Yolo Walkthrough

YOLO – A game about a skeleton with a scythe who loves to arrange fatal accidents for people. To complete the levels, you need to interact with the props that you find. For example, saw down a warehouse with firewood so that the wood fell on the foresters. Come up with perfect accidents and destruction methods to complete the level. The game YOLO has levels of varying difficulty where you can pump your brain. If you are stuck and cannot complete the level, you can use the hint in the form of a magnifying glass, which costs 50 lights, only now they quickly end. If you have no hints left, you can watch the full walkthrough of the YOLO game on our website.

Yolo Walkthrough

Level 1 – Click on the ice cream several times.

Level 2 – Take the chainsaw and cut the log.

Level 3 – Click on the crack on the third floor to make the mouse run into the bath. Press the doorbell and the icicles when the guy comes out.

Level 4 – Click on the bright advertisement to drop the key. Open the lock. Click on the wire at the top.

Level 5 – Click on the inscription CLOSE. Find a wrench under the visors. Use a wrench to unscrew the nut on the attraction.

Level 6 – In the left corner, find the key. Unscrew the bolt from above and lower the clown onto the trampoline.

Level 7 – take cheese in the trash can and put it on a plate on the second floor. Click on the green button. Click on the inscription DANGER, transfer the tool to the lamp. Press the red button. When the prisoners are at the net, turn the lever at the very top.

Level 8 – Close the door. Move the lever to the right and find the knife. Remove the fillets from the fish to find the key. Use the key to open the drawer. Move the lever to the left to find the chain and put it on the door. Lower the temperature.

Level 9 – Take the instrument on the second floor. Use the tool to cut through the red strip above the elevator. Open the safe.

Level 10 – Knock over the trash can. Open the drawer on the right and take the PLIERS. Use pliers to remove the arrow from the top. Place the hand on the clock. Click on the machine and set the time to 6:00 when the girl falls.

Level 11 – Unscrew the bolts where the jellyfish are drawn. Click on the pink, blue, green and yellow jellyfish. Click on the last door for the girl to put on a swimsuit. Open the door with the key. Turn the lever and let the shark in.

Level 12 – Move the KEEP OUT sign to another door. Take the WRENCH and unscrew the bolt on the first floor.

Level 13 – Swap the inscriptions for women and men. Drop the bucket on the window. Click on the burnt inscription. Put the lever on the water barrel and open the water.

Level 14 – Click on the inscription GAME. Give the bill to the guy in the helmet. Click on the slot machine. Place the coin in the purple tube and take the cake. Place the cake on the shelf on the second floor.

Level 15 – Take a brush and dip in the paint. Paint the white stripes. Click on the door and enter the code 520. Hit the broken stick with a hammer.

Level 16 – Take the basket and move it forward. Click on the skateboard on the second floor, then on the fruits.

Level 17 – Flip the letters on the door to make OPEN. Click on the gun. Click on the green board – the first row is the last button, the second row is in the middle, the third row is in the middle. Click on the green button.

Level 18 – 1 Take the pink bear and place it in the closet. 2 Place the rabbit in the hat. 3 Place the rose in the closet. 4 Use the key to open the chest. 5 Use a hammer to remove the chains above the pool. 6 Click on the purple box. 7 Place the key in the cabinet. 8 Light the candles.

Level 19 – You need to hit the crown to get the banknote. Buy balls. Give the balls to the girl when she starts to rise up click on the birds.

Level 20 – Click on the barbells. Change the sign on the ground floor to make it FREE TODAY. Click on the girl on the treadmill. Transfer the number 9 from the clock to the machine.

Level 31 – Click on the pile of earth on the left. Take the pickaxe and pliers by the lantern. Cut the rope on the elevator. Now access the ceiling for water.

Level 32 – 1 On the second floor, open the window and take the saw. 2 Take another tool on the top floor. 3 Tip the bucket on the top floor. 4 On the second floor, use the tool to open the safe and scatter the money. 5 Drank off the log on the roof.

Level 33 – Swipe your finger across the advertising sign to order alcohol. Press the bell and get a bottle of alcohol. Take the hammer in the green box. Put the bottle on the table. Move the hammer to the pipe where the guy in the helmet is standing.

Level 34 – 1 Take the white cloth. 2 Click on the spider several times to take a piece of the leaf. 3 Press the bell three times and take the lid. 4 Open the book and turn the page. Add part of the leaflet. 5 Give the book to the witch and put the lid on the cauldron. 6 Transfer the fabric to the cauldron.

Level 35 – 1 In the green box, take the scissors. 2 Cut the two red wires. 3 Take a coin on the top of the box. Insert coins into a working game machine and slide down the lever. Say it again. Open the gray box and turn the lever.

Level 36 – 1 Move the cabinet and press the button. 2 Move the bag and take the red button. Put the red button on the device on top. 3 Take a mirror in the closet and put it on the bedside table. Click on the water.

Level 37 – Click on the hydrant. Click on the palm tree. Take the wrench and fix the garland. Click on the garland to make it fall.

Level 38 – 1 Take a rock, stick and rope. 2 Place the rock in the upper tent. 3 Place the rock, rope, and stick in the tent to make a pickaxe. 4 On the top mountain, pick dry grass using a pickaxe. 5 Put dry grass in a comter.

Level 39 – 1 Take the sword. 2 open the camel’s bag with the sword. Take MATCHES. 3 Light the torch. 4 Pay attention to the pictures on the wall. All people should look in one direction, click on them, and at the bottom, slide your finger to the right. 4 Place the stone in the statue.

Level 40 – 1 Take green flask and fields of cactus. 2 Click on the microscope and find the numbers 443. 3 Open the safe. Fields the flower below with a red liquid. 4 Place the ID in the purple machine. Take FLASK and FIELDS UPPER PLANT.

Level 41 – 1 Take the white curtain and the red paint perches. Place it on the fence. 2 Click on the rope.

Level 42 – 1 On the roof, take the mount, in the window, a banana and a sofa. -2 Give the girl a banana. 3 Take off your shirt and take the hook. 4 Place a fastener, a hook, and then a sofa on the device between the houses (for this, lower the rope). 5 Lift the couch and click on the guy in the window.

Level 43 – Take the log. Pull up the blinds on the window and take the saw. Place the log on the roof and click on the ropes in the balloon. The palm tree was cut on the left.

Level 44 – Enter code 204 and take the heart and gear. Put the gear in place. Move the barrel and take the disc. Insert the disc into the drive. Put the bridge (where the guys are) down. Insert your heart. Click on the robot.

Level 45 – Close the top passage, and open in the middle. Swipe your finger to the right over the fire, which is near the snake. Click on the egg.

Level 46 – Take the pitchfork and spin the mill to take the bone. Put the bone in the cup. Where was the dog put the pitchfork. Click on the bird to make it fly in with the fish. Take the stone near the dog and point it at the bird. Put the fish in the cat’s cup.

Level 47 – Take the yellow button from the poster. Open the device where there are colored stripes (swipe right). Insert the yellow button. Take the poster and give it to the blue haired girl. Replace the green button. Move the drum and take the red digger. Turn on all the buttons. Take the + button in the red box. Put it in place and turn up the volume to the maximum.

Level 48 – Move aside the vase and take the scissors. Press the 5 lantern to get a piece of the picture. Put it in its place. Click on the safe below, code 4233. Click on the button and cut the red wire. Take the fish and place it in the CUT machine. Put poisonous sushi on the table. To kill the guy downstairs, peel off the yellow tape on the aquarium.

Level 49 – Move aside the curtains and take the film. Put the film in the camera. When the girl climbs on the swing, press the red button. Run your finger along the right thread and then along the left.

Level 50 – Click on the right palm tree and take gasoline and engine. Take rock and crab. Place the crab in a shell. Swipe down on the hammock. Place gasoline in the hammock and slide your finger over it.

Level 51 – On the first floor, turn off the lights and take the green stick. On the second floor in the closet, take the scissors. Cut the wire on the second floor (under the toilet). Insert the green light bulb into the fish on the third floor. Turn off the light on the third floor and turn on the water in the bathroom. Cut the wire on the second floor under the flap.

Level 52 – Open the safe on the second floor and take the machine. Code 5042. Put the machine under the barmaid’s table. Prepare donuts for everyone.

Level 53 – Call 4396. Turn on hot water on the third floor. Click on NEW YORK watch. Put a feint on the roof and open it.

Level 54 – Hang the pear on the hook. Turn on the air conditioner by turning the lever up. Open the refrigerator and take the fish, put it in the freezer and take it out. Open the garage and take the gasoline. Move the fish to the pear. Add gasoline to the mower.

Level 55 – Take the raccoon skin, beehive and bucket. Collect water from the well. Place the hive on the roof on a yellow spot. Pour the fire into the fireplace and place the skin of the fireplace there.

Level 56 – Catch a fish and put it on the fire. Take the barrel and place it under the palm tree. Click on the palm tree. Use the knife to cut the net and click on the fish in the boat. Place the fish in the cannon.

Level 57 – Take the red spray on the second floor. and put it on the first floor between the guys. Take the blue towel on the first floor, wet it and hang it on the second floor. Click on it to drip water. Turn all the fintiles on the second floor.

Level 58 – Drop your glass to the floor (first floor). On the first floor, take the blue ribbon and gasoline. Pour gasoline into an empty bottle. (On the second floor). Place the blue ribbon in the conditioner.

Level 59 – Click on the gray triangle above the guy in the helmet, take him. Put it between the players. Click on the kite. Click on the ball, move the lever to fly the drone.

Level 60 – Drop a glass on the second floor and press the phone. Take the bottle of alcohol on the second floor and place it in the oven.

Level 61 – Click on the flower in the window to make it fall. Take the knife from the cook. Use the knife to take the antenna above the cook. Place the antenna towards the satellite dish.

Level 62 – Click on the birds to make the builder remove the helmet. Lower the right elevator to the first floor and take the welding machine. Use it on the second floor. Raise the stick in the upper right corner.

Level 63 – Find the key in the garbage on the third floor. On the second floor in the closet, take a hammer, use it and level the ceiling on the first floor. Move the lever to the left two times to find a short pipe. Put it next to the policeman. Take the large pipe and use it to kill the people on the first floor. On the second floor, press all the levers. Lift up the person and move to the current.

Level 64 – Slide your finger down the fishing rods and take out the wrench. Us for tea. Unscrew the nut at the bottom. Take the green fish and place it on the hook. Click on the anchor.

Level 65 – Give the girl a microphone and take the key, open the lock for them. Place the jar from the refrigerator (on the second shelf) into the basket and press the red button on the second floor. Pour corn into the popcorn maker. Take a spatula from the box and pick up the popcorn, place it in the box. Put the popcorn in the basket. Move the hammer to the ball.

Level 66 – Change the balls to the building, like flowers on a tree (purple top, pink and orange below). Place the ball in the red arch. Click on the bird and move the pillar where the fox stood. Break the red arch with a hammer.

Level 67 – Take the letter Y – this is a wrench. Unscrew the nut on the sunbed. Open the window on the right and take the pump in the box. Inflate the pool several times. Take the mirror in the other window. Put the mirror on the beam.

Level 68 – Click on the letter O in the word CHINOTOWN and take the key. Open them blue tanks. Move the tank and take the hammer. Break all the mirrors and find the wrench. Open the gas tanks for them. Click on the golden rope.

Level 69 – Take the bucket and stick from the barbell on the third floor. Find the pancake on the first floor and on the third in the closet. Install the barbell on the first floor. Move the bar to number 15. Collect water on the second floor and pour it into the shower.

Level 70 – Swap the pictures below and find the number 2. The letter A is in a box on the first floor. Turn the lever on the left and you will find the letter C. Take the magnifying glass on the right side and move it to the black board, here find the number 1. Click on A1, B3 and C2.

Level 71 – Take the red box (near the cat). On the plate, pull it up and you will find a stick. Take the ball in the machine, place it on the picture with balls. Place the stick in the gramophone. Place the red box near the picture with the plate. Take the soccer ball and place it in the purple tube (near the COCACAT).

Level 72 – Knock over the gas bottle on the second floor. Take the bottle from the closet on the second floor. Pour alcohol into an empty glass on the table. Remove the box on the billboard and take the pump. Pump up the machine downstairs and take the matches. Open the well cover in front of the door. When everything turns green, light the matches.

Level 73 – Take MENTOS. At the top, indicate the numbers 9, 4, 3 and 1. Open the lid on the jar and place the menthos, close the lid. Remove the barrier from the bank.

Level 74 – Open the window and take the bird in the cage. Open the safe, code 5315. Take the flower in the pot below and put it up. Close the first window and hang the cage. Click on the white ball between the second and third windows.

Level 75 – Open the cabinet upstairs and find the hammer. On the roof, smash the cracks with a hammer to find the bullets. Put the bullets in the machine and click on it. Shoot the red crane. Take the machine gun and place it in the hands of the knight. Move the painting on the second floor.

Level 76 – Take red gloves, red paint and a hammer on the first floor. Paint the hair with red on the poster on the second floor. Find blue gloves in the pear. Put on gloves for the boxers. On the second floor, in a box, take a bottle and place it on the pipe above the TV. Break the pipe with a hammer.

Level 77 – Click on the camera twice. In the backpack on the second floor, take the hook and place it on the post on the roof. In the bookshelf, take the wrench and unscrew the nut on the helicopter. Open the safe. Code 137.

Level 78 – Take a hammer and open the cabinet, slide your finger to the side and take the mechanism. Use a hammer to knock on the fire extinguisher. Place the mechanism on the second floor (near the red button). You need to get a flower, a hare and a blue bear. Lower the lamp on the bear to light it up.

Level 79 – Open the entire window and find the nail puller. Remove the boards from the top window. Take the slingshot in the tree, point it at the bird, take the key. Use a hammer to remove the lock on the trailer. Open the door and start the car.

Level 80 – Press the signal on the car to scare away the crab. Open the safe, pay attention to the lifebuoys on the fence, this is the code. Put the alcohol on the column, turn on the column Flip the umbrella to the other side and click on the palm tree to break the bottle. Take a piece of the fence near the guy’s head and set fire to the stick. Transfer the fire to the crates in the car.

Level 81 – Click on the stake several times. Prepare a burger, slide your finger over the cheese to make a bun. On the roof, click on the fries and take the screwdriver. Unscrew the bull. Turn on the receiver on the second floor and press +.

Level 82 – Take the clipper and hair clipper from the sheep. Take the red rug on the first floor and place it on the second floor. Turn on the sewing machine – press yellow 1 time, move orange to the end, press blue twice. Put the wool there. Move aside the red suitcase on the third floor and place the white ball on the table.

Level 83 – Take a lantern and hang it on an empty place. Click on the red and white lanterns to find a banknote there. Give the money to the guy. Move the second window up and take the key. Open the door, click on the first flower to turn green. Place a stick with a green flower there. Place the symbols on the lanterns as shown on the sheet. Pull the ribbons over the people.

Level 84 – Click on the music book and find the note in the upper corner. Move the empty chair to find another one. Remove the poster on the wall. Tie the pink ribbon in the right corner to the light bulbs. Put the notes in the music book. Click on the microphone and the singer a few times.

Level 85 – Take coffee and pour it into a cup. On the second floor in the closet, take the scotch tape. Apply it on a cup to take a fingerprint. Turn on bluetooth. Open the window on the second floor. Move the triangle clock to the other side.

Level 86 – Knock over the bucket and take the tool. Turn the lever so that a red line appears. Swipe right on the cart. Unscrew the bolt on the post. Take the bill in the yellow suitcase (put the cart back). Give the bill to the man in the hat and press the machine. Pick $ 4. Swap the numbers 6:00 and 7:30.

Level 87 – Remove the stick at the green door. Take the key in the washing machine and open the lock. Turn the painting over and you will see the code 100813. Move the sofa and take the tool. Apply it to the flag.

Level 88 – Open the first window and take the stick. (to do this, move the flower). Spin the rod and get the fish. Give it to the cat in the window to get the bone. Pierce the lifebuoy with the bone. Place a stick in the rings and lower them.

Level 89 – Take the stapler in the nightstand. Click on the computer on the first floor and swipe down to reveal the PRINT button. Move your jacket on the second floor and plug in the microwave. Take the ground floor protector. Place it on the table. Connect the hose to the air conditioner and click on it.

Level 90 – Raise the right flag and take the stick. Insert the stick up right. Move the window to the left (on the ship) and take the bombs. Insert the bomb into the cannon and lower it down, shoot. Place the chest next to the sailor. Now raise the cannon to the very top and shoot.

Level 91 – Click on the clown to take the pliers. Take the tape on the second floor shelf. Insert the tape into the receiver and lower the white screen. The number on the phone is 6135. Take the hammer on the second floor. Break the grate there and take the battery. Insert the battery into your boxing glove. Break the spring with pliers. Now hit the red line.

Level 92 – Move the lantern on the tower to the right and click on the traffic light. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts on the tower. Put the stick down and take the bombs. Move the lantern all the way to the left. Swap the box for bombs and click on the traffic light.

Level 93 – Move the poster on the second floor. Code 1105. Put the cartridges in the pan. On the first floor, take the wrench and unscrew the nut on the second floor. Click on the alcohol bottle in the same place.

Level 94 – Click on the phone code 9025. Click on the tablet on the second floor and click on the call button. Unlock your phone (see the picture below). Move all the burgundy (purple) books on the shelf to the very edge so that the shelf falls.