level 123 CLUE PREFERENCE author Dolly Parton quote I was always a junk food person still am Answers I WAS ALWAYS A JUNK FOOD PERSON STILL AM
Level 124 CLUE HUMOR author Spike Milligan quote How long was I in the army? Five foot eleven Answers HOW LONG WAS I IN THE ARMY FIVE FOOT ELEVEN
Level 125 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Tadao Ando quote There is a role and function for beauty in our time Answers THERE IS A ROLE AND FUNCTION FOR BEAUTY IN OUR TIME
Level 126 CLUE MONEY author Van Morrison quote Music is spiritual. The music business is not Answers MUSIC IS SPIRITUAL THE MUSIC BUSINESS IS NOT
Level 127 CLUE OPTIMISM author Alan Watts quote Faith is a state of openness or trust Answers FAITH IS A STATE OF OPENNESS OR TRUST
Level 128 CLUE WISDOM author Dick Armey quote You cannot get ahead while you are getting even Answers YOU CANNOT GET AHEAD WHILE YOU ARE GETTING EVEN
Level 129 CLUE LEARNING author Julius Caesar quote Experience is the teacher of all things Answers EXPERIENCE IS THE TEACHER OF ALL THINGS
Level 130 CLUE EMOTION author Roy Orbison quote Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight Answers ONLY THE LONELY KNOW THE WAY I FEEL TONIGHT
Level 131 CLUE FAME author Otto Dix quote I will either be famous or infamous Answers I WILL EITHER BE FAMOUS OR INFAMOUS
Level 132 CLUE COMPASSION author Louis Dudek quote What is forgiven is usually well remembered Answers WHAT IS FORGIVEN IS USUALLY WELL REMEMBERED
Level 133 CLUE PERSONAL author Meg Rosoff quote I’ve been fired five times for having a bad attitude Answers I’VE BEEN FIRED FIVE TIMES FOR HAVING A BAD ATTITUDE
Level 134 CLUE METAPHOR author Lord Byron quote Friendship is Love without his wings! . FRIENDSHIP IS LOVE WITHOUT HIS WINGS
Level 135 CLUE LIFE author Charles Lamb quote Let us live for the beauty of our own reality Answers LET US LIVE FOR THE BEAUTY OF OUR OWN REALITY
Level 136 CLUE EXERCISE author Iskra Lawrence quote I treat health and fitness as looking after myself Answers I TREAT HEALTH AND FITNESS AS LOOKING AFTER MYSELF
Level 137 CLUE AMBITION author Michael Korda quote The more you can dream the more you can do Answers THE MORE YOU CAN DREAM THE MORE YOU CAN DO
Level 138 CLUE INNOVATION author Henry Van Dyke quote Genius is talent set on fire by courage Answers GENIUS IS TALENT SET ON FIRE BY COURAGE
Level 139 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Thomas Jefferson quote We never repent of having eaten too little Answers WE NEVER REPENT OF HAVING EATEN TOO LITTLE
Level 140 CLUE EMOTIONS author Gary Oldman quote My passion and energy get mistaken for anger Answers MY PASSION AND ENERGY GET MISTAKEN FOR ANGER
Level 141 CLUE ADVERSITY author Bill Parcells quote Success is never final but failure can be Answers SUCCESS IS NEVER FINAL BUT FAILURE CAN BE
Level 142 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Friedrich Nietzsche quote Faith not wanting to know what is true Answers FAITH NOT WANTING TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE
Level 143 CLUE POLITICS author John Randolph quote I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality Answers I AM AN ARISTOCRAT I LOVE LIBERTY I HATE EQUALITY
Level 144 CLUE FAME author Helen Hayes quote Stardom can be a gilded slavery Answers STARDOM CAN BE A GILDED SLAVERY
Level 145 CLUE CHOICES author Confucius quote To see the right and not to do it is cowardice Answers TO SEE THE RIGHT AND NOT TO DO IT IS COWARDICE
Level 146 CLUE WISDOM author Aesop quote After all is said and done more is said than done Answers AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE MORE IS SAID THAN DONE
Level 147 CLUE CAREER author Katharine Hepburn quote Death will be a great relief. No more interviews Answers DEATH WILL BE A GREAT RELIEF NO MORE INTERVIEWS
Level 148 CLUE MORALITY author Henry David Thoreau quote The perception of beauty is a moral test Answers THE PERCEPTION OF BEAUTY IS A MORAL TEST
Level 149 CLUE FUTURE author Peter Drucker quote The best way to predict the future is to create it Answers THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT
Level 150 CLUE TIME author Victor Hugo quote There is nothing like a dream to create the future Answers THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DREAM TO CREATE THE FUTURE

Level 151 CLUE FAITH author Martin Luther quote When I am angry I can pray well and preach well Answers WHEN I AM ANGRY I CAN PRAY WELL AND PREACH WELL
Level 152 CLUE FASHION author Ralph Lauren quote I don’t design clothes I design dreams Answers I DON’T DESIGN CLOTHES I DESIGN DREAMS
Level 153 CLUE BEHAVIOR author Ashley Wagner quote I haven’t mastered the art of sitting and smiling Answers I HAVEN’T MASTERED THE ART OF SITTING AND SMILING
Level 154 CLUE CHANGE author James Thurber quote Progress was all right. Only it went on too long Answers PROGRESS WAS ALL RIGHT ONLY IT WENT ON TOO LONG
Level 155 CLUE CHANGE author Debbie Millman quote Courage is the birthplace of confidence Answers COURAGE IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF CONFIDENCE
Level 156 CLUE WISDOM author Aristotle quote Education is the best provision for old age Answers EDUCATION IS THE BEST PROVISION FOR OLD AGE
Level 157 CLUE PURPOSE author Francis Bacon quote The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery Answers THE JOB OF THE ARTIST IS ALWAYS TO DEEPEN THE MYSTERY
Level 158 CLUE AMBITION author Bob Weir quote Be as in touch with your dreams as you can be Answers BE AS IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DREAMS AS YOU CAN BE
Level 159 CLUE TRANSPORTATION author Monica Ali quote A new car is not going to change your life Answers A NEW CAR IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE
Level 160 CLUE HUMOR author Emo Philips quote I was the kid next door’s imaginary friend Answers I WAS THE KID NEXT DOOR’S IMAGINARY FRIEND
Level 161 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Antonio Tabucchi quote I live quietly at home among my family and friends Answers I LIVE QUIETLY AT HOME AMONG MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS
Level 162 CLUE MORALITY author Martin Luther King Jr. quote The time is always right to do what is right Answers THE TIME IS ALWAYS RIGHT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT
Level 163 CLUE VICE author Benjamin Franklin quote Beauty and folly are old companions Answers BEAUTY AND FOLLY ARE OLD COMPANIONS
Level 164 CLUE GUIDANCE author John Donne quote Reason is our soul’s left hand faith her right Answers REASON IS OUR SOUL’S LEFT HAND FAITH HER RIGHT
Level 165 CLUE MUSIC author Jimmy Iovine quote The sound of my voice is more famous than me Answers THE SOUND OF MY VOICE IS MORE FAMOUS THAN ME
Level 166 CLUE MONEY author Hjalmar Schacht quote The economy is a very sensitive organism Answers THE ECONOMY IS A VERY SENSITIVE ORGANISM
Level 167 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Dan Rather quote Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow Answers COURAGE IS BEING AFRAID BUT GOING ON ANYHOW
Level 168 CLUE SUCCESS author Warren Buffett quote If a business does well the stock eventually follows Answers IF A BUSINESS DOES WELL THE STOCK EVENTUALLY FOLLOWS
Level 169 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Virgil Thomson quote Let your mind alone and see what happens Answers LET YOUR MIND ALONE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS
Level 170 CLUE PRIORITIES author Julius Caesar quote I love the name of honor more than I fear death Answers I LOVE THE NAME OF HONOR MORE THAN I FEAR DEATH
Level 171 CLUE SPORTS author Rob Dyrdek quote What’s skateable is limitless by design Answers WHAT’S SKATEABLE IS LIMITLESS BY DESIGN
Level 172 CLUE CYNICISM author Claude Monet quote My life has been nothing but a failure Answers MY LIFE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A FAILURE
Level 173 CLUE LIBERTY author Malala Yousafzai quote I think I have a right to live my life the way I like Answers I THINK I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I LIKE
Level 174 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Grace Kelly quote Women’s natural role is to be a pillar of the family Answers WOMEN’S NATURAL ROLE IS TO BE A PILLAR OF THE FAMILY
Level 175 CLUE HUMOR author Don Herold quote There’s one thing about baldness it’s neat Answers THERE’S ONE THING ABOUT BALDNESS IT’S NEAT
Level 176 CLUE PURPOSE author Issey Miyake quote Design is not for philosophy it’s for life Answers DESIGN IS NOT FOR PHILOSOPHY IT’S FOR LIFE
Level 177 CLUE AMBITION author Marian Wright Edelman quote No person has the right to rain on your dreams Answers NO PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO RAIN ON YOUR DREAMS
Level 178 CLUE AMBITION author Tupac Shakur quote The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams Answers THE ONLY THING THAT COMES TO A SLEEPING MAN IS DREAMS
Level 179 CLUE FAME author Sia quote I got a little bit famous. I didn’t like it Answers I GOT A LITTLE BIT FAMOUS I DIDN’T LIKE IT
Level 180 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Michaela Watkins quote I am just scared to death of online dating Answers I AM JUST SCARED TO DEATH OF ONLINE DATING
Level 181 CLUE OPTIMISM author Sean Bean quote Sometimes all you need is a big leap of faith Answers SOMETIMES ALL YOU NEED IS A BIG LEAP OF FAITH
Level 182 CLUE LEGACY author Samuel Butler quote The history of art is the history of revivals Answers THE HISTORY OF ART IS THE HISTORY OF REVIVALS
Level 183 CLUE LOVE author Khalid quote For me love is endless and love has no age limit Answers FOR ME LOVE IS ENDLESS AND LOVE HAS NO AGE LIMIT
Level 184 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Isaac Asimov quote I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them Answers I DO NOT FEAR COMPUTERS I FEAR THE LACK OF THEM
Level 185 CLUE OPINION author Donald Norman quote Everyday people are not very good designers Answers EVERYDAY PEOPLE ARE NOT VERY GOOD DESIGNERS
Level 186 CLUE HUMOR author Jonathan Winters quote I know you can be funny without being filthy Answers I KNOW YOU CAN BE FUNNY WITHOUT BEING FILTHY
Level 187 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Blake Griffin quote I just like to be alone sometimes and think Answers I JUST LIKE TO BE ALONE SOMETIMES AND THINK
Level 188 CLUE FORTUNE author F. Scott Fitzgerald quote Nothing is as obnoxious as other people’s luck Answers NOTHING IS AS OBNOXIOUS AS OTHER PEOPLE’S LUCK
Level 189 CLUE BEHAVIOR author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote Rashness belongs to youth; prudence to old age Answers RASHNESS BELONGS TO YOUTH PRUDENCE TO OLD AGE
Level 190 CLUE EMOTIONS author Terence quote The anger of lovers renews their love Answers THE ANGER OF LOVERS RENEWS THEIR LOVE
Level 191 CLUE EMOTIONS author Clint Eastwood quote I’ve had no problem harnessing anger Answers I’VE HAD NO PROBLEM HARNESSING ANGER
Level 192 CLUE LOVE author Henry Van Dyke quote A friend is what the heart needs all the time Answers A FRIEND IS WHAT THE HEART NEEDS ALL THE TIME
Level 193 CLUE CREATION author Gail Simmons quote Patience is the secret to good food Answers PATIENCE IS THE SECRET TO GOOD FOOD
Level 194 CLUE LIFE author Willard Scott quote I get all fired up about aging in America Answers I GET ALL FIRED UP ABOUT AGING IN AMERICA
Level 195 CLUE RISK author Mark Twain quote Necessity is the mother of taking chances Answers NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF TAKING CHANCES
Level 196 CLUE HUMOR author Erma Bombeck quote Never have more children than you have car windows Answers NEVER HAVE MORE CHILDREN THAN YOU HAVE CAR WINDOWS
Level 197 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Ron White quote The next time you have a thought… let it go Answers THE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE A THOUGHT LET IT GO
Level 198 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Paul Hollywood quote I’ve never been on a diet and never will Answers I’VE NEVER BEEN ON A DIET AND NEVER WILL
Level 199 CLUE BEAUTY author Socrates quote Death may be the greatest of all human blessings Answers DEATH MAY BE THE GREATEST OF ALL HUMAN BLESSINGS
Level 200 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Michael Pollan quote High-quality food is better for your health Answers HIGH QUALITY FOOD IS BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH

Level 201 CLUE CAREER author Cardi B quote I’m a funny person but I take my music seriously Answers I’M A FUNNY PERSON BUT I TAKE MY MUSIC SERIOUSLY
Level 202 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Zbigniew Brzezinski quote In Iraq we must succeed. Failure is not an option Answers IN IRAQ WE MUST SUCCEED FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION
Level 203 CLUE REALITY author Flannery O’Connor quote Conviction without experience makes for harshness Answers CONVICTION WITHOUT EXPERIENCE MAKES FOR HARSHNESS
Level 204 CLUE RISK author Annie Dillard quote You can’t test courage cautiously Answers YOU CAN’T TEST COURAGE CAUTIOUSLY
Level 205 CLUE SPORTS author Hulk Hogan quote I’m the man that made wrestling famous Answers I’M THE MAN THAT MADE WRESTLING FAMOUS
Level 206 CLUE GUIDANCE author Tacitus quote Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader Answers REASON AND JUDGMENT ARE THE QUALITIES OF A LEADER
Level 207 CLUE OPINION author Peabo Bryson quote I think you create your own hipness Answers I THINK YOU CREATE YOUR OWN HIPNESS
Level 208 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Jerzy Kosinski quote The principle of art is to pause not bypass Answers THE PRINCIPLE OF ART IS TO PAUSE NOT BYPASS
Level 209 CLUE PERSONAL author Marcel Duchamp quote I don’t believe in art. I believe in artists Answers I DON’T BELIEVE IN ART I BELIEVE IN ARTISTS
Level 210 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Winston Churchill quote Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business Answers POLITICS IS NOT A GAME IT IS AN EARNEST BUSINESS
Level 211 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Confucius quote If we don’t know life how can we know death? . IF WE DON’T KNOW LIFE HOW CAN WE KNOW DEATH
Level 212 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Tommy Cooper quote I’m on a whisky diet… last week I lost three days! . I’M ON A WHISKY DIET LAST WEEK I LOST THREE DAYS
Level 213 CLUE INSPIRATION author Gabriele D’Annunzio quote Limit to courage? There is no limit to courage Answers LIMIT TO COURAGE THERE IS NO LIMIT TO COURAGE
Level 214 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Nicolas Cage quote I think I jump around more when I’m alone Answers I THINK I JUMP AROUND MORE WHEN I’M ALONE
Level 215 CLUE BLESSINGS author Willie Aames quote God continues to work miracles in my life Answers GOD CONTINUES TO WORK MIRACLES IN MY LIFE
Level 216 CLUE FAME author Ang Lee quote You can get rich or famous by doing the same thing Answers YOU CAN GET RICH OR FAMOUS BY DOING THE SAME THING
Level 217 CLUE LEGACY author Louis Sullivan quote The building’s identity resided in the ornament Answers THE BUILDING’S IDENTITY RESIDED IN THE ORNAMENT
Level 218 CLUE VICE author Gary Allan quote Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip Answers LET’S BE NAUGHTY AND SAVE SANTA THE TRIP
Level 219 CLUE APPEARANCE author Mae West quote Look your best – who said love is blind? . LOOK YOUR BEST WHO SAID LOVE IS BLIND
Level 220 CLUE SELF author Suzanne Vega quote You have to defend your honor. And your family Answers YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOUR HONOR AND YOUR FAMILY
Level 221 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Napoleon Bonaparte quote The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it Answers THE BEST WAY TO KEEP ONE’S WORD IS NOT TO GIVE IT
Level 222 CLUE BRAVERY author Bertrand Russell quote To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom Answers TO CONQUER FEAR IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM
Level 223 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Jean-Georges Vongerichten quote For me the good food starts with good product Answers FOR ME THE GOOD FOOD STARTS WITH GOOD PRODUCT
Level 224 CLUE WISDOM author Julian Casablancas quote The best solutions are often simple yet unexpected Answers THE BEST SOLUTIONS ARE OFTEN SIMPLE YET UNEXPECTED
Level 225 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author David Hasselhoff quote Failure usually works for me in the end Answers FAILURE USUALLY WORKS FOR ME IN THE END
Level 226 CLUE LEGACY author Muhammad Ali quote Old age is just a record of one’s whole life Answers OLD AGE IS JUST A RECORD OF ONE’S WHOLE LIFE
Level 227 CLUE MONEY author James Altucher quote Poker is a skill game pretending to be a chance game Answers POKER IS A SKILL GAME PRETENDING TO BE A CHANCE GAME
Level 228 CLUE LOVE author H. G. Wells quote Beauty is in the heart of the beholder Answers BEAUTY IS IN THE HEART OF THE BEHOLDER
Level 229 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Edmund Burke quote Facts are to the mind what food is to the body Answers FACTS ARE TO THE MIND WHAT FOOD IS TO THE BODY
Level 230 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Leonardo da Vinci quote Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master Answers POOR IS THE PUPIL WHO DOES NOT SURPASS HIS MASTER
Level 231 CLUE CIVIL RIGHTS author John Key quote We live in a world where equality is pretty important Answers WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE EQUALITY IS PRETTY IMPORTANT
Level 232 CLUE INQUIRY author Marcel Duchamp quote Can works be made which are not ‘of art’? . CAN WORKS BE MADE WHICH ARE NOT ‘OF ART’
Level 233 CLUE CONFLICT author Martin Luther quote Blood alone moves the wheels of history Answers BLOOD ALONE MOVES THE WHEELS OF HISTORY
Level 234 CLUE MORALITY author William Blake quote The weak in courage is strong in cunning Answers THE WEAK IN COURAGE IS STRONG IN CUNNING
Level 235 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author George Bernard Shaw quote My reputation grows with every failure Answers MY REPUTATION GROWS WITH EVERY FAILURE
Level 236 CLUE EXPRESSION author Bianca Andreescu quote It’s nice to let some anger out sometimes Answers IT’S NICE TO LET SOME ANGER OUT SOMETIMES
Level 237 CLUE CREATION author Ruth Asawa quote Art is doing. Art deals directly with life Answers ART IS DOING ART DEALS DIRECTLY WITH LIFE
Level 238 CLUE UNITY author Clemantine Wamariya quote Sharing presumes and creates equality Answers SHARING PRESUMES AND CREATES EQUALITY
Level 239 CLUE SUCCESS author Alfred A. Montapert quote All lasting business is built on friendship Answers ALL LASTING BUSINESS IS BUILT ON FRIENDSHIP
Level 240 CLUE ROMANCE author Lauren Conrad quote I don’t have the best dating track record Answers I DON’T HAVE THE BEST DATING TRACK RECORD
Level 241 CLUE INQUIRY author Mark Parker quote Curiosity is life. Assumption is death Answers CURIOSITY IS LIFE ASSUMPTION IS DEATH
Level 242 CLUE RISK author Marshall McLuhan quote Art is anything you can get away with Answers ART IS ANYTHING YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH
Level 243 CLUE AGING author Billy Graham quote I have the problems of I must confess old age Answers I HAVE THE PROBLEMS OF I MUST CONFESS OLD AGE
Level 244 CLUE LEGACY author Thomas Hardy quote I am the family face; flesh perishes I live on Answers I AM THE FAMILY FACE FLESH PERISHES I LIVE ON
Level 245 CLUE OBSERVATION author Karl Kraus quote Science is spectral analysis. Art is light synthesis Answers SCIENCE IS SPECTRAL ANALYSIS ART IS LIGHT SYNTHESIS
Level 246 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Mason Cooley quote Ultimately blind faith is the only kind Answers ULTIMATELY BLIND FAITH IS THE ONLY KIND
Level 247 CLUE WISDOM author Francis Bacon quote Anger makes dull men witty but it keeps them poor Answers ANGER MAKES DULL MEN WITTY BUT IT KEEPS THEM POOR
Level 248 CLUE HUMOR author Woody Allen quote I failed to make the chess team because of my height Answers I FAILED TO MAKE THE CHESS TEAM BECAUSE OF MY HEIGHT
Level 249 CLUE OPTIMISM author Sherwood Eddy quote Faith is reason grown courageous Answers FAITH IS REASON GROWN COURAGEOUS
Level 250 CLUE HUMOR author Bernie Mac quote I’m funny. I’m a comedian. I’m not a clown Answers I’M FUNNY I’M A COMEDIAN I’M NOT A CLOWN

Level 251 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Yves Tanguy quote Very much alone in my work I am almost jealous of it Answers VERY MUCH ALONE IN MY WORK I AM ALMOST JEALOUS OF IT
Level 252 CLUE LEARNING author Friedrich Schiller quote The key to education is the experience of beauty Answers THE KEY TO EDUCATION IS THE EXPERIENCE OF BEAUTY
Level 253 CLUE POLITICS author Yogi Berra quote Even Napoleon had his Watergate Answers EVEN NAPOLEON HAD HIS WATERGATE
Level 254 CLUE SIMILE author Mary Helen Bowers quote Nail polish is like the icing on the beauty cake Answers NAIL POLISH IS LIKE THE ICING ON THE BEAUTY CAKE
Level 255 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Nicholas M. Butler quote Optimism is the foundation of courage Answers OPTIMISM IS THE FOUNDATION OF COURAGE
Level 256 CLUE APPEARANCE author William Hazlitt quote Grace in women has more effect than beauty Answers GRACE IN WOMEN HAS MORE EFFECT THAN BEAUTY
Level 257 CLUE MYSTERY author Rick Springfield quote I think good art does come from a dark place Answers I THINK GOOD ART DOES COME FROM A DARK PLACE
Level 258 CLUE HUMOR author Jean-Luc Godard quote To be or not to be. That’s not really a question Answers TO BE OR NOT TO BE THAT’S NOT REALLY A QUESTION
Level 259 CLUE WISDOM author Aeschylus quote Of all the gods only death does not desire gifts Answers OF ALL THE GODS ONLY DEATH DOES NOT DESIRE GIFTS
Level 260 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Malala Yousafzai quote All I want is an education and I am afraid of no one Answers ALL I WANT IS AN EDUCATION AND I AM AFRAID OF NO ONE
Level 261 CLUE SOLITUDE author Keanu Reeves quote When the people you love are gone you’re alone Answers WHEN THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE ARE GONE YOU’RE ALONE
Level 262 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Billie Holiday quote Sometimes it’s worse to win a fight than to lose Answers SOMETIMES IT’S WORSE TO WIN A FIGHT THAN TO LOSE
Level 263 CLUE YOUTH author Aldous Huxley quote We are all geniuses up to the age of ten Answers WE ARE ALL GENIUSES UP TO THE AGE OF TEN
Level 264 CLUE LIFE author Chesley Sullenberger quote It’s amazing what you can learn to get used to Answers IT’S AMAZING WHAT YOU CAN LEARN TO GET USED TO
Level 265 CLUE SIMILE author Dean Kamen quote The city needs a car like a fish needs a bicycle Answers THE CITY NEEDS A CAR LIKE A FISH NEEDS A BICYCLE
Level 266 CLUE CULTURE author Rumaan Alam quote Every Christmas I cook an elaborate Mexican dinner Answers EVERY CHRISTMAS I COOK AN ELABORATE MEXICAN DINNER
Level 267 CLUE COMPASSION author Heinrich Heine quote God will forgive me. It’s his job Answers GOD WILL FORGIVE ME IT’S HIS JOB
Level 268 CLUE LEGACY author Hideki Tojo quote I am determined to offer an apology with my death Answers I AM DETERMINED TO OFFER AN APOLOGY WITH MY DEATH
Level 269 CLUE SELF author Peter Nivio Zarlenga quote Beauty is being in harmony with what you are Answers BEAUTY IS BEING IN HARMONY WITH WHAT YOU ARE
Level 270 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Josiah Gilbert Holland quote Ideals are the world’s masters Answers IDEALS ARE THE WORLD’S MASTERS
Level 271 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Oswald Chambers quote Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind Answers BOOKS ARE THE BLESSED CHLOROFORM OF THE MIND
Level 272 CLUE INNOVATION author Lillian Hellman quote God forgives those who invent what they need Answers GOD FORGIVES THOSE WHO INVENT WHAT THEY NEED
Level 273 CLUE INQUIRY author Catherine Hardwicke quote What does ‘dating’ mean? I don’t know. I couldn’t say Answers WHAT DOES ‘DATING’ MEAN I DON’T KNOW I COULDN’T SAY
Level 274 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author John H. Johnson quote Failure is a word that I simply don’t accept Answers FAILURE IS A WORD THAT I SIMPLY DON’T ACCEPT
Level 275 CLUE SOCIAL author Kim Philby quote Friendship is the most important thing of all Answers FRIENDSHIP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL
Level 276 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Jean Rostand quote Think? Why think! We have computers to do that for us Answers THINK WHY THINK WE HAVE COMPUTERS TO DO THAT FOR US
Level 277 CLUE WISDOM author Diogenes quote The art of being a slave is to rule one’s master Answers THE ART OF BEING A SLAVE IS TO RULE ONE’S MASTER
Level 278 CLUE TRAVEL author Bindi Irwin quote I love having my birthday at Australia Zoo Answers I LOVE HAVING MY BIRTHDAY AT AUSTRALIA ZOO
Level 279 CLUE LOVE author Michael Enzi quote If we abandon marriage we abandon the family Answers IF WE ABANDON MARRIAGE WE ABANDON THE FAMILY
Level 280 CLUE CIVIL RIGHTS author Pierre de Coubertin quote All sports must be treated on the basis of equality Answers ALL SPORTS MUST BE TREATED ON THE BASIS OF EQUALITY
Level 281 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Aeschylus quote By Time and Age full many things are taught Answers BY TIME AND AGE FULL MANY THINGS ARE TAUGHT
Level 282 CLUE FAME author Millie Bobby Brown quote It’s nice to have famous people love you Answers IT’S NICE TO HAVE FAMOUS PEOPLE LOVE YOU
Level 283 CLUE RISK author Arnold Schwarzenegger quote Political courage is not political suicide Answers POLITICAL COURAGE IS NOT POLITICAL SUICIDE
Level 284 CLUE PERSONAL author Edward Furlong quote I don’t think anyone has a normal family Answers I DON’T THINK ANYONE HAS A NORMAL FAMILY
Level 285 CLUE MUSIC author John Lennon quote All we are saying is give peace a chance Answers ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE
Level 286 CLUE ROMANCE author Rihanna quote I’d love to date somebody cool fun funny Answers I’D LOVE TO DATE SOMEBODY COOL FUN FUNNY
Level 287 CLUE TRUTH author Moliere quote There are pretenders to piety as well as to courage Answers THERE ARE PRETENDERS TO PIETY AS WELL AS TO COURAGE
Level 288 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Duke Ellington quote A problem is a chance for you to do your best Answers A PROBLEM IS A CHANCE FOR YOU TO DO YOUR BEST
Level 289 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Friedrich Schiller quote The strong man is strongest when alone Answers THE STRONG MAN IS STRONGEST WHEN ALONE
Level 290 CLUE PERSONAL author Christina Applegate quote I guess I’ve kind of had an attitude my whole life Answers I GUESS I’VE KIND OF HAD AN ATTITUDE MY WHOLE LIFE
Level 291 CLUE CAREER author B. C. Forbes quote A shady business never yields a sunny life Answers A SHADY BUSINESS NEVER YIELDS A SUNNY LIFE
Level 292 CLUE EXPRESSION author Marvin Gaye quote Great artists suffer for the people Answers GREAT ARTISTS SUFFER FOR THE PEOPLE
Level 293 CLUE MUSIC author Sophie Ellis-Bextor quote A good song is a good song whatever your age Answers A GOOD SONG IS A GOOD SONG WHATEVER YOUR AGE
Level 294 CLUE EXERCISE author Gene Tunney quote Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart Answers EXERCISE SHOULD BE REGARDED AS TRIBUTE TO THE HEART
Level 295 CLUE ADVICE author Phyllis Diller quote Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight Answers NEVER GO TO BED MAD STAY UP AND FIGHT
Level 296 CLUE TIME author Albert Einstein quote I never think of the future – it comes soon enough Answers I NEVER THINK OF THE FUTURE IT COMES SOON ENOUGH
Level 297 CLUE CONFIDENCE author David Chang quote If people think you are this amazing own it Answers IF PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE THIS AMAZING OWN IT
Level 298 CLUE LANGUAGE author Luis Barragan quote Beauty is the oracle that speaks to us all Answers BEAUTY IS THE ORACLE THAT SPEAKS TO US ALL
Level 299 CLUE EDUCATION author Elie Wiesel quote Not to transmit an experience is to betray it Answers NOT TO TRANSMIT AN EXPERIENCE IS TO BETRAY IT
Level 300 CLUE HUMOR author Oscar Wilde quote I can resist everything except temptation Answers I CAN RESIST EVERYTHING EXCEPT TEMPTATION

Level 301 CLUE ADVERSITY author Annie Lennox quote Dying is easy it’s living that scares me to death Answers DYING IS EASY IT’S LIVING THAT SCARES ME TO DEATH
Level 302 CLUE LEGACY author Romy Schneider quote Memories are the best things in life I think Answers MEMORIES ARE THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE I THINK
Level 303 CLUE SOCIAL author Erma Bombeck quote A friend doesn’t go on a diet because you are fat Answers A FRIEND DOESN’T GO ON A DIET BECAUSE YOU ARE FAT
Level 304 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author Patrick Mahomes quote Every experience good or bad you have to learn from Answers EVERY EXPERIENCE GOOD OR BAD YOU HAVE TO LEARN FROM
Level 305 CLUE SUCCESS author Rose Namajunas quote It’s pretty cool to be called a champion Answers IT’S PRETTY COOL TO BE CALLED A CHAMPION
Level 306 CLUE COMPASSION author Francois de La Rochefoucauld quote One forgives to the degree that one loves Answers ONE FORGIVES TO THE DEGREE THAT ONE LOVES
Level 307 CLUE MENTALITY author Jenova Chen quote Creativity is not talent but attitude Answers CREATIVITY IS NOT TALENT BUT ATTITUDE
Level 308 CLUE CONSUMPTION author James Beard quote Food is our common ground a universal experience Answers FOOD IS OUR COMMON GROUND A UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE
Level 309 CLUE HUMOR author Charles de Gaulle quote You’ll live. Only the best get killed Answers YOU’LL LIVE ONLY THE BEST GET KILLED
Level 310 CLUE BRAVERY author Publilius Syrus quote Valor grows by daring fear by holding back Answers VALOR GROWS BY DARING FEAR BY HOLDING BACK
Level 311 CLUE INQUIRY author Criss Angel quote Sometimes my art is just an illusion…or is it? . SOMETIMES MY ART IS JUST AN ILLUSIONOR IS IT
Level 312 CLUE REALITY author Pablo Picasso quote Art is a lie that makes us realize truth Answers ART IS A LIE THAT MAKES US REALIZE TRUTH
Level 313 CLUE HUMOR author Groucho Marx quote I intend to live forever or die trying Answers I INTEND TO LIVE FOREVER OR DIE TRYING
Level 314 CLUE MONEY author Aneurin Bevan quote Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus Answers FREEDOM IS THE BY PRODUCT OF ECONOMIC SURPLUS
Level 315 CLUE PERSONAL author Carrie-Anne Moss quote I’m a very simple person. I don’t use computers Answers I’M A VERY SIMPLE PERSON I DON’T USE COMPUTERS
Level 316 CLUE BRAVERY author Plato quote Courage is knowing what not to fear Answers COURAGE IS KNOWING WHAT NOT TO FEAR
Level 317 CLUE GUIDANCE author Mac Miller quote Fear to me is a guiding thing more than anything Answers FEAR TO ME IS A GUIDING THING MORE THAN ANYTHING
Level 318 CLUE MOVIES author Jim Morrison quote The appeal of cinema lies in the fear of death Answers THE APPEAL OF CINEMA LIES IN THE FEAR OF DEATH
Level 319 CLUE DESIGN author Charles de Lint quote The best artists know what to leave out Answers THE BEST ARTISTS KNOW WHAT TO LEAVE OUT
Level 320 CLUE FAME author George Harrison quote I wanted to be successful not famous Answers I WANTED TO BE SUCCESSFUL NOT FAMOUS
Level 321 CLUE HUMOR author Jenny McCarthy quote My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away Answers MY PHILOSOPHY OF DATING IS TO JUST FART RIGHT AWAY
Level 322 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Elbert Hubbard quote There is no failure except in no longer trying Answers THERE IS NO FAILURE EXCEPT IN NO LONGER TRYING
Level 323 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Malcolm Forbes quote Failure is success if we learn from it Answers FAILURE IS SUCCESS IF WE LEARN FROM IT
Level 324 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Lena Dunham quote I’m not great at dating but I need to do it to relax Answers I’M NOT GREAT AT DATING BUT I NEED TO DO IT TO RELAX
Level 325 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Rick Wakeman quote People like Frank Zappa were amazing for us Brits Answers PEOPLE LIKE FRANK ZAPPA WERE AMAZING FOR US BRITS
Level 326 CLUE HUMOR author Helen Rowland quote One man’s folly is another man’s wife Answers ONE MAN’S FOLLY IS ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE
Level 327 CLUE MENTALITY author Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote If you desire faith then you have faith enough Answers IF YOU DESIRE FAITH THEN YOU HAVE FAITH ENOUGH
Level 328 CLUE WISDOM author Philip Guston quote To paint is a possessing rather than a picturing Answers TO PAINT IS A POSSESSING RATHER THAN A PICTURING
Level 329 CLUE OBSERVATION author Jimmy Fallon quote You only think of the best comeback when you leave Answers YOU ONLY THINK OF THE BEST COMEBACK WHEN YOU LEAVE
Level 330 CLUE ADVERSITY author Will Rogers quote The best way out of a is through it Answers THE BEST WAY OUT OF A IS THROUGH IT
Level 331 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Paul Tournier quote Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets Answers NOTHING MAKES US SO LONELY AS OUR SECRETS
Level 332 CLUE POLITICS author Ronald Reagan quote Man is not free unless government is limited Answers MAN IS NOT FREE UNLESS GOVERNMENT IS LIMITED
Level 333 CLUE PERSONAL author Aishwarya Rai Bachchan quote My family is my strength and my weakness Answers MY FAMILY IS MY STRENGTH AND MY WEAKNESS
Level 334 CLUE AMBITION author Poppy quote In Hollywood all of your dreams can come true Answers IN HOLLYWOOD ALL OF YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE
Level 335 CLUE HUMOR author Frank Sinatra quote I’m for whatever gets you through the night Answers I’M FOR WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT
Level 336 CLUE INTROSPECTION author William Gurnall quote Humble souls are fearful of their own strength Answers HUMBLE SOULS ARE FEARFUL OF THEIR OWN STRENGTH
Level 337 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Willie Stargell quote To be successful one must take chances Answers TO BE SUCCESSFUL ONE MUST TAKE CHANCES
Level 338 CLUE PARENTS author Kent Nerburn quote It is much easier to become a father than to be one Answers IT IS MUCH EASIER TO BECOME A FATHER THAN TO BE ONE
Level 339 CLUE LITERATURE author Steven Wright quote When I die I’m leaving my body to science fiction Answers WHEN I DIE I’M LEAVING MY BODY TO SCIENCE FICTION
Level 340 CLUE INNOVATION author William Hazlitt quote Rules and models destroy genius and art Answers RULES AND MODELS DESTROY GENIUS AND ART
Level 341 CLUE BRAVERY author Robert Heller quote Fear is excitement without breath Answers FEAR IS EXCITEMENT WITHOUT BREATH
Level 342 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Nate Lowman quote I love language and I love the failure of language Answers I LOVE LANGUAGE AND I LOVE THE FAILURE OF LANGUAGE
Level 343 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Desmond Tutu quote In God’s family there are no outsiders no enemies Answers IN GOD’S FAMILY THERE ARE NO OUTSIDERS NO ENEMIES
Level 344 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Anton Yelchin quote It would be nice to live off the land and fix cars Answers IT WOULD BE NICE TO LIVE OFF THE LAND AND FIX CARS
Level 345 CLUE WISDOM author Sarah McLachlan quote Trying to force creativity is never good Answers TRYING TO FORCE CREATIVITY IS NEVER GOOD
Level 346 CLUE MOVIES author Treat Williams quote Bambi can’t act. Bambi had major attitude Answers BAMBI CAN’T ACT BAMBI HAD MAJOR ATTITUDE
Level 347 CLUE LITERATURE author Oscar Wilde quote Biography lends to death a new terror Answers BIOGRAPHY LENDS TO DEATH A NEW TERROR
Level 348 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Eugene Ormandy quote Beauty is less important than quality Answers BEAUTY IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN QUALITY
Level 349 CLUE FAME author Jay-Z quote I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can Answers I MADE THE YANKEE HAT MORE FAMOUS THAN A YANKEE CAN
Level 350 CLUE BRAVERY author William Samuel Johnson quote Whatever enlarges hope will also exalt courage Answers WHATEVER ENLARGES HOPE WILL ALSO EXALT COURAGE

Level 351 CLUE UNITY author Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw quote Design art and science are all a melange Answers DESIGN ART AND SCIENCE ARE ALL A MELANGE
Level 352 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Joel Osteen quote I really believed that fear is contagious Answers I REALLY BELIEVED THAT FEAR IS CONTAGIOUS
Level 353 CLUE MENTALITY author Urijah Faber quote I work my butt off and have a positive attitude Answers I WORK MY BUTT OFF AND HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE
Level 354 CLUE HUMANITY author Nathan Englander quote I’m very interested in how people change Answers I’M VERY INTERESTED IN HOW PEOPLE CHANGE
Level 355 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Harry S Truman quote If you can’t convince them confuse them Answers IF YOU CAN’T CONVINCE THEM CONFUSE THEM
Level 356 CLUE EXPRESSION author Jim Hodges quote Color is an intense experience on its own Answers COLOR IS AN INTENSE EXPERIENCE ON ITS OWN
Level 357 CLUE HUMOR author Alice Roosevelt Longworth quote He looks as though he’s been weaned on a pickle Answers HE LOOKS AS THOUGH HE’S BEEN WEANED ON A PICKLE
Level 358 CLUE FILM author Diego Luna quote Cinema is a mirror that can change the world Answers CINEMA IS A MIRROR THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD
Level 359 CLUE INNOVATION author Bill Watterson quote Genius is never understood in its own time Answers GENIUS IS NEVER UNDERSTOOD IN ITS OWN TIME
Level 360 CLUE LEGACY author J. Robert Oppenheimer quote I am become death the destroyer of worlds Answers I AM BECOME DEATH THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS
Level 361 CLUE SOCIAL author Hun Sen quote We have lost the art of sharing and caring Answers WE HAVE LOST THE ART OF SHARING AND CARING
Level 362 CLUE HUMOR author Laurence J. Peter quote If two wrongs don’t make a right try three Answers IF TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT TRY THREE
Level 363 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Victoria Arlen quote Thank you’ is never enough for me to say to my family Answers THANK YOU’ IS NEVER ENOUGH FOR ME TO SAY TO MY FAMILY
Level 364 CLUE FUTURE author Bill Budge quote The power of the computer is starting to spread Answers THE POWER OF THE COMPUTER IS STARTING TO SPREAD
Level 365 CLUE ETERNAL author Chief Seattle quote There is no death only a change of worlds Answers THERE IS NO DEATH ONLY A CHANGE OF WORLDS
Level 366 CLUE PASSION author Henry Kissinger quote Art is man’s expression of his joy in labor Answers ART IS MAN’S EXPRESSION OF HIS JOY IN LABOR
Level 367 CLUE BRAVERY author J. K. Rowling quote Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself Answers FEAR OF A NAME INCREASES FEAR OF THE THING ITSELF
Level 368 CLUE HAPPINESS author William Feather quote No man is a failure who is enjoying life Answers NO MAN IS A FAILURE WHO IS ENJOYING LIFE
Level 369 CLUE LITERATURE author James Beattie quote And beauty immortal awakes from the tomb Answers AND BEAUTY IMMORTAL AWAKES FROM THE TOMB
Level 370 CLUE EMOTIONS author Gustave Flaubert quote The heart like the stomach wants a varied diet Answers THE HEART LIKE THE STOMACH WANTS A VARIED DIET
Level 371 CLUE INSPIRATION author Paul Wellstone quote Sometimes the only realists are the dreamers Answers SOMETIMES THE ONLY REALISTS ARE THE DREAMERS
Level 372 CLUE MONEY author Ken Hakuta quote I wouldn’t finance a fad if I were a banker Answers I WOULDN’T FINANCE A FAD IF I WERE A BANKER
Level 373 CLUE HUMOR author Fran Lebowitz quote Food is an important part of a balanced diet Answers FOOD IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF A BALANCED DIET
Level 374 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Peter Benchley quote Without the oceans there would be no life on Earth Answers WITHOUT THE OCEANS THERE WOULD BE NO LIFE ON EARTH
Level 375 CLUE SPORTS author Jeff Hardy quote To me wrestling is just as cool as it ever was Answers TO ME WRESTLING IS JUST AS COOL AS IT EVER WAS
Level 376 CLUE HUMOR author Robert Louis Stevenson quote Every man has a sane spot somewhere Answers EVERY MAN HAS A SANE SPOT SOMEWHERE
Level 377 CLUE TIME author MS Dhoni quote I live for the moment – not the future not the past Answers I LIVE FOR THE MOMENT NOT THE FUTURE NOT THE PAST
Level 378 CLUE MINIMALISM author Philip James Bailey quote Simplicity is natures first step and the last of art Answers SIMPLICITY IS NATURES FIRST STEP AND THE LAST OF ART
Level 379 CLUE HUMOR author Steven Wright quote What’s another word for Thesaurus? . WHAT’S ANOTHER WORD FOR THESAURUS
Level 380 CLUE FOOD author Jo Brand quote Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate Answers ANYTHING IS GOOD IF IT’S MADE OF CHOCOLATE
Level 381 CLUE AMBITION author Aung San Suu Kyi quote Freedom and democracy are dreams you never give up Answers FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY ARE DREAMS YOU NEVER GIVE UP
Level 382 CLUE MENTALITY author Terry Bradshaw quote Bad attitudes will ruin your team Answers BAD ATTITUDES WILL RUIN YOUR TEAM
Level 383 CLUE BRAVERY author Jesse Lingard quote Every game you’ve got to play with no fear Answers EVERY GAME YOU’VE GOT TO PLAY WITH NO FEAR
Level 384 CLUE ADVICE author King George V quote Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance Answers ALWAYS GO TO THE BATHROOM WHEN YOU HAVE A CHANCE
Level 385 CLUE LEARNING author Henry Rollins quote Without an education you won’t have a future Answers WITHOUT AN EDUCATION YOU WON’T HAVE A FUTURE
Level 386 CLUE REALITY author Friedrich Nietzsche quote We have art in order not to die of the truth Answers WE HAVE ART IN ORDER NOT TO DIE OF THE TRUTH
Level 387 CLUE NATURE author Dorothy Stang quote The death of the forest is the end of our life Answers THE DEATH OF THE FOREST IS THE END OF OUR LIFE
Level 388 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Lefty Gomez quote I’m the guy that made Joe DiMaggio famous Answers I’M THE GUY THAT MADE JOE DIMAGGIO FAMOUS
Level 389 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Robert Frost quote The best way out is always through Answers THE BEST WAY OUT IS ALWAYS THROUGH
Level 390 CLUE HOLIDAYS author Saint Augustine quote God loves each of us as if there were only one of us Answers GOD LOVES EACH OF US AS IF THERE WERE ONLY ONE OF US
Level 391 CLUE FAMILY author Brantley Gilbert quote I always go to my mom’s house for Christmas Answers I ALWAYS GO TO MY MOM’S HOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS
Level 392 CLUE AGING author Colin Powell quote Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age Answers BAD NEWS ISN’T WINE IT DOESN’T IMPROVE WITH AGE
Level 393 CLUE SUCCESS author Frank Ocean quote It’s cool to be recognised by your peers Answers IT’S COOL TO BE RECOGNISED BY YOUR PEERS
Level 394 CLUE PURPOSE author Bob Marley quote Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny Answers EVERY MAN GOTTA RIGHT TO DECIDE HIS OWN DESTINY
Level 395 CLUE HUMOR author Jim Carrey quote Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes Answers BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A WOMAN ROLLING HER EYES
Level 396 CLUE INNOVATION author Elon Musk quote Tesla is becoming a real car company Answers TESLA IS BECOMING A REAL CAR COMPANY
Level 397 CLUE ROMANCE author Billy Graham quote I don’t eat with beautiful women alone Answers I DON’T EAT WITH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ALONE
Level 398 CLUE EXPRESSION author William Wordsworth quote Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart Answers FILL YOUR PAPER WITH THE BREATHINGS OF YOUR HEART
Level 399 CLUE EMOTIONS author Rollo May quote Depression is the inability to construct a future Answers DEPRESSION IS THE INABILITY TO CONSTRUCT A FUTURE
Level 400 CLUE ADVERSITY author Aeschylus quote Wisdom comes alone through suffering Answers WISDOM COMES ALONE THROUGH SUFFERING

Level 401 CLUE EXPRESSION author Georges Braque quote Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas Answers PAINTING IS A NAIL TO WHICH I FASTEN MY IDEAS
Level 402 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Gwendoline Christie quote Rory McCann is an amazing actor and a very strong man Answers RORY MCCANN IS AN AMAZING ACTOR AND A VERY STRONG MAN
Level 403 CLUE SELF CARE author Hippocrates quote Walking is man’s best medicine Answers WALKING IS MAN’S BEST MEDICINE
Level 404 CLUE MUSIC author Julian Casablancas quote A band is a good way to break up a friendship Answers A BAND IS A GOOD WAY TO BREAK UP A FRIENDSHIP
Level 405 CLUE INQUIRY author James Cameron quote What are you gonna do talk the alien to death? . WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TALK THE ALIEN TO DEATH
Level 406 CLUE PERSONAL author S. Truett Cathy quote I had to create some good work habits and attitude Answers I HAD TO CREATE SOME GOOD WORK HABITS AND ATTITUDE
Level 407 CLUE LUXURY author Paul Prudhomme quote You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food Answers YOU DON’T NEED A SILVER FORK TO EAT GOOD FOOD
Level 408 CLUE ETERNAL author John Galsworthy quote Love has no age no limit; and no death Answers LOVE HAS NO AGE NO LIMIT AND NO DEATH
Level 409 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Mickey Rooney quote You always pass failure on your way to success Answers YOU ALWAYS PASS FAILURE ON YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS
Level 410 CLUE SUCCESS author Wilhelm Steinitz quote Fame I have already. Now I need the money Answers FAME I HAVE ALREADY NOW I NEED THE MONEY
Level 411 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Olivia Newton-John quote Family nature and health all go together Answers FAMILY NATURE AND HEALTH ALL GO TOGETHER
Level 412 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Lillian Hellman quote People change and forget to tell each other Answers PEOPLE CHANGE AND FORGET TO TELL EACH OTHER
Level 413 CLUE WISDOM author Marya Mannes quote In aid the proper attitude is one omitting gratitude Answers IN AID THE PROPER ATTITUDE IS ONE OMITTING GRATITUDE
Level 414 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Lee Marvin quote I only make movies to finance my fishing Answers I ONLY MAKE MOVIES TO FINANCE MY FISHING
Level 415 CLUE SPORTS author Babe Ruth quote Never let the fear of striking out get in your way Answers NEVER LET THE FEAR OF STRIKING OUT GET IN YOUR WAY
Level 416 CLUE COMPASSION author George Zimmer quote I believe in giving people a second chance Answers I BELIEVE IN GIVING PEOPLE A SECOND CHANCE
Level 417 CLUE COMPASSION author Publilius Syrus quote How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself Answers HOW UNHAPPY IS HE WHO CANNOT FORGIVE HIMSELF
Level 418 CLUE LIFE author Malcolm Forbes quote When you cease to dream you cease to live Answers WHEN YOU CEASE TO DREAM YOU CEASE TO LIVE
Level 419 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Nikki Reed quote I’ve never really made a big deal out of my birthday Answers I’VE NEVER REALLY MADE A BIG DEAL OUT OF MY BIRTHDAY
Level 420 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Eric Heiden quote I have a very close friendship with the skaters Answers I HAVE A VERY CLOSE FRIENDSHIP WITH THE SKATERS
Level 421 CLUE PURPOSE author Mahatma Gandhi quote You must be the change you wish to see in the world Answers YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD
Level 422 CLUE CHOICES author Debbie Reynolds quote I can pick good food but I can’t pick a good man Answers I CAN PICK GOOD FOOD BUT I CAN’T PICK A GOOD MAN
Level 423 CLUE SUCCESS author Janice Dickinson quote Follow sound business trends not fashion trends Answers FOLLOW SOUND BUSINESS TRENDS NOT FASHION TRENDS
Level 424 CLUE FAITH author Charles Stanley quote You have to have courage to be obedient to God Answers YOU HAVE TO HAVE COURAGE TO BE OBEDIENT TO GOD
Level 425 CLUE FAME author Damon Wayans quote I never thought about being famous Answers I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT BEING FAMOUS
Level 426 CLUE BRAVERY author Arnold H. Glasow quote Fear is the lengthened shadow of ignorance Answers FEAR IS THE LENGTHENED SHADOW OF IGNORANCE
Level 427 CLUE LIBERTY author Alan Dean Foster quote Freedom is just Chaos with better lighting Answers FREEDOM IS JUST CHAOS WITH BETTER LIGHTING
Level 428 CLUE METAPHOR author William S. Burroughs quote Language is a virus from outer space Answers LANGUAGE IS A VIRUS FROM OUTER SPACE
Level 429 CLUE BRAVERY author Ernest Gaines quote The mark of fear is not easily removed Answers THE MARK OF FEAR IS NOT EASILY REMOVED
Level 430 CLUE BRAVERY author Lyndon B. Johnson quote I’d rather give my life than be afraid to give it Answers I’D RATHER GIVE MY LIFE THAN BE AFRAID TO GIVE IT
Level 431 CLUE MOTIVATION author George Herbert quote Living well is the best revenge Answers LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE
Level 432 CLUE AMBITION author Steve Waugh quote You’ve got to have dreams to keep you going Answers YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE DREAMS TO KEEP YOU GOING
Level 433 CLUE OPTIMISM author Edwin Louis Cole quote Faith is the ticket to the feast not the feast Answers FAITH IS THE TICKET TO THE FEAST NOT THE FEAST
Level 434 CLUE LEARNING author Mira Sorvino quote My father taught me how to substitute realities Answers MY FATHER TAUGHT ME HOW TO SUBSTITUTE REALITIES
Level 435 CLUE MORALITY author Christopher Marlowe quote Goodness is beauty in the best estate Answers GOODNESS IS BEAUTY IN THE BEST ESTATE
Level 436 CLUE PERSONAL author Timothy Busfield quote Being cool is not exactly at the top of my list Answers BEING COOL IS NOT EXACTLY AT THE TOP OF MY LIST
Level 437 CLUE LUXURY author Warren Buffett quote I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me Answers I BUY EXPENSIVE SUITS THEY JUST LOOK CHEAP ON ME
Level 438 CLUE FOOD author Mitch Hedberg quote A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap Answers A WAFFLE IS LIKE A PANCAKE WITH A SYRUP TRAP
Level 439 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Luther Burbank quote We must return to nature and nature’s god Answers WE MUST RETURN TO NATURE AND NATURE’S GOD
Level 440 CLUE TRAVEL author Blythe Danner quote I loved the first Christmas I had in England Answers I LOVED THE FIRST CHRISTMAS I HAD IN ENGLAND
Level 441 CLUE BRAVERY author Paloma Faith quote I feel quite fearless protecting the people I love Answers I FEEL QUITE FEARLESS PROTECTING THE PEOPLE I LOVE
Level 442 CLUE MORTALITY author Plato quote Death is not the worst that can happen to men Answers DEATH IS NOT THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN TO MEN
Level 443 CLUE LITERATURE author W. Somerset Maugham quote Writing is the supreme solace Answers WRITING IS THE SUPREME SOLACE
Level 444 CLUE WISDOM author Moliere quote The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit Answers THE TREES THAT ARE SLOW TO GROW BEAR THE BEST FRUIT
Level 445 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Dan Quayle quote If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure Answers IF WE DON’T SUCCEED WE RUN THE RISK OF FAILURE
Level 446 CLUE FAITH author Mahatma Gandhi quote Each one prays to God according to his own light Answers EACH ONE PRAYS TO GOD ACCORDING TO HIS OWN LIGHT
Level 447 CLUE FULFILLMENT author Mick Jagger quote Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind Answers LOSE YOUR DREAMS AND YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR MIND
Level 448 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Mitch Hedberg quote Fettucini alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults Answers FETTUCINI ALFREDO IS MACARONI AND CHEESE FOR ADULTS
Level 449 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Benjamin Disraeli quote There is no education like adversity Answers THERE IS NO EDUCATION LIKE ADVERSITY
Level 450 CLUE POLITICS author Ban Ki-moon quote Equality for women is progress for all Answers EQUALITY FOR WOMEN IS PROGRESS FOR ALL

Level 451 CLUE AMBITION author A. P. J. Abdul Kalam quote You have to dream before your dreams can come true Answers YOU HAVE TO DREAM BEFORE YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE
Level 452 CLUE HUMOR author Tracey Ullman quote I think serial monogamy says it all Answers I THINK SERIAL MONOGAMY SAYS IT ALL
Level 453 CLUE CAREER author William M. Daley quote Commerce was the best job I could ever have Answers COMMERCE WAS THE BEST JOB I COULD EVER HAVE
Level 454 CLUE APPEARANCE author Maria Mitchell quote There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness Answers THERE IS NO COSMETIC FOR BEAUTY LIKE HAPPINESS
Level 455 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Ad Reinhardt quote Art is Art. Everything else is everything else Answers ART IS ART EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVERYTHING ELSE
Level 456 CLUE HUMANITY author D. H. Lawrence quote Men! The only animal in the world to fear Answers MEN THE ONLY ANIMAL IN THE WORLD TO FEAR
Level 457 CLUE INNOVATION author Emil Cioran quote We are afraid of the enormity of the possible Answers WE ARE AFRAID OF THE ENORMITY OF THE POSSIBLE
Level 458 CLUE CHOICES author John Selden quote Wise people say nothing in dangerous times Answers WISE PEOPLE SAY NOTHING IN DANGEROUS TIMES
Level 459 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Thomas Fuller quote A wise man turns chance into good fortune Answers A WISE MAN TURNS CHANCE INTO GOOD FORTUNE
Level 460 CLUE CHANGE author Heraclitus quote You cannot step into the same river twice Answers YOU CANNOT STEP INTO THE SAME RIVER TWICE
Level 461 CLUE CONSUMPTION author David Soul quote I like to eat and I love the diversity of foods Answers I LIKE TO EAT AND I LOVE THE DIVERSITY OF FOODS
Level 462 CLUE LIFE author Candace Cameron Bure quote The memories we make with our family is everything Answers THE MEMORIES WE MAKE WITH OUR FAMILY IS EVERYTHING
Level 463 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Tyne Daly quote Sweat makes good friendship cement Answers SWEAT MAKES GOOD FRIENDSHIP CEMENT
Level 464 CLUE BEAUTY author David Byrne quote Real beauty knocks you a little bit off kilter Answers REAL BEAUTY KNOCKS YOU A LITTLE BIT OFF KILTER
Level 465 CLUE ADVICE author Abraham Cahan quote Be modest humble simple. Control your anger Answers BE MODEST HUMBLE SIMPLE CONTROL YOUR ANGER
Level 466 CLUE CAREER author Tom Stoppard quote I don’t act I don’t direct I don’t design Answers I DON’T ACT I DON’T DIRECT I DON’T DESIGN
Level 467 CLUE BLESSINGS author Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote God’s gifts put man’s best dreams to shame Answers GOD’S GIFTS PUT MAN’S BEST DREAMS TO SHAME
Level 468 CLUE PERSONAL author Post Malone quote I’m just myself. That’s the best way to put it Answers I’M JUST MYSELF THAT’S THE BEST WAY TO PUT IT
Level 469 CLUE PRIORITIES author Michael J. Fox quote Family is not an important thing. It’s everything Answers FAMILY IS NOT AN IMPORTANT THING IT’S EVERYTHING
Level 470 CLUE WISDOM author Alfred Nobel quote Good wishes alone will not ensure peace Answers GOOD WISHES ALONE WILL NOT ENSURE PEACE
Level 471 CLUE EMOTIONS author Ovid quote Like fragile ice anger passes away in time Answers LIKE FRAGILE ICE ANGER PASSES AWAY IN TIME
Level 472 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Trevor Donovan quote I don’t eat fast food but I can’t live without pizza Answers I DON’T EAT FAST FOOD BUT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT PIZZA
Level 473 CLUE MONEY author J. Paul Getty quote I buy when other people are selling Answers I BUY WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE SELLING
Level 474 CLUE TIME author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote All things are only transitory Answers ALL THINGS ARE ONLY TRANSITORY
Level 475 CLUE REALITY author Arthur Koestler quote Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion Answers NOTHING IS MORE SAD THAN THE DEATH OF AN ILLUSION
Level 476 CLUE OPTIMISM author Dwight D. Eisenhower quote Only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free Answers ONLY OUR INDIVIDUAL FAITH IN FREEDOM CAN KEEP US FREE
Level 477 CLUE MORTALITY author William Shakespeare quote The valiant never taste of death but once Answers THE VALIANT NEVER TASTE OF DEATH BUT ONCE
Level 478 CLUE FAME author Karl Pilkington quote I don’t know what ‘famous’ is really Answers I DON’T KNOW WHAT ‘FAMOUS’ IS REALLY
Level 479 CLUE LIBERTY author Walt Whitman quote Freedom – to walk free and own no superior Answers FREEDOM TO WALK FREE AND OWN NO SUPERIOR
Level 480 CLUE GROWTH author Shonda Rhimes quote I can’t change the past. It made me what I am Answers I CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST IT MADE ME WHAT I AM
Level 481 CLUE BRAVERY author Stanley A. McChrystal quote My dad was always the soldier I wanted to be Answers MY DAD WAS ALWAYS THE SOLDIER I WANTED TO BE
Level 482 CLUE REALITY author Francois Rabelais quote To good and true love fear is forever affixed Answers TO GOOD AND TRUE LOVE FEAR IS FOREVER AFFIXED
Level 483 CLUE OPTIMISM author Christian Nestell Bovee quote When all else is lost the future still remains Answers WHEN ALL ELSE IS LOST THE FUTURE STILL REMAINS
Level 484 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Alexander Pope quote Health consists with temperance alone Answers HEALTH CONSISTS WITH TEMPERANCE ALONE
Level 485 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Our best thoughts come from others Answers OUR BEST THOUGHTS COME FROM OTHERS
Level 486 CLUE WISDOM author Herbert Kaufman quote Rich men’s sons are seldom rich men’s fathers Answers RICH MEN’S SONS ARE SELDOM RICH MEN’S FATHERS
Level 487 CLUE GUIDANCE author John Legend quote Experience is a great teacher Answers EXPERIENCE IS A GREAT TEACHER
Level 488 CLUE OPINION author Stella McCartney quote There’s no excuse for fur in this day and age Answers THERE’S NO EXCUSE FOR FUR IN THIS DAY AND AGE
Level 489 CLUE WISDOM author Sophocles quote To him who is in fear everything rustles Answers TO HIM WHO IS IN FEAR EVERYTHING RUSTLES
Level 490 CLUE HUMOR author Robert Louis Stevenson quote Marriage A friendship recognized by the police Answers MARRIAGE A FRIENDSHIP RECOGNIZED BY THE POLICE
Level 491 CLUE SOLITUDE author Edward Gibbon quote I was never less alone than when by myself Answers I WAS NEVER LESS ALONE THAN WHEN BY MYSELF
Level 492 CLUE HAPPINESS author Rachel Maddow quote My life is better with every year of living it Answers MY LIFE IS BETTER WITH EVERY YEAR OF LIVING IT
Level 493 CLUE SELF author Constantin Stanislavski quote Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art Answers LOVE THE ART IN YOURSELF AND NOT YOURSELF IN THE ART
Level 494 CLUE LUXURY author Deep Roy quote I enjoy wine collecting and great food Answers I ENJOY WINE COLLECTING AND GREAT FOOD
Level 495 CLUE LOVE author Saint Augustine quote I want my friend to miss me as long as I miss him Answers I WANT MY FRIEND TO MISS ME AS LONG AS I MISS HIM
Level 496 CLUE MORTALITY author Philip James Bailey quote The sole equality on earth is death Answers THE SOLE EQUALITY ON EARTH IS DEATH
Level 497 CLUE PASSION author George M. Church quote I always loved computers – it’s something inside you Answers I ALWAYS LOVED COMPUTERS IT’S SOMETHING INSIDE YOU
Level 498 CLUE HUMOR author Mae West quote I used to be Snow White but I drifted Answers I USED TO BE SNOW WHITE BUT I DRIFTED
Level 499 CLUE FAME author Farrah Fawcett quote I became famous almost before I had a craft Answers I BECAME FAMOUS ALMOST BEFORE I HAD A CRAFT
Level 500 CLUE FORTUNE author H. Jackson Brown Jr. quote Luck marches with those who give their very best Answers LUCK MARCHES WITH THOSE WHO GIVE THEIR VERY BEST

Level 501 CLUE ADVERSITY author Nikki Sixx quote I had to find the courage to turn my life around Answers I HAD TO FIND THE COURAGE TO TURN MY LIFE AROUND
Level 502 CLUE EDUCATION author Robert Frost quote I go to school the youth to learn the future Answers I GO TO SCHOOL THE YOUTH TO LEARN THE FUTURE
Level 503 CLUE FASHION author Victoria Beckham quote Everything that I design I would wear myself Answers EVERYTHING THAT I DESIGN I WOULD WEAR MYSELF
Level 504 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Eddie the Eagle quote I have never ever considered myself a failure Answers I HAVE NEVER EVER CONSIDERED MYSELF A FAILURE
Level 505 CLUE FAME author Emily Dickinson quote Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate Answers FAME IS A FICKLE FOOD UPON A SHIFTING PLATE
Level 506 CLUE MORTALITY author Thomas Browne quote Death is the cure for all diseases Answers DEATH IS THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES
Level 507 CLUE PURPOSE author Alfred Stieglitz quote The goal of art was the vital expression of self Answers THE GOAL OF ART WAS THE VITAL EXPRESSION OF SELF
Level 508 CLUE SPORTS author Manny Pacquiao quote Only in death will I relinquish my belts Answers ONLY IN DEATH WILL I RELINQUISH MY BELTS
Level 509 CLUE HAPPINESS author John Ray quote Beauty is power; a smile is its sword Answers BEAUTY IS POWER A SMILE IS ITS SWORD
Level 510 CLUE PERSONAL author Kelly Wearstler quote There is a voice and there is a DNA to how I design Answers THERE IS A VOICE AND THERE IS A DNA TO HOW I DESIGN
Level 511 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone Answers THE SOUL THAT SEES BEAUTY MAY SOMETIMES WALK ALONE
Level 512 CLUE GROWTH author Jeff Bezos quote What’s dangerous is not to evolve Answers WHAT’S DANGEROUS IS NOT TO EVOLVE
Level 513 CLUE LANGUAGE author Harry Connick Jr. quote I have those dreams that you can’t put into words Answers I HAVE THOSE DREAMS THAT YOU CAN’T PUT INTO WORDS
Level 514 CLUE POLITICS author John C. Calhoun quote It is harder to preserve than to obtain liberty Answers IT IS HARDER TO PRESERVE THAN TO OBTAIN LIBERTY
Level 515 CLUE SUCCESS author Mario Vazquez quote It’s surreal to know my dreams are coming true Answers IT’S SURREAL TO KNOW MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE
Level 516 CLUE LIBERTY author A. Philip Randolph quote Freedom is never granted; it is won Answers FREEDOM IS NEVER GRANTED IT IS WON
Level 517 CLUE BRAVERY author Plautus quote Courage easily finds its own eloquence Answers COURAGE EASILY FINDS ITS OWN ELOQUENCE
Level 518 CLUE PURPOSE author Napoleon Bonaparte quote It is the cause not the death that makes the martyr Answers IT IS THE CAUSE NOT THE DEATH THAT MAKES THE MARTYR
Level 519 CLUE COMPASSION author Les Brown quote Forgive those who have hurt you Answers FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT YOU
Level 520 CLUE EXPERIENCE author J. K. Rowling quote Death is just life’s next big adventure Answers DEATH IS JUST LIFE’S NEXT BIG ADVENTURE
Level 521 CLUE LANGUAGE author Homer quote Words empty as the wind are best left unsaid Answers WORDS EMPTY AS THE WIND ARE BEST LEFT UNSAID
Level 522 CLUE POLITICS author Lucy Stone quote The idea of equal rights was in the air Answers THE IDEA OF EQUAL RIGHTS WAS IN THE AIR
Level 523 CLUE FOOD author Dennis Quaid quote I always want to find the best burger in town Answers I ALWAYS WANT TO FIND THE BEST BURGER IN TOWN
Level 524 CLUE BEAUTY author Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quote In life as in art the beautiful moves in curves Answers IN LIFE AS IN ART THE BEAUTIFUL MOVES IN CURVES
Level 525 CLUE TIME author Michael Jordan quote I can’t speak for the future. I have no crystal ball Answers I CAN’T SPEAK FOR THE FUTURE I HAVE NO CRYSTAL BALL
Level 526 CLUE ADVERSITY author Jimmy Iovine quote Life is a balance of fear and overcoming it Answers LIFE IS A BALANCE OF FEAR AND OVERCOMING IT
Level 527 CLUE SOLITUDE author Arthur Schopenhauer quote To live alone is the fate of all great souls Answers TO LIVE ALONE IS THE FATE OF ALL GREAT SOULS
Level 528 CLUE HUMOR author Tina Fey quote I am constantly amazed by Tina Fey. And I am Tina Fey Answers I AM CONSTANTLY AMAZED BY TINA FEY AND I AM TINA FEY
Level 529 CLUE ANIMALS author Alec Issigonis quote A camel is a horse designed by committee Answers A CAMEL IS A HORSE DESIGNED BY COMMITTEE
Level 530 CLUE MYSTERY author Manmohan Singh quote The future is inherently uncertain Answers THE FUTURE IS INHERENTLY UNCERTAIN
Level 531 CLUE CONFLICT author Petrarch quote Suspicion is the cancer of friendship Answers SUSPICION IS THE CANCER OF FRIENDSHIP
Level 532 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Taylor Swift quote I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway Answers I THINK FEARLESS IS HAVING FEARS BUT JUMPING ANYWAY
Level 533 CLUE PARENTS author Maria Sharapova quote Without my dad I wouldn’t be here Answers WITHOUT MY DAD I WOULDN’T BE HERE
Level 534 CLUE MARRIAGE author Simone de Beauvoir quote To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job Answers TO CATCH A HUSBAND IS AN ART TO HOLD HIM IS A JOB
Level 535 CLUE SUCCESS author Sophocles quote You win the victory when you yield to friends Answers YOU WIN THE VICTORY WHEN YOU YIELD TO FRIENDS
Level 536 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Franz Kafka quote God gives the nuts but he does not crack them Answers GOD GIVES THE NUTS BUT HE DOES NOT CRACK THEM
Level 537 CLUE CAREER author Matthew Arnold quote Journalism is literature in a hurry Answers JOURNALISM IS LITERATURE IN A HURRY
Level 538 CLUE LIFE author Barbara Sher quote Change is not only likely it’s inevitable Answers CHANGE IS NOT ONLY LIKELY IT’S INEVITABLE
Level 539 CLUE ADVICE author Cindy McCain quote Sunglasses are a migraine sufferer’s best friend Answers SUNGLASSES ARE A MIGRAINE SUFFERER’S BEST FRIEND
Level 540 CLUE SPORTS author Sandy Koufax quote Pitching is the art of instilling fear Answers PITCHING IS THE ART OF INSTILLING FEAR
Level 541 CLUE LIBERTY author Lady Bird Johnson quote The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom Answers THE CLASH OF IDEAS IS THE SOUND OF FREEDOM
Level 542 CLUE PERSONAL author Katherine Johnson quote I like to learn. That’s an art and a science Answers I LIKE TO LEARN THAT’S AN ART AND A SCIENCE
Level 543 CLUE BLESSINGS author George Bernard Shaw quote A happy family is but an earlier heaven Answers A HAPPY FAMILY IS BUT AN EARLIER HEAVEN
Level 544 CLUE EMOTIONS author C. S. Lewis quote No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear Answers NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT GRIEF FELT SO LIKE FEAR
Level 545 CLUE POLITICS author Sitting Bull quote If we must die we die defending our rights Answers IF WE MUST DIE WE DIE DEFENDING OUR RIGHTS
Level 546 CLUE WISDOM author Charles Simmons quote Ridicule is the first and last argument of a fool Answers RIDICULE IS THE FIRST AND LAST ARGUMENT OF A FOOL
Level 547 CLUE FORTUNE author Charles Kuralt quote Just by luck I picked good heroes to worship Answers JUST BY LUCK I PICKED GOOD HEROES TO WORSHIP
Level 548 CLUE MONEY author Holly Branson quote I don’t really enjoy finance and accounting Answers I DON’T REALLY ENJOY FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING
Level 549 CLUE RISK author E. M. Forster quote Either life entails courage or it ceases to be life Answers EITHER LIFE ENTAILS COURAGE OR IT CEASES TO BE LIFE
Level 550 CLUE MORALITY author Mary Wollstonecraft quote Virtue can only flourish among equals Answers VIRTUE CAN ONLY FLOURISH AMONG EQUALS

Level 551 CLUE EXPRESSION author Jackson Pollock quote My painting does not come from the easel Answers MY PAINTING DOES NOT COME FROM THE EASEL
Level 552 CLUE DESIGN author Iris Apfel quote Fashion and interior design are one and the same Answers FASHION AND INTERIOR DESIGN ARE ONE AND THE SAME
Level 553 CLUE MONEY author Alan Greenspan quote Finance is wholly different from the rest the economy Answers FINANCE IS WHOLLY DIFFERENT FROM THE REST THE ECONOMY
Level 554 CLUE LEARNING author Alphonse de Lamartine quote Experience is the only prophecy of wise men Answers EXPERIENCE IS THE ONLY PROPHECY OF WISE MEN
Level 555 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Isaac Bashevis Singer quote The waste basket is the writer’s best friend Answers THE WASTE BASKET IS THE WRITER’S BEST FRIEND
Level 556 CLUE RELATIONSHIPS author Judy Holliday quote Lovers have a right to betray you… friends don’t Answers LOVERS HAVE A RIGHT TO BETRAY YOU FRIENDS DON’T
Level 557 CLUE UNITY author Sigrid quote Teamwork is the best kind of work really Answers TEAMWORK IS THE BEST KIND OF WORK REALLY
Level 558 CLUE HUMOR author Bill Maher quote Men are only as loyal as their options Answers MEN ARE ONLY AS LOYAL AS THEIR OPTIONS
Level 559 CLUE CULTURE author Eddie Izzard quote I grew up in Europe where the history comes from Answers I GREW UP IN EUROPE WHERE THE HISTORY COMES FROM
Level 560 CLUE MORALITY author Mencius quote Friendship with a man is friendship with his virtue Answers FRIENDSHIP WITH A MAN IS FRIENDSHIP WITH HIS VIRTUE
Level 561 CLUE EDUCATION author Louis Pasteur quote Fortune favors the prepared mind Answers FORTUNE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND
Level 562 CLUE INSPIRATION author Garth Brooks quote Stand straight walk proud have a little faith Answers STAND STRAIGHT WALK PROUD HAVE A LITTLE FAITH
Level 563 CLUE SIMILE author Samuel Butler quote Friendship is like money easier made than kept Answers FRIENDSHIP IS LIKE MONEY EASIER MADE THAN KEPT
Level 564 CLUE RISK author Garth Brooks quote Just keep taking chances and having fun Answers JUST KEEP TAKING CHANCES AND HAVING FUN
Level 565 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author David Joseph Schwartz quote Do what you fear and fear disappears Answers DO WHAT YOU FEAR AND FEAR DISAPPEARS
Level 566 CLUE LEARNING author Unknown quote If the facts don’t fit the theory change the facts Answers IF THE FACTS DON’T FIT THE THEORY CHANGE THE FACTS
Level 567 CLUE GROWTH author Arthur Helps quote Experience is the extract of suffering Answers EXPERIENCE IS THE EXTRACT OF SUFFERING
Level 568 CLUE PURPOSE author Tiffany Darwish quote Life is short. You’ve got to live your dreams Answers LIFE IS SHORT YOU’VE GOT TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS
Level 569 CLUE EMOTIONS author Joseph Joubert quote The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk Answers THE BEST REMEDY FOR A SHORT TEMPER IS A LONG WALK
Level 570 CLUE LIBERTY author Vernon Howard quote Freedom begins as we become conscious of it Answers FREEDOM BEGINS AS WE BECOME CONSCIOUS OF IT
Level 571 CLUE LIBERTY author Terry Pratchett quote Freedom without limits is just a word Answers FREEDOM WITHOUT LIMITS IS JUST A WORD
Level 572 CLUE FULFILLMENT author John Oates quote I have a great family I live an amazing life Answers I HAVE A GREAT FAMILY I LIVE AN AMAZING LIFE
Level 573 CLUE FAMILY author Victor Cruz quote My mom and my father’s birthday are on the same day Answers MY MOM AND MY FATHER’S BIRTHDAY ARE ON THE SAME DAY
Level 574 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author W. Clement Stone quote Thinking will not overcome fear but action will Answers THINKING WILL NOT OVERCOME FEAR BUT ACTION WILL
Level 575 CLUE HAPPINESS author Robert Rinder quote I celebrate Christmas with wilful glee Answers I CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH WILFUL GLEE
Level 576 CLUE LIFE author Annie Dillard quote I would like to learn or remember how to live Answers I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN OR REMEMBER HOW TO LIVE
Level 577 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Stewart Udall quote We have I fear confused power with greatness Answers WE HAVE I FEAR CONFUSED POWER WITH GREATNESS
Level 578 CLUE HUMOR author George Lopez quote Whoever is my relative I will not be nice to them Answers WHOEVER IS MY RELATIVE I WILL NOT BE NICE TO THEM
Level 579 CLUE MENTALITY author Calvin Klein quote I won’t allow myself to have tremendous fear Answers I WON’T ALLOW MYSELF TO HAVE TREMENDOUS FEAR
Level 580 CLUE FAME author David Bowie quote I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir Answers I’M AN INSTANT STAR JUST ADD WATER AND STIR
Level 581 CLUE UNITY author David Ogden Stiers quote Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten Answers FAMILY MEANS NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND OR FORGOTTEN
Level 582 CLUE AMBITION author J. K. Rowling quote It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live Answers IT DOES NOT DO TO DWELL ON DREAMS AND FORGET TO LIVE
Level 583 CLUE ADVERSITY author Blaise Pascal quote The struggle alone pleases us not the victory Answers THE STRUGGLE ALONE PLEASES US NOT THE VICTORY
Level 584 CLUE PARENTS author Lara St. John quote Our dad was a great guy and we will never forget him Answers OUR DAD WAS A GREAT GUY AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET HIM
Level 585 CLUE TIME author Zaha Hadid quote I really believe in the idea of the future Answers I REALLY BELIEVE IN THE IDEA OF THE FUTURE
Level 586 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Fuller quote Scalded cats fear even cold water Answers SCALDED CATS FEAR EVEN COLD WATER
Level 587 CLUE HUMOR author Naguib Mahfouz quote God did not intend religion to be an exercise club Answers GOD DID NOT INTEND RELIGION TO BE AN EXERCISE CLUB
Level 588 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Roger Ailes quote I only understand friendship or scorched earth Answers I ONLY UNDERSTAND FRIENDSHIP OR SCORCHED EARTH
Level 589 CLUE LIBERTY author Indra Devi quote Freedom is living without chains Answers FREEDOM IS LIVING WITHOUT CHAINS
Level 590 CLUE AGING author Stanislaw Jerzy Lec quote Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art Answers YOUTH IS THE GIFT OF NATURE BUT AGE IS A WORK OF ART
Level 591 CLUE MONEY author Tony Blair quote Education is the best economic policy there is Answers EDUCATION IS THE BEST ECONOMIC POLICY THERE IS
Level 592 CLUE EDUCATION author Aeschylus quote It is always in season for old men to learn Answers IT IS ALWAYS IN SEASON FOR OLD MEN TO LEARN
Level 593 CLUE HUMANITY author Francis Bacon quote The worst men often give the best advice Answers THE WORST MEN OFTEN GIVE THE BEST ADVICE
Level 594 CLUE YOUTH author Twyla Tharp quote This is the strange thing Dancers don’t age Answers THIS IS THE STRANGE THING DANCERS DON’T AGE
Level 595 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Hubert H. Humphrey quote The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love Answers THE GREATEST HEALING THERAPY IS FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE
Level 596 CLUE PERSONAL author Celine Dion quote I’ve never been cool – and I don’t care Answers I’VE NEVER BEEN COOL AND I DON’T CARE
Level 597 CLUE MYSTERY author Robert Osborne quote My age and my phone number are both unlisted Answers MY AGE AND MY PHONE NUMBER ARE BOTH UNLISTED
Level 598 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Drew Pomeranz quote A change of scenery can help everything Answers A CHANGE OF SCENERY CAN HELP EVERYTHING
Level 599 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Jefferson quote He who knows best knows how little he knows Answers HE WHO KNOWS BEST KNOWS HOW LITTLE HE KNOWS
Level 600 CLUE WISDOM author Victor Hugo quote He who opens a school door closes a prison Answers HE WHO OPENS A SCHOOL DOOR CLOSES A PRISON

Level 601 CLUE GROWTH author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote The years teach much which the days never know Answers THE YEARS TEACH MUCH WHICH THE DAYS NEVER KNOW
Level 602 CLUE LOVE author Thomas Mann quote It is love not reason that is stronger than death Answers IT IS LOVE NOT REASON THAT IS STRONGER THAN DEATH
Level 603 CLUE HUMOR author Jonathan Swift quote Promises and pie-crust are made to be broken Answers PROMISES AND PIE CRUST ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN
Level 604 CLUE FAME author Corey Feldman quote I literally was famous before I knew my own name Answers I LITERALLY WAS FAMOUS BEFORE I KNEW MY OWN NAME
Level 605 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Ilana Glazer quote I feel like a feminist is gender equality Answers I FEEL LIKE A FEMINIST IS GENDER EQUALITY
Level 606 CLUE ADVERSITY author Nina Tassler quote Accepting fear head-on is freeing Answers ACCEPTING FEAR HEAD ON IS FREEING
Level 607 CLUE WISDOM author Leonardo da Vinci quote Art is never finished only abandoned Answers ART IS NEVER FINISHED ONLY ABANDONED
Level 608 CLUE PREFERENCE author Kim Alexis quote I would rather exercise than read a newspaper Answers I WOULD RATHER EXERCISE THAN READ A NEWSPAPER
Level 609 CLUE HUMOR author Stanislaw Lem quote Cannibals prefer those who have no spines Answers CANNIBALS PREFER THOSE WHO HAVE NO SPINES
Level 610 CLUE FAME author Jeff Foxworthy quote Nothing in life prepares you to be famous Answers NOTHING IN LIFE PREPARES YOU TO BE FAMOUS
Level 611 CLUE MORTALITY author Kanye West quote Nothing in life is promised except death Answers NOTHING IN LIFE IS PROMISED EXCEPT DEATH
Level 612 CLUE AGING author Tom Stoppard quote I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity Answers I THINK AGE IS A VERY HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR MATURITY
Level 613 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Mireille Mathieu quote Music is the best way for me to say I love you Answers MUSIC IS THE BEST WAY FOR ME TO SAY I LOVE YOU
Level 614 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Dmitri Mendeleev quote There is nothing in this world that I fear to say Answers THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT I FEAR TO SAY
Level 615 CLUE WISDOM author George Fox quote Be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit Answers BE STILL AND COOL IN THINE OWN MIND AND SPIRIT
Level 616 CLUE EDUCATION author Danielle Steel quote I studied literature design and fashion design Answers I STUDIED LITERATURE DESIGN AND FASHION DESIGN
Level 617 CLUE APPEARANCE author John Donne quote Love built on beauty soon as beauty dies Answers LOVE BUILT ON BEAUTY SOON AS BEAUTY DIES
Level 618 CLUE VICE author Henry Fielding quote Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea Answers LOVE AND SCANDAL ARE THE BEST SWEETENERS OF TEA
Level 619 CLUE MOTIVATION author Ang Lee quote Sometimes you have to get angry to get things done Answers SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GET ANGRY TO GET THINGS DONE
Level 620 CLUE PASSION author Lara Flynn Boyle quote I love fast cars… and to go too fast in them Answers I LOVE FAST CARS AND TO GO TOO FAST IN THEM
Level 621 CLUE INNOVATION author Paul Gauguin quote Art is either plagiarism or revolution Answers ART IS EITHER PLAGIARISM OR REVOLUTION
Level 622 CLUE UNITY author Audrey Hepburn quote The best thing to hold onto in life is each other Answers THE BEST THING TO HOLD ONTO IN LIFE IS EACH OTHER
Level 623 CLUE HUMANITY author Michael Franti quote All the freaky people make the beauty of the world Answers ALL THE FREAKY PEOPLE MAKE THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD
Level 624 CLUE WISDOM author Charles Spurgeon quote It is not well to make great changes in old age Answers IT IS NOT WELL TO MAKE GREAT CHANGES IN OLD AGE
Level 625 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Tennessee Williams quote Success and failure are equally disastrous Answers SUCCESS AND FAILURE ARE EQUALLY DISASTROUS
Level 626 CLUE LIBERTY author Hirohito quote I discovered freedom for the first time in England Answers I DISCOVERED FREEDOM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ENGLAND
Level 627 CLUE YOUTH author Jennifer Aniston quote I don’t feel my age. I feel young every day Answers I DON’T FEEL MY AGE I FEEL YOUNG EVERY DAY
Level 628 CLUE MORTALITY author Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote For tis not in mere death that men die most Answers FOR TIS NOT IN MERE DEATH THAT MEN DIE MOST
Level 629 CLUE ENDINGS author Robert Frost quote The only certain freedom’s in departure Answers THE ONLY CERTAIN FREEDOM’S IN DEPARTURE
Level 630 CLUE CREATION author Anna Eshoo quote Innovation is the calling card of the future Answers INNOVATION IS THE CALLING CARD OF THE FUTURE
Level 631 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Oscar Wilde quote Ambition is the last refuge of the failure Answers AMBITION IS THE LAST REFUGE OF THE FAILURE
Level 632 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote Sometimes even to live is an act of courage Answers SOMETIMES EVEN TO LIVE IS AN ACT OF COURAGE
Level 633 CLUE HUMOR author Norman Douglas quote Never take a solemn oath. People think you mean it Answers NEVER TAKE A SOLEMN OATH PEOPLE THINK YOU MEAN IT
Level 634 CLUE LITERATURE author Storm Jameson quote Language is memory and metaphor Answers LANGUAGE IS MEMORY AND METAPHOR
Level 635 CLUE MENTALITY author Morgan Freeman quote The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit Answers THE BEST WAY TO GUARANTEE A LOSS IS TO QUIT
Level 636 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Bodhidharma quote Our nature is the mind. And the mind is our nature Answers OUR NATURE IS THE MIND AND THE MIND IS OUR NATURE
Level 637 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Publilius Syrus quote Audacity augments courage; hesitation fear Answers AUDACITY AUGMENTS COURAGE HESITATION FEAR
Level 638 CLUE INQUIRY author Miguel de Unamuno quote Faith which does not doubt is dead faith Answers FAITH WHICH DOES NOT DOUBT IS DEAD FAITH
Level 639 CLUE LUXURY author Marvin Davis quote As men get older the toys get more expensive Answers AS MEN GET OLDER THE TOYS GET MORE EXPENSIVE
Level 640 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao quote Freedom goes hand-in-hand with mutual respect Answers FREEDOM GOES HAND IN HAND WITH MUTUAL RESPECT
Level 641 CLUE ANIMALS author Andrea Arnold quote I love insects. They are amazing Answers I LOVE INSECTS THEY ARE AMAZING
Level 642 CLUE CAREER author Venus Williams quote Interior design is a business of trust Answers INTERIOR DESIGN IS A BUSINESS OF TRUST
Level 643 CLUE TIME author Patrick Swayze quote The longer your life goes on the more death you face Answers THE LONGER YOUR LIFE GOES ON THE MORE DEATH YOU FACE
Level 644 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Aristotle quote Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence Answers COURAGE IS A MEAN WITH REGARD TO FEAR AND CONFIDENCE
Level 645 CLUE CONSUMPTION author James Thurber quote The most dangerous food is wedding cake Answers THE MOST DANGEROUS FOOD IS WEDDING CAKE
Level 646 CLUE BEHAVIOR author Becky G quote I think confidence is a true form of beauty Answers I THINK CONFIDENCE IS A TRUE FORM OF BEAUTY
Level 647 CLUE TIME author James Levine quote A lot of people get impatient with the pace of change Answers A LOT OF PEOPLE GET IMPATIENT WITH THE PACE OF CHANGE
Level 648 CLUE RELATIONSHIPS author Bob Dylan quote I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours Answers I’LL LET YOU BE IN MY DREAMS IF I CAN BE IN YOURS
Level 649 CLUE AMBITION author Joseph Conrad quote Perhaps life is just that… a dream and a fear Answers PERHAPS LIFE IS JUST THAT A DREAM AND A FEAR
Level 650 CLUE ENDINGS author George Bernard Shaw quote Life

Level 651 s all men. Death reveals the eminent Answers LIFE
Level 653 CLUE GROWTH author Lyndon B. Johnson quote The noblest search is the search for excellence Answers THE NOBLEST SEARCH IS THE SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE
Level 654 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Pearl S. Buck quote One faces the future with one’s past Answers ONE FACES THE FUTURE WITH ONE’S PAST
Level 655 CLUE SELF author Tyler The Creator quote I think I’m cool. That’s all that matters Answers I THINK I’M COOL THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS
Level 656 CLUE TRAVEL author David Bailey quote If you’re curious London’s an amazing place Answers IF YOU’RE CURIOUS LONDON’S AN AMAZING PLACE
Level 657 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Elisabeth Rohm quote I have a lot of courage. I’m a realist Answers I HAVE A LOT OF COURAGE I’M A REALIST
Level 658 CLUE LIBERTY author John Ensign quote Human beings crave freedom at their core Answers HUMAN BEINGS CRAVE FREEDOM AT THEIR CORE
Level 659 CLUE EMOTIONS author Michel de Montaigne quote There is no passion so contagious as that of fear Answers THERE IS NO PASSION SO CONTAGIOUS AS THAT OF FEAR
Level 660 CLUE AMBITION author Lois McMaster Bujold quote Seems like half my anxiety dreams are about airports Answers SEEMS LIKE HALF MY ANXIETY DREAMS ARE ABOUT AIRPORTS
Level 661 CLUE OPTIMISM author Stephen Samuel Wise quote Vision looks upward and becomes faith Answers VISION LOOKS UPWARD AND BECOMES FAITH
Level 662 CLUE HAPPINESS author Rosalind Russell quote Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic Answers TAKING JOY IN LIVING IS A WOMAN’S BEST COSMETIC
Level 663 CLUE FAME author Napoleon Bonaparte quote Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever Answers GLORY IS FLEETING BUT OBSCURITY IS FOREVER
Level 664 CLUE COMMUNICATION author John Wayne quote Talk low talk slow and don’t say too much Answers TALK LOW TALK SLOW AND DON’T SAY TOO MUCH
Level 665 CLUE WISDOM author Dwight L. Moody quote Character is what a man is in the dark Answers CHARACTER IS WHAT A MAN IS IN THE DARK
Level 666 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Dan Gilbert quote Anybody who dies with money in the bank is a failure Answers ANYBODY WHO DIES WITH MONEY IN THE BANK IS A FAILURE
Level 667 CLUE ART author Rodrigo Duterte quote Freedom of expression is very important Answers FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS VERY IMPORTANT
Level 668 CLUE ENDINGS author Gustave Flaubert quote A friend who dies it’s something of you who dies Answers A FRIEND WHO DIES IT’S SOMETHING OF YOU WHO DIES
Level 669 CLUE MENTALITY author Ralph Marston quote Excellence is not a skill it’s an attitude Answers EXCELLENCE IS NOT A SKILL IT’S AN ATTITUDE
Level 670 CLUE EDUCATION author Aldous Huxley quote Experience teaches only the teachable Answers EXPERIENCE TEACHES ONLY THE TEACHABLE
Level 671 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Al Gore quote If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure Answers IF WE DON’T SUCCEED WE RUN THE RISK OF FAILURE
Level 672 CLUE AMBITION author Tupac Shakur quote Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real Answers REALITY IS WRONG DREAMS ARE FOR REAL
Level 673 CLUE MENTALITY author Viktor E. Frankl quote Fear may come true that which one is afraid of Answers FEAR MAY COME TRUE THAT WHICH ONE IS AFRAID OF
Level 674 CLUE WISDOM author Benjamin Franklin quote Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame Answers WHATEVER IS BEGUN IN ANGER ENDS IN SHAME
Level 675 CLUE LIBERTY author Bill Moyers quote Secrecy is the freedom tyrants dream of Answers SECRECY IS THE FREEDOM TYRANTS DREAM OF
Level 676 CLUE LITERATURE author J. R. R. Tolkien quote Courage is found in unlikely places Answers COURAGE IS FOUND IN UNLIKELY PLACES
Level 677 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Sonia Johnson quote What we have most to fear is failure of the heart Answers WHAT WE HAVE MOST TO FEAR IS FAILURE OF THE HEART
Level 678 CLUE AGING author Dr. Seuss quote Adults are obsolete children Answers ADULTS ARE OBSOLETE CHILDREN
Level 679 CLUE PERSONAL author Kevin Pietersen quote I change like every single normal person Answers I CHANGE LIKE EVERY SINGLE NORMAL PERSON
Level 680 CLUE LUXURY author Henry David Thoreau quote Wealth is the ability to fully experience life Answers WEALTH IS THE ABILITY TO FULLY EXPERIENCE LIFE
Level 681 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Hunter S. Thompson quote Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used Answers FREEDOM IS SOMETHING THAT DIES UNLESS IT’S USED
Level 682 CLUE GROWTH author Brendon Urie quote Change is always a little bit strange Answers CHANGE IS ALWAYS A LITTLE BIT STRANGE
Level 683 CLUE NEW author Marcel Wanders quote I like to find areas where design has not yet gone Answers I LIKE TO FIND AREAS WHERE DESIGN HAS NOT YET GONE
Level 684 CLUE MENTALITY author Scott Hamilton quote The only disability in life is a bad attitude Answers THE ONLY DISABILITY IN LIFE IS A BAD ATTITUDE
Level 685 CLUE ADVICE author Joey Adams quote Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you Answers NEVER LET A FOOL KISS YOU OR A KISS FOOL YOU
Level 686 CLUE INNOVATION author Anton Chekhov quote There is nothing new in art except talent Answers THERE IS NOTHING NEW IN ART EXCEPT TALENT
Level 687 CLUE HUMANITY author Helen Keller quote The highest result of education is tolerance Answers THE HIGHEST RESULT OF EDUCATION IS TOLERANCE
Level 688 CLUE CHOICES author Benjamin Franklin quote Be slow in choosing a friend slower in changing Answers BE SLOW IN CHOOSING A FRIEND SLOWER IN CHANGING
Level 689 CLUE BRAVERY author George S. Patton quote Courage is fear holding on a minute longer Answers COURAGE IS FEAR HOLDING ON A MINUTE LONGER
Level 690 CLUE ART author John Singer Sargent quote Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend Answers EVERY TIME I PAINT A PORTRAIT I LOSE A FRIEND
Level 691 CLUE WISDOM author Friedrich Durrenmatt quote Someone who is about to die does not mourn the dead Answers SOMEONE WHO IS ABOUT TO DIE DOES NOT MOURN THE DEAD
Level 692 CLUE FULFILLMENT author Lin Dan quote I am pleased with the fitness that I have Answers I AM PLEASED WITH THE FITNESS THAT I HAVE
Level 693 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Richard Bach quote Listen to what you know instead of what you fear Answers LISTEN TO WHAT YOU KNOW INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU FEAR
Level 694 CLUE BUSINESS author Marshall McLuhan quote Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century Answers ADS ARE THE CAVE ART OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY
Level 695 CLUE HUMOR author Thor Heyerdahl quote Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity Answers PROGRESS IS MAN’S ABILITY TO COMPLICATE SIMPLICITY
Level 696 CLUE ADVICE author Sterling K. Brown quote Always have an attitude of gratitude Answers ALWAYS HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE
Level 697 CLUE LUXURY author Alan Mulally quote I drive a different car every night Answers I DRIVE A DIFFERENT CAR EVERY NIGHT
Level 698 CLUE ART author Pierre Bonnard quote A painting that is well composed is half finished Answers A PAINTING THAT IS WELL COMPOSED IS HALF FINISHED
Level 699 CLUE WISDOM author Friedrich Nietzsche quote Art raises its head where creeds relax Answers ART RAISES ITS HEAD WHERE CREEDS RELAX
Level 700 CLUE ADVERSITY author Albert Einstein quote Once we accept our limits we go beyond them Answers ONCE WE ACCEPT OUR LIMITS WE GO BEYOND THEM

Level 701 CLUE SELF CARE author Conor Oberst quote When everything is lonely I can be my best friend Answers WHEN EVERYTHING IS LONELY I CAN BE MY BEST FRIEND
Level 702 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Gloria Steinem quote Perfect is boring Beauty is irregular Answers PERFECT IS BORING BEAUTY IS IRREGULAR
Level 703 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Lorraine Hansberry quote Never be afraid to sit a while and think Answers NEVER BE AFRAID TO SIT A WHILE AND THINK
Level 704 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Robert W. Service quote Be sure your wisest words are those you do not say Answers BE SURE YOUR WISEST WORDS ARE THOSE YOU DO NOT SAY
Level 705 CLUE LOVE author Shah Rukh Khan quote I think love can happen at any age… it has no age Answers I THINK LOVE CAN HAPPEN AT ANY AGE IT HAS NO AGE
Level 706 CLUE OPTIMISM author Joel Osteen quote Faith is easy; I think people complicate it Answers FAITH IS EASY I THINK PEOPLE COMPLICATE IT
Level 707 CLUE INQUIRY author Jean Racine quote Is a faith without action a sincere faith? . IS A FAITH WITHOUT ACTION A SINCERE FAITH
Level 708 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Euripides quote Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent Answers CHANCE FIGHTS EVER ON THE SIDE OF THE PRUDENT
Level 709 CLUE SPORTS author Branch Rickey quote A great ballplayer is a player who will take a chance Answers A GREAT BALLPLAYER IS A PLAYER WHO WILL TAKE A CHANCE
Level 710 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Lee Haney quote Health and fitness is who I am. It’s what I do Answers HEALTH AND FITNESS IS WHO I AM IT’S WHAT I DO
Level 711 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Samuel Goldwyn quote A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man Answers A BACHELOR’S LIFE IS NO LIFE FOR A SINGLE MAN
Level 712 CLUE HUMOR author Howard Nemerov quote I would talk in iambic pentameter if it were easier Answers I WOULD TALK IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER IF IT WERE EASIER
Level 713 CLUE SECRET author Jeremy Taylor quote Secrecy is the chastity of friendship Answers SECRECY IS THE CHASTITY OF FRIENDSHIP
Level 714 CLUE PERSONAL author Bob Dylan quote Death to me means nothing as long as I can die fast Answers DEATH TO ME MEANS NOTHING AS LONG AS I CAN DIE FAST
Level 715 CLUE LEARNING author Albert Einstein quote The only source of knowledge is experience Answers THE ONLY SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE IS EXPERIENCE
Level 716 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Mark Twain quote Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned Answers EDUCATION CONSISTS MAINLY OF WHAT WE HAVE UNLEARNED
Level 717 CLUE FAME author Kelli O’Hara quote I don’t want to be famous for being famous Answers I DON’T WANT TO BE FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS
Level 718 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Jackson Pollock quote Every good painter paints what he is Answers EVERY GOOD PAINTER PAINTS WHAT HE IS
Level 719 CLUE APPEARANCE author Ludwig Wittgenstein quote The human body is the best picture of the human soul Answers THE HUMAN BODY IS THE BEST PICTURE OF THE HUMAN SOUL
Level 720 CLUE CHOICES author Willie Nelson quote Freedom is control in your own life Answers FREEDOM IS CONTROL IN YOUR OWN LIFE
Level 721 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author Arthur Balfour quote I never forgive but I always forget Answers I NEVER FORGIVE BUT I ALWAYS FORGET
Level 722 CLUE HUMOR author W. C. Fields quote I cook with wine sometimes I even add it to the food Answers I COOK WITH WINE SOMETIMES I EVEN ADD IT TO THE FOOD
Level 723 CLUE TRUE BEAUTY author Shanina Shaik quote No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart Answers NO BEAUTY SHINES BRIGHTER THAN THAT OF A GOOD HEART
Level 724 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Zane Grey quote I need this wild life this freedom Answers I NEED THIS WILD LIFE THIS FREEDOM
Level 725 CLUE BEAUTY author Tennessee Williams quote Death is one moment and life is so many of them Answers DEATH IS ONE MOMENT AND LIFE IS SO MANY OF THEM
Level 726 CLUE GROWTH author Zig Ziglar quote If you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost Answers IF YOU LEARN FROM DEFEAT YOU HAVEN’T REALLY LOST
Level 727 CLUE UNITY author Mencius quote Friendship is one mind in two bodies Answers FRIENDSHIP IS ONE MIND IN TWO BODIES
Level 728 CLUE AGING author Georges Clemenceau quote All that I know I learned after I was thirty Answers ALL THAT I KNOW I LEARNED AFTER I WAS THIRTY
Level 729 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Lewis Black quote All food is comfort food. Maybe I just like to chew Answers ALL FOOD IS COMFORT FOOD MAYBE I JUST LIKE TO CHEW
Level 730 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author Oscar Wilde quote Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes Answers EXPERIENCE IS SIMPLY THE NAME WE GIVE OUR MISTAKES
Level 731 CLUE GROWTH author Benjamin Disraeli quote Without tact you can learn nothing Answers WITHOUT TACT YOU CAN LEARN NOTHING
Level 732 CLUE AMBITION author William Butler Yeats quote Tread softly because you tread on my dreams Answers TREAD SOFTLY BECAUSE YOU TREAD ON MY DREAMS
Level 733 CLUE FUTURE author Jack Welch quote Control your own destiny or someone else will Answers CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL
Level 734 CLUE HUMOR author Stephen Hawking quote Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny Answers LIFE WOULD BE TRAGIC IF IT WEREN’T FUNNY
Level 735 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Bill Griffith quote I just became one with my browser software Answers I JUST BECAME ONE WITH MY BROWSER SOFTWARE
Level 736 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Henry Rollins quote I need to do things on my own need to be left alone Answers I NEED TO DO THINGS ON MY OWN NEED TO BE LEFT ALONE
Level 737 CLUE EMOTIONS author Coco Chanel quote Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death Answers GUILT IS PERHAPS THE MOST PAINFUL COMPANION OF DEATH
Level 738 CLUE GROWTH author Ovid quote Time is generally the best doctor Answers TIME IS GENERALLY THE BEST DOCTOR
Level 739 CLUE APPEARANCE author Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel quote I’m not ugly but my beauty is a total creation Answers I’M NOT UGLY BUT MY BEAUTY IS A TOTAL CREATION
Level 740 CLUE FAME author Stromae quote Being famous is a bit dangerous sometimes Answers BEING FAMOUS IS A BIT DANGEROUS SOMETIMES
Level 741 CLUE HOLIDAY author Charles Lamb quote New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday Answers NEW YEAR’S DAY IS EVERY MAN’S BIRTHDAY
Level 742 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Mike Farrell quote If you try to do your best there is no failure Answers IF YOU TRY TO DO YOUR BEST THERE IS NO FAILURE
Level 743 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Dalai Lama quote Computers make me totally blank out Answers COMPUTERS MAKE ME TOTALLY BLANK OUT
Level 744 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Christian Nestell Bovee quote We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them Answers WE FEAR THINGS IN PROPORTION TO OUR IGNORANCE OF THEM
Level 745 CLUE FAITH author Regina King quote I stay in tune with my family and God Answers I STAY IN TUNE WITH MY FAMILY AND GOD
Level 746 CLUE HUMOR author Harlan Ellison quote Nobody escapes age and gravity Answers NOBODY ESCAPES AGE AND GRAVITY
Level 747 CLUE ADVICE author Will Rogers quote Do the best you can and don’t take life too serious Answers DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND DON’T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUS
Level 748 CLUE BRAVERY author Mahatma Gandhi quote Fear has its use but cowardice has none Answers FEAR HAS ITS USE BUT COWARDICE HAS NONE
Level 749 CLUE OPTIMISM author Joel Osteen quote Life’s a fight. It’s a good fight of faith Answers LIFE’S A FIGHT IT’S A GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH
Level 750 CLUE GROWTH author Jawaharlal Nehru quote Ignorance is always afraid of change Answers IGNORANCE IS ALWAYS AFRAID OF CHANGE

Level 751 CLUE BRAVERY author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Do the thing we fear and death of fear is certain Answers DO THE THING WE FEAR AND DEATH OF FEAR IS CERTAIN
Level 752 CLUE INTROSPECTION author A. P. J. Abdul Kalam quote I was willing to accept what I couldn’t change Answers I WAS WILLING TO ACCEPT WHAT I COULDN’T CHANGE
Level 753 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Fuller quote Choose a wife rather by your ear than your eye Answers CHOOSE A WIFE RATHER BY YOUR EAR THAN YOUR EYE
Level 754 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Thomas Wolfe quote Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs Answers CULTURE IS THE ARTS ELEVATED TO A SET OF BELIEFS
Level 755 CLUE MATURITY author Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. quote Have the courage to act instead of react Answers HAVE THE COURAGE TO ACT INSTEAD OF REACT
Level 756 CLUE LIBERTY author H. L. Mencken quote We must be willing to pay a price for freedom Answers WE MUST BE WILLING TO PAY A PRICE FOR FREEDOM
Level 757 CLUE AMBITION author Carl Sandburg quote Nothing happens unless first we dream Answers NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS FIRST WE DREAM
Level 758 CLUE POLITICS author Seth MacFarlane quote American Dad’ is by its nature much more political Answers AMERICAN DAD’ IS BY ITS NATURE MUCH MORE POLITICAL
Level 759 CLUE LITERATURE author Jerry B. Jenkins quote Writers write. Dreamers talk about it Answers WRITERS WRITE DREAMERS TALK ABOUT IT
Level 760 CLUE ENTERPRISE author Peter Drucker quote The purpose of a business is to create a customer Answers THE PURPOSE OF A BUSINESS IS TO CREATE A CUSTOMER
Level 761 CLUE MENTALITY author Christian Eriksen quote The most important thing is to try to do your best Answers THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO TRY TO DO YOUR BEST
Level 762 CLUE HUMOR author George Carlin quote Weather forecast for tonight dark Answers WEATHER FORECAST FOR TONIGHT DARK
Level 763 CLUE ADVICE author Daniel Webster quote Keep cool; anger is not an argument Answers KEEP COOL ANGER IS NOT AN ARGUMENT
Level 764 CLUE GUIDANCE author William Wordsworth quote Faith is a passionate intuition Answers FAITH IS A PASSIONATE INTUITION
Level 765 CLUE BLESSINGS author Christian Laettner quote I’ve got a beautiful wife and a beautiful family Answers I’VE GOT A BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY
Level 766 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Benjamin Disraeli quote Fear makes us feel our humanity Answers FEAR MAKES US FEEL OUR HUMANITY
Level 767 CLUE MENTALITY author Lewis Tappan quote We will persevere come life or death Answers WE WILL PERSEVERE COME LIFE OR DEATH
Level 768 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Elizabeth Olsen quote I get way too much happiness from good food Answers I GET WAY TOO MUCH HAPPINESS FROM GOOD FOOD
Level 769 CLUE EXERCISE author Sam Snead quote Practice puts brains in your muscles Answers PRACTICE PUTS BRAINS IN YOUR MUSCLES
Level 770 CLUE HOLIDAY author John Prine quote I don’t like to see Christmas trees torn down Answers I DON’T LIKE TO SEE CHRISTMAS TREES TORN DOWN
Level 771 CLUE PARADOX author Frederick the Great quote He who defends everything defends nothing Answers HE WHO DEFENDS EVERYTHING DEFENDS NOTHING
Level 772 CLUE BRAVERY author Lewis Howes quote Action can cure fear and hesitation and doubt Answers ACTION CAN CURE FEAR AND HESITATION AND DOUBT
Level 773 CLUE CHOICES author Henry Petroski quote Design is nothing if not decision making Answers DESIGN IS NOTHING IF NOT DECISION MAKING
Level 774 CLUE EXPRESSION author Adlai Stevenson I quote Freedom rings where opinions clash Answers FREEDOM RINGS WHERE OPINIONS CLASH
Level 775 CLUE ADVERSITY author Franz Liszt quote Mournful and yet grand is the destiny of the artist Answers MOURNFUL AND YET GRAND IS THE DESTINY OF THE ARTIST
Level 776 CLUE HUMOR author Douglas Adams quote I’m spending a year dead for tax reasons Answers I’M SPENDING A YEAR DEAD FOR TAX REASONS
Level 777 CLUE FASHION author Diane von Furstenberg quote I design for the woman who loves being a woman Answers I DESIGN FOR THE WOMAN WHO LOVES BEING A WOMAN
Level 778 CLUE APPEARANCE author Holland Roden quote Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup Answers GOOD SKIN IS THE BEST FOUNDATION FOR YOUR MAKEUP
Level 779 CLUE AMBITION author Bob Richards quote Ingenuity plus courage plus work equals miracles Answers INGENUITY PLUS COURAGE PLUS WORK EQUALS MIRACLES
Level 780 CLUE BALANCE author Benjamin Disraeli quote Duty cannot exist without faith Answers DUTY CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT FAITH
Level 781 CLUE FILM author Isabelle Adjani quote I like to go see films that give me courage and hope Answers I LIKE TO GO SEE FILMS THAT GIVE ME COURAGE AND HOPE
Level 782 CLUE BLESSINGS author Aretha Franklin quote Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift Answers EVERY BIRTHDAY IS A GIFT EVERY DAY IS A GIFT
Level 783 CLUE OPINION author Thomas Carlyle quote Clever men are good but they are not the best Answers CLEVER MEN ARE GOOD BUT THEY ARE NOT THE BEST
Level 784 CLUE LIFE author Mark Goddard quote Life is about family and technology Answers LIFE IS ABOUT FAMILY AND TECHNOLOGY
Level 785 CLUE AMBITION author Thomas S. Monson quote We must not let our passions destroy our dreams Answers WE MUST NOT LET OUR PASSIONS DESTROY OUR DREAMS
Level 786 CLUE AMBITION author Carl Jung quote Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes Answers WHO LOOKS OUTSIDE DREAMS WHO LOOKS INSIDE AWAKES
Level 787 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Soren Kierkegaard quote Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom Answers ANXIETY IS THE DIZZINESS OF FREEDOM
Level 788 CLUE FAMILY author Eric Hoffer quote Children are the keys of paradise Answers CHILDREN ARE THE KEYS OF PARADISE
Level 789 CLUE AMBITION author William Ellery Channing quote Faith is love taking the form of aspiration Answers FAITH IS LOVE TAKING THE FORM OF ASPIRATION
Level 790 CLUE TRANSPORTATION author James Woolsey quote We aren’t addicted to oil but our cars are Answers WE AREN’T ADDICTED TO OIL BUT OUR CARS ARE
Level 791 CLUE SOLITUDE author Annie Dillard quote The surest sign of age is loneliness Answers THE SUREST SIGN OF AGE IS LONELINESS
Level 792 CLUE FAME author Jay Leno quote You’re not famous until my mother has heard of you Answers YOU’RE NOT FAMOUS UNTIL MY MOTHER HAS HEARD OF YOU
Level 793 CLUE PASSION author Ginni Rometty quote Work on something that matters. Have courage Answers WORK ON SOMETHING THAT MATTERS HAVE COURAGE
Level 794 CLUE PSYCHOLOGY author Siouxsie Sioux quote My dreams are of water. And my nightmares Answers MY DREAMS ARE OF WATER AND MY NIGHTMARES
Level 795 CLUE ADVERSITY author Ernest Hemingway quote Courage is grace under pressure Answers COURAGE IS GRACE UNDER PRESSURE
Level 796 CLUE HOLIDAY author Reba McEntire quote Easter is very important to me it’s a second chance Answers EASTER IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME IT’S A SECOND CHANCE
Level 797 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Jean Anouilh quote Things are beautiful if you love them Answers THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL IF YOU LOVE THEM
Level 798 CLUE MENTALITY author William Shakespeare quote In time we hate that which we often fear Answers IN TIME WE HATE THAT WHICH WE OFTEN FEAR
Level 799 CLUE LEGACY author Daniel Libeskind quote Cities are the greatest creations of humanity Answers CITIES ARE THE GREATEST CREATIONS OF HUMANITY
Level 800 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Giada De Laurentiis quote Attitudes toward food have completely changed Answers ATTITUDES TOWARD FOOD HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED

Level 801 CLUE REALITY author Robert H. Schuller quote Life is but a moment death also is but another Answers LIFE IS BUT A MOMENT DEATH ALSO IS BUT ANOTHER
Level 802 CLUE REALITY author Gareth Bale quote My friends and family keep me grounded Answers MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY KEEP ME GROUNDED
Level 803 CLUE WISDOM author George Eliot quote There are many victories worse than a defeat Answers THERE ARE MANY VICTORIES WORSE THAN A DEFEAT
Level 804 CLUE SOLITUDE author Conrad Hall quote Painting and writing are solitary arts Answers PAINTING AND WRITING ARE SOLITARY ARTS
Level 805 CLUE SOLITUDE author Chris Pine quote I talk to myself especially in the car Answers I TALK TO MYSELF ESPECIALLY IN THE CAR
Level 806 CLUE WISDOM author Tryon Edwards quote To rule one’s anger is well; to prevent it is better Answers TO RULE ONE’S ANGER IS WELL TO PREVENT IT IS BETTER
Level 807 CLUE FOOD author Nobu Matsuhisa quote Making sushi is an art and experience is everything Answers MAKING SUSHI IS AN ART AND EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING
Level 808 CLUE INNOVATION author Steve Ballmer quote Accessible design is good design Answers ACCESSIBLE DESIGN IS GOOD DESIGN
Level 809 CLUE LANGUAGE author Blaise Pascal quote Eloquence is a painting of the thoughts Answers ELOQUENCE IS A PAINTING OF THE THOUGHTS
Level 810 CLUE HOLIDAYS author Simon Kinberg quote I’m Jewish so I don’t know much about Easter eggs Answers I’M JEWISH SO I DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT EASTER EGGS
Level 811 CLUE BEAUTY author Robert Motherwell quote Wherever art appears life disappears Answers WHEREVER ART APPEARS LIFE DISAPPEARS
Level 812 CLUE LIBERTY author Epictetus quote Freedom is the right to live as we wish Answers FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO LIVE AS WE WISH
Level 813 CLUE LOVE author Penny Marshall quote I have a good support system of friends and family Answers I HAVE A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY
Level 814 CLUE INNOVATION author Harvey S. Firestone quote Thought not money is the real business capital Answers THOUGHT NOT MONEY IS THE REAL BUSINESS CAPITAL
Level 815 CLUE PERSONAL author Meghan Markle quote For work I wear art; in real life I wear clothes Answers FOR WORK I WEAR ART IN REAL LIFE I WEAR CLOTHES
Level 816 CLUE HUMANITY author John Kenneth Galbraith quote War remains the decisive human failure Answers WAR REMAINS THE DECISIVE HUMAN FAILURE
Level 817 CLUE BRAVERY author Leonardo da Vinci quote Just as courage imperils life fear protects it Answers JUST AS COURAGE IMPERILS LIFE FEAR PROTECTS IT
Level 818 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Gregory Benford quote Aging is mostly the failure to repair Answers AGING IS MOSTLY THE FAILURE TO REPAIR
Level 819 CLUE BUSINESS author William Petty quote Money is the best rule of commerce Answers MONEY IS THE BEST RULE OF COMMERCE
Level 820 CLUE MENTALITY author Aeschylus quote Excessive fear is always powerless Answers EXCESSIVE FEAR IS ALWAYS POWERLESS
Level 821 CLUE TRAVEL author Helmut Kohl quote Germany is our fatherland; Europe is our future Answers GERMANY IS OUR FATHERLAND EUROPE IS OUR FUTURE
Level 822 CLUE COMPASSION author Alexander Pope quote To err is human; to forgive divine Answers TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE DIVINE
Level 823 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Abraham Lincoln quote I will prepare and some day my chance will come Answers I WILL PREPARE AND SOME DAY MY CHANCE WILL COME
Level 824 CLUE SOCIAL author Emil Ferris quote I learned how not to be alone in the playground Answers I LEARNED HOW NOT TO BE ALONE IN THE PLAYGROUND
Level 825 CLUE BEAUTY author Raoul Dufy quote My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly Answers MY EYES WERE MADE TO ERASE ALL THAT IS UGLY
Level 826 CLUE LEGACY author Canelo Alvarez quote I’m focused on being the best making history Answers I’M FOCUSED ON BEING THE BEST MAKING HISTORY
Level 827 CLUE AMBITION author Philip Johnson quote I wish someone would ask me to design a cathedral Answers I WISH SOMEONE WOULD ASK ME TO DESIGN A CATHEDRAL
Level 828 CLUE ADVERSITY author Herodotus quote Illness strikes men when they are exposed to change Answers ILLNESS STRIKES MEN WHEN THEY ARE EXPOSED TO CHANGE
Level 829 CLUE ART author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Beauty without expression is boring Answers BEAUTY WITHOUT EXPRESSION IS BORING
Level 830 CLUE SELF CARE author Katie Lee quote My number one elixir for anxiety? Comfort food Answers MY NUMBER ONE ELIXIR FOR ANXIETY COMFORT FOOD
Level 831 CLUE PASSION author Desiderius Erasmus quote The desire to write grows with writing Answers THE DESIRE TO WRITE GROWS WITH WRITING
Level 832 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Shaun White quote Surfers have the most attitude Answers SURFERS HAVE THE MOST ATTITUDE
Level 833 CLUE PSYCHOLOGY author Anita Loos quote Memory is more indelible than ink Answers MEMORY IS MORE INDELIBLE THAN INK
Level 834 CLUE LIFESTYLE author W. C. Fields quote The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep Answers THE BEST CURE FOR INSOMNIA IS TO GET A LOT OF SLEEP
Level 835 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Lyndon B. Johnson quote The fifth freedom is freedom from ignorance Answers THE FIFTH FREEDOM IS FREEDOM FROM IGNORANCE
Level 836 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Mary Kay Blakely quote Our humor turns our anger into a fine art Answers OUR HUMOR TURNS OUR ANGER INTO A FINE ART
Level 837 CLUE ADVICE author Erma Bombeck quote Never order food in excess of your body weight Answers NEVER ORDER FOOD IN EXCESS OF YOUR BODY WEIGHT
Level 838 CLUE SELF CARE author Benjamin Bratt quote Sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way Answers SOMETIMES A LITTLE COMFORT FOOD CAN GO A LONG WAY
Level 839 CLUE HUMOR author Steve Harvey quote There’s a lot more to me than just funny Answers THERE’S A LOT MORE TO ME THAN JUST FUNNY
Level 840 CLUE ADVICE author Phil McGraw quote You’re only lonely if you’re not there for you Answers YOU’RE ONLY LONELY IF YOU’RE NOT THERE FOR YOU
Level 841 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Browne quote Let age not envy draw wrinkles on thy cheeks Answers LET AGE NOT ENVY DRAW WRINKLES ON THY CHEEKS
Level 842 CLUE FAME author Al Goldstein quote Celebrity gives us delusion of self importance Answers CELEBRITY GIVES US DELUSION OF SELF IMPORTANCE
Level 843 CLUE CHANGE author Juliette Binoche quote For me habit is just a synonym for death Answers FOR ME HABIT IS JUST A SYNONYM FOR DEATH
Level 844 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Eudora Welty quote All serious daring starts from within Answers ALL SERIOUS DARING STARTS FROM WITHIN
Level 845 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Matt Blunt quote Public education is an investment in our future Answers PUBLIC EDUCATION IS AN INVESTMENT IN OUR FUTURE
Level 846 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Amy Purdy quote I got this second chance at life and I live it Answers I GOT THIS SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE AND I LIVE IT
Level 847 CLUE BRAVERY author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote True nobility is exempt from fear Answers TRUE NOBILITY IS EXEMPT FROM FEAR
Level 848 CLUE HUMOR author John Glenn quote There is still no cure for the common birthday Answers THERE IS STILL NO CURE FOR THE COMMON BIRTHDAY
Level 849 CLUE CREATION author Jaime Lerner quote The design of a city is like a strange archeology Answers THE DESIGN OF A CITY IS LIKE A STRANGE ARCHEOLOGY
Level 850 CLUE IMPERFECTION author John W. Gardner quote Life is the art of drawing without an eraser Answers LIFE IS THE ART OF DRAWING WITHOUT AN ERASER

Level 851 CLUE OPTIMISM author George MacDonald quote The principle part of faith is patience Answers THE PRINCIPLE PART OF FAITH IS PATIENCE
Level 852 CLUE MENTALITY author Jim Palmer quote Losing is no disgrace if you’ve given your best Answers LOSING IS NO DISGRACE IF YOU’VE GIVEN YOUR BEST
Level 853 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Jenna Jameson quote When you’re fearful you stumble Answers WHEN YOU’RE FEARFUL YOU STUMBLE
Level 854 CLUE INQUIRY author Edie Adams quote You aren’t going to leave me alone are you? . YOU AREN’T GOING TO LEAVE ME ALONE ARE YOU
Level 855 CLUE LOVE author Mencius quote Friends are the siblings God never gave us Answers FRIENDS ARE THE SIBLINGS GOD NEVER GAVE US
Level 856 CLUE WISDOM author James A. Michener quote It takes courage to know when you ought to be afraid Answers IT TAKES COURAGE TO KNOW WHEN YOU OUGHT TO BE AFRAID
Level 857 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Aung San Suu Kyi quote At this age I should be leading a quiet life Answers AT THIS AGE I SHOULD BE LEADING A QUIET LIFE
Level 858 CLUE IMPERFECTION author James Joyce quote Mistakes are the portals of discovery Answers MISTAKES ARE THE PORTALS OF DISCOVERY
Level 859 CLUE REALITY author George Eliot quote Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand Answers NOTHING IS SO GOOD AS IT SEEMS BEFOREHAND
Level 860 CLUE PARADOX author George Herbert quote Sometimes the best gain is to lose Answers SOMETIMES THE BEST GAIN IS TO LOSE
Level 861 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Zig Ziglar quote Remember that failure is an event not a person Answers REMEMBER THAT FAILURE IS AN EVENT NOT A PERSON
Level 862 CLUE POLITICS author Daniel Pfeiffer quote The most famous Obama precept is ‘No drama.’ . THE MOST FAMOUS OBAMA PRECEPT IS ‘NO DRAMA’
Level 863 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Jean de la Bruyere quote Time makes friendship stronger but love weaker Answers TIME MAKES FRIENDSHIP STRONGER BUT LOVE WEAKER
Level 864 CLUE WISDOM author Giovanni Falcone quote He who doesn’t fear death dies only once Answers HE WHO DOESN’T FEAR DEATH DIES ONLY ONCE
Level 865 CLUE PREFERENCE author Lacey Chabert quote Christmas is my favorite time of the year Answers CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR
Level 866 CLUE ENTERPRISE author T. S. Eliot quote Business today consists in persuading crowds Answers BUSINESS TODAY CONSISTS IN PERSUADING CROWDS
Level 867 CLUE LIBERTY author Nelson Mandela quote There is no such thing as part freedom Answers THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PART FREEDOM
Level 868 CLUE GROWTH author Nas quote With age comes common sense and wisdom Answers WITH AGE COMES COMMON SENSE AND WISDOM
Level 869 CLUE BEHAVIOR author Kaitlin Olson quote Being mean just for being mean’s sake isn’t funny Answers BEING MEAN JUST FOR BEING MEAN’S SAKE ISN’T FUNNY
Level 870 CLUE FOOD author Boris Johnson quote My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it Answers MY POLICY ON CAKE IS PRO HAVING IT AND PRO EATING IT
Level 871 CLUE PARENTS author Paul Pogba quote My dad was a very strong man very stubborn as well Answers MY DAD WAS A VERY STRONG MAN VERY STUBBORN AS WELL
Level 872 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Roger Moore quote Sometimes I’ve had to put myself on a diet Answers SOMETIMES I’VE HAD TO PUT MYSELF ON A DIET
Level 873 CLUE HUMOR author Alanis Morissette quote We’ll love you just the way you are if you’re perfect Answers WE’LL LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE IF YOU’RE PERFECT
Level 874 CLUE CAREER author Harvey Fierstein quote To work all the time is to be incredibly lucky Answers TO WORK ALL THE TIME IS TO BE INCREDIBLY LUCKY
Level 875 CLUE INQUIRY author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote If I love you what business is it of yours? . IF I LOVE YOU WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS
Level 876 CLUE HOLIDAY author Edna Ferber quote Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling Answers CHRISTMAS ISN’T A SEASON IT’S A FEELING
Level 877 CLUE EDUCATION author Didi Conn quote In beauty school you learn etiquette Answers IN BEAUTY SCHOOL YOU LEARN ETIQUETTE
Level 878 CLUE COMPASSION author Francis of Assisi quote It is in pardoning that we are pardoned Answers IT IS IN PARDONING THAT WE ARE PARDONED
Level 879 CLUE OPTIMISM author Benjamin Franklin quote The way to see by Faith is to shut the Eye of Reason Answers THE WAY TO SEE BY FAITH IS TO SHUT THE EYE OF REASON
Level 880 CLUE TRAVEL author Fran Lebowitz quote If you’re going to America bring your own food Answers IF YOU’RE GOING TO AMERICA BRING YOUR OWN FOOD
Level 881 CLUE PERSONAL author Samantha Akkineni quote I vent my anger in the gym and it calms me down Answers I VENT MY ANGER IN THE GYM AND IT CALMS ME DOWN
Level 882 CLUE HUMOR author Fran Lebowitz quote You’re only as good as your last haircut Answers YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST HAIRCUT
Level 883 CLUE HUMOR author Helen Hayes quote Age is not important unless you’re a cheese Answers AGE IS NOT IMPORTANT UNLESS YOU’RE A CHEESE
Level 884 CLUE HUMOR author Taylor Hawkins quote Life is funny. If you don’t laugh you’re in trouble Answers LIFE IS FUNNY IF YOU DON’T LAUGH YOU’RE IN TROUBLE
Level 885 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Vanessa Marcil quote I eat whatever I want junk food included Answers I EAT WHATEVER I WANT JUNK FOOD INCLUDED
Level 886 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Hermann Hesse quote As a body everyone is single as a soul never Answers AS A BODY EVERYONE IS SINGLE AS A SOUL NEVER
Level 887 CLUE FAMILY author Chevy Chase quote All my children inherited perfect pitch Answers ALL MY CHILDREN INHERITED PERFECT PITCH
Level 888 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author LeToya Luckett quote I am not afraid of being alone and single Answers I AM NOT AFRAID OF BEING ALONE AND SINGLE
Level 889 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Boy George quote I’ve given up coffee made diet changes Answers I’VE GIVEN UP COFFEE MADE DIET CHANGES
Level 890 CLUE HUMANITY author Peter Beard quote The last thing left in nature is the beauty of women Answers THE LAST THING LEFT IN NATURE IS THE BEAUTY OF WOMEN
Level 891 CLUE HUMOR author Thomas Hardy quote You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them Answers YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH BAYONETS EXCEPT SIT ON THEM
Level 892 CLUE CAREER author Alison Sweeney quote Fitness is not an option. It’s part of my job Answers FITNESS IS NOT AN OPTION IT’S PART OF MY JOB
Level 893 CLUE HUMOR author Jean Giraudoux quote Only the mediocre are always at their best Answers ONLY THE MEDIOCRE ARE ALWAYS AT THEIR BEST
Level 894 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author J. Paul Getty quote A hatred of failure has always been part of my nature Answers A HATRED OF FAILURE HAS ALWAYS BEEN PART OF MY NATURE
Level 895 CLUE PARENTS author Steve Zahn quote I’m a good dad; I spend a lot of time with my kids Answers I’M A GOOD DAD I SPEND A LOT OF TIME WITH MY KIDS
Level 896 CLUE AMBITION author Yayoi Kusama quote I want to become more famous even more famous Answers I WANT TO BECOME MORE FAMOUS EVEN MORE FAMOUS
Level 897 CLUE AMBITION author Jacqueline Fernandez quote Don’t be afraid to admit what your dreams are Answers DON’T BE AFRAID TO ADMIT WHAT YOUR DREAMS ARE
Level 898 CLUE HUMOR author Matt LeBlanc quote You can’t be funny if you don’t have good material Answers YOU CAN’T BE FUNNY IF YOU DON’T HAVE GOOD MATERIAL
Level 899 CLUE PERSONAL author Richard Avedon quote Faces are the ledgers of our experience Answers FACES ARE THE LEDGERS OF OUR EXPERIENCE
Level 900 CLUE FUTURE author Henry Ward Beecher quote We steal if we touch tomorrow. It is God’s Answers WE STEAL IF WE TOUCH TOMORROW IT IS GOD’S

Level 901 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author William Blake quote Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death Answers ART IS THE TREE OF LIFE SCIENCE IS THE TREE OF DEATH
Level 902 CLUE HUMANITY author Aesop quote United we stand divided we fall Answers UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL
Level 903 CLUE PURPOSE author Arnold J. Toynbee quote A life which does not go into action is a failure Answers A LIFE WHICH DOES NOT GO INTO ACTION IS A FAILURE
Level 904 CLUE EXPRESSION author Amitava Kumar quote Any real piece of writing is an act of courage Answers ANY REAL PIECE OF WRITING IS AN ACT OF COURAGE
Level 905 CLUE LIBERTY author Robert Green Ingersoll quote The more liberty you give away the more you will have Answers THE MORE LIBERTY YOU GIVE AWAY THE MORE YOU WILL HAVE
Level 906 CLUE ADVICE author Howard Hughes quote My father told me never have partners Answers MY FATHER TOLD ME NEVER HAVE PARTNERS
Level 907 CLUE ADVERSITY author Richard M. Nixon quote I can take it. The tougher it gets the cooler I get Answers I CAN TAKE IT THE TOUGHER IT GETS THE COOLER I GET
Level 908 CLUE FAME author Vanessa Kirby quote To play anybody real and famous is very scary Answers TO PLAY ANYBODY REAL AND FAMOUS IS VERY SCARY
Level 909 CLUE ROMANCE author Sevyn Streeter quote Honestly I think dating is hard. Period Answers HONESTLY I THINK DATING IS HARD PERIOD
Level 910 CLUE FAME author Darcey Bussell quote I’ve always been quite famous for my nose Answers I’VE ALWAYS BEEN QUITE FAMOUS FOR MY NOSE
Level 911 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Dale Carnegie quote Fear not those who argue but those who dodge Answers FEAR NOT THOSE WHO ARGUE BUT THOSE WHO DODGE
Level 912 CLUE TIME author Malcolm X quote The future belongs to those who prepare for it today Answers THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT TODAY
Level 913 CLUE ROMANCE author Foxy Brown quote To find a prince you gotta kiss some toads Answers TO FIND A PRINCE YOU GOTTA KISS SOME TOADS
Level 914 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Plato quote Wisdom alone is the science of other sciences Answers WISDOM ALONE IS THE SCIENCE OF OTHER SCIENCES
Level 915 CLUE TRAVEL author Deepika Padukone quote India is home and that’s never going to change Answers INDIA IS HOME AND THAT’S NEVER GOING TO CHANGE
Level 916 CLUE EXERCISE author Lauren Conrad quote Fitness is a luxury when you are busy! . FITNESS IS A LUXURY WHEN YOU ARE BUSY
Level 917 CLUE LANGUAGE author Samuel Butler quote Oaths are but words and words are but wind Answers OATHS ARE BUT WORDS AND WORDS ARE BUT WIND
Level 918 CLUE METAPHOR author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote Old age the crown of life our play’s last act Answers OLD AGE THE CROWN OF LIFE OUR PLAY’S LAST ACT
Level 919 CLUE MOTIVATION author William Law quote Be intent upon the perfection of the present day Answers BE INTENT UPON THE PERFECTION OF THE PRESENT DAY
Level 920 CLUE TIME author Margaret Bourke-White quote The beauty of the past belongs to the past Answers THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST BELONGS TO THE PAST
Level 921 CLUE LIBERTY author Nikos Kazantzakis quote I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free Answers I HOPE FOR NOTHING I FEAR NOTHING I AM FREE
Level 922 CLUE CHANGE author Mignon McLaughlin quote It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change Answers IT’S THE MOST UNHAPPY PEOPLE WHO MOST FEAR CHANGE
Level 923 CLUE HUMOR author Mae West quote It’s hard to be funny when you have to be clean Answers IT’S HARD TO BE FUNNY WHEN YOU HAVE TO BE CLEAN
Level 924 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author A. A. Milne quote To the uneducated an A is just three sticks Answers TO THE UNEDUCATED AN A IS JUST THREE STICKS
Level 925 CLUE MENTALITY author Lord Byron quote Tis very certain the desire of life prolongs it Answers TIS VERY CERTAIN THE DESIRE OF LIFE PROLONGS IT
Level 926 CLUE SOCIAL author George Jean Nathan quote Love demands infinitely less than friendship Answers LOVE DEMANDS INFINITELY LESS THAN FRIENDSHIP
Level 927 CLUE FILM author Lynda Carter quote You want to see women your own age in films Answers YOU WANT TO SEE WOMEN YOUR OWN AGE IN FILMS
Level 928 CLUE PETS author Tommy Rettig quote Yeah dog was this man’s best friend for sure Answers YEAH DOG WAS THIS MAN’S BEST FRIEND FOR SURE
Level 929 CLUE LIBERTY author Sidney Hook quote To silence criticism is to silence freedom Answers TO SILENCE CRITICISM IS TO SILENCE FREEDOM
Level 930 CLUE RISK author Charles Peguy quote Freedom is a system based on courage Answers FREEDOM IS A SYSTEM BASED ON COURAGE
Level 931 CLUE LANGUAGE author George Herbert quote Good words are worth much and cost little Answers GOOD WORDS ARE WORTH MUCH AND COST LITTLE
Level 932 CLUE ETERNAL author Walt Whitman quote Nothing endures but personal qualities Answers NOTHING ENDURES BUT PERSONAL QUALITIES
Level 933 CLUE GROWTH author Alicia Keys quote Maturity and experience are part of my liberation Answers MATURITY AND EXPERIENCE ARE PART OF MY LIBERATION
Level 934 CLUE HUMOR author Groucho Marx quote I must confess I was born at a very early age Answers I MUST CONFESS I WAS BORN AT A VERY EARLY AGE
Level 935 CLUE PURPOSE author Yoko Ono quote If your life changes we can change the world too Answers IF YOUR LIFE CHANGES WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOO
Level 936 CLUE YOUTH author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote Age merely shows what children we remain Answers AGE MERELY SHOWS WHAT CHILDREN WE REMAIN
Level 937 CLUE CELEBRITIES author David Beckham quote Tom Cruise he’s a lot more famous than me Answers TOM CRUISE HE’S A LOT MORE FAMOUS THAN ME
Level 938 CLUE MOTIVATION author Marcus Aurelius quote To refrain from imitation is the best revenge Answers TO REFRAIN FROM IMITATION IS THE BEST REVENGE
Level 939 CLUE BUSINESS author Mary Kay Ash quote A company is only as good as the people it keeps Answers A COMPANY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE PEOPLE IT KEEPS
Level 940 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Douglas MacArthur quote Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul Answers AGE WRINKLES THE BODY QUITTING WRINKLES THE SOUL
Level 941 CLUE INQUIRY author Eve Arnold quote What do you hang on the walls of your mind? . WHAT DO YOU HANG ON THE WALLS OF YOUR MIND
Level 942 CLUE AMBITION author Margot Robbie quote I’ve got big big dreams for the future Answers I’VE GOT BIG BIG DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE
Level 943 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Oscar Wilde quote Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing Answers EXPERIENCE IS ONE THING YOU CAN’T GET FOR NOTHING
Level 944 CLUE FORTUNE author Sophocles quote God’s dice always have a lucky roll Answers GOD’S DICE ALWAYS HAVE A LUCKY ROLL
Level 945 CLUE MOTIVATION author Stephane Mallarme quote Dreams have as much influence as actions Answers DREAMS HAVE AS MUCH INFLUENCE AS ACTIONS
Level 946 CLUE OPTIMISM author Luka Modric quote You must never give up and have faith in yourself Answers YOU MUST NEVER GIVE UP AND HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF
Level 947 CLUE CHANGE author Arthur Schopenhauer quote Change alone is eternal perpetual immortal Answers CHANGE ALONE IS ETERNAL PERPETUAL IMMORTAL
Level 948 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Karrueche Tran quote It’s so hard to diet because I love food Answers IT’S SO HARD TO DIET BECAUSE I LOVE FOOD
Level 949 CLUE GROWTH author Joseph Campbell quote I don’t have to have faith I have experience Answers I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE FAITH I HAVE EXPERIENCE
Level 950 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Marc Andreessen quote In short software is eating the world Answers IN SHORT SOFTWARE IS EATING THE WORLD

Level 951 CLUE TIME author Pope John Paul II quote The future starts today not tomorrow Answers THE FUTURE STARTS TODAY NOT TOMORROW
Level 952 CLUE MENTALITY author Yuliya Snigir quote In chess you should be as cool as a cucumber Answers IN CHESS YOU SHOULD BE AS COOL AS A CUCUMBER
Level 953 CLUE ADVERSITY author Douglas Horton quote Action cures fear inaction creates terror Answers ACTION CURES FEAR INACTION CREATES TERROR
Level 954 CLUE ADVICE author William H. McRaven quote Keep your cool even when those around you can’t Answers KEEP YOUR COOL EVEN WHEN THOSE AROUND YOU CAN’T
Level 955 CLUE ADVERSITY author Chuck Palahniuk quote Find out what you’re afraid of and go live there Answers FIND OUT WHAT YOU’RE AFRAID OF AND GO LIVE THERE
Level 956 CLUE LOVE author Mae West quote Love isn’t an emotion or an instinct – it’s an art Answers LOVE ISN’T AN EMOTION OR AN INSTINCT IT’S AN ART
Level 957 CLUE SOCIAL author Walter Winchell quote Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headline Answers TODAY’S GOSSIP IS TOMORROW’S HEADLINE
Level 958 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Isaiah Berlin quote Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs Answers LIBERTY FOR WOLVES IS DEATH TO THE LAMBS
Level 959 CLUE ADVICE author Baltasar Gracian quote Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose Answers NEVER CONTEND WITH A MAN WHO HAS NOTHING TO LOSE
Level 960 CLUE CHOICES author Robert Kraft quote Loyalty and friendship trumps politics for me Answers LOYALTY AND FRIENDSHIP TRUMPS POLITICS FOR ME
Level 961 CLUE HUMOR author William Feather quote The reward of energy enterprise and thrift is taxes Answers THE REWARD OF ENERGY ENTERPRISE AND THRIFT IS TAXES
Level 962 CLUE ADVICE author Anatole France quote In art as in love instinct is enough Answers IN ART AS IN LOVE INSTINCT IS ENOUGH
Level 963 CLUE PASSION author George Bernard Shaw quote There is no sincerer love than the love of food Answers THERE IS NO SINCERER LOVE THAN THE LOVE OF FOOD
Level 964 CLUE OPTIMISM author Lizzie Armitstead quote I am sorry for causing anyone to lose faith in sport Answers I AM SORRY FOR CAUSING ANYONE TO LOSE FAITH IN SPORT
Level 965 CLUE RELATIONSHIPS author Wole Soyinka quote I take friendship very seriously Answers I TAKE FRIENDSHIP VERY SERIOUSLY
Level 966 CLUE VICE author Voltaire quote Fear follows crime and is its punishment Answers FEAR FOLLOWS CRIME AND IS ITS PUNISHMENT
Level 967 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Zig Ziglar quote Failure is a detour not a dead-end street Answers FAILURE IS A DETOUR NOT A DEAD END STREET
Level 968 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Franklin P. Jones quote Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid Answers BRAVERY IS BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS YOU’RE AFRAID
Level 969 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Piet Mondrian quote Art is the path to being spiritual Answers ART IS THE PATH TO BEING SPIRITUAL
Level 970 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Joel Osteen quote I mean we all need a second chance sometimes Answers I MEAN WE ALL NEED A SECOND CHANCE SOMETIMES
Level 971 CLUE WISDOM author Edmund Burke quote Liberty must be limited in order to be possessed Answers LIBERTY MUST BE LIMITED IN ORDER TO BE POSSESSED
Level 972 CLUE POLITICS author Iris Murdoch quote The cry of equality pulls everyone down Answers THE CRY OF EQUALITY PULLS EVERYONE DOWN
Level 973 CLUE SOLITUDE author Ali ibn Abi Talib quote Let me alone and go in search of someone else Answers LET ME ALONE AND GO IN SEARCH OF SOMEONE ELSE
Level 974 CLUE PREFERENCE author Kirstie Alley quote My food demons are Chinese food sugar butter Answers MY FOOD DEMONS ARE CHINESE FOOD SUGAR BUTTER
Level 975 CLUE INNOVATION author Elon Musk quote Rockets are cool. There’s no getting around that Answers ROCKETS ARE COOL THERE’S NO GETTING AROUND THAT
Level 976 CLUE ROMANCE author Thomas Moore quote Came but for friendship and took away love Answers CAME BUT FOR FRIENDSHIP AND TOOK AWAY LOVE
Level 977 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Daryl Hall quote Success and failure are equally surprising Answers SUCCESS AND FAILURE ARE EQUALLY SURPRISING
Level 978 CLUE CHOICES author Virginia Woolf quote To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves Answers TO ENJOY FREEDOM WE HAVE TO CONTROL OURSELVES
Level 979 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Miley Cyrus quote Pink isn’t just a color it’s an attitude! . PINK ISN’T JUST A COLOR IT’S AN ATTITUDE
Level 980 CLUE CHOICES author Vittorio Alfieri quote Often the test of courage is not to die but to live Answers OFTEN THE TEST OF COURAGE IS NOT TO DIE BUT TO LIVE
Level 981 CLUE GROWTH author Baltasar Gracian quote Without courage wisdom bears no fruit Answers WITHOUT COURAGE WISDOM BEARS NO FRUIT
Level 982 CLUE EMOTIONS author Edmund Burke quote Beauty in distress is much the most affecting beauty Answers BEAUTY IN DISTRESS IS MUCH THE MOST AFFECTING BEAUTY
Level 983 CLUE INNOVATION author Robert Schumann quote Talent works genius creates Answers TALENT WORKS GENIUS CREATES
Level 984 CLUE FOOD author Navjot Singh Sidhu quote We’ll take the cake with the red cherry on top Answers WE’LL TAKE THE CAKE WITH THE RED CHERRY ON TOP
Level 985 CLUE TRAVEL author Inara George quote There’s a certain attitude to Los Angeles Answers THERE’S A CERTAIN ATTITUDE TO LOS ANGELES
Level 986 CLUE ADVERSITY author Peter Andre quote It’s amazing how stress keeps you trim Answers IT’S AMAZING HOW STRESS KEEPS YOU TRIM
Level 987 CLUE MENTALITY author Napoleon Hill quote Fears are nothing more than a state of mind Answers FEARS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A STATE OF MIND
Level 988 CLUE BEAUTY author James Huneker quote Great art is an instant arrested in eternity Answers GREAT ART IS AN INSTANT ARRESTED IN ETERNITY
Level 989 CLUE EDUCATION author Mark Van Doren quote The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery Answers THE ART OF TEACHING IS THE ART OF ASSISTING DISCOVERY
Level 990 CLUE MOTIVATION author Robert De Niro quote You’ll have time to rest when you’re dead Answers YOU’LL HAVE TIME TO REST WHEN YOU’RE DEAD
Level 991 CLUE HAPPINESS author Glenn Gronkowski quote It’s definitely fun being a part of this family Answers IT’S DEFINITELY FUN BEING A PART OF THIS FAMILY
Level 992 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Liv Tyler quote Solitude has its own very strange beauty to it Answers SOLITUDE HAS ITS OWN VERY STRANGE BEAUTY TO IT
Level 993 CLUE MORTALITY author Michel de Montaigne quote It is not death it is dying that alarms me Answers IT IS NOT DEATH IT IS DYING THAT ALARMS ME
Level 994 CLUE ENDINGS author Don Marquis quote I would rather start a family than finish one Answers I WOULD RATHER START A FAMILY THAN FINISH ONE
Level 995 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author Princess Diana quote When you are happy you can forgive a great deal Answers WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY YOU CAN FORGIVE A GREAT DEAL
Level 996 CLUE FAITH author Bubba Watson quote My dad’s not here but he’s watching in heaven Answers MY DAD’S NOT HERE BUT HE’S WATCHING IN HEAVEN
Level 997 CLUE INQUIRY author Sarah Jessica Parker quote Can you really forgive if you can’t forget? . CAN YOU REALLY FORGIVE IF YOU CAN’T FORGET
Level 998 CLUE ART author Nadar quote The portrait I do best is of the person I know best Answers THE PORTRAIT I DO BEST IS OF THE PERSON I KNOW BEST
Level 999 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Sophocles quote Old age and the passage of time teach all things Answers OLD AGE AND THE PASSAGE OF TIME TEACH ALL THINGS
Level 1000 CLUE CAREER author Vin Diesel quote If it’s an amazing role I’ll do anything Answers IF IT’S AN AMAZING ROLE I’LL DO ANYTHING

Level 1001 CLUE LIBERTY author James Russell Lowell quote Freedom is the only law which genius knows Answers FREEDOM IS THE ONLY LAW WHICH GENIUS KNOWS
Level 1002 CLUE PREFERENCE author Ricky Gervais quote I didn’t like noisy cinemas when I wasn’t famous Answers I DIDN’T LIKE NOISY CINEMAS WHEN I WASN’T FAMOUS
Level 1003 CLUE AMBITION author Elijah Wood quote Dream the impossible because dreams do come true Answers DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE DREAMS DO COME TRUE
Level 1004 CLUE MOTIVATION author Eric Berry quote Fear nothing; attack everything Answers FEAR NOTHING ATTACK EVERYTHING
Level 1005 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Suzy Kassem quote Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will Answers DOUBT KILLS MORE DREAMS THAN FAILURE EVER WILL
Level 1006 CLUE CYNICISM author Jerry Seinfeld quote There is no such thing as fun for the whole family Answers THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY
Level 1007 CLUE HUMOR author Charles M. Schulz quote I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand Answers I LOVE MANKIND IT’S PEOPLE I CAN’T STAND
Level 1008 CLUE ROMANCE author Jackee Harry quote I don’t mind dating younger men now Answers I DON’T MIND DATING YOUNGER MEN NOW
Level 1009 CLUE AMBITION author Gilda Radner quote Dreams are like paper they tear so easily Answers DREAMS ARE LIKE PAPER THEY TEAR SO EASILY
Level 1010 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Robert Frost quote Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on Answers EDUCATION IS HANGING AROUND UNTIL YOU’VE CAUGHT ON
Level 1011 CLUE FAME author Karan Patel quote I am a celebrity and it feels good to be famous Answers I AM A CELEBRITY AND IT FEELS GOOD TO BE FAMOUS
Level 1012 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Christy Turlington quote I’ve always eaten well and have a balanced diet Answers I’VE ALWAYS EATEN WELL AND HAVE A BALANCED DIET
Level 1013 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Oscar Wilde quote I want my food dead. Not sick not dying dead Answers I WANT MY FOOD DEAD NOT SICK NOT DYING DEAD
Level 1014 CLUE CYNICISM author Bill Watterson quote Reality continues to ruin my life Answers REALITY CONTINUES TO RUIN MY LIFE
Level 1015 CLUE INNOVATION author David Ogilvy quote If it doesn’t sell it isn’t creative Answers IF IT DOESN’T SELL IT ISN’T CREATIVE
Level 1016 CLUE WISDOM author Leonardo da Vinci quote He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind Answers HE WHO IS FIXED TO A STAR DOES NOT CHANGE HIS MIND
Level 1017 CLUE LEGACY author George Edward Moore quote A great artist is always before his time or behind it Answers A GREAT ARTIST IS ALWAYS BEFORE HIS TIME OR BEHIND IT
Level 1018 CLUE AGING author Enid Bagnold quote Judges don’t age; time decorates them Answers JUDGES DON’T AGE TIME DECORATES THEM
Level 1019 CLUE WISDOM author Edmund Burke quote Good order is the foundation of all things Answers GOOD ORDER IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL THINGS
Level 1020 CLUE MORALITY author Hosea Ballou quote Falsehood is cowardice the truth courage Answers FALSEHOOD IS COWARDICE THE TRUTH COURAGE
Level 1021 CLUE EMOTIONS author Langston Hughes quote Violent anger makes me physically ill Answers VIOLENT ANGER MAKES ME PHYSICALLY ILL
Level 1022 CLUE ART author Vincent Van Gogh quote I dream of painting and then I paint my dream Answers I DREAM OF PAINTING AND THEN I PAINT MY DREAM
Level 1023 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Peter Shilton quote I prefer more spicy food to your Italian to be fair Answers I PREFER MORE SPICY FOOD TO YOUR ITALIAN TO BE FAIR
Level 1024 CLUE CHOICES author George Canning quote Indecision and delays are the parents of failure Answers INDECISION AND DELAYS ARE THE PARENTS OF FAILURE
Level 1025 CLUE FAITH author Ronald Reagan quote We are never defeated unless we give up on God Answers WE ARE NEVER DEFEATED UNLESS WE GIVE UP ON GOD
Level 1026 CLUE CAREER author Leslie Jones quote It takes a real designer to design for real women Answers IT TAKES A REAL DESIGNER TO DESIGN FOR REAL WOMEN
Level 1027 CLUE INSPIRATION author George Sewell quote The coward sneaks to death; the brave live on Answers THE COWARD SNEAKS TO DEATH THE BRAVE LIVE ON
Level 1028 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote We must be our own before we can be another’s Answers WE MUST BE OUR OWN BEFORE WE CAN BE ANOTHER’S
Level 1029 CLUE MOTIVATION author Frank Sinatra quote The best revenge is massive success Answers THE BEST REVENGE IS MASSIVE SUCCESS
Level 1030 CLUE WISDOM author Baltasar Gracian quote Better mad with the rest of the world than wise alone Answers BETTER MAD WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD THAN WISE ALONE
Level 1031 CLUE OBSERVATION author Anthony Braxton quote Everybody in America is angry about something Answers EVERYBODY IN AMERICA IS ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING
Level 1032 CLUE LOVE author Tua Tagovailoa quote My dad is my heart. My family is my heart Answers MY DAD IS MY HEART MY FAMILY IS MY HEART
Level 1033 CLUE PARADOX author M. C. Escher quote We adore chaos because we love to produce order Answers WE ADORE CHAOS BECAUSE WE LOVE TO PRODUCE ORDER
Level 1034 CLUE BEAUTY author Antoni Gaudi quote Nothing is art if it does not come from nature Answers NOTHING IS ART IF IT DOES NOT COME FROM NATURE
Level 1035 CLUE FAME author Tim Berners-Lee quote Celebrity damages private life Answers CELEBRITY DAMAGES PRIVATE LIFE
Level 1036 CLUE PASSION author Christian Louboutin quote If you do what you love it is the best way to relax Answers IF YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE IT IS THE BEST WAY TO RELAX
Level 1037 CLUE AMBITION author Anthony Hopkins quote My life turned out to be beyond my greatest dreams Answers MY LIFE TURNED OUT TO BE BEYOND MY GREATEST DREAMS
Level 1038 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Graham Greene quote Heresy is another word for freedom of thought Answers HERESY IS ANOTHER WORD FOR FREEDOM OF THOUGHT
Level 1039 CLUE HOLIDAY author Alison Sweeney quote I save every Christmas card. I keep them all Answers I SAVE EVERY CHRISTMAS CARD I KEEP THEM ALL
Level 1040 CLUE FAME author Bennett Cerf quote Fame – anyone who says he doesn’t like it is crazy Answers FAME ANYONE WHO SAYS HE DOESN’T LIKE IT IS CRAZY
Level 1041 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author King Solomon quote As iron sharpens iron so a friend sharpens a friend Answers AS IRON SHARPENS IRON SO A FRIEND SHARPENS A FRIEND
Level 1042 CLUE MENTALITY author Chogyam Trungpa quote Hope and fear cannot alter the season Answers HOPE AND FEAR CANNOT ALTER THE SEASON
Level 1043 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Audrey Hepburn quote I don’t want to be alone I want to be left alone Answers I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE
Level 1044 CLUE EXERCISE author Joseph Addison quote Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body Answers READING IS TO THE MIND WHAT EXERCISE IS TO THE BODY
Level 1045 CLUE LIBERTY author Rabindranath Tagore quote Love does not claim possession but gives freedom Answers LOVE DOES NOT CLAIM POSSESSION BUT GIVES FREEDOM
Level 1046 CLUE FAME author Kevin Hart quote The beauty of me being on stage is I have a voice Answers THE BEAUTY OF ME BEING ON STAGE IS I HAVE A VOICE
Level 1047 CLUE WISDOM author Desiderius Erasmus quote In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king Answers IN THE KINGDOM OF THE BLIND THE ONE EYED MAN IS KING
Level 1048 CLUE BEAUTY author Pearl S. Buck quote Order is the shape upon which beauty depends Answers ORDER IS THE SHAPE UPON WHICH BEAUTY DEPENDS
Level 1049 CLUE CHANGE author Nicholas M. Butler quote Necessity does the work of courage Answers NECESSITY DOES THE WORK OF COURAGE
Level 1050 CLUE LIBERTY author Rick Mears quote The American Dream is about freedom Answers THE AMERICAN DREAM IS ABOUT FREEDOM

Level 1051 CLUE CIVIL RIGHTS author George Smathers quote I don’t believe in social equality and they know it Answers I DON’T BELIEVE IN SOCIAL EQUALITY AND THEY KNOW IT
Level 1052 CLUE INNOVATION author Elon Musk quote Great companies are built on great products Answers GREAT COMPANIES ARE BUILT ON GREAT PRODUCTS
Level 1053 CLUE WISDOM author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote The greatest remedy for anger is delay Answers THE GREATEST REMEDY FOR ANGER IS DELAY
Level 1054 CLUE SUCCESS author Carson Daly quote You have to change the set stay ahead of the curve Answers YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE SET STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE
Level 1055 CLUE CHOICES author Jean-Paul Sartre quote It is only in our decisions that we are important Answers IT IS ONLY IN OUR DECISIONS THAT WE ARE IMPORTANT
Level 1056 CLUE WISDOM author Wilhelm Steinitz quote A sacrifice is best refuted by accepting it Answers A SACRIFICE IS BEST REFUTED BY ACCEPTING IT
Level 1057 CLUE HUMOR author Don Rickles quote Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder? . WHO PICKS YOUR CLOTHES STEVIE WONDER
Level 1058 CLUE LUXURY author Peta Wilson quote I don’t buy fur coats or jewelry. I have old cars Answers I DON’T BUY FUR COATS OR JEWELRY I HAVE OLD CARS
Level 1059 CLUE CREATION author Thalia quote Friendship is something that is cultivated Answers FRIENDSHIP IS SOMETHING THAT IS CULTIVATED
Level 1060 CLUE BRAVERY author Benjamin Disraeli quote Courage is fire and bullying is smoke Answers COURAGE IS FIRE AND BULLYING IS SMOKE
Level 1061 CLUE POLITICS author Najat Vallaud-Belkacem quote Equality in education is my number one battle Answers EQUALITY IN EDUCATION IS MY NUMBER ONE BATTLE
Level 1062 CLUE MENTALITY author Amy Tan quote I didn’t fear failure. I expected failure Answers I DIDN’T FEAR FAILURE I EXPECTED FAILURE
Level 1063 CLUE ADVERSITY author Michael Jordan quote Limits like fear is often an illusion Answers LIMITS LIKE FEAR IS OFTEN AN ILLUSION
Level 1064 CLUE GROWTH author John F. Kennedy quote The best road to progress is freedom’s road Answers THE BEST ROAD TO PROGRESS IS FREEDOM’S ROAD
Level 1065 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin quote Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are Answers TELL ME WHAT YOU EAT AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE
Level 1066 CLUE TRUE BEAUTY author Michelle Visage quote Live life and enjoy it. That’s the real key to beauty! . LIVE LIFE AND ENJOY IT THAT’S THE REAL KEY TO BEAUTY
Level 1067 CLUE TIME author Dan Quayle quote The future will be better tomorrow Answers THE FUTURE WILL BE BETTER TOMORROW
Level 1068 CLUE COMPASSION author William Shakespeare quote Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge Answers SWEET MERCY IS NOBILITY’S TRUE BADGE
Level 1069 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Friedrich August von Hayek quote The mind cannot foresee its own advance Answers THE MIND CANNOT FORESEE ITS OWN ADVANCE
Level 1070 CLUE INQUIRY author Paul Samuelson quote Good questions outrank easy answers Answers GOOD QUESTIONS OUTRANK EASY ANSWERS
Level 1071 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Barack Obama quote You know my faith is one that admits some doubt Answers YOU KNOW MY FAITH IS ONE THAT ADMITS SOME DOUBT
Level 1072 CLUE METAPHOR author Oscar Wilde quote She is a peacock in everything but beauty Answers SHE IS A PEACOCK IN EVERYTHING BUT BEAUTY
Level 1073 CLUE MARRIAGE author Aaron Spelling quote I love my wife she deserves anything and everything Answers I LOVE MY WIFE SHE DESERVES ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING
Level 1074 CLUE FUTURE author Edgar Fiedler quote If you have to forecast forecast often Answers IF YOU HAVE TO FORECAST FORECAST OFTEN
Level 1075 CLUE MORALITY author John Greenleaf Whittier quote When faith is lost when honor dies the man is dead Answers WHEN FAITH IS LOST WHEN HONOR DIES THE MAN IS DEAD
Level 1076 CLUE TRAVEL author Dennis Franz quote Coming from Chicago I like a white Christmas Answers COMING FROM CHICAGO I LIKE A WHITE CHRISTMAS
Level 1077 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Havelock Ellis quote The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw Answers THE ABSENCE OF FLAW IN BEAUTY IS ITSELF A FLAW
Level 1078 CLUE CREATION author J Balvin quote Music is art and making watches is art too Answers MUSIC IS ART AND MAKING WATCHES IS ART TOO
Level 1079 CLUE BRAVERY author George Foreman quote A hero is someone right who doesn’t change Answers A HERO IS SOMEONE RIGHT WHO DOESN’T CHANGE
Level 1080 CLUE MENTALITY author Dale Carnegie quote Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind Answers FEAR DOESN’T EXIST ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN THE MIND
Level 1081 CLUE ART author Paul Cezanne quote Art is a harmony parallel with nature Answers ART IS A HARMONY PARALLEL WITH NATURE
Level 1082 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Kartik Aaryan quote Life is tough in Mumbai when you are alone Answers LIFE IS TOUGH IN MUMBAI WHEN YOU ARE ALONE
Level 1083 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Warren Farrell quote Nobody really believes in equality anyway Answers NOBODY REALLY BELIEVES IN EQUALITY ANYWAY
Level 1084 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Joe Rogan quote I had a sense of who I was before I got famous Answers I HAD A SENSE OF WHO I WAS BEFORE I GOT FAMOUS
Level 1085 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Bob Brown quote The future will either be green or not at all Answers THE FUTURE WILL EITHER BE GREEN OR NOT AT ALL
Level 1086 CLUE INNOVATION author Helmut Jahn quote Every building is a prototype. No two are alike Answers EVERY BUILDING IS A PROTOTYPE NO TWO ARE ALIKE
Level 1087 CLUE LITERATURE author Susan Sontag quote Books are funny little portable pieces of thought Answers BOOKS ARE FUNNY LITTLE PORTABLE PIECES OF THOUGHT
Level 1088 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Karamo Brown quote I think dating apps are keeping us apart Answers I THINK DATING APPS ARE KEEPING US APART
Level 1089 CLUE EMOTIONS author Auguste Renoir quote The pain passes but the beauty remains Answers THE PAIN PASSES BUT THE BEAUTY REMAINS
Level 1090 CLUE ADVICE author Baltasar Gracian quote Never have a companion that casts you in the shade Answers NEVER HAVE A COMPANION THAT CASTS YOU IN THE SHADE
Level 1091 CLUE AMBITION author Paul Lynde quote I was obsessed with being rich and famous Answers I WAS OBSESSED WITH BEING RICH AND FAMOUS
Level 1092 CLUE LITERATURE author Charles Dickens quote It was the best of times it was the worst of times Answers IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES
Level 1093 CLUE HAPPINESS author Ileana D’Cruz quote I enjoyed every experience that life offers Answers I ENJOYED EVERY EXPERIENCE THAT LIFE OFFERS
Level 1094 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Fritz Sauckel quote The Diet was dissolved by a Reich Government decree Answers THE DIET WAS DISSOLVED BY A REICH GOVERNMENT DECREE
Level 1095 CLUE GROWTH author Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach quote In youth we learn; in age we understand Answers IN YOUTH WE LEARN IN AGE WE UNDERSTAND
Level 1096 CLUE CONFLICT author Grace Slick quote When you learn that a truth is a lie anger follows Answers WHEN YOU LEARN THAT A TRUTH IS A LIE ANGER FOLLOWS
Level 1097 CLUE WISDOM author Frank Lloyd Wright quote Art for art’s sake is a philosophy of the well-fed Answers ART FOR ART’S SAKE IS A PHILOSOPHY OF THE WELL FED
Level 1098 CLUE LITERATURE author Sidonie Gabrielle Colette quote Writing only leads to more writing Answers WRITING ONLY LEADS TO MORE WRITING
Level 1099 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Natalie Portman quote I’m a Gemini so I change my mind every day Answers I’M A GEMINI SO I CHANGE MY MIND EVERY DAY
Level 1100 CLUE ADVICE author Paul Rand quote Good design doesn’t date. Bad design does Answers GOOD DESIGN DOESN’T DATE BAD DESIGN DOES

Level 1101 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Confucius quote Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change Answers ONLY THE WISEST AND STUPIDEST OF MEN NEVER CHANGE
Level 1102 CLUE TIME author John Oldham quote And all your future lies beneath your hat Answers AND ALL YOUR FUTURE LIES BENEATH YOUR HAT
Level 1103 CLUE CYNICISM author Martin Bormann quote Every educated person is a future enemy Answers EVERY EDUCATED PERSON IS A FUTURE ENEMY
Level 1104 CLUE MENTALITY author Ian Mcewan quote One has to have the courage of one’s pessimism Answers ONE HAS TO HAVE THE COURAGE OF ONE’S PESSIMISM
Level 1105 CLUE GROWTH author Shirley Bassey quote You don’t get older you get better Answers YOU DON’T GET OLDER YOU GET BETTER
Level 1106 CLUE WISDOM author George Jean Nathan quote Beauty makes idiots sad and wise men merry Answers BEAUTY MAKES IDIOTS SAD AND WISE MEN MERRY
Level 1107 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Max Lucado quote You change your life by changing your heart Answers YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING YOUR HEART
Level 1108 CLUE HOLIDAY author Alexander Smith quote Christmas is the day that holds all time together Answers CHRISTMAS IS THE DAY THAT HOLDS ALL TIME TOGETHER
Level 1109 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Michael Jackson quote I just wish I could understand my father Answers I JUST WISH I COULD UNDERSTAND MY FATHER
Level 1110 CLUE LIFE author James Broughton quote Amazement awaits us at every corner Answers AMAZEMENT AWAITS US AT EVERY CORNER
Level 1111 CLUE HUMOR author Robin Williams quote Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves? . WHY DO THEY CALL IT RUSH HOUR WHEN NOTHING MOVES
Level 1112 CLUE MORTALITY author Leonardo da Vinci quote Our life is made by the death of others Answers OUR LIFE IS MADE BY THE DEATH OF OTHERS
Level 1113 CLUE WISDOM author Mario Puzo quote Friendship and money oil and water Answers FRIENDSHIP AND MONEY OIL AND WATER
Level 1114 CLUE AGING author Vanessa Ray quote Whatever age you think I am you’re probably right Answers WHATEVER AGE YOU THINK I AM YOU’RE PROBABLY RIGHT
Level 1115 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Rachel McAdams quote I’m not an amazing cook. But I can follow a recipe! . I’M NOT AN AMAZING COOK BUT I CAN FOLLOW A RECIPE
Level 1116 CLUE PERSONAL author Zell Miller quote My family is more important than my party Answers MY FAMILY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY PARTY
Level 1117 CLUE BLESSINGS author Ashley Nell Tipton quote It’s amazing to be able to embrace young talent Answers IT’S AMAZING TO BE ABLE TO EMBRACE YOUNG TALENT
Level 1118 CLUE OPTIMISM author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote God enters by a private door into every individual Answers GOD ENTERS BY A PRIVATE DOOR INTO EVERY INDIVIDUAL
Level 1119 CLUE SOLITUDE author Eugene O’Neill quote Man’s loneliness is but his fear of life Answers MAN’S LONELINESS IS BUT HIS FEAR OF LIFE
Level 1120 CLUE SUCCESS author Rabindranath Tagore quote Those who own much have much to fear Answers THOSE WHO OWN MUCH HAVE MUCH TO FEAR
Level 1121 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author M. Night Shyamalan quote There is no one looking out for us. We are all alone Answers THERE IS NO ONE LOOKING OUT FOR US WE ARE ALL ALONE
Level 1122 CLUE LEGACY author Pablo Picasso quote Painting is just another way of keeping a diary Answers PAINTING IS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF KEEPING A DIARY
Level 1123 CLUE PERSONAL author Catriona Gray quote Being a beauty queen was never on my radar Answers BEING A BEAUTY QUEEN WAS NEVER ON MY RADAR
Level 1124 CLUE GROWTH author Jimmy Carter quote Testing oneself is best when done alone Answers TESTING ONESELF IS BEST WHEN DONE ALONE
Level 1125 CLUE FAMILY author Terence quote What harsh judges fathers are to all young men! . WHAT HARSH JUDGES FATHERS ARE TO ALL YOUNG MEN
Level 1126 CLUE AGING author Jane Elliot quote Age is how we determine how valuable you are Answers AGE IS HOW WE DETERMINE HOW VALUABLE YOU ARE
Level 1127 CLUE ART author Chris Bangle quote Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives Answers CARS ARE THE SCULPTURES OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES
Level 1128 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Robin Williams quote I’m sorry if you were right I’d agree with you Answers I’M SORRY IF YOU WERE RIGHT I’D AGREE WITH YOU
Level 1129 CLUE WISDOM author Matt Drudge quote You would be amazed what the ordinary guy knows Answers YOU WOULD BE AMAZED WHAT THE ORDINARY GUY KNOWS
Level 1130 CLUE EMOTIONS author Joyce Meyer quote Fear is a spirit that produces a feeling Answers FEAR IS A SPIRIT THAT PRODUCES A FEELING
Level 1131 CLUE CREATION author Roy Lichtenstein quote Art doesn’t transform. It just plain forms Answers ART DOESN’T TRANSFORM IT JUST PLAIN FORMS
Level 1132 CLUE MORALITY author Benjamin Franklin quote A good conscience is a continual Christmas Answers A GOOD CONSCIENCE IS A CONTINUAL CHRISTMAS
Level 1133 CLUE MENTALITY author Alexis de Tocqueville quote Life is to be entered upon with courage Answers LIFE IS TO BE ENTERED UPON WITH COURAGE
Level 1134 CLUE LOVE author Ring Lardner quote They gave each other a smile with a future in it Answers THEY GAVE EACH OTHER A SMILE WITH A FUTURE IN IT
Level 1135 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Florence Nightingale quote How very little can be done under the spirit of fear Answers HOW VERY LITTLE CAN BE DONE UNDER THE SPIRIT OF FEAR
Level 1136 CLUE HUMANITY author Henri Frederic Amiel quote Society lives by faith and develops by science Answers SOCIETY LIVES BY FAITH AND DEVELOPS BY SCIENCE
Level 1137 CLUE ENTERPRISE author Warren Buffett quote Our favorite holding period is forever Answers OUR FAVORITE HOLDING PERIOD IS FOREVER
Level 1138 CLUE AMBITION author Alejandro Jodorowsky quote For me they are no different reality and dreams Answers FOR ME THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT REALITY AND DREAMS
Level 1139 CLUE HUMOR author Mitch Hedberg quote All these jokes have been pre-approved as funny by me Answers ALL THESE JOKES HAVE BEEN PRE APPROVED AS FUNNY BY ME
Level 1140 CLUE WISDOM author Alexander Pope quote Fools rush in where angels fear to tread Answers FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD
Level 1141 CLUE CREATION author Peter Eisenman quote Architects design houses. I live in a home Answers ARCHITECTS DESIGN HOUSES I LIVE IN A HOME
Level 1142 CLUE NATURE author Ken Salazar quote I think the future for solar energy is bright Answers I THINK THE FUTURE FOR SOLAR ENERGY IS BRIGHT
Level 1143 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Stella Maxwell quote If your diet is good it definitely helps your skin Answers IF YOUR DIET IS GOOD IT DEFINITELY HELPS YOUR SKIN
Level 1144 CLUE HUMOR author Oscar Wilde quote This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last Answers THIS SUSPENSE IS TERRIBLE I HOPE IT WILL LAST
Level 1145 CLUE ADVERSITY author Sergio Marchionne quote In the car business sometimes you crash Answers IN THE CAR BUSINESS SOMETIMES YOU CRASH
Level 1146 CLUE OPTIMISM author E. B. White quote Writing is an act of faith not a trick of grammar Answers WRITING IS AN ACT OF FAITH NOT A TRICK OF GRAMMAR
Level 1147 CLUE WISDOM author Jack Benny quote If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter Answers IF YOU DON’T MIND IT DOESN’T MATTER
Level 1148 CLUE MORALITY author Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel quote Education is the art of making man ethical Answers EDUCATION IS THE ART OF MAKING MAN ETHICAL
Level 1149 CLUE HAPPINESS author Kevin Alejandro quote I absolutely love spending time with my family Answers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY
Level 1150 CLUE LIBERTY author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote People demand freedom only when they have no power Answers PEOPLE DEMAND FREEDOM ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE NO POWER

Level 1151 CLUE INSPIRATION author Pearl S. Buck quote Love alone could waken love Answers LOVE ALONE COULD WAKEN LOVE
Level 1152 CLUE MONEY author Julia Gillard quote Education equals economic growth Answers EDUCATION EQUALS ECONOMIC GROWTH
Level 1153 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author The Notorious B.I.G. quote I definitely wouldn’t wish death on anyone Answers I DEFINITELY WOULDN’T WISH DEATH ON ANYONE
Level 1154 CLUE LEGACY author Evita Peron quote My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten Answers MY BIGGEST FEAR IN LIFE IS TO BE FORGOTTEN
Level 1155 CLUE FULFILLMENT author Winston Churchill quote I am easily satisfied with the very best Answers I AM EASILY SATISFIED WITH THE VERY BEST
Level 1156 CLUE HUMOR author Joe E. Lewis quote The way taxes are you might as well marry for love Answers THE WAY TAXES ARE YOU MIGHT AS WELL MARRY FOR LOVE
Level 1157 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Guy Fieri quote Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience Answers FOOD IS NOT JUST EATING ENERGY IT’S AN EXPERIENCE
Level 1158 CLUE INNOVATION author Nigel Farage quote It’s amazing how ideas start out isn’t it? . IT’S AMAZING HOW IDEAS START OUT ISN’T IT
Level 1159 CLUE BEAUTY author Diana Rigg quote I think women of my age are still attractive Answers I THINK WOMEN OF MY AGE ARE STILL ATTRACTIVE
Level 1160 CLUE ADVERSITY author LL Cool J quote You can’t let your past hold your future hostage Answers YOU CAN’T LET YOUR PAST HOLD YOUR FUTURE HOSTAGE
Level 1161 CLUE INTROSPECTION author George Henry Lewes quote Insight is the first condition of Art Answers INSIGHT IS THE FIRST CONDITION OF ART
Level 1162 CLUE HUMOR author Phyllis Diller quote Best way to get rid of kitchen odors Eat out Answers BEST WAY TO GET RID OF KITCHEN ODORS EAT OUT
Level 1163 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Eva Herzigova quote I’m lucky I don’t like sweets not even chocolate Answers I’M LUCKY I DON’T LIKE SWEETS NOT EVEN CHOCOLATE
Level 1164 CLUE COMPASSION author Roger Ailes quote I’m a great believer in giving people a chance Answers I’M A GREAT BELIEVER IN GIVING PEOPLE A CHANCE
Level 1165 CLUE HUMOR author Abraham Lincoln quote If I were two-faced would I be wearing this one? . IF I WERE TWO FACED WOULD I BE WEARING THIS ONE
Level 1166 CLUE HUMOR author Henny Youngman quote When God sneezed I didn’t know what to say Answers WHEN GOD SNEEZED I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY
Level 1167 CLUE RELATIONSHIPS author St. Jerome quote The friendship that can cease has never been real Answers THE FRIENDSHIP THAT CAN CEASE HAS NEVER BEEN REAL
Level 1168 CLUE ENDINGS author Marlene Dietrich quote When you’re dead you’re dead. That’s it Answers WHEN YOU’RE DEAD YOU’RE DEAD THAT’S IT
Level 1169 CLUE AMBITION author Joey King quote You have to keep going and pursue your dreams Answers YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING AND PURSUE YOUR DREAMS
Level 1170 CLUE AMBITION author James Blunt quote You can’t break my spirit it’s my dreams you take Answers YOU CAN’T BREAK MY SPIRIT IT’S MY DREAMS YOU TAKE
Level 1171 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author John Locke quote No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience Answers NO MAN’S KNOWLEDGE HERE CAN GO BEYOND HIS EXPERIENCE
Level 1172 CLUE SOLITUDE author Bianca Andreescu quote I’m an only child and I don’t mind being alone Answers I’M AN ONLY CHILD AND I DON’T MIND BEING ALONE
Level 1173 CLUE FAITH author Francis Thompson quote Look for me in the nurseries of Heaven Answers LOOK FOR ME IN THE NURSERIES OF HEAVEN
Level 1174 CLUE PARADOX author Ad Reinhardt quote Art is too serious to be taken seriously Answers ART IS TOO SERIOUS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY
Level 1175 CLUE PASSION author Rumi quote Let the beauty of what you love be what you do Answers LET THE BEAUTY OF WHAT YOU LOVE BE WHAT YOU DO
Level 1176 CLUE HUMOR author Lenny Bruce quote Communism is like one big phone company Answers COMMUNISM IS LIKE ONE BIG PHONE COMPANY
Level 1177 CLUE BLESSINGS author Ernst Moritz Arndt quote Nothing that is really good and God-like dies Answers NOTHING THAT IS REALLY GOOD AND GOD LIKE DIES
Level 1178 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Guy Kawasaki quote Patience is the art of concealing your impatience Answers PATIENCE IS THE ART OF CONCEALING YOUR IMPATIENCE
Level 1179 CLUE SOCIAL author Euripides quote Life has no blessing like a prudent friend Answers LIFE HAS NO BLESSING LIKE A PRUDENT FRIEND
Level 1180 CLUE HUMOR author John Osborne quote Don’t clap too hard – it’s a very old building Answers DON’T CLAP TOO HARD IT’S A VERY OLD BUILDING
Level 1181 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Michael P. Anderson quote It looks like the future’s really bright Answers IT LOOKS LIKE THE FUTURE’S REALLY BRIGHT
Level 1182 CLUE TRAVEL author Vin Diesel quote You get a timeless cool card in New York Answers YOU GET A TIMELESS COOL CARD IN NEW YORK
Level 1183 CLUE DESIGN author Sanford I. Weill quote Details create the big picture Answers DETAILS CREATE THE BIG PICTURE
Level 1184 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Confucius quote I hear I know. I see I remember. I do I understand Answers I HEAR I KNOW I SEE I REMEMBER I DO I UNDERSTAND
Level 1185 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Taylor Schilling quote I love Ben Affleck so much. He’s an amazing director Answers I LOVE BEN AFFLECK SO MUCH HE’S AN AMAZING DIRECTOR
Level 1186 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Eleanor Roosevelt quote The giving of love is an education in itself Answers THE GIVING OF LOVE IS AN EDUCATION IN ITSELF
Level 1187 CLUE PARADOX author Bob Dylan quote There is nothing so stable as change Answers THERE IS NOTHING SO STABLE AS CHANGE
Level 1188 CLUE FAME author Paul Hogan quote Rich and famous is not bad but poor and famous sucks Answers RICH AND FAMOUS IS NOT BAD BUT POOR AND FAMOUS SUCKS
Level 1189 CLUE LIFE author John Leonard quote It takes a long time to grow an old friend Answers IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO GROW AN OLD FRIEND
Level 1190 CLUE CHOICES author Aristotle quote Men are swayed more by fear than by reverence Answers MEN ARE SWAYED MORE BY FEAR THAN BY REVERENCE
Level 1191 CLUE FAME author A Boogie wit da Hoodie quote Before I was even famous I was famous on Facebook Answers BEFORE I WAS EVEN FAMOUS I WAS FAMOUS ON FACEBOOK
Level 1192 CLUE WISDOM author Igor Stravinsky quote Lesser artists borrow great artists steal Answers LESSER ARTISTS BORROW GREAT ARTISTS STEAL
Level 1193 CLUE OBSERVATION author Theodor W. Adorno quote The task of art today is to bring chaos into order Answers THE TASK OF ART TODAY IS TO BRING CHAOS INTO ORDER
Level 1194 CLUE GROWTH author Carol Burnett quote Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me Answers ONLY I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR ME
Level 1195 CLUE LIFE author Bob Marley quote In this bright future you can’t forget your past Answers IN THIS BRIGHT FUTURE YOU CAN’T FORGET YOUR PAST
Level 1196 CLUE WISDOM author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest Answers BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE A WELCOME GUEST
Level 1197 CLUE PASSION author Katherine Johnson quote Like what you do and then you will do your best Answers LIKE WHAT YOU DO AND THEN YOU WILL DO YOUR BEST
Level 1198 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Joan Rivers quote Diets like clothes should be tailored to you Answers DIETS LIKE CLOTHES SHOULD BE TAILORED TO YOU
Level 1199 CLUE HUMANITY author Herbert A. Simon quote The proper study of mankind is the science of design Answers THE PROPER STUDY OF MANKIND IS THE SCIENCE OF DESIGN
Level 1200 CLUE OPTIMISM author Albert Pike quote Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted Answers FAITH BEGINS WHERE REASON SINKS EXHAUSTED

Level 1201 CLUE MENTALITY author Joyce Carol Oates quote The worst cynicism a belief in luck Answers THE WORST CYNICISM A BELIEF IN LUCK
Level 1202 CLUE WISDOM author Oliver Cromwell quote Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will Answers SUBTLETY MAY DECEIVE YOU INTEGRITY NEVER WILL
Level 1203 CLUE CREATION author Will Smith quote When you create art the world has to wait Answers WHEN YOU CREATE ART THE WORLD HAS TO WAIT
Level 1204 CLUE CAREER author W. Edwards Deming quote All anyone asks for is a chance to work with pride Answers ALL ANYONE ASKS FOR IS A CHANCE TO WORK WITH PRIDE
Level 1205 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Drew Pomeranz quote Every outing is a learning experience Answers EVERY OUTING IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE
Level 1206 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Shirley MacLaine quote Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends Answers FEAR MAKES STRANGERS OF PEOPLE WHO WOULD BE FRIENDS
Level 1207 CLUE INNOVATION author Edward Tufte quote If you like overheads you’ll love PowerPoint Answers IF YOU LIKE OVERHEADS YOU’LL LOVE POWERPOINT
Level 1208 CLUE PARENTS author Errol Flynn quote My father was never anti-anything in our house Answers MY FATHER WAS NEVER ANTI ANYTHING IN OUR HOUSE
Level 1209 CLUE PURPOSE author Eugenio Montale quote In reality art is always for everyone and for no one Answers IN REALITY ART IS ALWAYS FOR EVERYONE AND FOR NO ONE
Level 1210 CLUE FUTURE author Simon the Zealot quote The golden age is before us not behind us Answers THE GOLDEN AGE IS BEFORE US NOT BEHIND US
Level 1211 CLUE CULTURE author Jawaharlal Nehru quote The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds Answers THE ART OF A PEOPLE IS A TRUE MIRROR TO THEIR MINDS
Level 1212 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Edgar Degas quote Art is not what you see but what you make others see Answers ART IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE BUT WHAT YOU MAKE OTHERS SEE
Level 1213 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Seth Lloyd quote Something else has happened with computers Answers SOMETHING ELSE HAS HAPPENED WITH COMPUTERS
Level 1214 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Dave Thomas quote I think the harder you work the more luck you have Answers I THINK THE HARDER YOU WORK THE MORE LUCK YOU HAVE
Level 1215 CLUE PASSION author Andrew Wyeth quote One’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes Answers ONE’S ART GOES AS FAR AND AS DEEP AS ONE’S LOVE GOES
Level 1216 CLUE LIBERTY author Jean-Paul Sartre quote Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you Answers FREEDOM IS WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT’S BEEN DONE TO YOU
Level 1217 CLUE HISTORY author Edmund Burke quote You can never plan the future by the past Answers YOU CAN NEVER PLAN THE FUTURE BY THE PAST
Level 1218 CLUE HAPPINESS author Ninon de L’Enclos quote The joy of the mind is the measure of its strength Answers THE JOY OF THE MIND IS THE MEASURE OF ITS STRENGTH
Level 1219 CLUE FAITH author Oliver Cromwell quote Keep your faith in God but keep your powder dry Answers KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD BUT KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY
Level 1220 CLUE CAREER author Horace quote Lawyers are men who hire out their words and anger Answers LAWYERS ARE MEN WHO HIRE OUT THEIR WORDS AND ANGER
Level 1221 CLUE HAPPINESS author Diogo Morgado quote Laughter and joy are part of the beauty of life Answers LAUGHTER AND JOY ARE PART OF THE BEAUTY OF LIFE
Level 1222 CLUE WISDOM author St. Jerome quote Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most Answers BEAUTY WHEN UNADORNED IS ADORNED THE MOST
Level 1223 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Khloe Kardashian quote My fitness journey will be a lifelong journey Answers MY FITNESS JOURNEY WILL BE A LIFELONG JOURNEY
Level 1224 CLUE FAMILY author Celine Dion quote My kids give me the balance to live right Answers MY KIDS GIVE ME THE BALANCE TO LIVE RIGHT
Level 1225 CLUE GROWTH author Vernon Howard quote To change what you get you must change who you are Answers TO CHANGE WHAT YOU GET YOU MUST CHANGE WHO YOU ARE
Level 1226 CLUE MORALITY author William Shakespeare quote The love of heaven makes one heavenly Answers THE LOVE OF HEAVEN MAKES ONE HEAVENLY
Level 1227 CLUE LIFE author Blaise Pascal quote Our nature consists in motion; complete rest is death Answers OUR NATURE CONSISTS IN MOTION COMPLETE REST IS DEATH
Level 1228 CLUE GROWTH author Tom Stoppard quote Age is a very high price to pay for maturity Answers AGE IS A VERY HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR MATURITY
Level 1229 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Willem de Kooning quote Art never seems to make me peaceful or pure Answers ART NEVER SEEMS TO MAKE ME PEACEFUL OR PURE
Level 1230 CLUE YOUTH author Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu quote Innocence can be more powerful than experience Answers INNOCENCE CAN BE MORE POWERFUL THAN EXPERIENCE
Level 1231 CLUE UNITY author Plato quote We are twice armed if we fight with faith Answers WE ARE TWICE ARMED IF WE FIGHT WITH FAITH
Level 1232 CLUE GUIDANCE author Barbra Streisand quote I go by instinct – I don’t worry about experience Answers I GO BY INSTINCT I DON’T WORRY ABOUT EXPERIENCE
Level 1233 CLUE WISDOM author Robert Green Ingersoll quote Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind Answers ANGER IS A WIND WHICH BLOWS OUT THE LAMP OF THE MIND
Level 1234 CLUE CHANGE author Phil Crosby quote Slowness to change usually means fear of the new Answers SLOWNESS TO CHANGE USUALLY MEANS FEAR OF THE NEW
Level 1235 CLUE NEW author Coco Chanel quote Fashion fades only style remains the same Answers FASHION FADES ONLY STYLE REMAINS THE SAME
Level 1236 CLUE SUCCESS author Rick Yune quote To be here today is just beyond my wildest dreams Answers TO BE HERE TODAY IS JUST BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS
Level 1237 CLUE METAPHOR author William Wordsworth quote What is pride? A rocket that emulates the stars Answers WHAT IS PRIDE A ROCKET THAT EMULATES THE STARS
Level 1238 CLUE SOCIAL author Joe E. Lewis quote It pays to get drunk with the best people Answers IT PAYS TO GET DRUNK WITH THE BEST PEOPLE
Level 1239 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Albert Camus quote Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better Answers FREEDOM IS NOTHING BUT A CHANCE TO BE BETTER
Level 1240 CLUE BLESSINGS author Edwin Louis Cole quote Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles Answers EXPECTANCY IS THE ATMOSPHERE FOR MIRACLES
Level 1241 CLUE OPTIMISM author Robert H. Schuller quote Let your hopes not your hurts shape your future Answers LET YOUR HOPES NOT YOUR HURTS SHAPE YOUR FUTURE
Level 1242 CLUE COMPETITION author Aeschylus quote When a match has equal partners then I fear not Answers WHEN A MATCH HAS EQUAL PARTNERS THEN I FEAR NOT
Level 1243 CLUE ADVERSITY author Franklin D. Roosevelt quote The only thing we have to fear is fear itself Answers THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF
Level 1244 CLUE MONEY author Rupert Murdoch quote The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks Answers THE BUCK STOPS WITH THE GUY WHO SIGNS THE CHECKS
Level 1245 CLUE LIFE author Jonathan Swift quote May you live all the days of your life Answers MAY YOU LIVE ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE
Level 1246 CLUE HUMOR author Erma Bombeck quote Guilt the gift that keeps on giving Answers GUILT THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING
Level 1247 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Salvador Dali quote Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it Answers HAVE NO FEAR OF PERFECTION YOU’LL NEVER REACH IT
Level 1248 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Karin Slaughter quote Libraries are the backbone of our education system Answers LIBRARIES ARE THE BACKBONE OF OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM
Level 1249 CLUE MONEY author Zack Space quote It starts with campaign finance reform Answers IT STARTS WITH CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM
Level 1250 CLUE EXPRESSION author Golda Meir quote Fashion is an imposition a reign on freedom Answers FASHION IS AN IMPOSITION A REIGN ON FREEDOM

Level 1251 CLUE POLITICS author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote The faith that stands on authority is not faith Answers THE FAITH THAT STANDS ON AUTHORITY IS NOT FAITH
Level 1252 CLUE BRAVERY author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote A man of courage is also full of faith Answers A MAN OF COURAGE IS ALSO FULL OF FAITH
Level 1253 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Robert Browning quote What Youth deemed crystal Age finds out was dew Answers WHAT YOUTH DEEMED CRYSTAL AGE FINDS OUT WAS DEW
Level 1254 CLUE OPTIMISM author Gretchen Rubin quote Enthusiasm is a form of social courage Answers ENTHUSIASM IS A FORM OF SOCIAL COURAGE
Level 1255 CLUE OPINION author John Hurt quote I’ve never felt that anger is a very powerful emotion Answers I’VE NEVER FELT THAT ANGER IS A VERY POWERFUL EMOTION
Level 1256 CLUE MENTALITY author Ashley Montagu quote The idea is to die young as late as possible Answers THE IDEA IS TO DIE YOUNG AS LATE AS POSSIBLE
Level 1257 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Mario Andretti quote I’ve driven just about every kind of car there is Answers I’VE DRIVEN JUST ABOUT EVERY KIND OF CAR THERE IS
Level 1258 CLUE ADVERSITY author Frederick Douglass quote If there is no struggle there is no progress Answers IF THERE IS NO STRUGGLE THERE IS NO PROGRESS
Level 1259 CLUE AMBITION author Aeschylus quote I know how men in exile feed on dreams Answers I KNOW HOW MEN IN EXILE FEED ON DREAMS
Level 1260 CLUE MORTALITY author Denzel Curry quote I fear God. If my time comes my time comes Answers I FEAR GOD IF MY TIME COMES MY TIME COMES
Level 1261 CLUE WISDOM author Grace Kelly quote Getting angry doesn’t solve anything Answers GETTING ANGRY DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING
Level 1262 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Earl Wilson quote Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure Answers SUCCESS IS SIMPLY A MATTER OF LUCK ASK ANY FAILURE
Level 1263 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Flannery O’Connor quote The basis of art is truth both in matter and in mode Answers THE BASIS OF ART IS TRUTH BOTH IN MATTER AND IN MODE
Level 1264 CLUE HAPPINESS author Will Thomas quote There’s no fear when you’re having fun Answers THERE’S NO FEAR WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN
Level 1265 CLUE MENTALITY author Charles Kettering quote Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail Answers BELIEVE AND ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL
Level 1266 CLUE COMPASSION author Igor Stravinsky quote Sins cannot be undone only forgiven Answers SINS CANNOT BE UNDONE ONLY FORGIVEN
Level 1267 CLUE TIME author Percy Bysshe Shelley quote Fear not for the future weep not for the past Answers FEAR NOT FOR THE FUTURE WEEP NOT FOR THE PAST
Level 1268 CLUE WISDOM author Emil Cioran quote Our first intuitions are the true ones Answers OUR FIRST INTUITIONS ARE THE TRUE ONES
Level 1269 CLUE METAPHOR author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait Answers BEAUTY WITHOUT GRACE IS THE HOOK WITHOUT THE BAIT
Level 1270 CLUE CONFIDENCE author John Dryden quote Boldness is a mask for fear however great Answers BOLDNESS IS A MASK FOR FEAR HOWEVER GREAT
Level 1271 CLUE HUMANITY author Euripides quote Forgive son; men are men; they needs must err Answers FORGIVE SON MEN ARE MEN THEY NEEDS MUST ERR
Level 1272 CLUE LIBERTY author Prince quote Too much freedom can lead to the soul’s decay Answers TOO MUCH FREEDOM CAN LEAD TO THE SOUL’S DECAY
Level 1273 CLUE CHANGE author Kary Mullis quote Art is subject to arbitrary fashion Answers ART IS SUBJECT TO ARBITRARY FASHION
Level 1274 CLUE SELF author Rachel Miner quote I’m not cool – quite the opposite. I’m a real geek Answers I’M NOT COOL QUITE THE OPPOSITE I’M A REAL GEEK
Level 1275 CLUE MOVIES author Robert Altman quote Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes Answers FILMMAKING IS A CHANCE TO LIVE MANY LIFETIMES
Level 1276 CLUE FAME author Rod Stewart quote There is this power that comes with being famous Answers THERE IS THIS POWER THAT COMES WITH BEING FAMOUS
Level 1277 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Martha Smith quote I do some of my best thinking while pulling weeds Answers I DO SOME OF MY BEST THINKING WHILE PULLING WEEDS
Level 1278 CLUE HUMANITY author Archibald MacLeish quote Freedom is the right to one’s dignity as a man Answers FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO ONE’S DIGNITY AS A MAN
Level 1279 CLUE SELF author Guillermo Diaz quote I’m just a big old nerd. I’m not that cool guy at all Answers I’M JUST A BIG OLD NERD I’M NOT THAT COOL GUY AT ALL
Level 1280 CLUE BRAVERY author Wilfred Grenfell quote Courage is always the surest wisdom Answers COURAGE IS ALWAYS THE SUREST WISDOM
Level 1281 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Taylor Dayne quote I have to be very careful about diet and exercise Answers I HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT DIET AND EXERCISE
Level 1282 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Jamie Oliver quote Stop being a vegan and start enjoying what you eat Answers STOP BEING A VEGAN AND START ENJOYING WHAT YOU EAT
Level 1283 CLUE OPTIMISM author Big Boi quote I’m just a cool type of guy who’s all about positives Answers I’M JUST A COOL TYPE OF GUY WHO’S ALL ABOUT POSITIVES
Level 1284 CLUE DESIGN author Elon Musk quote Any product that needs a manual to work is broken Answers ANY PRODUCT THAT NEEDS A MANUAL TO WORK IS BROKEN
Level 1285 CLUE HUMOR author Joseph Brodsky quote Who included me among the ranks of the human race? . WHO INCLUDED ME AMONG THE RANKS OF THE HUMAN RACE
Level 1286 CLUE WISDOM author Pythagoras quote Anger begins with folly and ends with repentance Answers ANGER BEGINS WITH FOLLY AND ENDS WITH REPENTANCE
Level 1287 CLUE APPEARANCE author Zendaya quote I wore a mullet to the Grammys! I have no fear Answers I WORE A MULLET TO THE GRAMMYS I HAVE NO FEAR
Level 1288 CLUE NATURE author Tarja Halonen quote Nuclear power is not a miracle key for the future Answers NUCLEAR POWER IS NOT A MIRACLE KEY FOR THE FUTURE
Level 1289 CLUE BUSINESS author Neil Blumenthal quote Nothing creates cool like scarcity Answers NOTHING CREATES COOL LIKE SCARCITY
Level 1290 CLUE OPTIMISM author William Penn quote Patience and Diligence like faith remove mountains Answers PATIENCE AND DILIGENCE LIKE FAITH REMOVE MOUNTAINS
Level 1291 CLUE MOTIVATION author Charles M. Schwab quote The man who has done his best has done everything Answers THE MAN WHO HAS DONE HIS BEST HAS DONE EVERYTHING
Level 1292 CLUE FAMILY author Paris Jackson quote I love my dad and I’m proud to be his daughter Answers I LOVE MY DAD AND I’M PROUD TO BE HIS DAUGHTER
Level 1293 CLUE HUMOR author Steve Martin quote A day without sunshine is like you know night Answers A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE IS LIKE YOU KNOW NIGHT
Level 1294 CLUE MORTALITY author Marcus Aurelius quote Death like birth is a secret of Nature Answers DEATH LIKE BIRTH IS A SECRET OF NATURE
Level 1295 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Norman Vincent Peale quote Change your thoughts and you change your world Answers CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU CHANGE YOUR WORLD
Level 1296 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author John Wooden quote Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be Answers FAILURE IS NOT FATAL BUT FAILURE TO CHANGE MIGHT BE
Level 1297 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Edward de Bono quote Logic will never change emotion or perception Answers LOGIC WILL NEVER CHANGE EMOTION OR PERCEPTION
Level 1298 CLUE ADVERSITY author Herodotus quote Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks Answers GREAT DEEDS ARE USUALLY WROUGHT AT GREAT RISKS
Level 1299 CLUE UNITY author Joseph Brodsky quote How delightful to find a friend in everyone Answers HOW DELIGHTFUL TO FIND A FRIEND IN EVERYONE
Level 1300 CLUE AMBITION author Martin Heidegger quote The possible ranks higher than the actual Answers THE POSSIBLE RANKS HIGHER THAN THE ACTUAL

Level 1301 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Pauline Kael quote Trash has given us an appetite for art Answers TRASH HAS GIVEN US AN APPETITE FOR ART
Level 1302 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author Friedrich Nietzsche quote Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes Answers LOVE IS BLIND FRIENDSHIP CLOSES ITS EYES
Level 1303 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Ella Woodward quote There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food or ‘good’ food Answers THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS ‘BAD’ FOOD OR ‘GOOD’ FOOD
Level 1304 CLUE MONEY author Honore de Balzac quote Finance like time devours its own children Answers FINANCE LIKE TIME DEVOURS ITS OWN CHILDREN
Level 1305 CLUE MENTALITY author Edwin Louis Cole quote Attitude determines the altitude of life Answers ATTITUDE DETERMINES THE ALTITUDE OF LIFE
Level 1306 CLUE CULTURE author Malala Yousafzai quote Education is neither eastern nor western Answers EDUCATION IS NEITHER EASTERN NOR WESTERN
Level 1307 CLUE METAPHOR author Joan Rivers quote The ideal beauty is a fugitive which is never found Answers THE IDEAL BEAUTY IS A FUGITIVE WHICH IS NEVER FOUND
Level 1308 CLUE MORALITY author Juvenal quote Rare is the union of beauty and purity Answers RARE IS THE UNION OF BEAUTY AND PURITY
Level 1309 CLUE LEARNING author Kieran Culkin quote Watching a good actor is the best way to learn Answers WATCHING A GOOD ACTOR IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN
Level 1310 CLUE EXERCISE author Radamel Falcao quote I am confident in myself and about my fitness Answers I AM CONFIDENT IN MYSELF AND ABOUT MY FITNESS
Level 1311 CLUE POLITICS author Dennis Prager quote Socialism values equality more than liberty Answers SOCIALISM VALUES EQUALITY MORE THAN LIBERTY
Level 1312 CLUE NEW author Russell Hoban quote Explorers have to be ready to die lost Answers EXPLORERS HAVE TO BE READY TO DIE LOST
Level 1313 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Claude Monet quote Color is my day-long obsession joy and torment Answers COLOR IS MY DAY LONG OBSESSION JOY AND TORMENT
Level 1314 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Mary Catherine Bateson quote Human beings do not eat nutrients they eat food Answers HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT EAT NUTRIENTS THEY EAT FOOD
Level 1315 CLUE PERSONAL author Ricky Schroder quote I always knew I was going to be a family man Answers I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS GOING TO BE A FAMILY MAN
Level 1316 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Aeschylus quote It is best for the wise man not to seem wise Answers IT IS BEST FOR THE WISE MAN NOT TO SEEM WISE
Level 1317 CLUE UNITY author Jessica Simpson quote I love watching people’s dreams come true Answers I LOVE WATCHING PEOPLE’S DREAMS COME TRUE
Level 1318 CLUE OPTIMISM author Denzel Washington quote I never really had the classic struggle. I had faith Answers I NEVER REALLY HAD THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE I HAD FAITH
Level 1319 CLUE MENTALITY author Casey Stengel quote The trick is growing up without growing old Answers THE TRICK IS GROWING UP WITHOUT GROWING OLD
Level 1320 CLUE APPEARANCE author Emily Procter quote It’s amazing what sleep does for your looks Answers IT’S AMAZING WHAT SLEEP DOES FOR YOUR LOOKS
Level 1321 CLUE PSYCHOLOGY author Michelangelo quote A man paints with his brains and not with his hands Answers A MAN PAINTS WITH HIS BRAINS AND NOT WITH HIS HANDS
Level 1322 CLUE ETERNAL author Moliere quote We die only once and for such a long time Answers WE DIE ONLY ONCE AND FOR SUCH A LONG TIME
Level 1323 CLUE INQUIRY author George S. Patton quote If a man does his best what else is there? . IF A MAN DOES HIS BEST WHAT ELSE IS THERE
Level 1324 CLUE MENTALITY author Mike Murdock quote Failure to prepare is preparing to fail Answers FAILURE TO PREPARE IS PREPARING TO FAIL
Level 1325 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Richard Brinsley Sheridan quote The surest way to fail is not to determine to succeed Answers THE SUREST WAY TO FAIL IS NOT TO DETERMINE TO SUCCEED
Level 1326 CLUE HUMOR author Sebastian Stan quote Comedy is only funny when there’s real pain Answers COMEDY IS ONLY FUNNY WHEN THERE’S REAL PAIN
Level 1327 CLUE ADVERSITY author Venus Williams quote Life’s a challenge but that’s the best part Answers LIFE’S A CHALLENGE BUT THAT’S THE BEST PART
Level 1328 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Thich Nhat Hanh quote In true dialogue both sides are willing to change Answers IN TRUE DIALOGUE BOTH SIDES ARE WILLING TO CHANGE
Level 1329 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Rabindranath Tagore quote Age considers; youth ventures Answers AGE CONSIDERS YOUTH VENTURES
Level 1330 CLUE HUMOR author Samuel Beckett quote We are all born mad. Some remain so Answers WE ARE ALL BORN MAD SOME REMAIN SO
Level 1331 CLUE HISTORY author Confucius quote Study the past if you would divine the future Answers STUDY THE PAST IF YOU WOULD DIVINE THE FUTURE
Level 1332 CLUE GROWTH author Hannah Bronfman quote Dating a creative pushes me to think outside the box Answers DATING A CREATIVE PUSHES ME TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX
Level 1333 CLUE WISDOM author Bernard Williams quote Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire Answers TALENT IS A FLAME GENIUS IS A FIRE
Level 1334 CLUE HUMOR author Marcelene Cox quote If at first you don’t succeed blame your parents Answers IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED BLAME YOUR PARENTS
Level 1335 CLUE MORALITY author Theodore Roosevelt quote Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage Answers COURTESY IS AS MUCH A MARK OF A GENTLEMAN AS COURAGE
Level 1336 CLUE SELF author Valentino Garavani quote I love my beauty. It’s not my fault Answers I LOVE MY BEAUTY IT’S NOT MY FAULT
Level 1337 CLUE OPTIMISM author John Cleese quote He who laughs most learns best Answers HE WHO LAUGHS MOST LEARNS BEST
Level 1338 CLUE HUMOR author Phyllis Diller quote Housework can’t kill you but why take a chance? . HOUSEWORK CAN’T KILL YOU BUT WHY TAKE A CHANCE
Level 1339 CLUE ART author Robert Delaunay quote Painting is by nature a luminous language Answers PAINTING IS BY NATURE A LUMINOUS LANGUAGE
Level 1340 CLUE PASSION author Savion Glover quote I’m committed to the purity of my art form Answers I’M COMMITTED TO THE PURITY OF MY ART FORM
Level 1341 CLUE TIME author Ruth Benedict quote We grow in time to trust the future for our answers Answers WE GROW IN TIME TO TRUST THE FUTURE FOR OUR ANSWERS
Level 1342 CLUE HUMANITY author D. H. Lawrence quote The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread Answers THE HUMAN SOUL NEEDS ACTUAL BEAUTY MORE THAN BREAD
Level 1343 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Mae West quote To err is human but it feels divine Answers TO ERR IS HUMAN BUT IT FEELS DIVINE
Level 1344 CLUE HUMOR author Groucho Marx quote Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted Answers QUOTE ME AS SAYING I WAS MIS QUOTED
Level 1345 CLUE PRIORITIES author Taylor Swift quote I’ve always strived to be successful not famous Answers I’VE ALWAYS STRIVED TO BE SUCCESSFUL NOT FAMOUS
Level 1346 CLUE CONFLICT author Paul Gauguin quote Life being what it is one dreams of revenge Answers LIFE BEING WHAT IT IS ONE DREAMS OF REVENGE
Level 1347 CLUE INNOVATION author Samuel Johnson quote What is easy is seldom excellent Answers WHAT IS EASY IS SELDOM EXCELLENT
Level 1348 CLUE GUIDANCE author Alberta Hunter quote Put your faith in God and confidence in yourself Answers PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF
Level 1349 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Ravi Zacharias quote Success is more difficult to handle than failure Answers SUCCESS IS MORE DIFFICULT TO HANDLE THAN FAILURE
Level 1350 CLUE HISTORY author Joe Strummer quote The hippy movement was a failure Answers THE HIPPY MOVEMENT WAS A FAILURE

Level 1351 CLUE CYNICISM author Lily Tomlin quote Remember we’re all in this alone Answers REMEMBER WE’RE ALL IN THIS ALONE
Level 1352 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Francois de La Rochefoucauld quote On neither the sun nor death can a man look fixedly Answers ON NEITHER THE SUN NOR DEATH CAN A MAN LOOK FIXEDLY
Level 1353 CLUE FAME author Yoko Ono quote Many incredible artists die before they were famous Answers MANY INCREDIBLE ARTISTS DIE BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS
Level 1354 CLUE REALITY author John Malkovich quote Failure’s a natural part of life Answers FAILURE’S A NATURAL PART OF LIFE
Level 1355 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Katie Lee quote I love comfort food – it’s the basis of everything Answers I LOVE COMFORT FOOD IT’S THE BASIS OF EVERYTHING
Level 1356 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Maxwell Maltz quote You make mistakes. Mistakes don’t make you Answers YOU MAKE MISTAKES MISTAKES DON’T MAKE YOU
Level 1357 CLUE HUMOR author Daryl Hall quote I’ve got a sense of humor. I’m a funny guy Answers I’VE GOT A SENSE OF HUMOR I’M A FUNNY GUY
Level 1358 CLUE HUMOR author Bill Copeland quote After all is said and done sit down Answers AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE SIT DOWN
Level 1359 CLUE CONSUMPTION author George Bernard Shaw quote Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends Answers ANIMALS ARE MY FRIENDS AND I DON’T EAT MY FRIENDS
Level 1360 CLUE LITERATURE author Harold Pinter quote Good writing excites me and makes life worth living Answers GOOD WRITING EXCITES ME AND MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING
Level 1361 CLUE PETS author Olivia Newton-John quote The only weights I lift are my dogs Answers THE ONLY WEIGHTS I LIFT ARE MY DOGS
Level 1362 CLUE ADVERSITY author Roger Ascham quote It is costly wisdom that is bought by experience Answers IT IS COSTLY WISDOM THAT IS BOUGHT BY EXPERIENCE
Level 1363 CLUE HUMOR author Louis XIV quote I could sooner reconcile all Europe than two women Answers I COULD SOONER RECONCILE ALL EUROPE THAN TWO WOMEN
Level 1364 CLUE FULFILLMENT author Georgia O’Keeffe quote The days you work are the best days Answers THE DAYS YOU WORK ARE THE BEST DAYS
Level 1365 CLUE SUCCESS author Bernard Baruch quote I made my money by selling too soon Answers I MADE MY MONEY BY SELLING TOO SOON
Level 1366 CLUE UNITY author William Blake quote The bird a nest the spider a web man friendship Answers THE BIRD A NEST THE SPIDER A WEB MAN FRIENDSHIP
Level 1367 CLUE REALITY author Joseph Campbell quote Myths are public dreams dreams are private myths Answers MYTHS ARE PUBLIC DREAMS DREAMS ARE PRIVATE MYTHS
Level 1368 CLUE ROMANCE author Rachel Dratch quote I have no wisdom to share on dating Answers I HAVE NO WISDOM TO SHARE ON DATING
Level 1369 CLUE GROWTH author Alan Vega quote Experience really does make you better man Answers EXPERIENCE REALLY DOES MAKE YOU BETTER MAN
Level 1370 CLUE INSPIRATION author Wayne Dyer quote Go for it now. The future is promised to no one Answers GO FOR IT NOW THE FUTURE IS PROMISED TO NO ONE
Level 1371 CLUE COMPASSION author Francis of Assisi quote For it is in giving that we receive Answers FOR IT IS IN GIVING THAT WE RECEIVE
Level 1372 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Ronald Reagan quote Don’t be afraid to see what you see Answers DON’T BE AFRAID TO SEE WHAT YOU SEE
Level 1373 CLUE FASHION author Marcus Brigstocke quote I don’t mind not being cool; I wear a cardigan Answers I DON’T MIND NOT BEING COOL I WEAR A CARDIGAN
Level 1374 CLUE NEW author Enya quote As with anything creative change is inevitable Answers AS WITH ANYTHING CREATIVE CHANGE IS INEVITABLE
Level 1375 CLUE FOOD author Sherry Yard quote Baking is both an art and a science Answers BAKING IS BOTH AN ART AND A SCIENCE
Level 1376 CLUE WISDOM author Robert Green Ingersoll quote Courage without conscience is a wild beast Answers COURAGE WITHOUT CONSCIENCE IS A WILD BEAST
Level 1377 CLUE HUMANITY author William Shakespeare quote But men are men; the best sometimes forget Answers BUT MEN ARE MEN THE BEST SOMETIMES FORGET
Level 1378 CLUE MORALITY author Milan Kundera quote How goodness heightens beauty! . HOW GOODNESS HEIGHTENS BEAUTY
Level 1379 CLUE POLITICS author Susan B. Anthony quote Suffrage is the pivotal right Answers SUFFRAGE IS THE PIVOTAL RIGHT
Level 1380 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Jean de La Fontaine quote Rare as is true love true friendship is rarer Answers RARE AS IS TRUE LOVE TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS RARER
Level 1381 CLUE FAME author Annie Leibovitz quote I’m more interested in being good than being famous Answers I’M MORE INTERESTED IN BEING GOOD THAN BEING FAMOUS
Level 1382 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Miles Davis quote Do not fear mistakes. There are none Answers DO NOT FEAR MISTAKES THERE ARE NONE
Level 1383 CLUE CULTURE author Hans Hofmann quote Through a painting we can see the whole world Answers THROUGH A PAINTING WE CAN SEE THE WHOLE WORLD
Level 1384 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Ethel Barrymore quote The best time to make friends is before you need them Answers THE BEST TIME TO MAKE FRIENDS IS BEFORE YOU NEED THEM
Level 1385 CLUE OPTIMISM author Edwin Louis Cole quote Have faith in God; God has faith in you Answers HAVE FAITH IN GOD GOD HAS FAITH IN YOU
Level 1386 CLUE PARADOX author Jeanette Winterson quote Naked is the best disguise Answers NAKED IS THE BEST DISGUISE
Level 1387 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Miley Cyrus quote There’s no right or wrong success or failure Answers THERE’S NO RIGHT OR WRONG SUCCESS OR FAILURE
Level 1388 CLUE GUIDANCE author Douglas Wood quote Fear of failure has always been my best motivator Answers FEAR OF FAILURE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY BEST MOTIVATOR
Level 1389 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Desiderius Erasmus quote Your library is your paradise Answers YOUR LIBRARY IS YOUR PARADISE
Level 1390 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Viktor E. Frankl quote Faith is trust in ultimate meaning Answers FAITH IS TRUST IN ULTIMATE MEANING
Level 1391 CLUE INSPIRATION author Arnold Schwarzenegger quote Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed Answers FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION EVERYONE HAS TO SUCCEED
Level 1392 CLUE WISDOM author Miguel de Unamuno quote Man dies of cold not of darkness Answers MAN DIES OF COLD NOT OF DARKNESS
Level 1393 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Corazon Aquino quote One must be frank to be relevant Answers ONE MUST BE FRANK TO BE RELEVANT
Level 1394 CLUE MENTALITY author George MacDonald quote Attitudes are more important than facts Answers ATTITUDES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FACTS
Level 1395 CLUE REALITY author Benjamin Disraeli quote Change is inevitable. Change is constant Answers CHANGE IS INEVITABLE CHANGE IS CONSTANT
Level 1396 CLUE HISTORY author Patrick Henry quote Give me liberty or give me death Answers GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH
Level 1397 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Mark Hyman quote You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet Answers YOU CAN’T EXERCISE YOUR WAY OUT OF A BAD DIET
Level 1398 CLUE OPTIMISM author Dwight L. Moody quote God never made a promise that was too good to be true Answers GOD NEVER MADE A PROMISE THAT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
Level 1399 CLUE APPEARANCE author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote As we grow old the beauty steals inward Answers AS WE GROW OLD THE BEAUTY STEALS INWARD
Level 1400 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Kurt Warner quote The road to our dreams has many detours Answers THE ROAD TO OUR DREAMS HAS MANY DETOURS

Level 1401 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Jean de la Bruyere quote Love and friendship exclude each other Answers LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP EXCLUDE EACH OTHER
Level 1402 CLUE ADVICE author Mark Twain quote When angry count to four; when very angry swear Answers WHEN ANGRY COUNT TO FOUR WHEN VERY ANGRY SWEAR
Level 1403 CLUE OPINION author Ezra Pound quote All great art is born of the metropolis Answers ALL GREAT ART IS BORN OF THE METROPOLIS
Level 1404 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Ellen G. White quote The Bible is our rule of faith and doctrine Answers THE BIBLE IS OUR RULE OF FAITH AND DOCTRINE
Level 1405 CLUE PERSONAL author Alexander McQueen quote I find beauty in the grotesque like most artists Answers I FIND BEAUTY IN THE GROTESQUE LIKE MOST ARTISTS
Level 1406 CLUE ETERNAL author Heraclitus quote Nothing endures but change Answers NOTHING ENDURES BUT CHANGE
Level 1407 CLUE CONFLICT author Napoleon Bonaparte quote War is the business of barbarians Answers WAR IS THE BUSINESS OF BARBARIANS
Level 1408 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Robert Browning quote A minute’s success pays the failure of years Answers A MINUTE’S SUCCESS PAYS THE FAILURE OF YEARS
Level 1409 CLUE LEARNING author Mark Twain quote Don’t let schooling interfere with your education Answers DON’T LET SCHOOLING INTERFERE WITH YOUR EDUCATION
Level 1410 CLUE ADVERSITY author Thomas Fuller quote Despair gives courage to a coward Answers DESPAIR GIVES COURAGE TO A COWARD
Level 1411 CLUE ADVERSITY author Rabindranath Tagore quote We gain freedom when we have paid the full price Answers WE GAIN FREEDOM WHEN WE HAVE PAID THE FULL PRICE
Level 1412 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Jeremy Scott quote I love the low-rider cars and that whole culture Answers I LOVE THE LOW RIDER CARS AND THAT WHOLE CULTURE
Level 1413 CLUE CREATION author Ansel Adams quote You don’t take a photograph you make it Answers YOU DON’T TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH YOU MAKE IT
Level 1414 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Patrice Evra quote In life you always have a second chance Answers IN LIFE YOU ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND CHANCE
Level 1415 CLUE WISDOM author Douglas Horton quote Beauty is variable ugliness is constant Answers BEAUTY IS VARIABLE UGLINESS IS CONSTANT
Level 1416 CLUE HOLIDAY author Lewis Black quote Online there’s no time. It’s always Christmas Answers ONLINE THERE’S NO TIME IT’S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS
Level 1417 CLUE GROWTH author Henry Adams quote All experience is an arch to build upon Answers ALL EXPERIENCE IS AN ARCH TO BUILD UPON
Level 1418 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Walt Whitman quote I have learned that to be with those I like is enough Answers I HAVE LEARNED THAT TO BE WITH THOSE I LIKE IS ENOUGH
Level 1419 CLUE CONFLICT author Friedrich Nietzsche quote The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy Answers THE BEST WEAPON AGAINST AN ENEMY IS ANOTHER ENEMY
Level 1420 CLUE HUMANITY author Erich Fromm quote Man always dies before he is fully born Answers MAN ALWAYS DIES BEFORE HE IS FULLY BORN
Level 1421 CLUE ENTERPRISE author Future quote I’m always a fan of good business moves Answers I’M ALWAYS A FAN OF GOOD BUSINESS MOVES
Level 1422 CLUE MENTALITY author Chuck Liddell quote I’ve got a puncher’s chance against anybody Answers I’VE GOT A PUNCHER’S CHANCE AGAINST ANYBODY
Level 1423 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Bill Ayers quote It’s amazing where the paranoid mind can take you Answers IT’S AMAZING WHERE THE PARANOID MIND CAN TAKE YOU
Level 1424 CLUE BLESSINGS author Michelangelo quote I live and love in God’s peculiar light Answers I LIVE AND LOVE IN GOD’S PECULIAR LIGHT
Level 1425 CLUE GROWTH author Lee Ranaldo quote Change is always good. It brings you to a new place Answers CHANGE IS ALWAYS GOOD IT BRINGS YOU TO A NEW PLACE
Level 1426 CLUE TIME author Winston Churchill quote The empires of the future are the empires of the mind Answers THE EMPIRES OF THE FUTURE ARE THE EMPIRES OF THE MIND
Level 1427 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Mary Helen Bowers quote I don’t let my wardrobe dictate my diet Answers I DON’T LET MY WARDROBE DICTATE MY DIET
Level 1428 CLUE ADVICE author Eve Arnold quote You should never reveal your true age Answers YOU SHOULD NEVER REVEAL YOUR TRUE AGE
Level 1429 CLUE VICE author Bill Maher quote Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease Answers EVERYTHING THAT USED TO BE A SIN IS NOW A DISEASE
Level 1430 CLUE RELATIONSHIPS author Seneca quote Friendship always benefits; love sometimes injures Answers FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS BENEFITS LOVE SOMETIMES INJURES
Level 1431 CLUE FOOD author Clarence Clemons quote Cooking is an art form a creative thing Answers COOKING IS AN ART FORM A CREATIVE THING
Level 1432 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Tommy Caldwell quote I crave time in Yosemite like I crave food and water Answers I CRAVE TIME IN YOSEMITE LIKE I CRAVE FOOD AND WATER
Level 1433 CLUE SOLITUDE author Guillermo Diaz quote I’m a loner. I like to be alone. I’m socially awkward Answers I’M A LONER I LIKE TO BE ALONE I’M SOCIALLY AWKWARD
Level 1434 CLUE FASHION author Brian Wilson quote To wear a floral shirt is an experience Answers TO WEAR A FLORAL SHIRT IS AN EXPERIENCE
Level 1435 CLUE SECRET author Quintilian quote The perfection of art is to conceal art Answers THE PERFECTION OF ART IS TO CONCEAL ART
Level 1436 CLUE INSPIRATION author Michelangelo quote Faith in oneself is the best and safest course Answers FAITH IN ONESELF IS THE BEST AND SAFEST COURSE
Level 1437 CLUE FAME author Simeon Strunsky quote Famous remarks are very seldom quoted correctly Answers FAMOUS REMARKS ARE VERY SELDOM QUOTED CORRECTLY
Level 1438 CLUE EMOTIONS author Daniel Bell quote I am too weary to listen too angry to hear Answers I AM TOO WEARY TO LISTEN TOO ANGRY TO HEAR
Level 1439 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Napoleon Bonaparte quote The best cure for the body is a quiet mind Answers THE BEST CURE FOR THE BODY IS A QUIET MIND
Level 1440 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Publilius Syrus quote An angry father is most cruel towards himself Answers AN ANGRY FATHER IS MOST CRUEL TOWARDS HIMSELF
Level 1441 CLUE MUSIC author Robert Indiana quote I was the least Pop of all the Pop artists Answers I WAS THE LEAST POP OF ALL THE POP ARTISTS
Level 1442 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Theodore Roosevelt quote I am a part of everything that I have read Answers I AM A PART OF EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE READ
Level 1443 CLUE HUMOR author Jerome K. Jerome quote What I am looking for is a blessing not in disguise Answers WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR IS A BLESSING NOT IN DISGUISE
Level 1444 CLUE LITERATURE author John Updike quote Old age treats freelance writers pretty gently Answers OLD AGE TREATS FREELANCE WRITERS PRETTY GENTLY
Level 1445 CLUE BRAVERY author Jonathan Swift quote He was a bold man that first ate an oyster Answers HE WAS A BOLD MAN THAT FIRST ATE AN OYSTER
Level 1446 CLUE TIME author Jim Carrey quote A lot of good love can happen in ten years Answers A LOT OF GOOD LOVE CAN HAPPEN IN TEN YEARS
Level 1447 CLUE ENDINGS author George Eliot quote In every parting there is an image of death Answers IN EVERY PARTING THERE IS AN IMAGE OF DEATH
Level 1448 CLUE INNOVATION author Francoise Sagan quote Art must take reality by surprise Answers ART MUST TAKE REALITY BY SURPRISE
Level 1449 CLUE HUMOR author Oscar Wilde quote True friends stab you in the front Answers TRUE FRIENDS STAB YOU IN THE FRONT
Level 1450 CLUE HUMOR author Peter Ustinov quote Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious Answers COMEDY IS SIMPLY A FUNNY WAY OF BEING SERIOUS

Level 1451 CLUE FASHION author Jessie James Decker quote I wanted to design clothes to help build confidence Answers I WANTED TO DESIGN CLOTHES TO HELP BUILD CONFIDENCE
Level 1452 CLUE MOTIVATION author Kristanna Loken quote Believe in and follow your dreams Answers BELIEVE IN AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS
Level 1453 CLUE AMBITION author Masayoshi Son quote We have lots of ideas lots of dreams Answers WE HAVE LOTS OF IDEAS LOTS OF DREAMS
Level 1454 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Gina Barreca quote Like love breakfast is best when made at home Answers LIKE LOVE BREAKFAST IS BEST WHEN MADE AT HOME
Level 1455 CLUE MUSIC author Barbara Januszkiewicz quote Jazz is the art of thinking out loud Answers JAZZ IS THE ART OF THINKING OUT LOUD
Level 1456 CLUE YOUTH author Pablo Picasso quote It takes a long time to become young Answers IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO BECOME YOUNG
Level 1457 CLUE IDEOLOGY author David Draiman quote I support liberty; I support true freedom Answers I SUPPORT LIBERTY I SUPPORT TRUE FREEDOM
Level 1458 CLUE HUMOR author Milton Glaser quote Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking Answers COMPUTERS ARE TO DESIGN AS MICROWAVES ARE TO COOKING
Level 1459 CLUE AMBITION author Friedrich Schiller quote Keep true to the dreams of your youth Answers KEEP TRUE TO THE DREAMS OF YOUR YOUTH
Level 1460 CLUE TRAVEL author Diane von Furstenberg quote Italy will always have the best food Answers ITALY WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE BEST FOOD
Level 1461 CLUE FUTURE author Kevin Kelly quote All imaginable futures are not equally possible Answers ALL IMAGINABLE FUTURES ARE NOT EQUALLY POSSIBLE
Level 1462 CLUE CREATION author Marc Chagall quote Great art picks up where nature ends Answers GREAT ART PICKS UP WHERE NATURE ENDS
Level 1463 CLUE LEGACY author Jean Nouvel quote My buildings are more famous than me Answers MY BUILDINGS ARE MORE FAMOUS THAN ME
Level 1464 CLUE PARENTS author Imogen Poots quote I love my real mom and dad; I love them both equally Answers I LOVE MY REAL MOM AND DAD I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY
Level 1465 CLUE FILM author John Lasseter quote Pixar is not about computers it’s about people Answers PIXAR IS NOT ABOUT COMPUTERS IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE
Level 1466 CLUE MONEY author Francois Hollande quote My adversary is the world of finance Answers MY ADVERSARY IS THE WORLD OF FINANCE
Level 1467 CLUE MENTALITY author Frank Sinatra quote Cock your hat – angles are attitudes Answers COCK YOUR HAT ANGLES ARE ATTITUDES
Level 1468 CLUE WISDOM author Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quote Talent does what it can; genius does what it must Answers TALENT DOES WHAT IT CAN GENIUS DOES WHAT IT MUST
Level 1469 CLUE PERSONAL author Taylor Swift quote All you need to do to be my friend is like me Answers ALL YOU NEED TO DO TO BE MY FRIEND IS LIKE ME
Level 1470 CLUE SPORTS author Eric Dickerson quote I don’t give players a chance to hit me Answers I DON’T GIVE PLAYERS A CHANCE TO HIT ME
Level 1471 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Benjamin Franklin quote To Follow by faith alone is to follow blindly Answers TO FOLLOW BY FAITH ALONE IS TO FOLLOW BLINDLY
Level 1472 CLUE BRAVERY author Elizabeth Cady Stanton quote The best protection any woman can have… is courage Answers THE BEST PROTECTION ANY WOMAN CAN HAVE IS COURAGE
Level 1473 CLUE MENTALITY author Leslie Bricusse quote I don’t believe in giving in to old age Answers I DON’T BELIEVE IN GIVING IN TO OLD AGE
Level 1474 CLUE FORTUNE author Bruce Springsteen quote When it comes to luck you make your own Answers WHEN IT COMES TO LUCK YOU MAKE YOUR OWN
Level 1475 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Lucy Griffiths quote My biggest fear is looking weak girly and pathetic Answers MY BIGGEST FEAR IS LOOKING WEAK GIRLY AND PATHETIC
Level 1476 CLUE MENTALITY author Washington Irving quote Age is a matter of feeling not of years Answers AGE IS A MATTER OF FEELING NOT OF YEARS
Level 1477 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Mike Nichols quote The only safe thing is to take a chance Answers THE ONLY SAFE THING IS TO TAKE A CHANCE
Level 1478 CLUE CHANGE author Frank Ocean quote The Internet made fame wack and anonymity cool Answers THE INTERNET MADE FAME WACK AND ANONYMITY COOL
Level 1479 CLUE LIFE author Ralph Marston quote Your goals minus your doubts equal your reality Answers YOUR GOALS MINUS YOUR DOUBTS EQUAL YOUR REALITY
Level 1480 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Paine quote Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man Answers BELIEF IN A CRUEL GOD MAKES A CRUEL MAN
Level 1481 CLUE FAITH author C. S. Lewis quote I gave in and admitted that God was God Answers I GAVE IN AND ADMITTED THAT GOD WAS GOD
Level 1482 CLUE CREATION author Winston Churchill quote We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us Answers WE SHAPE OUR BUILDINGS THEREAFTER THEY SHAPE US
Level 1483 CLUE COMMUNICATION author William Bernbach quote Word of mouth is the best medium of all Answers WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST MEDIUM OF ALL
Level 1484 CLUE PURPOSE author Jason Silva quote I design therefore I become Answers I DESIGN THEREFORE I BECOME
Level 1485 CLUE FAMILY author Lillian Hellman quote My father was often angry when I was most like him Answers MY FATHER WAS OFTEN ANGRY WHEN I WAS MOST LIKE HIM
Level 1486 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Confucius quote Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it Answers EVERYTHING HAS BEAUTY BUT NOT EVERYONE SEES IT
Level 1487 CLUE MORALITY author Thomas Leonard quote Integrity reveals beauty Answers INTEGRITY REVEALS BEAUTY
Level 1488 CLUE SOCIAL author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote The only way to have a friend is to be one Answers THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A FRIEND IS TO BE ONE
Level 1489 CLUE CHANGE author Mason Cooley quote The lonely become either thoughtful or empty Answers THE LONELY BECOME EITHER THOUGHTFUL OR EMPTY
Level 1490 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Rudyard Kipling quote He travels the fastest who travels alone Answers HE TRAVELS THE FASTEST WHO TRAVELS ALONE
Level 1491 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author Alexander Chase quote To understand is to forgive even oneself Answers TO UNDERSTAND IS TO FORGIVE EVEN ONESELF
Level 1492 CLUE ENDINGS author Walt Whitman quote Nothing can happen more beautiful than death Answers NOTHING CAN HAPPEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH
Level 1493 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Douglas Coupland quote Sometimes the best lighting of all is a power failure Answers SOMETIMES THE BEST LIGHTING OF ALL IS A POWER FAILURE
Level 1494 CLUE LIBERTY author G-Dragon quote I want to have freedom with everything I do Answers I WANT TO HAVE FREEDOM WITH EVERYTHING I DO
Level 1495 CLUE COMMUNICATION author May Sarton quote Most people have to talk so they won’t hear Answers MOST PEOPLE HAVE TO TALK SO THEY WON’T HEAR
Level 1496 CLUE MINIMALISM author Douglas Horton quote The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity Answers THE ART OF SIMPLICITY IS A PUZZLE OF COMPLEXITY
Level 1497 CLUE PASSION author Alfred Eisenstaedt quote When I have a camera in my hand I know no fear Answers WHEN I HAVE A CAMERA IN MY HAND I KNOW NO FEAR
Level 1498 CLUE UNITY author Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy quote When people are with me who can say I am alone Answers WHEN PEOPLE ARE WITH ME WHO CAN SAY I AM ALONE
Level 1499 CLUE EMOTIONS author James Baldwin quote People can cry much easier than they can change Answers PEOPLE CAN CRY MUCH EASIER THAN THEY CAN CHANGE
Level 1500 CLUE OPTIMISM author Novalis quote Knowledge is only one half. Faith is the other Answers KNOWLEDGE IS ONLY ONE HALF FAITH IS THE OTHER

Level 1501 CLUE PURPOSE author Boris Pasternak quote Man is born to live and not to prepare to live Answers MAN IS BORN TO LIVE AND NOT TO PREPARE TO LIVE
Level 1502 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Calvin Coolidge quote I have never been hurt by what I have not said Answers I HAVE NEVER BEEN HURT BY WHAT I HAVE NOT SAID
Level 1503 CLUE LEARNING author Antoine Lavoisier quote Languages are true analytical methods Answers LANGUAGES ARE TRUE ANALYTICAL METHODS
Level 1504 CLUE MOTIVATION author Richard M. DeVos quote If you have a dream give it a chance to happen Answers IF YOU HAVE A DREAM GIVE IT A CHANCE TO HAPPEN
Level 1505 CLUE MENTALITY author Stefan Karl Stefansson quote I do not fear death as I cherish life too much Answers I DO NOT FEAR DEATH AS I CHERISH LIFE TOO MUCH
Level 1506 CLUE HUMOR author Felix Baumgartner quote Heroes don’t wear diapers. It’s just not cool Answers HEROES DON’T WEAR DIAPERS IT’S JUST NOT COOL
Level 1507 CLUE REALITY author Stendhal quote Friendship has its illusions no less than love Answers FRIENDSHIP HAS ITS ILLUSIONS NO LESS THAN LOVE
Level 1508 CLUE HUMOR author Steven Wright quote I intend to live forever. So far so good Answers I INTEND TO LIVE FOREVER SO FAR SO GOOD
Level 1509 CLUE COMPASSION author Brigham Young quote Love the giver more than the gift Answers LOVE THE GIVER MORE THAN THE GIFT
Level 1510 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Louis D. Brandeis quote Behind every argument is someone’s ignorance Answers BEHIND EVERY ARGUMENT IS SOMEONE’S IGNORANCE
Level 1511 CLUE HUMOR author Bill Moyers quote I own and operate a ferocious ego Answers I OWN AND OPERATE A FEROCIOUS EGO
Level 1512 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Dalai Lama quote Sleep is the best meditation Answers SLEEP IS THE BEST MEDITATION
Level 1513 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Dorothy Thompson quote Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live Answers ONLY WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER AFRAID DO WE BEGIN TO LIVE
Level 1514 CLUE OPINION author John Cameron Mitchell quote There’s something cool about being a stealth classic Answers THERE’S SOMETHING COOL ABOUT BEING A STEALTH CLASSIC
Level 1515 CLUE UNITY author John Paul DeJoria quote Success unshared is failure Answers SUCCESS UNSHARED IS FAILURE
Level 1516 CLUE HUMOR author Mason Cooley quote Cure for an obsession get another one Answers CURE FOR AN OBSESSION GET ANOTHER ONE
Level 1517 CLUE OPINION author Robert Mapplethorpe quote To make pictures big is to make them more powerful Answers TO MAKE PICTURES BIG IS TO MAKE THEM MORE POWERFUL
Level 1518 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Marilyn Monroe quote I am alone; I am always alone no matter what Answers I AM ALONE I AM ALWAYS ALONE NO MATTER WHAT
Level 1519 CLUE INNOVATION author James Cash Penney quote Exchange ideas frequently Answers EXCHANGE IDEAS FREQUENTLY
Level 1520 CLUE MONEY author George Osborne quote Tax cuts should be for life not just for Christmas Answers TAX CUTS SHOULD BE FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS
Level 1521 CLUE EXERCISE author Wilfried Zaha quote My fitness has always been decent. I run constantly Answers MY FITNESS HAS ALWAYS BEEN DECENT I RUN CONSTANTLY
Level 1522 CLUE GUIDANCE author Jake Gyllenhaal quote Every journey starts with fear Answers EVERY JOURNEY STARTS WITH FEAR
Level 1523 CLUE PETS author Alexandra Daddario quote I love my rabbit my family rabbit Answers I LOVE MY RABBIT MY FAMILY RABBIT
Level 1524 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author E. M. Forster quote Unless we remember we cannot understand Answers UNLESS WE REMEMBER WE CANNOT UNDERSTAND
Level 1525 CLUE GROWTH author Henry Rollins quote Change is hard but change is good Answers CHANGE IS HARD BUT CHANGE IS GOOD
Level 1526 CLUE HUMOR author Scott Adams quote The best things in life are silly Answers THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE SILLY
Level 1527 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Mark Foster quote Travelling alone was like laundry for my thoughts Answers TRAVELLING ALONE WAS LIKE LAUNDRY FOR MY THOUGHTS
Level 1528 CLUE INSPIRATION author Gabby Douglas quote Always be courageous and strong and don’t fear Answers ALWAYS BE COURAGEOUS AND STRONG AND DON’T FEAR
Level 1529 CLUE METAPHOR author Moshe Dayan quote Freedom is the oxygen of the soul Answers FREEDOM IS THE OXYGEN OF THE SOUL
Level 1530 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Gamal Abdel Nasser quote Events are not a matter of chance Answers EVENTS ARE NOT A MATTER OF CHANCE
Level 1531 CLUE EMOTIONS author Sara Teasdale quote Beauty more than bitterness makes the heart break Answers BEAUTY MORE THAN BITTERNESS MAKES THE HEART BREAK
Level 1532 CLUE LITERATURE author Victor Hugo quote A library implies an act of faith Answers A LIBRARY IMPLIES AN ACT OF FAITH
Level 1533 CLUE TRANSPORTATION author Alfred P. Sloan quote A car for every purse and purpose Answers A CAR FOR EVERY PURSE AND PURPOSE
Level 1534 CLUE WISDOM author George Jean Nathan quote No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched Answers NO MAN CAN THINK CLEARLY WHEN HIS FISTS ARE CLENCHED
Level 1535 CLUE SPORTS author Jimmy Butler quote You get traded. It happens. It’s part of the business Answers YOU GET TRADED IT HAPPENS IT’S PART OF THE BUSINESS
Level 1536 CLUE VICE author Paulo Coelho quote Beauty is the greatest seducer of man Answers BEAUTY IS THE GREATEST SEDUCER OF MAN
Level 1537 CLUE FUTURE author Mario Cuomo quote I have no plans and no plans to plan Answers I HAVE NO PLANS AND NO PLANS TO PLAN
Level 1538 CLUE WISDOM author Voltaire quote Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers Answers JUDGE A MAN BY HIS QUESTIONS RATHER THAN HIS ANSWERS
Level 1539 CLUE PREFERENCE author Alexandra Paul quote The cars we drive say a lot about us Answers THE CARS WE DRIVE SAY A LOT ABOUT US
Level 1540 CLUE MENTALITY author Joe Namath quote First I prepare. Then I have faith Answers FIRST I PREPARE THEN I HAVE FAITH
Level 1541 CLUE FILM author Rhona Mitra quote Spiderman can climb walls and he’s got a cool outfit Answers SPIDERMAN CAN CLIMB WALLS AND HE’S GOT A COOL OUTFIT
Level 1542 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Ralph Ellison quote Education is all a matter of building bridges Answers EDUCATION IS ALL A MATTER OF BUILDING BRIDGES
Level 1543 CLUE HUMOR author Benjamin Disraeli quote As for our majority… one is enough Answers AS FOR OUR MAJORITY ONE IS ENOUGH
Level 1544 CLUE AMBITION author Mary Webb quote Saddle your dreams before you ride em Answers SADDLE YOUR DREAMS BEFORE YOU RIDE EM
Level 1545 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Ray Comfort quote When men don’t fear God they give themselves to evil Answers WHEN MEN DON’T FEAR GOD THEY GIVE THEMSELVES TO EVIL
Level 1546 CLUE BUSINESS author Ferdinand Piech quote If you fire people you fire customers Answers IF YOU FIRE PEOPLE YOU FIRE CUSTOMERS
Level 1547 CLUE HUMANITY author Tina Yothers quote People never cease to amaze me Answers PEOPLE NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME
Level 1548 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Chris Hughes quote People are doing amazing things right now on the Web Answers PEOPLE ARE DOING AMAZING THINGS RIGHT NOW ON THE WEB
Level 1549 CLUE INQUIRY author Kubra Sait quote Asking questions is the first way to begin change Answers ASKING QUESTIONS IS THE FIRST WAY TO BEGIN CHANGE
Level 1550 CLUE AMBITION author Chris Coleman quote Don’t be afraid to have dreams Answers DON’T BE AFRAID TO HAVE DREAMS

Level 1551 CLUE LOVE author John Updike quote All love comes from the family Answers ALL LOVE COMES FROM THE FAMILY
Level 1552 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Alanis Morissette quote My three addictions of choice are food love and work Answers MY THREE ADDICTIONS OF CHOICE ARE FOOD LOVE AND WORK
Level 1553 CLUE TIME author Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote Dissents speak to a future age Answers DISSENTS SPEAK TO A FUTURE AGE
Level 1554 CLUE INSPIRATION author Dante Alighieri quote Beauty awakens the soul to act Answers BEAUTY AWAKENS THE SOUL TO ACT
Level 1555 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote Thought takes man out of servitude into freedom Answers THOUGHT TAKES MAN OUT OF SERVITUDE INTO FREEDOM
Level 1556 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Will Rogers quote Everybody is ignorant only on different subjects Answers EVERYBODY IS IGNORANT ONLY ON DIFFERENT SUBJECTS
Level 1557 CLUE SELF author Eric Bogosian quote I’m not hip I’m not cool I’m not glib Answers I’M NOT HIP I’M NOT COOL I’M NOT GLIB
Level 1558 CLUE TRAVEL author Ashton Kutcher quote I’m from Iowa we don’t know what cool is! . I’M FROM IOWA WE DON’T KNOW WHAT COOL IS
Level 1559 CLUE INNOVATION author Dennis Weaver quote Business must be the solution not the problem Answers BUSINESS MUST BE THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM
Level 1560 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Jinder Mahal quote I eat every two hours to balance my diet Answers I EAT EVERY TWO HOURS TO BALANCE MY DIET
Level 1561 CLUE PERSONAL author Tua Tagovailoa quote I would say my poise comes from my faith Answers I WOULD SAY MY POISE COMES FROM MY FAITH
Level 1562 CLUE GROWTH author Bruce Barton quote When you are through changing you are through Answers WHEN YOU ARE THROUGH CHANGING YOU ARE THROUGH
Level 1563 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Matthew McConaughey quote We dissect failure a lot more than we dissect success Answers WE DISSECT FAILURE A LOT MORE THAN WE DISSECT SUCCESS
Level 1564 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Jeff Fortenberry quote No one should have to live in fear Answers NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR
Level 1565 CLUE FORTUNE author Thomas Hardy quote Some folk want their luck buttered Answers SOME FOLK WANT THEIR LUCK BUTTERED
Level 1566 CLUE AMBITION author Quintilian quote Vain hopes are like certain dreams of those who wake Answers VAIN HOPES ARE LIKE CERTAIN DREAMS OF THOSE WHO WAKE
Level 1567 CLUE GROWTH author Stevie Wonder quote Minds ripen at very different ages Answers MINDS RIPEN AT VERY DIFFERENT AGES
Level 1568 CLUE HUMOR author Clint Eastwood quote If you want a guarantee buy a toaster Answers IF YOU WANT A GUARANTEE BUY A TOASTER
Level 1569 CLUE FRIENDS AND FAMILY author Thomas Fuller quote There is a scarcity of friendship but not of friends Answers THERE IS A SCARCITY OF FRIENDSHIP BUT NOT OF FRIENDS
Level 1570 CLUE OPTIMISM author Thomas More quote I die the king’s faithful servant but God’s first Answers I DIE THE KING’S FAITHFUL SERVANT BUT GOD’S FIRST
Level 1571 CLUE HUMOR author George Burns quote When I was a boy the Dead Sea was only sick Answers WHEN I WAS A BOY THE DEAD SEA WAS ONLY SICK
Level 1572 CLUE CREATION author Helen Hayes quote I cry out for order and find it only in art Answers I CRY OUT FOR ORDER AND FIND IT ONLY IN ART
Level 1573 CLUE LIFE author Dania Ramirez quote Being an immigrant gives you so much courage Answers BEING AN IMMIGRANT GIVES YOU SO MUCH COURAGE
Level 1574 CLUE APPEARANCE author Edmund Burke quote Beauty is the promise of happiness Answers BEAUTY IS THE PROMISE OF HAPPINESS
Level 1575 CLUE LOVE author Khalil Gibran quote Your friend is your needs answered Answers YOUR FRIEND IS YOUR NEEDS ANSWERED
Level 1576 CLUE GROWTH author Leo Buscaglia quote Change is the end result of all true learning Answers CHANGE IS THE END RESULT OF ALL TRUE LEARNING
Level 1577 CLUE MENTALITY author William J. Brennan Jr. quote There are no menial jobs only menial attitudes Answers THERE ARE NO MENIAL JOBS ONLY MENIAL ATTITUDES
Level 1578 CLUE TIME author Mark Strand quote The future is always beginning now Answers THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS BEGINNING NOW
Level 1579 CLUE CREATION author Gustave Courbet quote Fine art is knowledge made visible Answers FINE ART IS KNOWLEDGE MADE VISIBLE
Level 1580 CLUE SUCCESS author Brian Ortega quote I love being the underdog. I’m cool in my dog house Answers I LOVE BEING THE UNDERDOG I’M COOL IN MY DOG HOUSE
Level 1581 CLUE MOTIVATION author Emma Goldman quote When we can’t dream any longer we die Answers WHEN WE CAN’T DREAM ANY LONGER WE DIE
Level 1582 CLUE OPTIMISM author Thomas S. Monson quote The future is as bright as your faith Answers THE FUTURE IS AS BRIGHT AS YOUR FAITH
Level 1583 CLUE WISDOM author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Our faith comes in moments; our vice is habitual Answers OUR FAITH COMES IN MOMENTS OUR VICE IS HABITUAL
Level 1584 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Elizabeth Bowen quote Education is not so important as people think Answers EDUCATION IS NOT SO IMPORTANT AS PEOPLE THINK
Level 1585 CLUE PASSION author Robert Frost quote The artist in me cries out for design Answers THE ARTIST IN ME CRIES OUT FOR DESIGN
Level 1586 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Publilius Syrus quote It is better to learn late than never Answers IT IS BETTER TO LEARN LATE THAN NEVER
Level 1587 CLUE ADVICE author Paul Cezanne quote Don’t be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation Answers DON’T BE AN ART CRITIC PAINT THERE LIES SALVATION
Level 1588 CLUE MORALITY author Kevyn Aucoin quote Beauty has a lot to do with character Answers BEAUTY HAS A LOT TO DO WITH CHARACTER
Level 1589 CLUE LIFE author Toby Regbo quote Family counts for a lot in this world Answers FAMILY COUNTS FOR A LOT IN THIS WORLD
Level 1590 CLUE HUMANITY author Stanislaw Lem quote Do not trust people. They are capable of greatness Answers DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE THEY ARE CAPABLE OF GREATNESS
Level 1591 CLUE CREATION author Joel Hodgson quote South Park started as a little video Christmas card Answers SOUTH PARK STARTED AS A LITTLE VIDEO CHRISTMAS CARD
Level 1592 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Harley Pasternak quote You cannot out-exercise a bad diet Answers YOU CANNOT OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET
Level 1593 CLUE ADVERSITY author Pier Luigi Loro Piana quote I never expect business to be easy Answers I NEVER EXPECT BUSINESS TO BE EASY
Level 1594 CLUE HUMOR author Theo Von quote They’re just jokes people. They can’t all be funny Answers THEY’RE JUST JOKES PEOPLE THEY CAN’T ALL BE FUNNY
Level 1595 CLUE AMBITION author DJ Khaled quote I always make my dreams into goals Answers I ALWAYS MAKE MY DREAMS INTO GOALS
Level 1596 CLUE CONFLICT author Erich Maria Remarque quote A hospital alone shows what war is Answers A HOSPITAL ALONE SHOWS WHAT WAR IS
Level 1597 CLUE EMOTIONS author Robert South quote Anger is a transient hatred; or at least very like it Answers ANGER IS A TRANSIENT HATRED OR AT LEAST VERY LIKE IT
Level 1598 CLUE OPTIMISM author Pat Riley quote Great effort springs naturally from great attitude Answers GREAT EFFORT SPRINGS NATURALLY FROM GREAT ATTITUDE
Level 1599 CLUE BRAVERY author Thomas Jefferson quote One man with courage is a majority Answers ONE MAN WITH COURAGE IS A MAJORITY
Level 1600 CLUE ADVERSITY author Charles Kennedy quote Courage is a peculiar kind of fear Answers COURAGE IS A PECULIAR KIND OF FEAR

Level 1601 CLUE METAPHOR author W. H. Auden quote Death is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic Answers DEATH IS THE SOUND OF DISTANT THUNDER AT A PICNIC
Level 1602 CLUE MOTIVATION author Ernest Hemingway quote Never mistake motion for action Answers NEVER MISTAKE MOTION FOR ACTION
Level 1603 CLUE LOVE author Samuel Taylor Coleridge quote Friendship is a sheltering tree Answers FRIENDSHIP IS A SHELTERING TREE
Level 1604 CLUE EMOTIONS author Willard Gaylin quote Expressing anger is a form of public littering Answers EXPRESSING ANGER IS A FORM OF PUBLIC LITTERING
Level 1605 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Cathy Guisewite quote Defy your own group. Rebel against yourself Answers DEFY YOUR OWN GROUP REBEL AGAINST YOURSELF
Level 1606 CLUE AMBITION author Kane quote Pursue your dreams but have a backup plan Answers PURSUE YOUR DREAMS BUT HAVE A BACKUP PLAN
Level 1607 CLUE MORTALITY author Amelia Barr quote Old age is the verdict of life Answers OLD AGE IS THE VERDICT OF LIFE
Level 1608 CLUE PASSION author Benjamin Bratt quote It’s an amazing blessing to do something you love Answers IT’S AN AMAZING BLESSING TO DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE
Level 1609 CLUE CAREER author Abhishek Bachchan quote I like working on my birthday so I always do Answers I LIKE WORKING ON MY BIRTHDAY SO I ALWAYS DO
Level 1610 CLUE MOTIVATION author Toni Morrison quote I get angry about things then go on and work Answers I GET ANGRY ABOUT THINGS THEN GO ON AND WORK
Level 1611 CLUE FUTURE author Thom Yorke quote I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world Answers I’M NOT AFRAID OF COMPUTERS TAKING OVER THE WORLD
Level 1612 CLUE TRANSPORTATION author Jonathan Ive quote One person’s car is another person’s scenery Answers ONE PERSON’S CAR IS ANOTHER PERSON’S SCENERY
Level 1613 CLUE PERSONAL author Marilyn Manson quote For me art is supposed to be a question mark Answers FOR ME ART IS SUPPOSED TO BE A QUESTION MARK
Level 1614 CLUE BALANCE author William Blake quote Opposition is true friendship Answers OPPOSITION IS TRUE FRIENDSHIP
Level 1615 CLUE MONEY author Charlie Munger quote Wall Street has too much wealth and political power Answers WALL STREET HAS TOO MUCH WEALTH AND POLITICAL POWER
Level 1616 CLUE FAITH author Robert Mapplethorpe quote When I work and in my art I hold hands with God Answers WHEN I WORK AND IN MY ART I HOLD HANDS WITH GOD
Level 1617 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Leo Aikman quote The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it Answers THE BEST WAY TO BREAK A BAD HABIT IS TO DROP IT
Level 1618 CLUE LITERATURE author Isaac Asimov quote Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers Answers WRITING TO ME IS SIMPLY THINKING THROUGH MY FINGERS
Level 1619 CLUE MENTALITY author Stephen Hawking quote I believe things cannot make themselves impossible Answers I BELIEVE THINGS CANNOT MAKE THEMSELVES IMPOSSIBLE
Level 1620 CLUE GROWTH author Henry David Thoreau quote Things do not change; we change Answers THINGS DO NOT CHANGE WE CHANGE
Level 1621 CLUE HUMOR author Jay London quote I saw a stationery store move Answers I SAW A STATIONERY STORE MOVE
Level 1622 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Kim Shaw quote Everyone’s been on a ramen noodle diet once or twice Answers EVERYONE’S BEEN ON A RAMEN NOODLE DIET ONCE OR TWICE
Level 1623 CLUE CYNICISM author Christina Rossetti quote Obedience is the fruit of faith Answers OBEDIENCE IS THE FRUIT OF FAITH
Level 1624 CLUE GUIDANCE author Thomas Hardy quote Fear is the mother of foresight Answers FEAR IS THE MOTHER OF FORESIGHT
Level 1625 CLUE PERSONAL author Leila Lopes quote I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty Answers I CONSIDER MYSELF A WOMAN ENDOWED WITH INNER BEAUTY
Level 1626 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Voltaire quote Nature has always had more force than education Answers NATURE HAS ALWAYS HAD MORE FORCE THAN EDUCATION
Level 1627 CLUE GROWTH author Aisha Tyler quote Bravery is the engine of change Answers BRAVERY IS THE ENGINE OF CHANGE
Level 1628 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Desiderius Erasmus quote Fortune favors the audacious Answers FORTUNE FAVORS THE AUDACIOUS
Level 1629 CLUE TIME author Og Mandino quote Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools Answers TOMORROW IS ONLY FOUND IN THE CALENDAR OF FOOLS
Level 1630 CLUE PERSONAL author Jasper Johns quote I am not strong on perfection Answers I AM NOT STRONG ON PERFECTION
Level 1631 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Tom Peters quote Test fast fail fast adjust fast Answers TEST FAST FAIL FAST ADJUST FAST
Level 1632 CLUE LIBERTY author Desmond Tutu quote The price of freedom is eternal vigilance Answers THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS ETERNAL VIGILANCE
Level 1633 CLUE LIBERTY author David Allan Coe quote Freedom cannot be given… It can only be taken away Answers FREEDOM CANNOT BE GIVEN IT CAN ONLY BE TAKEN AWAY
Level 1634 CLUE LITERATURE author Jonathan Swift quote Books the children of the brain Answers BOOKS THE CHILDREN OF THE BRAIN
Level 1635 CLUE HUMOR author Eldridge Cleaver quote Too much agreement kills a chat Answers TOO MUCH AGREEMENT KILLS A CHAT
Level 1636 CLUE OVERCOMING FEAR author Justine Musk quote Fear is a powerful beast. But we can learn to ride it Answers FEAR IS A POWERFUL BEAST BUT WE CAN LEARN TO RIDE IT
Level 1637 CLUE MENTALITY author Sherwood Eddy quote Faith is not contrary to reason Answers FAITH IS NOT CONTRARY TO REASON
Level 1638 CLUE INSPIRATION author Jack Johnson quote Don’t let your dreams be dreams Answers DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS
Level 1639 CLUE CIVIL RIGHTS author W. C. Fields quote I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally Answers I AM FREE OF ALL PREJUDICES I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY
Level 1640 CLUE AGING author Jon Bon Jovi quote There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience Answers THERE’S A VINTAGE WHICH COMES WITH AGE AND EXPERIENCE
Level 1641 CLUE WISDOM author Socrates quote Beauty is a short-lived tyranny Answers BEAUTY IS A SHORT LIVED TYRANNY
Level 1642 CLUE SOLITUDE author Marilyn Monroe quote I restore myself when I’m alone Answers I RESTORE MYSELF WHEN I’M ALONE
Level 1643 CLUE AMBITION author Usher quote Strivers achieve what dreamers believe Answers STRIVERS ACHIEVE WHAT DREAMERS BELIEVE
Level 1644 CLUE BLESSINGS author Alfie Allen quote It’s amazing. I love being an uncle Answers IT’S AMAZING I LOVE BEING AN UNCLE
Level 1645 CLUE RISK author Edouard Manet quote I would kiss you had I the courage Answers I WOULD KISS YOU HAD I THE COURAGE
Level 1646 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Dean Kamen quote My biggest failure is I have too many to talk about Answers MY BIGGEST FAILURE IS I HAVE TOO MANY TO TALK ABOUT
Level 1647 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Sean Waltman quote My diet is probably better than just about anybody’s Answers MY DIET IS PROBABLY BETTER THAN JUST ABOUT ANYBODY’S
Level 1648 CLUE AMBITION author Robert Anthony quote We fear the thing we want the most Answers WE FEAR THE THING WE WANT THE MOST
Level 1649 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Jean-Paul Sartre quote We do not judge the people we love Answers WE DO NOT JUDGE THE PEOPLE WE LOVE
Level 1650 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author LeBron James quote You have to be able to accept failure to get better Answers YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO ACCEPT FAILURE TO GET BETTER

Level 1651 CLUE FAME author Dave Chappelle quote I love being famous – it’s phenomenal Answers I LOVE BEING FAMOUS IT’S PHENOMENAL
Level 1652 CLUE ENTERPRISE author Calvin Coolidge quote The business of America is business Answers THE BUSINESS OF AMERICA IS BUSINESS
Level 1653 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Lisa Murkowski quote Freedom comes from strength and self-reliance Answers FREEDOM COMES FROM STRENGTH AND SELF RELIANCE
Level 1654 CLUE UNITY author Orianthi quote Christmas time… is about bringing everyone together Answers CHRISTMAS TIME IS ABOUT BRINGING EVERYONE TOGETHER
Level 1655 CLUE OPTIMISM author Diane Ladd quote Have a little faith kick a little dirt Answers HAVE A LITTLE FAITH KICK A LITTLE DIRT
Level 1656 CLUE ENDINGS author GG Allin quote Death is a very important part of life Answers DEATH IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE
Level 1657 CLUE MYSTERY author Walt Whitman quote The future is no more uncertain than the present Answers THE FUTURE IS NO MORE UNCERTAIN THAN THE PRESENT
Level 1658 CLUE VICE author Thomas Fuller quote Anger is one of the sinews of the soul Answers ANGER IS ONE OF THE SINEWS OF THE SOUL
Level 1659 CLUE CHANGE author Bette Midler quote After thirty a body has a mind of its own Answers AFTER THIRTY A BODY HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN
Level 1660 CLUE TIME author Thor Heyerdahl quote For every minute the future is becoming the past Answers FOR EVERY MINUTE THE FUTURE IS BECOMING THE PAST
Level 1661 CLUE ADVERSITY author Norman Douglas quote The pine stays green in winter… wisdom in hardship Answers THE PINE STAYS GREEN IN WINTER WISDOM IN HARDSHIP
Level 1662 CLUE MENTALITY author Voltaire quote Man is free at the moment he wishes to be Answers MAN IS FREE AT THE MOMENT HE WISHES TO BE
Level 1663 CLUE MORTALITY author T. S. Eliot quote I will show you fear in a handful of dust Answers I WILL SHOW YOU FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST
Level 1664 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Elizabeth Taylor quote I’ve been through it all baby I’m mother courage Answers I’VE BEEN THROUGH IT ALL BABY I’M MOTHER COURAGE
Level 1665 CLUE FAME author Blackbear quote I didn’t want to be famous or any of that Answers I DIDN’T WANT TO BE FAMOUS OR ANY OF THAT
Level 1666 CLUE MORALITY author Pierre Corneille quote Every man of courage is a man of his word Answers EVERY MAN OF COURAGE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD
Level 1667 CLUE ENDINGS author Herodotus quote Death is a delightful hiding place for weary men Answers DEATH IS A DELIGHTFUL HIDING PLACE FOR WEARY MEN
Level 1668 CLUE APPEARANCE author Simone Weil quote Beauty always promises but never gives anything Answers BEAUTY ALWAYS PROMISES BUT NEVER GIVES ANYTHING
Level 1669 CLUE AGING author Sophocles quote A man growing old becomes a child again Answers A MAN GROWING OLD BECOMES A CHILD AGAIN
Level 1670 CLUE FOOD author Alice Roosevelt Longworth quote You can’t make a souffle rise twice Answers YOU CAN’T MAKE A SOUFFLE RISE TWICE
Level 1671 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Bill Gates quote It’s hard to improve public education – that’s clear Answers IT’S HARD TO IMPROVE PUBLIC EDUCATION THAT’S CLEAR
Level 1672 CLUE SIMILE author Joe Bob Briggs quote Faith is like a kernel of wheat Answers FAITH IS LIKE A KERNEL OF WHEAT
Level 1673 CLUE EXERCISE author Gordon Ramsay quote I swim like a fish and I have an amazing kick Answers I SWIM LIKE A FISH AND I HAVE AN AMAZING KICK
Level 1674 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Allan Bloom quote Education is the movement from darkness to light Answers EDUCATION IS THE MOVEMENT FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT
Level 1675 CLUE AMBITION author Edgar Cayce quote Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions Answers DREAMS ARE TODAY’S ANSWERS TO TOMORROW’S QUESTIONS
Level 1676 CLUE AMBITION author James Russell Lowell quote Not failure but low aim is crime Answers NOT FAILURE BUT LOW AIM IS CRIME
Level 1677 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Abraham Cahan quote I was a great dreamer of day dreams Answers I WAS A GREAT DREAMER OF DAY DREAMS
Level 1678 CLUE INNOVATION author Steve Jobs quote Things don’t have to change the world to be important Answers THINGS DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE THE WORLD TO BE IMPORTANT
Level 1679 CLUE TRUTH author Gustave Flaubert quote Of all lies art is the least untrue Answers OF ALL LIES ART IS THE LEAST UNTRUE
Level 1680 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Elon Musk quote I’m anti-tax but I’m pro-carbon tax Answers I’M ANTI TAX BUT I’M PRO CARBON TAX
Level 1681 CLUE FAMILY author Jenna Morasca quote My family always makes a huge deal out of Christmas Answers MY FAMILY ALWAYS MAKES A HUGE DEAL OUT OF CHRISTMAS
Level 1682 CLUE POLITICS author Andrew Cuomo quote Marriage equality changed life for people Answers MARRIAGE EQUALITY CHANGED LIFE FOR PEOPLE
Level 1683 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Tilda Swinton quote Faith is in the eye of the beholder Answers FAITH IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER
Level 1684 CLUE AMBITION author Michy Batshuayi quote Every player dreams of a big league Answers EVERY PLAYER DREAMS OF A BIG LEAGUE
Level 1685 CLUE FAME author Pericles quote For famous men have the whole earth as their memorial Answers FOR FAMOUS MEN HAVE THE WHOLE EARTH AS THEIR MEMORIAL
Level 1686 CLUE WISDOM author Thomas Fuller quote Better be alone than in bad company Answers BETTER BE ALONE THAN IN BAD COMPANY
Level 1687 CLUE IDIOM author Unknown quote A picture is worth a thousand words Answers A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS
Level 1688 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Russell Simmons quote I think I’m less afraid of failure than some others Answers I THINK I’M LESS AFRAID OF FAILURE THAN SOME OTHERS
Level 1689 CLUE UNITY author Sam Walton quote We’re all working together; that’s the secret Answers WE’RE ALL WORKING TOGETHER THAT’S THE SECRET
Level 1690 CLUE ADVERSITY author Daniel Dae Kim quote The path to equality is rarely easy Answers THE PATH TO EQUALITY IS RARELY EASY
Level 1691 CLUE CHOICES author Jay Chiat quote Taking risks gives me energy Answers TAKING RISKS GIVES ME ENERGY
Level 1692 CLUE FAME author Adriana Lima quote You don’t have to have an attitude if you’re famous Answers YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE AN ATTITUDE IF YOU’RE FAMOUS
Level 1693 CLUE INNOVATION author Ian Schrager quote Good design is good business Answers GOOD DESIGN IS GOOD BUSINESS
Level 1694 CLUE SELF author Kathy Ireland quote Beauty comes from the inside Answers BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE
Level 1695 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Gerald Jampolsky quote Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others Answers PEACE OF MIND COMES FROM NOT WANTING TO CHANGE OTHERS
Level 1696 CLUE AMBITION author Lance Bass quote I think everyone dreams of that nice romantic wedding Answers I THINK EVERYONE DREAMS OF THAT NICE ROMANTIC WEDDING
Level 1697 CLUE HUMANITY author Marilyn Manson quote Man’s greatest fear is chaos Answers MAN’S GREATEST FEAR IS CHAOS
Level 1698 CLUE AMBITION author Stephen Vincent Benet quote Dreaming men are haunted men Answers DREAMING MEN ARE HAUNTED MEN
Level 1699 CLUE HUMOR author Steve Wozniak quote Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window Answers NEVER TRUST A COMPUTER YOU CAN’T THROW OUT A WINDOW
Level 1700 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Jules Renard quote It is not how old you are but how you are old Answers IT IS NOT HOW OLD YOU ARE BUT HOW YOU ARE OLD

Level 1701 CLUE SOLITUDE author Edward Young quote By all means use some time to be alone Answers BY ALL MEANS USE SOME TIME TO BE ALONE
Level 1702 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Aditya Roy Kapur quote Failure of a film doesn’t diminish my love for acting Answers FAILURE OF A FILM DOESN’T DIMINISH MY LOVE FOR ACTING
Level 1703 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Madame de Stael quote Politeness is the art of choosing among your thoughts Answers POLITENESS IS THE ART OF CHOOSING AMONG YOUR THOUGHTS
Level 1704 CLUE BRAVERY author Hulk Hogan quote I fear no man no beast or evil brother Answers I FEAR NO MAN NO BEAST OR EVIL BROTHER
Level 1705 CLUE HUMOR author George Burns quote I spent a year in that town one Sunday Answers I SPENT A YEAR IN THAT TOWN ONE SUNDAY
Level 1706 CLUE HUMOR author Lewis Black quote There’s no such thing as soy milk. It’s soy juice Answers THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS SOY MILK IT’S SOY JUICE
Level 1707 CLUE HUMOR author Yogi Berra quote I never said most of the things I said Answers I NEVER SAID MOST OF THE THINGS I SAID
Level 1708 CLUE FAITH author Manisha Koirala quote Do your best and leave the rest to God Answers DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD
Level 1709 CLUE AGING author Henry David Thoreau quote None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm Answers NONE ARE SO OLD AS THOSE WHO HAVE OUTLIVED ENTHUSIASM
Level 1710 CLUE ETERNAL author Khalil Gibran quote Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror Answers BEAUTY IS ETERNITY GAZING AT ITSELF IN A MIRROR
Level 1711 CLUE FAME author Aidan Quinn quote Celebrity to me is not a thing to seek Answers CELEBRITY TO ME IS NOT A THING TO SEEK
Level 1712 CLUE EXPRESSION author Christo quote The work of art is a scream of freedom Answers THE WORK OF ART IS A SCREAM OF FREEDOM
Level 1713 CLUE FASHION author Omari Hardwick quote Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car Answers SHOES MAKE AN OUTFIT THEY’RE LIKE RIMS FOR A CAR
Level 1714 CLUE SOLITUDE author Leighton Meester quote I’m so accustomed to being alone Answers I’M SO ACCUSTOMED TO BEING ALONE
Level 1715 CLUE WISDOM author Dr. Seuss quote Only you can control your future Answers ONLY YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR FUTURE
Level 1716 CLUE OPTIMISM author Norman Cousins quote My reason nourishes my faith and my faith my reason Answers MY REASON NOURISHES MY FAITH AND MY FAITH MY REASON
Level 1717 CLUE OPTIMISM author Steve Jobs quote It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people Answers IT’S NOT A FAITH IN TECHNOLOGY IT’S FAITH IN PEOPLE
Level 1718 CLUE HUMOR author Yogi Berra quote The future ain’t what it used to be Answers THE FUTURE AIN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE
Level 1719 CLUE AMBITION author Akira Kurosawa quote Man is a genius when he is dreaming Answers MAN IS A GENIUS WHEN HE IS DREAMING
Level 1720 CLUE MONEY author Dick Durbin quote We have to talk about the way we finance campaigns Answers WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE WAY WE FINANCE CAMPAIGNS
Level 1721 CLUE FAITH author Hattie McDaniel quote I did my best and God did the rest Answers I DID MY BEST AND GOD DID THE REST
Level 1722 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Monica Keena quote Yoga’s an amazing release Answers YOGA’S AN AMAZING RELEASE
Level 1723 CLUE MUSIC author Gordie Howe quote My mother and dad played the fiddle and the guitar Answers MY MOTHER AND DAD PLAYED THE FIDDLE AND THE GUITAR
Level 1724 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Benjamin Franklin quote Genius without education is like silver in the mine Answers GENIUS WITHOUT EDUCATION IS LIKE SILVER IN THE MINE
Level 1725 CLUE LOVE author Lao Tzu quote From caring comes courage Answers FROM CARING COMES COURAGE
Level 1726 CLUE CYNICISM author David Beckham quote Nothing amazes me anymore Answers NOTHING AMAZES ME ANYMORE
Level 1727 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Theresa May quote I’m not someone who feels anger on particular issues Answers I’M NOT SOMEONE WHO FEELS ANGER ON PARTICULAR ISSUES
Level 1728 CLUE MONEY author Jeff Rich quote Never argue with a profit Answers NEVER ARGUE WITH A PROFIT
Level 1729 CLUE PRIORITIES author Thomas Fuller quote Care and diligence bring luck Answers CARE AND DILIGENCE BRING LUCK
Level 1730 CLUE SOCIAL author Anna Deavere Smith quote Friendship is a wildly underrated medication Answers FRIENDSHIP IS A WILDLY UNDERRATED MEDICATION
Level 1731 CLUE TIME author George Meredith quote Don’t just count your years make your years count Answers DON’T JUST COUNT YOUR YEARS MAKE YOUR YEARS COUNT
Level 1732 CLUE PRIORITIES author Michelle Obama quote For me education was power Answers FOR ME EDUCATION WAS POWER
Level 1733 CLUE HUMOR author Katharine Hepburn quote Life is hard. After all it kills you Answers LIFE IS HARD AFTER ALL IT KILLS YOU
Level 1734 CLUE AMBITION author Patrice Motsepe quote Education is at the heart of achieving your dreams Answers EDUCATION IS AT THE HEART OF ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS
Level 1735 CLUE ADVERSITY author Yoko Ono quote Being alone is very difficult Answers BEING ALONE IS VERY DIFFICULT
Level 1736 CLUE ADVERSITY author Jean de La Fontaine quote The strongest passion is fear Answers THE STRONGEST PASSION IS FEAR
Level 1737 CLUE ADVICE author Daniel Burnham quote Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty Answers LET YOUR WATCHWORD BE ORDER AND YOUR BEACON BEAUTY
Level 1738 CLUE GROWTH author Albert Camus quote You cannot create experience. You must undergo it Answers YOU CANNOT CREATE EXPERIENCE YOU MUST UNDERGO IT
Level 1739 CLUE WISDOM author Matthew Green quote Fling but a stone the giant dies Answers FLING BUT A STONE THE GIANT DIES
Level 1740 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Paul Newman quote You only grow when you are alone Answers YOU ONLY GROW WHEN YOU ARE ALONE
Level 1741 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Paul Hawken quote All is connected… no one thing can change by itself Answers ALL IS CONNECTED NO ONE THING CAN CHANGE BY ITSELF
Level 1742 CLUE MOTIVATION author Anderson Silva quote You can’t give up on your dreams Answers YOU CAN’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS
Level 1743 CLUE CREATION author Samuel Johnson quote Words are but the signs of ideas Answers WORDS ARE BUT THE SIGNS OF IDEAS
Level 1744 CLUE LOVE author Princess Diana quote Family is the most important thing in the world Answers FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD
Level 1745 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author Bill Ackman quote Experience is making mistakes and learning from them Answers EXPERIENCE IS MAKING MISTAKES AND LEARNING FROM THEM
Level 1746 CLUE OPINION author Chris Martin quote We aren’t cool and never will be Answers WE AREN’T COOL AND NEVER WILL BE
Level 1747 CLUE SELF author Peter Nivio Zarlenga quote The best mirror is an old friend Answers THE BEST MIRROR IS AN OLD FRIEND
Level 1748 CLUE COMPASSION author Ausonius quote Forgive many things in others; nothing in yourself Answers FORGIVE MANY THINGS IN OTHERS NOTHING IN YOURSELF
Level 1749 CLUE PURPOSE author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote A useless life is an early death Answers A USELESS LIFE IS AN EARLY DEATH
Level 1750 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Kanye West quote Art is to be free. Design is to fix Answers ART IS TO BE FREE DESIGN IS TO FIX

Level 1751 CLUE LIBERTY author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes Answers WHAT THEN IS FREEDOM THE POWER TO LIVE AS ONE WISHES
Level 1752 CLUE HUMOR author Steven Wright quote I bought some batteries but they weren’t included Answers I BOUGHT SOME BATTERIES BUT THEY WEREN’T INCLUDED
Level 1753 CLUE GROWTH author W. H. Auden quote Learn from your dreams what you lack Answers LEARN FROM YOUR DREAMS WHAT YOU LACK
Level 1754 CLUE UNITY author Mahatma Gandhi quote Non-violence is the article of faith Answers NON VIOLENCE IS THE ARTICLE OF FAITH
Level 1755 CLUE CHANGE author Erik Brynjolfsson quote Computers get better faster than anything else ever Answers COMPUTERS GET BETTER FASTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE EVER
Level 1756 CLUE OPINION author Toni Morrison quote I like marriage. The idea Answers I LIKE MARRIAGE THE IDEA
Level 1757 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Norman Schwarzkopf quote I get angry at a principle not a person Answers I GET ANGRY AT A PRINCIPLE NOT A PERSON
Level 1758 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author Lindsay Wagner quote When we shift our perception our experience changes Answers WHEN WE SHIFT OUR PERCEPTION OUR EXPERIENCE CHANGES
Level 1759 CLUE WISDOM author Booth Tarkington quote Arguments only confirm people in their own opinions Answers ARGUMENTS ONLY CONFIRM PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN OPINIONS
Level 1760 CLUE MONEY author Alice Rivlin quote The job of the Central Bank is to worry Answers THE JOB OF THE CENTRAL BANK IS TO WORRY
Level 1761 CLUE HUMOR author Kinky Friedman quote Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder Answers BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEER HOLDER
Level 1762 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Josh Billings quote Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute Answers SILENCE IS ONE OF THE HARDEST ARGUMENTS TO REFUTE
Level 1763 CLUE FAITH author Brett Ratner quote I fear God and respect God and love God Answers I FEAR GOD AND RESPECT GOD AND LOVE GOD
Level 1764 CLUE GROWTH author Rosanne Cash quote The key to change… is to let go of fear Answers THE KEY TO CHANGE IS TO LET GO OF FEAR
Level 1765 CLUE EXERCISE author Paul Hollywood quote My own preferred fitness regime is to use my bicycle Answers MY OWN PREFERRED FITNESS REGIME IS TO USE MY BICYCLE
Level 1766 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Abraham Lincoln quote Important principles may and must be inflexible Answers IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES MAY AND MUST BE INFLEXIBLE
Level 1767 CLUE OPTIMISM author Venus Williams quote If the sun comes up I have a chance Answers IF THE SUN COMES UP I HAVE A CHANCE
Level 1768 CLUE YOUTH author W. H. Davies quote As long as I love Beauty I am young Answers AS LONG AS I LOVE BEAUTY I AM YOUNG
Level 1769 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author W. E. B. Du Bois quote Education and work are the levers to uplift a people Answers EDUCATION AND WORK ARE THE LEVERS TO UPLIFT A PEOPLE
Level 1770 CLUE PARADOX author Aristotle quote A friend to all is a friend to none Answers A FRIEND TO ALL IS A FRIEND TO NONE
Level 1771 CLUE LOVE author Mae West quote The best way to hold a man is in your arms Answers THE BEST WAY TO HOLD A MAN IS IN YOUR ARMS
Level 1772 CLUE DEVELOPMENT author Heinrich Heine quote Experience is a good school. But the fees are high Answers EXPERIENCE IS A GOOD SCHOOL BUT THE FEES ARE HIGH
Level 1773 CLUE EXERCISE author Hazel Keech quote Dancing improved my fitness
Level 1774 and endurance Answers DANCING IMPROVED MY FITNESS
Level 1776 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Oliver Platt quote Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Answers BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER
Level 1777 CLUE YOUTH author Marv Levy quote Age is inevitable. Aging isn’t Answers AGE IS INEVITABLE AGING ISN’T
Level 1778 CLUE MUSIC author Isaac Hanson quote Christmas albums are not something you do frequently Answers CHRISTMAS ALBUMS ARE NOT SOMETHING YOU DO FREQUENTLY
Level 1779 CLUE AGING author Brigitte Bardot quote It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen Answers IT IS SAD TO GROW OLD BUT NICE TO RIPEN
Level 1780 CLUE MINIMALISM author Albert Einstein quote God always takes the simplest way Answers GOD ALWAYS TAKES THE SIMPLEST WAY
Level 1781 CLUE OPTIMISM author Hattie McDaniel quote Faith is the black person’s federal reserve system Answers FAITH IS THE BLACK PERSON’S FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM
Level 1782 CLUE GROWTH author Rose Kennedy quote Prosperity tries the fortunate adversity the great Answers PROSPERITY TRIES THE FORTUNATE ADVERSITY THE GREAT
Level 1783 CLUE GROWTH author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Every artist was first an amateur Answers EVERY ARTIST WAS FIRST AN AMATEUR
Level 1784 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Fran Lebowitz quote Andy Warhol made fame more famous Answers ANDY WARHOL MADE FAME MORE FAMOUS
Level 1785 CLUE HUMOR author Robert A. Heinlein quote Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again Answers YIELD TO TEMPTATION IT MAY NOT PASS YOUR WAY AGAIN
Level 1786 CLUE CAREER author Diane Lane quote A lot can change in the editing room Answers A LOT CAN CHANGE IN THE EDITING ROOM
Level 1787 CLUE INSPIRATION author Haywood Nelson quote My family was my guide to my reality Answers MY FAMILY WAS MY GUIDE TO MY REALITY
Level 1788 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote Frivolity is inborn conceit acquired by education Answers FRIVOLITY IS INBORN CONCEIT ACQUIRED BY EDUCATION
Level 1789 CLUE NEW author Tony Visconti quote Computers have virtually replaced tape recorders Answers COMPUTERS HAVE VIRTUALLY REPLACED TAPE RECORDERS
Level 1790 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Bernadine Dohrn quote I was shocked at the anger toward me Answers I WAS SHOCKED AT THE ANGER TOWARD ME
Level 1791 CLUE REALITY author Elizabeth Taylor quote I fell off my pink cloud with a thud Answers I FELL OFF MY PINK CLOUD WITH A THUD
Level 1792 CLUE BLESSINGS author Euripides quote One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives Answers ONE LOYAL FRIEND IS WORTH TEN THOUSAND RELATIVES
Level 1793 CLUE WISDOM author Henry David Thoreau quote Faith never makes a confession Answers FAITH NEVER MAKES A CONFESSION
Level 1794 CLUE ROMANCE author Joseph Campbell quote Love is a friendship set to music Answers LOVE IS A FRIENDSHIP SET TO MUSIC
Level 1795 CLUE MORTALITY author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote All diseases run into one old age Answers ALL DISEASES RUN INTO ONE OLD AGE
Level 1796 CLUE SELF author Gertrude Stein quote We are always the same age inside Answers WE ARE ALWAYS THE SAME AGE INSIDE
Level 1797 CLUE WISDOM author Tom Tancredo quote Anger is an emotion not a compass Answers ANGER IS AN EMOTION NOT A COMPASS
Level 1798 CLUE BRAVERY author Thomas Fuller quote The more wit the less courage Answers THE MORE WIT THE LESS COURAGE
Level 1799 CLUE OPTIMISM author Luc de Clapiers quote Patience is the art of hoping Answers PATIENCE IS THE ART OF HOPING
Level 1800 CLUE UNITY author Rahul Dravid quote No dream is ever chased alone Answers NO DREAM IS EVER CHASED ALONE

Level 1801 CLUE MENTALITY author Pat Morita quote I still have a young attitude Answers I STILL HAVE A YOUNG ATTITUDE
Level 1802 CLUE GROWTH author Aristotle quote Change in all things is sweet Answers CHANGE IN ALL THINGS IS SWEET
Level 1803 CLUE SUCCESS author Garet Garrett quote Business is in itself a power Answers BUSINESS IS IN ITSELF A POWER
Level 1804 CLUE BALANCE author Salmon P. Chase quote All men are born equally free Answers ALL MEN ARE BORN EQUALLY FREE
Level 1805 CLUE UNITY author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote A friend is as it were a second self Answers A FRIEND IS AS IT WERE A SECOND SELF
Level 1806 CLUE FAME author Francois Nars quote It was never in my mind to be famous Answers IT WAS NEVER IN MY MIND TO BE FAMOUS
Level 1807 CLUE PERSONAL author Jessie James Decker quote I’m not perfect but I do my best Answers I’M NOT PERFECT BUT I DO MY BEST
Level 1808 CLUE REALITY author Tony Shalhoub quote People change all the time Answers PEOPLE CHANGE ALL THE TIME
Level 1809 CLUE MORALITY author Benjamin Franklin quote Honesty is the best policy Answers HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY
Level 1810 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Robert Frost quote Freedom lies in being bold Answers FREEDOM LIES IN BEING BOLD
Level 1811 CLUE OPINION author Lincoln Chafee quote Anger’s not a good emotion Answers ANGER’S NOT A GOOD EMOTION
Level 1812 CLUE HUMOR author Ted Nugent quote My idea of fast food is a mallard Answers MY IDEA OF FAST FOOD IS A MALLARD
Level 1813 CLUE ETERNAL author Hippocrates quote The art is long life is short Answers THE ART IS LONG LIFE IS SHORT
Level 1814 CLUE SELF author C. S. Lewis quote We are what we believe we are Answers WE ARE WHAT WE BELIEVE WE ARE
Level 1815 CLUE AMBITION author James Huneker quote All men of action are dreamers Answers ALL MEN OF ACTION ARE DREAMERS
Level 1816 CLUE HUMOR author Lenny Bruce quote Miami Beach is where neon goes to die Answers MIAMI BEACH IS WHERE NEON GOES TO DIE
Level 1817 CLUE LITERATURE author Irvine Welsh quote I enjoy the freedom of the blank page Answers I ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF THE BLANK PAGE
Level 1818 CLUE PURPOSE author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote Fear is not a lasting teacher of duty Answers FEAR IS NOT A LASTING TEACHER OF DUTY
Level 1819 CLUE EXPRESSION author Claude Debussy quote Art is the most beautiful of all lies Answers ART IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL LIES
Level 1820 CLUE HUMOR author George S. Kaufman quote When I was born I owed twelve dollars Answers WHEN I WAS BORN I OWED TWELVE DOLLARS
Level 1821 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Voltaire quote We are rarely proud when we are alone Answers WE ARE RARELY PROUD WHEN WE ARE ALONE
Level 1822 CLUE GROWTH author Jacob Young quote People change they grow Answers PEOPLE CHANGE THEY GROW
Level 1823 CLUE ADVERSITY author Walter Raleigh quote Fain would I climb yet fear I to fall Answers FAIN WOULD I CLIMB YET FEAR I TO FALL
Level 1824 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Paul Hollywood quote I will never ever go on a carb-free diet Answers I WILL NEVER EVER GO ON A CARB FREE DIET
Level 1825 CLUE PETS author Rose Namajunas quote A lot of times my best friend was my dog Answers A LOT OF TIMES MY BEST FRIEND WAS MY DOG
Level 1826 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Christian Yelich quote All you can ask for is the chance to win Answers ALL YOU CAN ASK FOR IS THE CHANCE TO WIN
Level 1827 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Marilyn Monroe quote Fear is stupid. So are regrets Answers FEAR IS STUPID SO ARE REGRETS
Level 1828 CLUE AGING author Simone de Beauvoir quote What is an adult? A child blown up by age Answers WHAT IS AN ADULT A CHILD BLOWN UP BY AGE
Level 1829 CLUE OPTIMISM author Elbert Hubbard quote Fear clogs; faith liberates Answers FEAR CLOGS FAITH LIBERATES
Level 1830 CLUE HUMOR author Robin Williams quote Carpe per diem – seize the check Answers CARPE PER DIEM SEIZE THE CHECK
Level 1831 CLUE HUMANITY author Benjamin Disraeli quote We cannot learn men from books Answers WE CANNOT LEARN MEN FROM BOOKS
Level 1832 CLUE OPTIMISM author John Dewey quote To me faith means not worrying Answers TO ME FAITH MEANS NOT WORRYING
Level 1833 CLUE MARRIAGE author Julianna Margulies quote I love being my husband’s wife Answers I LOVE BEING MY HUSBAND’S WIFE
Level 1834 CLUE LIBERTY author Wendell Willkie quote Free men are the strongest men Answers FREE MEN ARE THE STRONGEST MEN
Level 1835 CLUE CHOICES author Friedrich Nietzsche quote Fear is the mother of morality Answers FEAR IS THE MOTHER OF MORALITY
Level 1836 CLUE NATURE author Yoko Ono quote Every drop in the ocean counts Answers EVERY DROP IN THE OCEAN COUNTS
Level 1837 CLUE WISDOM author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote Where fear is happiness is not Answers WHERE FEAR IS HAPPINESS IS NOT
Level 1838 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Marlene Dietrich quote Grumbling is the death of love Answers GRUMBLING IS THE DEATH OF LOVE
Level 1839 CLUE BRAVERY author Plato quote Courage is a kind of salvation Answers COURAGE IS A KIND OF SALVATION
Level 1840 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Lucille Ball quote I’m not funny. What I am is brave Answers I’M NOT FUNNY WHAT I AM IS BRAVE
Level 1841 CLUE ADVERSITY author Jean Anouilh quote An ugly sight a man who is afraid Answers AN UGLY SIGHT A MAN WHO IS AFRAID
Level 1842 CLUE APPEARANCE author Thomas Dekker quote Age is like love it cannot be hid Answers AGE IS LIKE LOVE IT CANNOT BE HID
Level 1843 CLUE METAPHOR author Horace quote The pen is the tongue of the mind Answers THE PEN IS THE TONGUE OF THE MIND
Level 1844 CLUE HAPPINESS author Michael Moriarty quote Life is best when you are in love Answers LIFE IS BEST WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE
Level 1845 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Scooter Braun quote The only real failure is giving up Answers THE ONLY REAL FAILURE IS GIVING UP
Level 1846 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author William Whewell quote Every failure is a step to success Answers EVERY FAILURE IS A STEP TO SUCCESS
Level 1847 CLUE ENVIRONMENT author Petra Kelly quote If there is a future it will be Green Answers IF THERE IS A FUTURE IT WILL BE GREEN
Level 1848 CLUE AGING author Agnes Bruckner quote I never got a chance to be a teenager Answers I NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO BE A TEENAGER
Level 1849 CLUE MENTALITY author Dolly Parton quote I walk tall; I got a tall attitude Answers I WALK TALL I GOT A TALL ATTITUDE
Level 1850 CLUE HUMOR author Joan Rivers quote Never floss with a stranger Answers NEVER FLOSS WITH A STRANGER

Level 1851 CLUE INQUIRY author Judy Garland quote If I am a legend then why am I so lonely? . IF I AM A LEGEND THEN WHY AM I SO LONELY
Level 1852 CLUE MONEY author H. Jackson Brown Jr. quote Watch your finances like a hawk Answers WATCH YOUR FINANCES LIKE A HAWK
Level 1853 CLUE BUSINESS author Cornelius Vanderbilt quote There is no friendship in trade Answers THERE IS NO FRIENDSHIP IN TRADE
Level 1854 CLUE PRIORITIES author Allison Jones quote Being funny is everything to me Answers BEING FUNNY IS EVERYTHING TO ME
Level 1855 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Genesis P-Orridge quote Change comes from reflection Answers CHANGE COMES FROM REFLECTION
Level 1856 CLUE PERSONAL author Gregory Bateson quote All experience is subjective Answers ALL EXPERIENCE IS SUBJECTIVE
Level 1857 CLUE GROWTH author Anthony J. D’Angelo quote Don’t fear change – embrace it Answers DON’T FEAR CHANGE EMBRACE IT
Level 1858 CLUE WISDOM author John Locke quote What worries you masters you Answers WHAT WORRIES YOU MASTERS YOU
Level 1859 CLUE POLITICS author Henry Adams quote A friend in power is a friend lost Answers A FRIEND IN POWER IS A FRIEND LOST
Level 1860 CLUE LIFE author Jane Roberts quote You create your own reality Answers YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY
Level 1861 CLUE HUMOR author Samuel Goldwyn quote Let’s have some new cliches Answers LET’S HAVE SOME NEW CLICHES
Level 1862 CLUE FAME author Cardi B quote I’m gonna be famous forever Answers I’M GONNA BE FAMOUS FOREVER
Level 1863 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Thomas Jefferson quote I cannot live without books Answers I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT BOOKS
Level 1864 CLUE FOOD author Fran Lebowitz quote My favorite animal is steak Answers MY FAVORITE ANIMAL IS STEAK
Level 1865 CLUE OPINION author Jules Verne quote Liberty is worth paying for Answers LIBERTY IS WORTH PAYING FOR
Level 1866 CLUE RISK author George Clooney quote The only failure is not to try Answers THE ONLY FAILURE IS NOT TO TRY
Level 1867 CLUE GROWTH author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote No man was ever wise by chance Answers NO MAN WAS EVER WISE BY CHANCE
Level 1868 CLUE ART author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote In art the best is good enough Answers IN ART THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH
Level 1869 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Wayne Huizenga quote I don’t buy cars I can’t drive Answers I DON’T BUY CARS I CAN’T DRIVE
Level 1870 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Graham Greene quote Failure too is a form of death Answers FAILURE TOO IS A FORM OF DEATH
Level 1871 CLUE HUMANITY author Stephen Gardiner quote What people want above all is order Answers WHAT PEOPLE WANT ABOVE ALL IS ORDER
Level 1872 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Sangram Singh quote Success and failure go hand in hand Answers SUCCESS AND FAILURE GO HAND IN HAND
Level 1873 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Moliere quote One should eat to live not live to eat Answers ONE SHOULD EAT TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO EAT
Level 1874 CLUE MENTALITY author James A. Garfield quote A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck Answers A POUND OF PLUCK IS WORTH A TON OF LUCK
Level 1875 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Bjork quote Maybe I’ll be a feminist in my old age Answers MAYBE I’LL BE A FEMINIST IN MY OLD AGE
Level 1876 CLUE PERSONAL author Jessica Alba quote But I don’t feel the need to be famous Answers BUT I DON’T FEEL THE NEED TO BE FAMOUS
Level 1877 CLUE MORALITY author Nathaniel Hawthorne quote A pure hand needs no glove to cover it Answers A PURE HAND NEEDS NO GLOVE TO COVER IT
Level 1878 CLUE GROWTH author Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quote Change takes courage Answers CHANGE TAKES COURAGE
Level 1879 CLUE SUCCESS author Nolan Ryan quote My job is to give my team a chance to win Answers MY JOB IS TO GIVE MY TEAM A CHANCE TO WIN
Level 1880 CLUE PASSION author Georges Bernanos quote Hell madam is to love no longer Answers HELL MADAM IS TO LOVE NO LONGER
Level 1881 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Virgil quote To have died once is enough Answers TO HAVE DIED ONCE IS ENOUGH
Level 1882 CLUE TRUTH author Sophocles quote No lie ever reaches old age Answers NO LIE EVER REACHES OLD AGE
Level 1883 CLUE MYSTERY author David Blaine quote My only fear is the unknown Answers MY ONLY FEAR IS THE UNKNOWN
Level 1884 CLUE ART author Henry Ossawa Tanner quote I will preach with my brush Answers I WILL PREACH WITH MY BRUSH
Level 1885 CLUE FOOD author Lara Stone quote I think of dieting then I eat pizza Answers I THINK OF DIETING THEN I EAT PIZZA
Level 1886 CLUE TRUTH author Ferdinand Porsche quote Good design should be honest Answers GOOD DESIGN SHOULD BE HONEST
Level 1887 CLUE AMBITION author Anais Nin quote Dreams are necessary to life Answers DREAMS ARE NECESSARY TO LIFE
Level 1888 CLUE HAPPINESS author Liam Neeson quote It’s an ongoing joy being a dad Answers IT’S AN ONGOING JOY BEING A DAD
Level 1889 CLUE MENTALITY author Norman Cousins quote He who keeps his cool best wins Answers HE WHO KEEPS HIS COOL BEST WINS
Level 1890 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Adam Smith quote All money is a matter of belief Answers ALL MONEY IS A MATTER OF BELIEF
Level 1891 CLUE CYNICISM author Elizabeth I quote God forgive you but I never can Answers GOD FORGIVE YOU BUT I NEVER CAN
Level 1892 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Muhammad Ali Jinnah quote Failure is a word unknown to me Answers FAILURE IS A WORD UNKNOWN TO ME
Level 1893 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Hector Elizondo quote Food is a passion. Food is love Answers FOOD IS A PASSION FOOD IS LOVE
Level 1894 CLUE HUMOR author Samuel Goldwyn quote I never liked you and I always will Answers I NEVER LIKED YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL
Level 1895 CLUE NEW author Jose Rizal quote The youth is the hope of our future Answers THE YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF OUR FUTURE
Level 1896 CLUE LANGUAGE author Josiah Gilbert Holland quote The temple of art is built in words Answers THE TEMPLE OF ART IS BUILT IN WORDS
Level 1897 CLUE RISK author Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Always do what you are afraid to do Answers ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU ARE AFRAID TO DO
Level 1898 CLUE YOUTH author Woody Harrelson quote A grownup is a child with layers on Answers A GROWNUP IS A CHILD WITH LAYERS ON
Level 1899 CLUE POLITICS author Rumer Willis quote I’m all for the equality Answers I’M ALL FOR THE EQUALITY
Level 1900 CLUE EMOTIONS author Bryan Cranston quote I have some anger issues Answers I HAVE SOME ANGER ISSUES

Level 1901 CLUE EMOTIONS author James Dyson quote Anger is a good motivator Answers ANGER IS A GOOD MOTIVATOR
Level 1902 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Benjamin Franklin quote Beware the hobby that eats Answers BEWARE THE HOBBY THAT EATS
Level 1903 CLUE DESIGN author Louis Sullivan quote Form follows function Answers FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION
Level 1904 CLUE WISDOM author Willard Van Orman Quine quote To be is to be the value of a variable Answers TO BE IS TO BE THE VALUE OF A VARIABLE
Level 1905 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Oriana Fallaci quote I am a danger to myself if I get angry Answers I AM A DANGER TO MYSELF IF I GET ANGRY
Level 1906 CLUE LIFE author Robert Browning quote Grow old with me! The best is yet to be Answers GROW OLD WITH ME THE BEST IS YET TO BE
Level 1907 CLUE ACCEPTANCE author Thomas Leonard quote Fear is natural. Be with it Answers FEAR IS NATURAL BE WITH IT
Level 1908 CLUE FASHION author Tina Knowles quote Shoes can change an outfit Answers SHOES CAN CHANGE AN OUTFIT
Level 1909 CLUE LIFE author Jake Roberts quote Every moment is an experience Answers EVERY MOMENT IS AN EXPERIENCE
Level 1910 CLUE EMOTIONS author Krista Tippett quote Fear usually looks like anger Answers FEAR USUALLY LOOKS LIKE ANGER
Level 1911 CLUE PERSONAL author Dylan Lauren quote Computers intimidate me Answers COMPUTERS INTIMIDATE ME
Level 1912 CLUE EXPERIENCE author Aesop quote Adventure is worthwhile Answers ADVENTURE IS WORTHWHILE
Level 1913 CLUE PREFERENCE author Angelina Jolie quote I always play women I would date Answers I ALWAYS PLAY WOMEN I WOULD DATE
Level 1914 CLUE HUMOR author Kin Hubbard quote All the world loves a good loser Answers ALL THE WORLD LOVES A GOOD LOSER
Level 1915 CLUE TIME author Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang quote No one can predict the future Answers NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE
Level 1916 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Robert Pattinson quote My dad says he likes to bask in my glow Answers MY DAD SAYS HE LIKES TO BASK IN MY GLOW
Level 1917 CLUE BALANCE author Paul Klee quote One eye sees the other feels Answers ONE EYE SEES THE OTHER FEELS
Level 1918 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Hunter S. Thompson quote Buy the ticket take the ride Answers BUY THE TICKET TAKE THE RIDE
Level 1919 CLUE CYNICISM author George Bernard Shaw quote Youth is wasted on the young Answers YOUTH IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG
Level 1920 CLUE OPTIMISM author Martin Luther quote Reason is the enemy of faith Answers REASON IS THE ENEMY OF FAITH
Level 1921 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Wilson Mizner quote Failure has gone to his head Answers FAILURE HAS GONE TO HIS HEAD
Level 1922 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Leo Rosten quote We see things as we are not as they are Answers WE SEE THINGS AS WE ARE NOT AS THEY ARE
Level 1923 CLUE INQUIRY author Saul Bellow quote What is art but a way of seeing? . WHAT IS ART BUT A WAY OF SEEING
Level 1924 CLUE MORTALITY author John Maynard Keynes quote In the long run we are all dead Answers IN THE LONG RUN WE ARE ALL DEAD
Level 1925 CLUE PURPOSE author Steve Jobs quote I want to put a ding in the universe Answers I WANT TO PUT A DING IN THE UNIVERSE
Level 1926 CLUE SELF author Adrienne C. Moore quote I am imperfect. I am funny. I am real Answers I AM IMPERFECT I AM FUNNY I AM REAL
Level 1927 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Lady Gaga quote The dieting wars have got to stop Answers THE DIETING WARS HAVE GOT TO STOP
Level 1928 CLUE YOUTH author Ty Simpkins quote Recess and lunch are the best Answers RECESS AND LUNCH ARE THE BEST
Level 1929 CLUE FORTUNE author Branch Rickey quote Luck is the residue of design Answers LUCK IS THE RESIDUE OF DESIGN
Level 1930 CLUE PURPOSE author Brigitte Bardot quote I never do anything by chance Answers I NEVER DO ANYTHING BY CHANCE
Level 1931 CLUE HUMOR author Herbert Hoover quote All men are equal before fish Answers ALL MEN ARE EQUAL BEFORE FISH
Level 1932 CLUE LANGUAGE author George Bernard Shaw quote Syllables govern the world Answers SYLLABLES GOVERN THE WORLD
Level 1933 CLUE PERSONAL author Tracey Ullman quote As I get older I just prefer to knit Answers AS I GET OLDER I JUST PREFER TO KNIT
Level 1934 CLUE PURPOSE author W. Clement Stone quote All I want to do is change the world Answers ALL I WANT TO DO IS CHANGE THE WORLD
Level 1935 CLUE FAMILY author Penn Jillette quote I’m an amazing mama’s boy Answers I’M AN AMAZING MAMA’S BOY
Level 1936 CLUE MOTIVATION author Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy quote Don’t give up your dreams Answers DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS
Level 1937 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Ty Cobb quote Don’t come home a failure Answers DON’T COME HOME A FAILURE
Level 1938 CLUE ART author Wilson Mizner quote Art is science made clear Answers ART IS SCIENCE MADE CLEAR
Level 1939 CLUE SELF author Jordin Sparks quote I love food and I love my curves Answers I LOVE FOOD AND I LOVE MY CURVES
Level 1940 CLUE INQUIRY author Steven Wright quote How young can you die of old age? . HOW YOUNG CAN YOU DIE OF OLD AGE
Level 1941 CLUE CONFLICT author William Westmoreland quote War is fear cloaked in courage Answers WAR IS FEAR CLOAKED IN COURAGE
Level 1942 CLUE MENTALITY author Kevin Plank quote Your attitude is contagious Answers YOUR ATTITUDE IS CONTAGIOUS
Level 1943 CLUE ROMANCE author Jeremy Taylor quote Love is friendship set on fire Answers LOVE IS FRIENDSHIP SET ON FIRE
Level 1944 CLUE EXPRESSION author Friedrich Schiller quote Art is the daughter of freedom Answers ART IS THE DAUGHTER OF FREEDOM
Level 1945 CLUE WISDOM author Elizabeth Kenny quote He who angers you conquers you Answers HE WHO ANGERS YOU CONQUERS YOU
Level 1946 CLUE OPINION author Francis Ford Coppola quote Art depends on luck and talent Answers ART DEPENDS ON LUCK AND TALENT
Level 1947 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author Nicollette Sheridan quote You can’t trust the internet Answers YOU CAN’T TRUST THE INTERNET
Level 1948 CLUE PREFERENCE author Candace Kita quote I love cars but I love bikes more Answers I LOVE CARS BUT I LOVE BIKES MORE
Level 1949 CLUE GROWTH author Sean Connery quote Some age others mature Answers SOME AGE OTHERS MATURE
Level 1950 CLUE OPTIMISM author Darryl Glenn quote I’m a strong man of faith Answers I’M A STRONG MAN OF FAITH

Level 1951 CLUE CONFIDENCE author Reggie Jackson quote I am the best in baseball Answers I AM THE BEST IN BASEBALL
Level 1952 CLUE LIBERTY author Medgar Evers quote Freedom has never been free Answers FREEDOM HAS NEVER BEEN FREE
Level 1953 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Adam Savage quote Failure is always an option Answers FAILURE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION
Level 1954 CLUE EXERCISE author Virender Sehwag quote Fitness has nothing to do with age Answers FITNESS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE
Level 1955 CLUE HUMOR author Samuel Goldwyn quote I read part of it all the way through Answers I READ PART OF IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH
Level 1956 CLUE HUMOR author Zsa Zsa Gabor quote Macho does not prove mucho Answers MACHO DOES NOT PROVE MUCHO
Level 1957 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Malcolm Forbes quote The best vision is insight Answers THE BEST VISION IS INSIGHT
Level 1958 CLUE PREFERENCE author Kurt Cobain quote I won’t eat anything green Answers I WON’T EAT ANYTHING GREEN
Level 1959 CLUE PREFERENCE author Kevin Hart quote I love women with attitude Answers I LOVE WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE
Level 1960 CLUE BEHAVIOR author Jeff Rich quote Courage is action not talk Answers COURAGE IS ACTION NOT TALK
Level 1961 CLUE BALANCE author Sigmund Freud quote The goal of all life is death Answers THE GOAL OF ALL LIFE IS DEATH
Level 1962 CLUE OPINION author Steve Bannon quote I think anger is a good thing Answers I THINK ANGER IS A GOOD THING
Level 1963 CLUE PERSONAL author Christian Bale quote I have a fear of being boring Answers I HAVE A FEAR OF BEING BORING
Level 1964 CLUE MONEY author Stephen A. Schwarzman quote There are no patents in finance Answers THERE ARE NO PATENTS IN FINANCE
Level 1965 CLUE AGING author Pierre Corneille quote Oh rage! Oh despair! Oh age my enemy! . OH RAGE OH DESPAIR OH AGE MY ENEMY
Level 1966 CLUE METAPHOR author Le Corbusier quote A house is a machine for living in Answers A HOUSE IS A MACHINE FOR LIVING IN
Level 1967 CLUE MINIMALISM author William Shakespeare quote Brevity is the soul of wit Answers BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT
Level 1968 CLUE CONFLICT author John Dingell quote War is failure of diplomacy Answers WAR IS FAILURE OF DIPLOMACY
Level 1969 CLUE HOLIDAY author Samantha Barks quote I love all things Christmas Answers I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS
Level 1970 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Victor Hugo quote To love beauty is to see light Answers TO LOVE BEAUTY IS TO SEE LIGHT
Level 1971 CLUE FAME author David Spade quote To be famous and broke is hard Answers TO BE FAMOUS AND BROKE IS HARD
Level 1972 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Pindar quote Men are the dreams of a shadow Answers MEN ARE THE DREAMS OF A SHADOW
Level 1973 CLUE MONEY author James Dyson quote I don’t design down to a price Answers I DON’T DESIGN DOWN TO A PRICE
Level 1974 CLUE INQUIRY author Mikhail Gorbachev quote If not me who? And if not now when? . IF NOT ME WHO AND IF NOT NOW WHEN
Level 1975 CLUE LIBERTY author Clarence Darrow quote You can only be free if I am free Answers YOU CAN ONLY BE FREE IF I AM FREE
Level 1976 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Taylor Jenkins Reid quote Life is too short to be on a diet Answers LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ON A DIET
Level 1977 CLUE EMOTIONS author Marcus Tullius Cicero quote Hatred is settled anger Answers HATRED IS SETTLED ANGER
Level 1978 CLUE PSYCHOLOGY author Robyn Hitchcock quote Dreams are a scientific fact Answers DREAMS ARE A SCIENTIFIC FACT
Level 1979 CLUE EMOTIONS author Jesse Jackson quote I’m too mature to be angry Answers I’M TOO MATURE TO BE ANGRY
Level 1980 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Salt Bae quote I eat a protein-heavy diet Answers I EAT A PROTEIN HEAVY DIET
Level 1981 CLUE HAPPINESS author Edna St. Vincent Millay quote Beauty is whatever gives joy Answers BEAUTY IS WHATEVER GIVES JOY
Level 1982 CLUE APPEARANCE author Christopher Walken quote My hair was famous before I was Answers MY HAIR WAS FAMOUS BEFORE I WAS
Level 1983 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Paul Valery quote At times I think and at times I am Answers AT TIMES I THINK AND AT TIMES I AM
Level 1984 CLUE PASSION author Angela Cope quote I love working on cars Answers I LOVE WORKING ON CARS
Level 1985 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Virgil Abloh quote Art is made in hindsight Answers ART IS MADE IN HINDSIGHT
Level 1986 CLUE MENTALITY author Diane von Furstenberg quote Attitude is everything Answers ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING
Level 1987 CLUE AMBITION author Lord Byron quote Fame is the thirst of youth Answers FAME IS THE THIRST OF YOUTH
Level 1988 CLUE FAME author Peter Fonda quote I was famous from birth Answers I WAS FAMOUS FROM BIRTH
Level 1989 CLUE SELF author Emily Dickinson quote Where thou art that is home Answers WHERE THOU ART THAT IS HOME
Level 1990 CLUE LUXURY author Slash quote I allow myself one nice car Answers I ALLOW MYSELF ONE NICE CAR
Level 1991 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Jinder Mahal quote Diet hard train hard Answers DIET HARD TRAIN HARD
Level 1992 CLUE SOLITUDE author Octavia E. Butler quote I’m very happy alone Answers I’M VERY HAPPY ALONE
Level 1993 CLUE PERSPECTIVE author Paul Gauguin quote I shut my eyes in order to see Answers I SHUT MY EYES IN ORDER TO SEE
Level 1994 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Adlai Stevenson I quote A hungry man is not a free man Answers A HUNGRY MAN IS NOT A FREE MAN
Level 1995 CLUE TRUTH author Marcus Aurelius quote Anger cannot be dishonest Answers ANGER CANNOT BE DISHONEST
Level 1996 CLUE APPEARANCE author Michael Graves quote If I have a style I am not aware of it Answers IF I HAVE A STYLE I AM NOT AWARE OF IT
Level 1997 CLUE AGING author Sigmund Freud quote If youth knew; if age could Answers IF YOUTH KNEW IF AGE COULD
Level 1998 CLUE EDUCATION author Christa McAuliffe quote I touch the future. I teach Answers I TOUCH THE FUTURE I TEACH
Level 1999 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Jessie Ware quote Ice cream is my comfort food Answers ICE CREAM IS MY COMFORT FOOD
Level 2000 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Hank Aaron quote Failure is a part of success Answers FAILURE IS A PART OF SUCCESS

Level 2001 CLUE ETERNAL author Heraclitus quote Change alone is unchanging Answers CHANGE ALONE IS UNCHANGING
Level 2002 CLUE IMPERFECTION author Karan Mahajan quote I see flaws as a kind of beauty Answers I SEE FLAWS AS A KIND OF BEAUTY
Level 2003 CLUE CAREER author Marc Forgione quote The kitchen is a sacred space Answers THE KITCHEN IS A SACRED SPACE
Level 2004 CLUE LITERATURE author Epictetus quote If you wish to be a writer write Answers IF YOU WISH TO BE A WRITER WRITE
Level 2005 CLUE PARENTS author Kevin Eubanks quote I am blessed to have Mom and Dad Answers I AM BLESSED TO HAVE MOM AND DAD
Level 2006 CLUE PREFERENCE author Kurt Cobain quote Rather be dead than cool Answers RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL
Level 2007 CLUE PREFERENCE author Cristiano Ronaldo quote I don’t like being alone Answers I DON’T LIKE BEING ALONE
Level 2008 CLUE ADVERSITY author Billy Crystal quote Change is such hard work Answers CHANGE IS SUCH HARD WORK
Level 2009 CLUE APPEARANCE author Thomas Overbury quote Beauty is only skin deep Answers BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP
Level 2010 CLUE EMOTIONS author Horace quote Anger is a short madness Answers ANGER IS A SHORT MADNESS
Level 2011 CLUE INTERPERSONAL author Emily Dickinson quote My friends are my estate Answers MY FRIENDS ARE MY ESTATE
Level 2012 CLUE METAPHOR author Ovid quote Beauty is a fragile gift Answers BEAUTY IS A FRAGILE GIFT
Level 2013 CLUE HUMOR author Eddie Izzard quote Never put a sock in a toaster Answers NEVER PUT A SOCK IN A TOASTER
Level 2014 CLUE SOLITUDE author Gloria Gaynor quote I had a fear of being alone Answers I HAD A FEAR OF BEING ALONE
Level 2015 CLUE CELEBRITIES author Taylor Lautner quote I got the famous Oprah hug! . I GOT THE FAMOUS OPRAH HUG
Level 2016 CLUE ADVICE author Mike Love quote Keep a cool head and a warm heart Answers KEEP A COOL HEAD AND A WARM HEART
Level 2017 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Calvin Trillin quote Health food makes me sick Answers HEALTH FOOD MAKES ME SICK
Level 2018 CLUE ADVICE author Jack Welch quote Change before you have to Answers CHANGE BEFORE YOU HAVE TO
Level 2019 CLUE ADVERSITY author Jane Campion quote Tragedy makes you grow up Answers TRAGEDY MAKES YOU GROW UP
Level 2020 CLUE TIME author Gilbert Parker quote Tomorrow is no man’s gift Answers TOMORROW IS NO MAN’S GIFT
Level 2021 CLUE METAPHOR author Paul Klee quote A line is a dot that went for a walk Answers A LINE IS A DOT THAT WENT FOR A WALK
Level 2022 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Buchi Emecheta quote A hungry man is an angry one Answers A HUNGRY MAN IS AN ANGRY ONE
Level 2023 CLUE WISDOM author Victor Hugo quote Virtue has a veil vice a mask Answers VIRTUE HAS A VEIL VICE A MASK
Level 2024 CLUE FAME author Warren Beatty quote I have been famous for a long time Answers I HAVE BEEN FAMOUS FOR A LONG TIME
Level 2025 CLUE PURPOSE author Federico Fellini quote You exist only in what you do Answers YOU EXIST ONLY IN WHAT YOU DO
Level 2026 CLUE FOOD author John Catsimatidis quote Pizza is no longer on my diet Answers PIZZA IS NO LONGER ON MY DIET
Level 2027 CLUE SOLITUDE author Gertrude Stein quote It is very easy to love alone Answers IT IS VERY EASY TO LOVE ALONE
Level 2028 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Malala Yousafzai quote I say I am stronger than fear Answers I SAY I AM STRONGER THAN FEAR
Level 2029 CLUE RISK author Heath Ledger quote I like to do something I fear Answers I LIKE TO DO SOMETHING I FEAR
Level 2030 CLUE MORALITY author Saint Augustine quote O Lord help me to be pure but not yet Answers O LORD HELP ME TO BE PURE BUT NOT YET
Level 2031 CLUE AMBITION author Benjamin E. Mays quote Not failure but low aim is sin Answers NOT FAILURE BUT LOW AIM IS SIN
Level 2032 CLUE METAPHOR author Robert Louis Stevenson quote Wine is bottled poetry Answers WINE IS BOTTLED POETRY
Level 2033 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Elbert Hubbard quote Art is not a thing; it is a way Answers ART IS NOT A THING IT IS A WAY
Level 2034 CLUE PREFERENCE author Jason Behr quote Germans make nice cars Answers GERMANS MAKE NICE CARS
Level 2035 CLUE LIBERTY author Frank Lloyd Wright quote Freedom is from within Answers FREEDOM IS FROM WITHIN
Level 2036 CLUE GROWTH author Friedrich Nietzsche quote The doer alone learneth Answers THE DOER ALONE LEARNETH
Level 2037 CLUE PERSEVERANCE author Susan B. Anthony quote Failure is impossible Answers FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE
Level 2038 CLUE RISK author James Russell Lowell quote Fate loves the fearless Answers FATE LOVES THE FEARLESS
Level 2039 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Michael Bay quote Fast cars are my only vice Answers FAST CARS ARE MY ONLY VICE
Level 2040 CLUE ROMANCE author Julian Edelman quote Dating isn’t easy Answers DATING ISN’T EASY
Level 2041 CLUE CULTURE author Erica Jong quote Solitude is un-American Answers SOLITUDE IS UN AMERICAN
Level 2042 CLUE INQUIRY author Douglas Horton quote If food were free why work? . IF FOOD WERE FREE WHY WORK
Level 2043 CLUE BALANCE author Frank Lloyd Wright quote Space is the breath of art Answers SPACE IS THE BREATH OF ART
Level 2044 CLUE OPPORTUNITY author Jesse Owens quote One chance is all you need Answers ONE CHANCE IS ALL YOU NEED
Level 2045 CLUE COMPETITION author Ernest Hemingway quote Man is not made for defeat Answers MAN IS NOT MADE FOR DEFEAT
Level 2046 CLUE SPORTS author Tiger Woods quote It’s cool now to play golf Answers IT’S COOL NOW TO PLAY GOLF
Level 2047 CLUE PARADOX author Samuel Beckett quote Birth was the death of him Answers BIRTH WAS THE DEATH OF HIM
Level 2048 CLUE AGING author Golda Meir quote Being seventy is not a sin Answers BEING SEVENTY IS NOT A SIN
Level 2049 CLUE INDEPENDENCE author Paula Abdul quote I’m happily single Answers I’M HAPPILY SINGLE
Level 2050 CLUE HUMOR author E. B. White quote Be obscure clearly Answers BE OBSCURE CLEARLY

Level 2051 CLUE LIBERTY author Billy Graham quote Freedom is relative Answers FREEDOM IS RELATIVE
Level 2052 CLUE MINIMALISM author Issey Miyake quote My design is no design Answers MY DESIGN IS NO DESIGN
Level 2053 CLUE HUMOR author Margaret Thatcher quote It’s a funny old world Answers IT’S A FUNNY OLD WORLD
Level 2054 CLUE AMBITION author Anne Campbell quote You can plant a dream Answers YOU CAN PLANT A DREAM
Level 2055 CLUE MORTALITY author John Wooden quote I’m not afraid to die Answers I’M NOT AFRAID TO DIE
Level 2056 CLUE FAITH author Ludwig Mies van der Rohe quote God is in the details Answers GOD IS IN THE DETAILS
Level 2057 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Samuel Beckett quote Words are all we have Answers WORDS ARE ALL WE HAVE
Level 2058 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Gustave Flaubert quote Read in order to live Answers READ IN ORDER TO LIVE
Level 2059 CLUE OPTIMISM author Big K.R.I.T. quote I never lost my faith Answers I NEVER LOST MY FAITH
Level 2060 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Emily Dickinson quote Beauty is not caused. It is Answers BEAUTY IS NOT CAUSED IT IS
Level 2061 CLUE HUMOR author Anthony Burgess quote Every dogma has its day Answers EVERY DOGMA HAS ITS DAY
Level 2062 CLUE ENDINGS author Anne Sexton quote Death’s in the good-bye Answers DEATH’S IN THE GOOD BYE
Level 2063 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Rene Descartes quote I think; therefore I am Answers I THINK THEREFORE I AM
Level 2064 CLUE SOCIAL author Henry Adams quote Friends are born not made Answers FRIENDS ARE BORN NOT MADE
Level 2065 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Albert Ellis quote I hope to die in the saddle seat Answers I HOPE TO DIE IN THE SADDLE SEAT
Level 2066 CLUE BRAVERY author Shelley Duvall quote I’m not afraid of aging Answers I’M NOT AFRAID OF AGING
Level 2067 CLUE SELF author Tom Stoppard quote I’m good at being funny Answers I’M GOOD AT BEING FUNNY
Level 2068 CLUE AMBITION author Zig Ziglar quote Dreams grow if you grow Answers DREAMS GROW IF YOU GROW
Level 2069 CLUE PARADOX author Robert Rauschenberg quote An empty canvas is full Answers AN EMPTY CANVAS IS FULL
Level 2070 CLUE AMBITION author Thomas Merton quote A daydream is an evasion Answers A DAYDREAM IS AN EVASION
Level 2071 CLUE MORTALITY author Frank Sinatra quote I’m gonna live till I die Answers I’M GONNA LIVE TILL I DIE
Level 2072 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Miranda Lambert quote Junk food drags you down Answers JUNK FOOD DRAGS YOU DOWN
Level 2073 CLUE PERSONAL author Warren Zevon quote I’ll sleep when I’m dead Answers I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD
Level 2074 CLUE ADVERSITY author George Lucas quote Good luck has its storms Answers GOOD LUCK HAS ITS STORMS
Level 2075 CLUE MORTALITY author William Shakespeare quote Death is a fearful thing Answers DEATH IS A FEARFUL THING
Level 2076 CLUE UNITY author Greg Brenneman quote Business is a team sport Answers BUSINESS IS A TEAM SPORT
Level 2077 CLUE IDEOLOGY author Edward Dmytryk quote In art the obvious is a sin Answers IN ART THE OBVIOUS IS A SIN
Level 2078 CLUE METAPHOR author Alex Grey quote Art is the skin of the soul Answers ART IS THE SKIN OF THE SOUL
Level 2079 CLUE COMMUNICATION author Marshall McLuhan quote The medium is the message Answers THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE
Level 2080 CLUE AMBITION author Cecil Rhodes quote So little done so much to do Answers SO LITTLE DONE SO MUCH TO DO
Level 2081 CLUE INSPIRATION author Oprah Winfrey quote You alone are enough Answers YOU ALONE ARE ENOUGH
Level 2082 CLUE TECHNOLOGY author iJustine quote I’m dating my iPhone Answers I’M DATING MY IPHONE
Level 2083 CLUE FAME author Poppy quote I like famous people! . I LIKE FAMOUS PEOPLE
Level 2084 CLUE HUMOR author Mort Sahl quote My life needs editing Answers MY LIFE NEEDS EDITING
Level 2085 CLUE PERSONAL author Wayne Newton quote I love taking chances Answers I LOVE TAKING CHANCES
Level 2086 CLUE LIBERTY author Lyndon B. Johnson quote Freedom is not enough Answers FREEDOM IS NOT ENOUGH
Level 2087 CLUE HAPPINESS author William Blake quote Exuberance is beauty Answers EXUBERANCE IS BEAUTY
Level 2088 CLUE ADVICE author Colin Powell quote Get mad then get over it Answers GET MAD THEN GET OVER IT
Level 2089 CLUE MOTIVATION author Red Auerbach quote Just do what you do best Answers JUST DO WHAT YOU DO BEST
Level 2090 CLUE HUMOR author Yogi Berra quote I don’t mean to be funny Answers I DON’T MEAN TO BE FUNNY
Level 2091 CLUE OPTIMISM author Thomas Shadwell quote Hope is a very thin diet Answers HOPE IS A VERY THIN DIET
Level 2092 CLUE MYSTERY author Joe Strummer quote The future is unwritten Answers THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN
Level 2093 CLUE HOLIDAY author Rachel Boston quote I love Christmas movies Answers I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES
Level 2094 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Marie Antoinette quote Let them eat cake Answers LET THEM EAT CAKE
Level 2095 CLUE AGING author Charles de Gaulle quote Old age is a shipwreck Answers OLD AGE IS A SHIPWRECK
Level 2096 CLUE SOLITUDE author Jefferson Davis quote All we ask is to be let alone Answers ALL WE ASK IS TO BE LET ALONE
Level 2097 CLUE EXERCISE author Jayne Mansfield quote You gotta have a body Answers YOU GOTTA HAVE A BODY
Level 2098 CLUE PREFERENCE author Joshua Ledet quote I only eat spicy food Answers I ONLY EAT SPICY FOOD
Level 2099 CLUE LIFESTYLE author Chuck Liddell quote I eat a balanced diet Answers I EAT A BALANCED DIET
Level 2100 CLUE HUMANITY author Jane Jacobs quote Design is people Answers DESIGN IS PEOPLE

Level 2101 CLUE LIFE author Jeanne Moreau quote Living is risking Answers LIVING IS RISKING
Level 2102 CLUE KNOWLEDGE author Joseph Brodsky quote Man is what he reads Answers MAN IS WHAT HE READS
Level 2103 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Gordon Ramsay quote I hid myself in food Answers I HID MYSELF IN FOOD
Level 2104 CLUE MONEY author Jamie S. Miller quote I grew up in Finance Answers I GREW UP IN FINANCE
Level 2105 CLUE AGING author Goenawan Mohamad quote Age is not our fault Answers AGE IS NOT OUR FAULT
Level 2106 CLUE EXERCISE author Caroline Flack quote I’m not a fitness buff Answers I’M NOT A FITNESS BUFF
Level 2107 CLUE FAITH author Martin Luther quote Pray and let God worry Answers PRAY AND LET GOD WORRY
Level 2108 CLUE HUMOR author Peter Drucker quote The computer is a moron Answers THE COMPUTER IS A MORON
Level 2109 CLUE AMBITION author Aldous Huxley quote Dream in a pragmatic way Answers DREAM IN A PRAGMATIC WAY
Level 2110 CLUE WISDOM author Aristotle quote Well begun is half done Answers WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE
Level 2111 CLUE SELF author Brian Wilson quote I earned my famous name Answers I EARNED MY FAMOUS NAME
Level 2112 CLUE MATURITY author Jean Rostand quote To be adult is to be alone Answers TO BE ADULT IS TO BE ALONE
Level 2113 CLUE METAPHOR author Voltaire quote To hold a pen is to be at war Answers TO HOLD A PEN IS TO BE AT WAR
Level 2114 CLUE TIME author William Osler quote The future is today Answers THE FUTURE IS TODAY
Level 2115 CLUE ADVICE author Conan O’Brien quote Keep cool my babies Answers KEEP COOL MY BABIES
Level 2116 CLUE DESIGN author Alexander Calder quote I paint with shapes Answers I PAINT WITH SHAPES
Level 2117 CLUE FAME author Uma Thurman quote I don’t feel famous Answers I DON’T FEEL FAMOUS
Level 2118 CLUE SELF author Frank Sinatra quote I am a thing of beauty Answers I AM A THING OF BEAUTY
Level 2119 CLUE CONFIDENCE author William Shakespeare quote Boldness be my friend Answers BOLDNESS BE MY FRIEND
Level 2120 CLUE SOCIAL author John Selden quote Old friends are best Answers OLD FRIENDS ARE BEST
Level 2121 CLUE MYSTERY author Geoffrey Beene quote Design is an unknown Answers DESIGN IS AN UNKNOWN
Level 2122 CLUE INQUIRY author Rudyard Kipling quote It’s clever but is it Art? . IT’S CLEVER BUT IS IT ART
Level 2123 CLUE PARENTS author Seann William Scott quote My role model is my dad Answers MY ROLE MODEL IS MY DAD
Level 2124 CLUE LIBERTY author Lucius Annaeus Seneca quote He who is brave is free Answers HE WHO IS BRAVE IS FREE
Level 2125 CLUE LANGUAGE author Thomas Carlyle quote Be not a slave of words Answers BE NOT A SLAVE OF WORDS
Level 2126 CLUE EMOTIONS author Richard Gere quote I cry every chance I get Answers I CRY EVERY CHANCE I GET
Level 2127 CLUE INTROSPECTION author Jeremy Scott quote I softened in my old age Answers I SOFTENED IN MY OLD AGE
Level 2128 CLUE HUMOR author Dennis Miller quote I rant therefore I am Answers I RANT THEREFORE I AM
Level 2129 CLUE EMOTIONS author Zack de la Rocha quote Your anger is a gift Answers YOUR ANGER IS A GIFT
Level 2130 CLUE POLITICS author Richard M. Nixon quote The press is the enemy Answers THE PRESS IS THE ENEMY
Level 2131 CLUE SOLITUDE author Greta Garbo quote I want to be alone Answers I WANT TO BE ALONE
Level 2132 CLUE PERSONAL author Dwayne Johnson quote I don’t race cars Answers I DON’T RACE CARS
Level 2133 CLUE PARENTS author Mannie Fresh quote My dad is my biggest fan Answers MY DAD IS MY BIGGEST FAN
Level 2134 CLUE CONSUMPTION author Thomas Keller quote Food should be fun Answers FOOD SHOULD BE FUN
Level 2135 CLUE POLITICS author Amber Liu quote I’m all for equality Answers I’M ALL FOR EQUALITY
Level 2136 CLUE HUMOR author Flip Wilson quote Funny is an attitude Answers FUNNY IS AN ATTITUDE
Level 2137 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Sara Teasdale quote Life is but thought Answers LIFE IS BUT THOUGHT
Level 2138 CLUE CREATION author Pablo Picasso quote I do not seek. I find Answers I DO NOT SEEK I FIND
Level 2139 CLUE MINIMALISM author Ludwig Mies van der Rohe quote Less is more Answers LESS IS MORE
Level 2140 CLUE HUMOR author Samuel Goldwyn quote Include me out Answers INCLUDE ME OUT
Level 2141 CLUE LOVE author Manute Bol quote I love my family Answers I LOVE MY FAMILY
Level 2142 CLUE PHILOSOPHY author Immanuel Kant quote To be is to do Answers TO BE IS TO DO